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New Orleans Mother's Day Parade shooting (courtesy

“New Orleans police say that a dozen people have been shot during a Mother’s Day second-line parade,” reports. “Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas told reporters at least 12 people were shot during the parade in the city’s 7th Ward.” What he didn’t say: whether or not the shooting was gang-related. What are the odds? “Serpas said that about 10 NOPD officers were spread out throughout the second line and that three people were seen running from the shooting scene . . .

Serpas said that the three suspects likely worked together and that at least two different weapons were used.”

“A week ago, police were also called out to investigate a triple shooting near the corner of Frenchman street,” adds.

Not like this sort of thing hasn’t happened before. And before that. The money shot (for the mainstream media): a 10-year-old child was amongst the victims. The exact number of casualties is unknown, or the whereabout of the shooters, or much else really.

Except that the gun grabbers will surely use this incident—and any other shooting save those by cops or the occasional armed citizen in self-defense—against those who defend their human, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

UPDATE: CNN says none of the wounds are life threatening.

[h/t K in NC]

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  1. The funny thing is that they’ll use this to blame New Orleans for “Not having strict gun-control” and saying that “This shooting could’ve been prevented with it.”

    My hearts go out to all the family’s involved, but goddamn times are getting tough for us.

  2. Another gun-free zone shooting. Louisiana laws forbids carrying concealed at a parade.

    • I’m aware of this awareness (did you really think I wouldn’t be?), and I don’t think this is the one. If it happens – and plans can change and be postponed – it’s gonna be bigger than the latest school shooting. Obama, he need BIG distraction. Not this kind.

    • Ah good old conspiracy theories for lack of having facts as BS works.
      I read conspiracy stories as well in the bathroom where they belong.

      Let me predict as well.
      There will be a murder somewhere in the US in the next half hour.

  3. Look what our guns did again. Surely we will want to give them up now. No, & don’t call me Surely m’f’n grabbers. Apparently we have a new national sport, blowing away innocents, not our fault, Randy

  4. There is no great conspiracy. Folks kill each other in New Orleans pretty often. They have been for 300 years. Probably will be for 300 more.

  5. No description (race… oh, no… that would racist, sex… no, that would be sexist) on the perp’s so we can be on the lookout?

    • nothing to see here, move on. the media will pass on this, they mostly ignore black crime. wait till a white or asian does another mass shooting

  6. Ok, if this isn’t gang related, I’m pulling the tin foil hat out of the drawer and jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon…. First, a movie theater, then an elementary school, now a mothers day parade? What’s next, a nursing home? I’m sorry but this is starting to seem like a game of let’s one-up the last guy till we can change the gun laws…. Anyone else who is normally not a conspiracy junky starting to wonder too?

  7. Sad part is deep down every one knows had sandy hook not happened no one would care about a shooting in New Orleans

    • Yep. Bets are most of the victims are black, as are the shooters more than likely, so the mass media may not make as much of a frenzy out of this one. It hasnt even popped up on the Huffington Shitpost yet.

      • The BBC and FOX are already running it. CNN not as of yet. No deaths called yet. the 10 yr old girl just grazed.

  8. Heart goes out to those impacted…and things were just starting to calm down. Damn.

  9. What a wonderful world…

    Please, please tell me none of them were shot with an AR15…or any modern sporting rifles. At least that would help…

  10. Incorrect. If at all possible, they’ll attempt to use DGU as well – “Who cares if li’l Billy saved his sister and himself? He shouldn’t have had access to his parents’ guns.”

    That said, whiskey tango foxtrot?!?

  11. New Orleans doesn’t work as a “conspiracy false flag”. You expect a mass shooting in New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, or Los Angles. For maximum effect you need a “safe” city.

  12. These gang bangers don’t aim and don’t really care who catches those bullets. Total animals who shoot into crowds of people and many times end up striking little kids. We should have left New Orleans under water, it would have been better for the country.

  13. I do not expect this to be more than a flash in the daily news cycle. For this to be major news for the MSM, they would have to create the fear that “this could happen in your hometown.” That’s unlikely when you consider where the shooting occurred: .

  14. Looks like no one’s died, thankfully. I’m guessing probably a small-caliber type ammo was used. Probably 22lr or 380 acp. I guess birdshot also could have been used, but use of a longgun would suprise me.

    • Yeah. .25 maybe. .22LR is a superior round to .25 in every way I can think of.

