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From Brownells . . .

Brownells invites freedom loving people all across the United States to celebrate, advocate and join in the rights and liberties guaranteed under the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights during the second annual 2A Day on 2-22-23.

Smith & Wesson is the co-presenting sponsor for 2A Day 2023. Other sponsors include CCI, Federal, Fiocchi, Henry Repeating Arms, SIG Sauer, Remington and Winchester.

2A Day offers three ways for participants to engage with their uniquely American Second Amendment rights.


Brownells is partnering with ranges –both in Iowa and across the country – to host 2A Day range sessions, with free range time and limited free ammo for celebrants.

To find a participating range nearby, visit the Brownells 2A Day web page. Those interested should contact the range of their choice to ensure they have a time and lane in which to shoot.

Brownells encourages 2A Day supporters unable to attend a participating range to shoot at a range near them, or to work on building a gun at home. All are encouraged to post photos and short videos of their own 2A Day celebrations on social media with the hashtag #2ADay.

Brownells employees will have a chance to shoot on 2A Day at the Iowa range location.


Brownells encourages all gun owners to advocate for the 2nd Amendment by contacting their state and federal lawmakers and urging them to support gun rights. The Brownells 2A Day web page will include links showing how to find and contact legislators, and how to communicate effectively with them.


On 2A Day, Brownells encourages Second Amendment supporters to join both a national and a state-level organization promoting gun rights.

The 2A Day page will link to both the Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America as national organizations.

For state-level organizations, the 2A Day page will link directly to the Iowa Firearms Coalition, and also offer a clickable map of the United States with a link to an organization in each state.

In the spirit of joining, Brownells will donate $22,222 to the Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America and the Iowa Firearms Coalition.

To learn more, visit the Brownells 2A Day page.

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  1. Perhaps a tiny reminder to those wrapped up in celebration would be to take a moment of silence to remember the millions of people throughout not so long ago history who were denied possessing means of self defense and had to sit still for slavery, torture, murder, etc. All at the hands of Gun Control.

    • It’s during black history month, so they should be able to work in the “white racism” angle.

      “Smith & Wesson is the co-presenting sponsor …”

      Two old white men from Massachusetts. They must have been racists. Maybe they owned slaves?

      • Who cares, it was so long ago. Hell black businessmen at that time owned black slaves and white Irish slaves also. We are Americans period. If you can’t see this you are the problem !!

    • Something every American should know “Franklin Roosevelt declared December 15 to be Bill of Rights day in 1941.” He then immediately gathered up everyone of Japanese heritage regardless if they were citizens or not and imprisoned them, stole their property and held them for 4 years. If slavery from almost 180 years ago still haunts this country, that event should scare the $hit out of every American today, because we are heading down that road again soon.

      • Pertinent history for you: Canada didn’t close their Japanese internment camps until 1949.

        FDR turned Jewish refugees away at the border.

        Mussolini loved the New Deal and Keynesian economics.

      • “FDR turned Jewish refugees away at the border.”

        Wait a minute, it was wrong for FDR to block war refugees seeking asylum from entering America, but it’s right for Trump to block war refugees seeking asylum from entering America?

        “regardless if they were citizens or not and imprisoned them“

        Sadly, some Japanese-Americans chose to provide aid and comfort to the Japanese military during the Pearl Harbor attack. this unfortunate action confirmed the fears of American authorities:

        “According to Hallstead, the behavior of Shintani and the Haradas was included in an official Navy report dated January 26, 1942. The report’s author Navy Lieutenant C. B. Baldwin wrote: “The fact that the two Niʻihau Japanese who had previously shown no anti-American tendencies went to the aid of the pilot when Japanese domination of the island seemed possible, indicate[s] [the] likelihood that Japanese residents previously believed loyal to the United States may aid Japan if further Japanese attacks appear successful.”

        Of course, the Mexican and central American refugees have not given aid and comfort to any foreign adversaries.

        “because we are heading down that road again soon“

        You are correct, the conservatives attempts to block war refugee seeking asylum is definitely an issue that they seem intent on using to gain political advantage.

        • MINOR Miner49er IN a WORD, YES! It was/is right to block your illegal aliens from entering the US. You see the Jews were fleeing their oppression. Your illegal aliens are just looking to enter the US for ECONOMIC REASONS. Economic reasons are not a criteria for asylum. You Leftists are stretching the meaning of the word asylum.

  2. Good to see.
    I will look up my local ranges, but if none are participating, I will at least try to shoot on my property, even if there is still snow on the ground.


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