The Brit Who Tried to Kill Trump. Full Documentary

“Michael Sandford, 20, allegedly tried to snatch a police officer’s gun during a rally at a Las Vegas casino in June,” reported back in December. “He later told officials that his plan was ‘to shoot and kill Donald Trump’ . . . Sandford, who has autism, was sentenced [to one year in prison] at a federal court in Las Vegas and had been facing up to 20 years in prison prior to his guilty plea. His lawyers have said he suffers from mental illness and was experiencing a psychotic episode during the incident.”

The documentary above backs up Mr. Sanford’s contention that he was mentally ill at the time of the attempted assassination. I’m not exactly sure what difference that makes, or why Mr. Sanford wasn’t given an indeterminate sentence, depending on his mental condition. Which can be damn difficult to assess. You can watch his compos mentis visit to the Battlefield Vegas gun range the day before the attack (22:59). “He seemed like a really nice guy,” his RSO asserts.

Only he wasn’t. At the end of the film (36:59), a handcuffed Mr. Sanford debates a cop, insisting that it’s OK to kill racists. Despite the warning bells triggered by Mr. Sanford’s liberal fascism, my main takeaway is that anyone who open carries (as I do) should use a retention holster or, at the very least, maintain a really high level of situational awareness. The gun-grabbing crazies are out there, somewhere.


  1. avatar Norincojay says:

    So he went to the range the day before for practice. That speaks of premeditation. To get only one year in prison for attempted assignation of our President is the real crazy. He should be in jail until Trump is no longer the president.

    1. avatar Vhyrus says:

      “He should be in jail until Trump is no longer the president alive.


      1. He should be institutionalized until he is no longer alive.

        1. avatar GS650G says:

          Hinckley did 35 years.

  2. avatar Bosko says:

    Democrat Federal Judge or U S Attorney ????

  3. avatar Kendahl says:

    One way or another, he needs to be out of the United States. Let the British deal with him. Autism covers a range of mental issues. Most sufferers are no danger to anyone. Sanford is an exception. However clumsy, his attempt to assassinate a public figure proves he is too dangerous to live an unsupervised life in an open society.

  4. avatar MouseGun says:

    Tard or not, he needs to be jailed.

  5. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    Ass burger.

  6. avatar Southern Cross says:

    In addition to being in the autism spectrum I would think he also has issues with anger management and self control.

  7. avatar Jack says:

    Video is blocked. Another link?

  8. avatar Cliff H says:

    For the record, the Brit in the opening vid-cap of the video above is Milo Yianoppolis, not Sanford. Many may think he has his own mental issues, but he is an avid Trump supporter.

  9. avatar MP says:

    If he has a mental illness this violent he’s not fit to be in public. They put violent animals to sleep. Why are humans treated differently? This dude should be 6 feet under.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      At least we can send this one back to where he came from

  10. avatar CalGunsMD says:

    “autism” and “was experiencing a psychotic episode”
    This doctor will believe that when the toilet flushes when I flick the light switch in my bathroom.

  11. avatar Bugman says:

    One could argue(quite easily) that all criminals are mentally disturbed/disabled in one way or another. So what? Is that person any less of a threat to society because we know they aren’t all there. This guy planned to assassinate a presidential candidate with enough mental capacity to train for success. Our societies feelz about people who are sick are endangering us all.

  12. avatar Hank says:

    Keep trying LUberals. You’re still losing.

  13. avatar rt66paul says:

    put him on the no fly list and the no buy a gun list and ship him back to GB – they can deal with him.

  14. avatar ChiGurh18 says:

    Doesn’t autism mostly affect skills developed from social interactions and curiosity? Most people I have known with autism are very socially awkward and would never put themselves in a crowded situation especially one where you do something to draw an extreme amount of attention to themselves like trying to kill someone. I feel like people who really have Asperger’s and autism are getting a really bad wrap because people like this guy try to use it as a defense when in reality, they are just an evil person, disease or no disease.

  15. avatar Andy says:

    Yey another example of why OC is dumb.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      You’re trolling, right?

  16. avatar pete says:

    If he were confused or going through a breakdown due to the autism or whatever I might see it as tempering the severity of the apparent crime. But he seems to just have no appreciation for the sanctity of human life or threat of punishment. I’d think might as well give the nasty little crapper hard time, rather’n let him run around and think he can kill us for ideology.

  17. avatar -kap says:

    Has to be an illegal refuge, bet he’s still fighting the war or Independence, oh he run away from home etc LOL.
    What is not funny was it was a Democratic Judge that gave this sentence, if that had been our half & half the guy would have gotten 6 life terms then strung up after a period of hanging drawn and quartered !

  18. avatar A Brit in TX says:

    There’s no way autism was the cause of this, it’s just being used as an excuse. This was a premeditated action and he got away with an exceptionally light sentence because the intended victim (our new President!) is someone who ‘the system’ fears.

  19. avatar Ranger Rick says:

    “my main takeaway is that anyone who open carries (as I do) should use a retention holster or, at the very least, maintain a really high level of situational awareness. The gun-grabbing crazies are out there, somewhere.”

    In response to Mr. Farago’s statement, this is just one of the reasons 99% of uniform officers use retention holsters. BTW a basic thumb snap in my opinion isn’t a retention.

    While open carry may perhaps be option for many the need to display one’s wares is not necessarily the best move in personal security.

  20. avatar Jesus says:

    It’s too bad he failed really.

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