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Gun control is not on the agenda for tonight’s celebrity death match debate. If the topic comes up, it’ll probably arrive during the segment on national security, and center on legislation preventing Americans on the FBI’s super-secret, completely unaccountable “terrorist watch list” (actually a number of lists) from purchasing firearms. A measure both candidates support. But make no mistake, it will come up in one of the three debates. The only question: will The Donald try to cut through Ms. Clinton’s “I support the Second Amendment but–” prevarication tonight, later or both? Watch this space.

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  1. The debate is largely irrelevant. Trump will be the next president, in the largest landslide victory in American history.

    Hillary is going to be lucky if she can make it through tonight without some kind of major medical episode.

    • Mack, I despise Hillary but your prediction is way off. She’s going to win. My advice to you is to buy as many rifles as you can right now while you still can. However, I would love if your prediction would come true but you underestimate the stupidity of this country. Remember that Obama won twice.

      • My wife spoke to her east coast progressive left wing brother last night, and he expressed that even he can’t stand the Clintons. Not that he likes Trump either, mind you, but he definitely does not want to see Hillary in the White House. If he is any indication, then Hillary may be in trouble with the left wing of her party who may not vote in the presidential race.

        • ” If he is any indication, then Hillary may be in trouble with the left wing of her party who may not vote in the presidential race.”

          Yep, near-zero enthusiasm on the Left means there is good chance they may stay home on E-Day.

          POTG, show up on election day.

          If you despise Trump, don’t hand the election to the HildaBeast. Vote for Trump to ensure she won’t be President…

        • Mark N.,

          Interesting. The fact that Trump definitely leans moderate (and even left on some things) and hails from New York City might, just might be enough to pull just enough votes away from Hillary and win the election.

      • Demtards will be +5pts with illegal votes but Trump will have 320 electoral votes. Don’t like him but Freaking NEVER HILLARY.

        • That’s why Dems don’t mind terrorist attacks. They immediately register all the victims to vote and order them absentee ballots (then they fill them out and send them in).

    • I really want Trump to win, and he might, but dude there’s no way in hell he wins like Reagan 84′ or Nixon 72′ won. Far too many of the retarded and illegal allowed to vote these days.

      • How well he does in these 3 debates decides the election.

        If he blows the first one, he has 2 additional chances at bat.

        If he shows in the last two debates that he can’t learn from the first one, we are sunk…

        • Who do you know that hasn’t already decided? The “haven’t made my mind up” are demtards who if forced will claim Hellery but are voting Trump. The fedup with RINO “undeclared” are going to 75% vote Trump because the are not actually “undeclared” but neverRINO which is the same as Freaking Never Hellery. The registered Rep are going to vote Trump because Freaking Never Hellery. Shebat is going to down in flames.

          The demtard insiders are “praying” for a stroke tonight so they can replace her.

    • I don’t get into “X will win” nonsense. I look at what’s actually going on. I won’t bore you with an analysis of all the individual polls.


      HRC is down in a number of crucial swing states at this point. Where she isn’t down Trump is gaining ground at a rate that certainly alarms her staff. Even in Cali, where Trump is down he’s not down anywhere near as much as he should be as Johnson and Stein take big numbers from HRC. Seven months ago she was up 30 points in most national polls. Now they’re nearly all within the margin of error and Trump is gaining while HRC is sliding downwards.

      State by state it looks like HRC has already lost the key swing states of Ohio and Florida. Polling in the past week shows she may well lose Colorado and New Mexico. If the current trends continue in Minnesota and Pennsylvania she could lose those states as well. She’s falling, Trump’s rising. The question is where is her floor and his ceiling? I don’t pretend to know the answers to those questions but I will point something out. In both states HRC is not leading by the numbers she’d like and with the MoE on the polls she’s actually in a potential 1-2% dogfight in both states. That’s not good for her considering the trends in both polling of those states and of the country as a whole. It’s a real possibility that she loses both PA and MN. Combine that with Florida, Ohio, Colorado and possibly NM and her campaign is the political equivalent of the Hindenburg.


