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Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
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By Denise Lavoie, AP

Virginia’s highest court on Friday upheld a ban on firearms at a pro-gun rally in the state’s capital next week, an event that authorities feared could erupt in violence at the hands of armed extremists.

Gov. Ralph Northam earlier this week declared a state of emergency and issued an executive order banning all weapons from the Capitol grounds in Richmond, saying the state had received credible threats of “armed militia groups storming our Capitol” during an annual gun-rights rally scheduled for Monday.

Gun-rights groups sued, but a Richmond judge on Thursday denied their request to lift the ban, citing rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court and other courts that the Second Amendment right to bear arms is not unlimited. On Friday, the state Supreme Court agreed and upheld the ban.

Gun-control proposals gained momentum in Virginia after a city employee opened fire on co-workers at a municipal building in Virginia Beach in May, killing 12 people and injuring four others.

After Democrats who promised to pass a slew of new gun restrictions won a majority in Virginia’s state legislature in November, gun-rights groups began a fierce opposition campaign. More than 125 cities, towns and counties have declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries” and promised to fight new gun control laws.

va capitol gun rights VCDL
The Virginia state Capitol building is surrounded by fencing in preparation for Monday’s rally by gun rights advocates. (Dean Hoffmeyer/Richmond Times-Dispatch via AP)

The annual rally sponsored by the gun-rights group Virginia Citizens Defense League — scheduled for Monday, which is also Martin Luther King Jr. Day — has drawn attention from militia groups, white supremacists and anti-government groups who have promised to send members to Virginia to protest new gun laws.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring urged the state Supreme Court to uphold the weapons ban imposed by the governor, arguing it was necessary to prevent a repeat of deadly violence that erupted at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville in 2017. One woman was killed and more than 30 others were hurt when a white supremacist drove his car into a crowd. No one was wounded by gunfire at the rally.

Gun-rights groups argued that the ban would violate their Second Amendment right to bear arms and their First Amendment freedom of speech.

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        • Vlad Tepid works for AP , associated propagandists.

          OMG , everyone who owns a gun is a white supremist neo nazi ….. AHHHhhhhhh

          Film at 11

      • Too bad ignorance and stupidity isn’t a crime.

        YOU would have been incarcerated and put to death long ago.

        Return to Russia or Venezuela or wherever you suck from. I’m sure that the population has been disarmed there, wherever that is.

      • ┊┊┊┊╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲┈

        “VLAD the CNN TROLL…..”

        • Oh, Aaron, you know what you just did?


          I am *so* stealing this and using it on a regular basis to respond to Vladskie from now on. No more text or commentary necessary to respond to his blather. Just his 8-bit portrait from now on!

          Thanks, Aaron! You win the Interwebz for today.

      • Correction. My friends. More socialist, fascist soibois. In skinny jeans. Who live in their mom’s basement. And are socially retarded to the point we are too afraid to talk to girls, so we become keyboard commandos to compensate.

      • Vlad you’re still here? After I read the story about the 540 pound ISIS troll they found in a basement in Mosul, who they hauled off to jail chained to a flatbed, you wouldn’t be posting here. Oh well. But that’s you’re future. So enjoy.

      • An idiotic and hypocritical thing to say. There are violent assholes on the extremes of the right and left. Whatever side you are truly on, your side’s violent shit heads stink just as foul and putrid as those you pretend to be better than.

        • So you think the level of hate toward Trump supporters is the same as any other politician on either side? Where do you get your news? CNN? Hint: it isn’t just the “extremists” directing this hate. It’s very much mainstream. That doesn’t mean there isn’t hate on both sides, but let’s be honest here.

    • Fighting the king in the king’s courts, let me show everyone my shocked face!

      What did they think was going to happen?

      • Agreed, this whole shitshow was engineered by the gun grabbers as a perfect zugzwang situation for pro gun right supporters.

  1. you can bet NAZI northam has probably already has hired his thugs to start some violence posing as pro gun rights folks. This man is very dangerous for America! He should never have been voted into office and should be removed ASAP.

    • Not Northam, but his puppet master Bloomburg planned this whole thing out. Bloomburg pretty much owns Northam and the VA state government after purchasing the governorship there.



