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Yup. It’s anti-gun agitprop. But I’ve got to say that Gun Nation is most excellent photojournalism. I love the book. And can’t wait to buy photojournalist Zed Nelson’s follow-up. The Brit and I have a different take on the meaning of his pics — as do his subjects. And there are some deeply misguided anti-gun rights folks amongst Mr. Zed’s subjects.

For example, the doctor who says that most people who shoot and kill other people are otherwise law-abiding citizens involved in domestic disputes is dead wrong (so to speak). In truth, gang bangers and suicides account for the vast majority (about 90%) of all firearms-related homicides.

The gentleman whose son was murdered at Columbine neglects to mention that the slaughter was originally planned as a bombing (the devices failed to detonate). And that the police response was woefully slow and inadequate. It’s also not true that 40 percent of gun sales don’t go through a background check (even though the checks do virtually nothing to prevent crime).

The gun store owner who calls for national gun registration clearly doesn’t get it. (And if this video finds his customers, his customers likely won’t get their guns from him.) Ask any semi-automatic rifle owner living in New York, a state that banned the in-state purchase or sale of “assault rifles” under the so-called SAFE Act, if national registration isn’t a slippery slope to confiscation. It’s a superhighway.

Anyway, as biased as this Guardian-produced video is, it’s beautifully done and well worth your time.

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  1. Not all Brits are anti gun!! Many, many aren’t but of course there is little that can be done as a common British citizen to remedy the situation

    Anyway, I have settled in the US and have embraced this great country and its Constitution wholeheartedly!!

  2. Weird seeing dragon man on there, especially when they went nationwide with everything. He’s about 20 miles east of here. I watched the vid after reading the article, and I thought the gun store owner calling for registration was him.

  3. I’ve spoken to several gun store owners who are very pro NFA, pro restrictions because it kills their competition. Fortunately my personal LGS is more of a constitutionalist.

  4. I don’t think we’ve asked a Brit’s opinion on gun control (or much else in the way of National Policy) for over 235 years.

    If you are not from the U.S., then where you are from is f’d up in some way that Americans chose NOT to be, nor allow to be imported.

    You’re entitled to wonder why we have it so good here, but the answer is, it’s because we don’t have you and your bs, and we’re willing to chuck it all and start over if and when we see your ugly sh_t attempting to rear it’s stupid head over here.

    Globalists beware, you can do “one world fascism” if you want, on Pluto.

  5. Anti gun propaganda is just that regardless of how skillfully done. I will not spend money on it or click on it or read it. period.

  6. “It’s anti-gun agitprop. . . . and well worth your time.”

    No, it’s not. In fact, I’d rather have a thrombotic hemorrhoid for thirty minutes than watch this for the same amount of time.

  7. I made it through about 12 minutes and I found some of it interesting and some of it flat out strange.

    The Police Chief says he doesn’t like guns in bars. OK Chief, how many lawful concealed carriers in your jurisdiction have caused trouble by bringing a gun into a bar and having an ND or by shooting someone unlawfully? How many legal carriers did something stupid and got arrested by your department?

    My guess? Very nearly 0. If there were instances of trouble with a gun in a bar I’d bet quite a bit that the carrier was not legally carrying that gun.

  8. Yep, that poor sap in the picture who just said he favors universal registration just cost himself some business, I guarantee.

  9. Daniel Mauser @ 27:38

    Mr. Mauser (laughing at his notorious gun manufacturing last name) makes the ridiculous analogy that 40% of gun sales are private and aren’t going through a background check. Then suggests the audience imagine getting on an airplane with 60% of the passengers going through security and 40% not.

    This is assuming criminals and terrorists follow laws. Which they do not. If they did, they wouldn’t be looking to kill people right? Criminals and terrorists will not be going through background checks. Does this guys seriously think this? Meanwhile, Mr. Ridiculous Gun store owner for Dragon arms thinks that all guns need to be registered in that person’s name and they are responsible for that gun to stop straw purchasers. But that too is ridiculous. Does this genius really think that a straw purchaser is going to allow his firearm that is registered in his name to pass on to a criminal for criminal use? Of course not. They need only remove the firearm serial number and the firearms disappear from the registry all together. They are illegal guns – but criminals won’t care about that. They are about to perform illegal acts. Not impressed by the brilliance of these individuals.

  10. Natural Selection!

    LOL. Don’t think I would have dropped that one. But to be brutally honest, freedom has a price. Historically, that price has always been paid with lives. If people want absolute safety, then they need to be willing to give all their freedom away. And in the end, how do they know the trade was a good deal? Maybe in the end they will be both freedomless and not safe.

    Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem.

  11. Why exactly did i just watch that garbage? It’s nothing more than hoplophobic, dramatized liberal tripe. And from a Brit too. Funny, maybe if you wouldnt have tried to disarm us all those years ago your opinion would mean more than jack squat. Run along back to your Police State now and stop wasting my time. This isnt a tiny little island with a 1000 cameras and a police officer two steps away bro. This is America!

  12. Notice how they never actually say what exactly they mean by ‘reasonable gun control laws’ and ‘even the most moderate gun control laws’? I think we all know what they mean – as we’ve seen quite clearly in CA, NY and elsewhere. To them, that’s ‘moderate’ and ‘reasonable’, and it wouldnt change a damn thing in regards to illegal gun killings if it were implemented nationally. So they’d be right back for more ‘reasonable’ gun control laws until only the Criminals, the Government, the Political Elite and the Police have guns. Then we might as well just change our name to Mexico. Last i checked Heroin and Cocaine are banned too. Boy that really made it all go away huh? More Unicornian Liberal blather.

  13. I don’t know what purpose the Indian served in this video, but he needs to feed his damn horse.

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