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Hell has officially frozen over. Bud’s Gun Shop, they of the endless inventory, competitive prices and leisurely shipping, have exactly zero ‘Modern Sporting Rifles’ listed in stock, and almost no defense-capable autoloaders of any kind. I doubt anyone is surprised by this, but I scrolled through their inventory from 94 different rifle manufacturers and importers just to see for myself . . .

No ARs. No AKs. No HKs. No FNs, except a .308 caliber FNAR. Nothing else but a .308 Remington 750 hunting autoloader, and a MasterPiece Arms 9mm carbine.And by the time you read this, they’ll probably all be gone.

Since the semis were finis, I expanded searched to include handy lever-actions and pump-actions. I found nothing but a couple carbine-length .30-30s from Marlin, a Henry Big Boy in .45 Colt, and a .30-06 Remington 7600 pump. I’d choose one of the short .30-30s myself, but none of these are exactly first-string defensive rifles.

There’s better news from the world of shotguns, where 18″ or 20″ barreled pump shotguns are still plentiful and insanely cheap. Defensive autoloaders are nowhere to be found, except for some off-brand imports whose quality and reliability you’ll have to prove for yourselves.

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  1. I’ve actually sold some of my AR’s locally for a good price with the presumption that an AWB bill won’t pass and prices will drop back in 6 months…. Life is a gamble…

    • You’re smart.

      Even if it does pass, the wording will try to prohibit transfers too. So liquidating now is probably the best.

    • Millions of heretofore, non-gun owners:

      I have the right to have a gun but I don’t need a gun. When the Government tells me I can’t have a gun, that’s when I’ll need a gun.

      I don’t think the panic buying is being driven by existing, experienced gun owners. Most of us have been through things like this before and a more rational perspective. Now, first time / non-gun owners are trying to get their hands on anything they can.

  2. Why wouldn’t they hold back some of their inventory to sell at outrageous prices as it gets closer to the legislation negotiation in congress?


    • because holding back inventory is an absolutely horrible idea. Inventory is money, and the quicker you turn it over the better off you are. Companies can’t afford to just hoard inventory.

      And anyways, productions still full steam ahead for now, so they’ll restock a few times before anything happens.

  3. Guess who bought the vast majority of what was in stock? People who already had ARs and wanted to get additional ones, either for themselves or to resell later at a higher markup (check Gunbroker, prices are very high). What Bud’s and other outlets should have done in response to extremely high demand was to raise prices. That way, people who have ARs would be discouraged from buying additional ones, and only those who don’t own any would be willing to pay more to get one. Also, there would be no reselling them at auction sites later because the original price would already be high. That means there would be ample inventory left for those who really wanted an AR.

    This is simply supply and demand, nothing more. I know those who don’t understand it will argue with me, but there’s nothing complicated at work here. Supply is extremely low, demand is sky high, it’s only natural for prices to go up. And as I’ve said, prices should have gone up sooner, for the reasons I spelled out above.

      • That’s interesting, assuming that that’s where you want your money to go.

        Their “asshole” remark is an obvious reference to CTD, which I don’t agree with. CTD responded to high demand immediately, so prices went up. When demand falls, prices will drop, most likely to the original level. No need to call somebody an asshole because the market dictates a higher price. Is everyone at Gunbroker an asshole? Stripped AR lowers are going for $300, $400 or even $500 (often auctions start at $1 with no reserve), because that’s what people are willing to pay. Again, once demand falls and supply increases, prices will drop as well.

        • If I’m not mistaken, DiFi’s proposed legislation will ban the sale and manufacture of the evil black rifles. That sends a very strong “buy” signal to everyone who is expecting that law to pass. Not surprising that prices are surging. If people want to pay $1,500 for an upper, hey, then that’s what the price is to buy now, before it’s (potentially) too late. If, however, no new bans are imposed, then prices will go down fairly quickly. Markets will adjust.

  4. They probably still have a few of those revolvers that fire the entire cartridge out of the barrel like the one in the linked image.

    • They probably still have a few of those revolvers that fire the entire cartridge out of the barrel without pulling the trigger like the one in the linked image.”


        • It’s not magic, the trigger pull is .00005lbs… and the bullet is actually fired from a rail system (hence no fire from the chamber opening) using electromagnetic pulses combined with pyrotechnics to scare the perp…. it’s actually quite advanced and I’m glad Bud’s are selling it before the UN bans it.

        • Reminded me of the scene in Terminator.

