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“These people in the urban media despise guns so much that the vast majority of them live in places where guns are largely illegal. As such, the only people who have them in their neighborhoods are criminals. And their closest association with guns is when they got mugged that time. No wonder they hate guns so much. The only people who are dumber about guns than the media are the politicians most eager to round them up. Few have ever handled a gun, and even fewer understand how they operate. Which is why here in Washington, politicians are put in charge of writing legislation to regulate guns.” – Charles Hurt in Gun grabbers won’t heed NRA’s sensible advice [via]

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  1. The anti gunners will never understand, they dont want to understand, and they wont listen to us no matter how much sense we make and how illogical they are.

  2. The article has it backwards.The following may defy the logic of anyone reading this in a right to carry state, but the laws are in place because the people in cities like gun control. I haven’t lived in Chicago for some time now,but when I grew up there I drank the same liberal kool-aid as everyone else. The prevailing thought among the sheeple in urban areas like the Windy City is this: if guns are heavily regulated and 500 people still got shot dead this year,the city would become 1980’s Beirut if those strict laws were repealed.Since a gun education drive would be illegal in Chicago,Channel 7 and Daley Plaza get unanimous airtime on the issue.The consequences are reflected on the homicide stats.

    • Actually, it’s a rather common device/tactic that’s been used for quite a long time. It’s also a logical fallacy.

      If we pass law/regulation x then desired outcome z will surely occur.

      Sometimes the result is achieved, which is just peachy. However, when regulation had little/no effect on the desired outcome, those in favor of “x” will still shout their victory by claiming “you can’t imagine how much worse it would have been had we not done x“. No proof of that exists, and contrary evidence is everywhere, but that’s what they sell and it generally works.

  3. “…because the gunshots upset my precious poodle Snookums. Muffled screams from the neighboring houses don’t bother him.”

    Yes, I can read read the gun banners’ thoughts.

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