      If the current trends continue HRC loses in historic fashion. The trend is currently Trump’s friend.

      My take:

      HRC’s people are in full panic mode at this point (I actually know this to be a fact due to some people I know who work for her). Ohio and Colorado were supposed to be easy victories. Florida was supposed to be in the bag. None of their predictions are working out. This was supposed to be an easy coast to victory over a clown but it’s turned into a fight and it’s one that Clinton’s folks simply were not prepared for. She rarely articulates actual policy and when she does it’s usually something polls find Americans disagree with by overwhelming majorities. Just look at the “refugee” issue. 60% of Americans want it stopped, she’s campaigning on expanding it.

      On top of that she’s about as tonedeaf as a politician can be. Look at the “Deplorables” issue. Jesus that was stupid. You just called a quarter of the country deplorable, insulted their intelligence and told them that they’re basically worthless pieces of shit and terrible people.

      I don’t know who wins this but every day it gets worse for HRC and better for Trump. If she can’t find a way to not just staunch the bleeding but basically reverse the current trends, she’s fucked.

    • ” Trump will be the next president, in the largest landslide victory in American history.”

      There is zero truth to this statement. If you honestly believe what you just wrote, you are completely disconnected from reality.

      Reagan won 49 states. 49! There is practically zero chance at all that Trump wins either California, DC, or New York. FiveThirtyEight gives Hillary a 99.2% chance to win California, and a 98.5% chance to win New York, and a 99.9% chance to win DC. Reagan won 525 electoral votes. Trump would have to win more than that, and NY and CA and DC account for 87, so … no. It is impossible.

      Right now Trump is at his closest ever in the FiveThirtyEight projections. He has a 46% chance of winning, as compared to Hillary’s 54%. That’s still a huge gap to overcome. If Trump does win this election, it will be by the thinnest of margins.

    • The monster vote is coming.

      SHE wants our armaments, its our fault she’s not 50 points ahead, our fault poor inter cities exist. It our fault blacks don’t have room to destroy.

      What folks miss is the Obama Care LIE, it affects every single adult in this country. IT IS A TAX (SCOTUS said it was) and all will have a 100% increase in 2017. In effect they will reach into every tax payers wallet and pull 9K out.

      Every Home Depot Parking lot in this country is manned by Illegals looking for work. EVERY Processing plant has 30-40% illegals as employees. Every single item in your grocery store was touched by an illegal. The ink on the carton or bag, the paper products, the film used to make a pouch, food in it the pouch, the master-case it came in, the transport from the plant to distribution, the night shelf stocker, the lawn care team, landscaping, home construction, road construction, the list is endless. 30 million illegals sucking our tax dollars. One trillion a year to pay people not to work. 100K loans for worthless degrees. 70% of what you buy in Walmart comes from China and no durable goods you buy last more than 3-5 years to include clothes, washers, dryers, refrigerators. The Corporate mid management flush and finally H1B’s, immigrants taking your job and Americans having to train them or no severance package. Turn on the news only to find that because your white your a racist or an LEO your a murderer waiting to murder a black.

      All this ends when Hillary doesn’t make the cut, sent to the bench and we never have to hear of the Clinton’s again.

    • I’m picturing that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Indy and an enemy soldier are fighting over his revolver in the bar, when they suddenly realize they have a common enemy (The Nazi officer commands “shoot them… shoot them both”).

      Whether you like Trump or not, we have a common enemy in Crooked Hillary. We must rally behind him to defeat her.

    • Bill Clinton has told her to STFU about gun bans still more pro gun states than anti. Granted, it’s mostly fly over country, but you can’t win without some of them.

      And if you want to know if Trump is pro-2nd. look at his list for potential Supreme Court nominations Judge Garland is no longer on it. Someone must have given him the head’s up, that although very conservative, he is very opposed to 2nd. amendment.