  15. This will not have much, if any impact. This is New Orleans where I believe shootings are a daily occurrence.

  16. If the victims were not well-off white kids no one in the elitist white media will shed a tear. Ten shot is a slow weekend in Chicago yet no one reports on the death there.

  17. Y’know, having spent time in New Orleans and gotten to know it, I actually like the place – irrespective of the impossible climate – however mixed a bag it is. Some parts ARE lovely and most at least have “character,” though some don’t have all that much going for them.

    Looking closely at that pic, though, I’d have to add that some parts are as ugly as an open field latrine in midsummer.

    The neighborhood watch sign is a nice touch, though…

    Wot a unlikely place tha’ be fer a soddin’ parade. Crike!

    • Yeah, I have 4, 5 friends who moved there and never left. It does say something about the place. They’re extremely tolerant of drunks, gays and transvestites. When Jim Garrison was DA (many years), he NEVER prosecuted an arrest for “sexual deviancy” of that sort. It just goes with the territory. If you can’t tolerate that, New Orleans is not your kind of place!

      • So long as they don’t play grab-ass or contemptuously refer to me a breeder, there’s not much to tolerate.

        I carry a weapon, but none o’ that Leviticus baggage.

  18. Gah, terrible.

    Sadly, I guess we can expect the picture of the 10 year murdered child appear soon with the words “SENSIBLE GUN CONTROL” soon. Boo. =(

    • No one’s died yet, or at least there’s been no reported deaths. Press reports say “no one suffered life threatening injuries”.

  19. So, how many more of these shootings have to happen before Gun Free Zones are ruled unconstitutional and a threat to public safety?

  20. Ronal Serpas used to be Police Chief in Nashville a few years ago and we were very happy when he got the chance to go back home to New Orleans. He doesn’t want citizens to be armed, and when we were fighting to pass laws to allow legal carry in restaurants by permit holders he was very clearly not on our side, and did everything he could to keep those laws from passing. He’s just another overweight lefty politician, not a good cop. I’m glad he’s back home, New Orleans deserves him.

    I used to like NO, but after seeing the criminal incompetence of Mayor Ray Nagin, the NOPD, and Gov. Kathleen Blanco I don’t care what happens down there anymore. It’s always been a perfect example of a Democrat-run shithole.

    • Yes Serpas, if I remember correctly, sort of “doctored” the crime stats in the Music city to make it look as if he did a bang-up job as chief of Metro PD

  21. Criminals that rob
    Crazey’s that need to kill
    Lovers betrayed
    and New Orleans has
    Thugs that can’t be diss’ed
    What does any of it have to do my guns?

  22. Can someone explain the false flag premise. Killing 10 or more people to coverup lying about the death of 4 people just doesn’t add up to me. I know the scandal runs deeper than that, but killing innocent people on purpose seems like a bit much. If that was ever proven it would make the current scandal seem like cheating on a middle school math test.

    • Tinfoil hat stuff, mostly.

      However, the lies and innuendo about Iraq intended to distract from our putting our collective foot in it in Afghanistan – weapons if mass distraction, as ’twere – are in the same political genre.

      Agents provocateur are a close cousin.

      Can’t think of any recent American examples of a gen-u-ine false flag incident, but I’m no historian – there might’ve been a few in the fifties or sixties.

      A fairly unequivocal is the accidental sinking of the U.S.S. Maine due to a bunker explosion, which Pulitzer and Hearst whipped until a war with Spain resulted…

      • On a side note, I do not believe that absolute, Myanmar-style tyrany is the goal of this or any administration – even the Busheviks.

        That said, the rate at which we are consuming resources – which has already inspired us to make unprovoked war an energy policy – combined with our propensity toward breeding like rodents means bad things are likely in the pipe.

        It’d be handy to have us all docile and largely helpless by the time food and water start getting scarce.

        That someone sees this and is attempting to prepare the nation for a not-too-distant period of remarkably tough going is more than conceivable.

        I’m not saying that’s how it is, but I do believe that’s how it might be.

        I don’t look forward to the state confiscating my well, but somewhere down the road someone might try.

        For the children, no less.

  23. Well shit somebody done gone upped and broke the law. Only way to fix it is to double down on LAWS!!! I know that here in CA murder is like super-super-super illegal, LA could learn a thing or two.

  24. Being from New Orleans (originally) I will also share a little piece of information. This shooting also occurred within a ‘gun free zone’ since it is illegal to carry a weapon while at a parade. Here is the LSP website with the info: Seems like the criminal degenerates who felt no remorse at shooting into a crowd also felt no remorse at breaking another gun law. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!?




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