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 Leila Fowler (courtesy

Remember the stabbing death of eight-year-old Leila Fowler [above]? The local po-po issued a shelter-in-place advisory. TTAG suggested the Calaveras cops’ post-Boston lockdown response was a little OTT. Last night, they arrested Leila’s brother, the 12-year-old who reported a stranger fleeing the scene of the murder. After winding everybody up taking prudent measures against the possibility that a potential knife-wielding madman was at large within a rural community, reports that Calaveras County California Sheriff Gary Kuntz reckons it’s time for the local to stop cowering sheltering. “Citizens of Calaveras County can sleep a little better tonight.” Excluding the Fowler family, of course.

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  1. I feel sorry for the parents. What would compel her brother to do this? I wonder if this boy was just a closet sociopath. My brother and I had sibling rivalry with plenty of physical fights growing up but never to the point of murder.

    • My sister and I had some great fights growing up, but I never once wanted anything bad to happen to her. I really don’t get why anyone would want to kill or injure their sibling. I think you might be right in the sociopath thing.

      • You don’t know my siblings…

        She, however, doesn’t look like a candidate for murder. My bet is they were horsing around, a serious oops happened and he tried to cover it up.

        One time a brother took something of mine, I dont even remember what, and ran off with me in hot pursuit. He went out the back door and slammed it shut behind him. That door opened outard

        • Edit:

          That door opened outward, so when slammed it was coming towrd me.

          The window shattered, a large piece pivoting at the bottom and leaning me-ward. The point got me just below and to the left of my nose.

          Had it been a little lower, it could easily have slashed my throat.

          These things do happen.

          Ban glass.

        • Edit edit: All of which I knew was a stabbing, however I’ve just been informed that she was stabbed a great many times.

          Please consider the relevant portions of the previous post redacted.

          Who knows – an oops, then mutilation as a cover-up, else a really screwed up brother?

          Either way, ewww.

  2. That was quick and telling, I voice an opinion about shark jumping and the comment gets pulled quickly.

  3. Sadly, he’ll do time until hes 18 (if not less) and then become the next spree killer that our mental and justice system enabled.

  4. R.F, you really ought to alter your typecasting of the law enforcement community.

    Calaveras County ain’t L.A. or Boston.

      • Oh, that’s not nice.

        I’ll grant you that the Калифорния state government is trying to force them into that mold, but they’re no more complicit than is than Kansas with the Federal arms agenda.

        Drink some more coffee, fellow curmudgeon.

      • I beg to differ.
        I am very proud of the fact that Calaveras County has gone red in every presidential election since ’64.

  5. If the kid indeed kill his sister, he may be one of those types that wonders what its like to stab/kill someone. Kind of like the mental cases that start with mutualating animals for kicks.

  6. Right now I am sitting in my home about 3 miles from the Fowler home.

    And honestly, I think you are painting with a very broad brush Robert. Calaveras may be in California, but we are hardly like the rest of the state.

    In fact, immediately after we learned about the murder, there was a lot of serious talk about forming armed search parties to look for the suspect. This talk was only dispelled because nobody learned about it until hours afterwards, so the guy was obviously long gone (we still thought there was a loose murderer).

    Nobody has been cowering, nobody has been sheltering, there has been no noticeable decrease in civilian activity. There have been no warrentless searches, no military style police, no real increase in police presence. No roadblocks, not even increased patrolling. This article is pure FUD. If you’re from Calguns, you know what I mean. If not, FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

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