          “Phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range”

          “Hey, just what you see pal.”

        • I was waiting for someone to notice that awful Photochopped title picture. Bud’s actually paid someone to make that. Someone who knows nothing about firearms.

  5. Yet another promotion piece for Buds gunshop. Anybody who considers rolling the dice dealing with the Buds gang should take a few minutes to google them, and particularly check them out on Having been on the receiving end of the “Buds treatment” being harassed threatened and having my credit card compromised after daring to question the quality of the goods they sent and their customer relations “skills” you might do your diligence with this outfit.

    Caveat emptor.

    • Long before sandy Hook Bud’s refused to ship state-compliant rifles and pistols to CT. Plus their search function is a mess.
      So they’ve been useless to me except as a place to compare prices.

    • There’s always some sob like me who says something like, ” I’ve bought six guns from Bud’s in the last three years with no problems at all” isn’t there?

      Even so, you might try in Bardstown, Ky.–prices on most things seem as good as or better than Bud’s.

  6. As of 10:25 EST, Bud’s is auctioning, among other things, a “Ruger SR556FB 5.56 16″ Flip Up Sights 3 Mags” … current bid with 11 h 45m to go is $1,950, so they’ve got inventory…apparently.

    • I noticed that the auction inventory was very strong (and high priced), I just wasn’t sure of the auctions were running from Bud’s or through Bud’s from private sellers.

  7. let the ass raping begin.

    You should check out the SCAR 17. a previously 2700-3000 dollar rifle is going to the 4k range…with NO spare mags!

      • I was toying with the idea of picking up a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 in .40 S&W…it would make a nice companion piece for the Glock 22 I recently purchased. They’re going for close to $1000 (!) on Gunbroker right now.

        • lol, i’m sooooo glad i got what i did, when i did.
          i definitely wouldn’t want an AWB to pass, it would kill so much of the momentum that we had, it seemed like the public at large was really understanding the reality of life, only to get whipped up by the media into full-on ANTI mode..

    • Thats nothing, I saw a RFB 18″ which has a MSRP of $1880, and was selling in the summer for around $1600, get bid up to $4000

  8. Went to the Boise Cabelas store last Friday. You could not get to the gun counter – people were standing four-deep in front of it, and about half of them were women. Lots of younger folks – somehow I don’t think the majority of them already had an AR and were buying more to re-sell.

    “A fair and just government has nothing to fear from an armed citizenry.” – Thomas Jefferson

    • I was at the same Cabela’s on Thursday picking up some fishing gear, and it was just as crazy.

      I’d also been toying with buying a 4.5″ 9mm XD(m) for awhile, and on Thursday at least, they still had it, I just didn’t want it bad enough to wait 3 hours to get helped.

  9. I will consider selling you my Browning Buckmark Camper pistol .22LR for $1,500 and I’ll even include free shipping since I’m such a great guy.

  10. People need to relax…they will be back on shelves before long. Obama is definitely good for gun business. Oxymoron by letter definition for sure.

    • I stopped by a few stores in NJ and PA. Managers of those stores were told by suppliers to check back in February. No ARs or AKs to be found locally at all.

  11. Just saw a news report that Xmas retail sales were a disappointment. My LGS also made the news last week with sales of a cool million in a single day. We know where the Christmas cash went, now don’t we?

  12. Bud’s can’t hold back inventory because they don’t actually HAVE inventory. Buds is a middleman operation. This is how they keep their prices low, by having their distributors drop ship everything.

  13. Last night they had two Armalite AR-10s in stock (I think both were carbines). They also had the Sig P239 and the Remington 700 SPS Tactical (.308) that I’ve been coveting, but both were up by about $50.00. But the Remington 700 XCR Tactical (.308) that I’m also coveting (SPS or XCR, not both) was out of stock.

    I’m about 180 degrees out of phase with the rest of the gun community. They’re looking for ARs, and I’m looking for bolt guns. lol


  14. Gotta love Obama. The only business and industry he has stimulated is firearms and ammo. Didn’t even need any government intervention so far. Just a dubious background, Communist friends, an illegal gun running fubar into a foriegn country, oppressive regulations in every area of individuals life, and a CEO of Snafu’s and mental midget of a Vice President now in charge of banning guns

  15. Buds have “black guns” or assault rifles and other items. This is evident because they are posted on their auction site where they are going for double the retail prices. Why put inventory on regular retail site when they can gouge consumers on an auction site? They have inventory, they’re just releasing one or two at a time to get most profit for each.


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