  2. I am sure they have a tailor made question for her to allow the gun ban to be proposed. They are all in on gun control and that’s all. As if that’s a surprise.

  3. Trump just needs to ask her repeatedly about her long list of lies. After a couple minutes of that she’ll stroke out or seize, problem solved.

  4. What is the drinking game.

    In for a 5er it will be a “common sense gun safety” remark vs full blown ban it all

  5. I’ve got it at 50% she makes it through the debate without a medical emergency. She hasn’t even been in public for 90 minutes straight. Would make it much easier if she did come out of the confiscation closet before she collapses.

  6. Bills ex girlfriend ought to be front row center. Mini skirt and commando. Watch hillary sweat and drool before she collapses.

  7. If She gets elected the Australian style confiscation is coming. She has already stated in the past that she supports that type of ban. None of my AR’s have serial numbers on them. While I may not be able to shoot them at the range anymore. They will be well hidden on my property. I’m about to build a pair of 80 percent lowers for a glock 19. When I have the uppers done they will be hidden for safe keeping. ban or no ban I will not go unprotected.

    • rdsii64,

      Two comments:
      (1) When you think it is time to bury/hide your firearms, it is actually time to use them.
      (2) What makes you think Fedzilla doesn’t know about your 80% lower receivers that you finished? Did you use your Internet connection to research and order those 80% lowers? Did you order them by voice over the telephone? Did you use a credit card to pay for your order from the 80% lower vendor? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then Fedzilla knows what you have. Even more to the point, you just stated on an open, unsecured forum that you have non-serialized lower receivers. If Fedzilla did not happen to know about your collection, they do now.

      • Yeah but the sons of anti-liberty bitches cannot collect all of them at once. Cops specialize in using overwhelming force on one-four criminals. They are unprepared for 50 men using fire and maneuver to keep their arms.

  8. She won’t mention a gun ban because she doesn’t need to mention what both sides already know to be true based on years of speech by her.
    Her base already knows her plans to work towards a civilian gun ban so while she gains nothing mentioning it again until after the election, it could present a risk in battleground states like NC, FL, and OH.
    She probably already regrets cozying up to BLM after the Charlotte riots.
    So she’ll avoid mentioning it.
    Besides, where it is written that politicians, unlike most of the rest of the time, are honest during debates?
    I must have missed that rule, can someone point out where it is written?

  9. Nope. She won’t mention it until after she wins, if she wins. The good news is that Trump is no longer toxic downticket and Democrats are now pessimistic about even regaining control of the Senate. She would need legislation to enact confiscation. Look for more of the same deadlock next year.

  10. Doubtful she’ll go all gun-ban retard tonight. I got a feeling this will be a fairly mellow debate, considering the debaters anyway. Trump is going to be on his best behavior, attempting to show independents and Never Trump crowd that he can be dignified and presidential. Hopefully he’ll be able to stick to that, because you can bet Empress Palpatine’s minions will be having her bait him every chance they get. They’ll try to get him riled up by questioning his intelligence and net worth. As long as he doesn’t take the bait, I think we’ll do well tonight.

  11. Beats the hell out of me. I’m hoping Donnie can get the hildebeast to cough. I am registered to vote but it matters not in Crook county,IL. Vote Trump,buy guns…

  12. Watching the debate live. I can see her facade slipping, Trump is getting to her. Hillary is gonna lose it, I know it. Hildebeast hates to be questioned by the peons.

  13. 9:45pm — The beast comes out with the gun control message and no not on National Security — it was about inner city violence. Maybe she should visit Compton, Newark and Chicago — go ahead, take the guns off the street

  14. I don’t like or trust all I’ve seen from Clintrump. Johnston has my vote, because no matter who wins, I have to live with my conscience.

  15. Did you all notice the hildebeast almost slipped and said GUN CONTROL? It took everything that it had to stop mid word and change it to GUN SAFETY. It was coming out and then a stutter , a pause , a recognition , and then a substitution. What a bitch.

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