    Now there is more and more support growing for Northam’s anti-gun laws.


    • Oh, you’re going to be very salty in a few months. Right now, it looks like Trump will win 2020 in a landslide.

      Pocahontas is down.
      Bernie is revealed to be a genocidal communist.
      Biden will probably stroke out in the next few months.
      Who’s left?

      Trump is practically running unopposed.

      • This is great that the feds are arresting more of “Vlad” the impaled’s butt buddies.

        The more kkk, neo nazi, antifa crybabies and other hoodlums get arrested beforehand, the less chance they set something off Monday. All of them are virtually the same, just different ideologies. And they are going to cause issues and have it blamed on normal, upstanding citizens.

        Talking to Vlad is basically studying these deviants. Or you can ignore his stupid comments since they add nothing of value.

        • Yeah, I just regret the fact that Vlad clearly wasn’t beaten enough as a child. Something tells me that he would be far less stupid if somebody had cracked his jaw a couple of times.

        • “Talking to Vlad is basically studying these deviants.”

          Yep, they’re all prejudiced and full of bitter hate just looking for an outlet.

      • The Harpy Hag just today interjected her worthless circus commenting of the Burnmeister and Lieawatha,she’s just begging to become a three time Looser.

      • “Bernie is revealed to be a genocidal communist.”

        But they love that about him. I’m guessing it’s between him and high IQ shotgun Joe.

    • If you knew anything about Nazi’s taking over Germany, they did not do it by force, instead they deceived the sheeple to vote them in and then when they had control of the Government they became dictators.

      Sounds more like the Democrat strategy. Get control and then prevent the people from exercising their rights.

      • Hitler perpetrated the ultimate “False Flag” by burning the Reichstag and blaming it on his opponents. The German people – still weak and reeling from the Weinmar Hyperinflation – voted him in with cheers. A few years later, as the truth began to dawn on them, many left the country to escape the coming storm, but many did not.

        PT is correct.

        • “Hitler perpetrated the ultimate “False Flag” by burning the Reichstag and blaming it on his opponents.”

          So, just who were Hitler’s opponents? What was the group that he framed with his false flag operation?

          It was communists and socialists, once again, a hard right wing extremist group perpetrating a fraud on the people by using a false flag operation to slam the socialists without any validity.

          Wow, history does repeat itself!

        • Yes. History does repat itself, miner. Roosevelt violated the rights of Japanese Americans and herded them into concentration camps and now Coonman is violating the rights of more Americans.

          Fascists gotta fascist.

        • Hitler’s main opposition was comunists, that much is true. Two fruits of the same poisoned totalitarian tree. From the same branch. Just because the national socialists and communists hated each other, it doesn’t mean they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. On the contrary, they are hardly distinguishable.

          When communist party won power in eastern Europe, one of the first they dealth with were the social democrats. Not because of opposing ideals, but to eliminate the closest competition.

          The Pope sent several crusades into Bohemia to burn and murder slightly differing Christian Hussites. The Thirty years war was fought not between opposing ideologies, but only slightly different ones. Protestants and Catholics hated and killed each other for hundreds of years, yet they are both Christians.

          So own it proudly – today’s Bernie, Pocahontas and AOC are peas from the same pod as Himmler, Borman, Goebbels and Hitler. Strongly preoccupied with the race and both doing their level best to bring the nation to the collapse.

        • Someone, what you just wrote there is absolutely spot on. There is virtually no difference between what is called the extreme left and the extreme right. It is only semantic differences and what they would do to the rest of the populace is exactly the same.
          There is an old saying “Keep the enemy you know close that by their associates you may know who your enemies (plural) are.” Watch them and learn

        • Did democrats crash the planes, or do you mean voting for the Iraq War in 2002?

          So you’re talking about Hillary, Schumer, Feinstein, Adam Schiff? The current adulated left wing heroes?

    • USA Today says 3 you inbred commie scum
      Remember Nazis are socialists just like you

      Article excerpt
      Three more suspected neo-Nazis connected to a white nationalist group that reportedly planned to have members at a gun rights rally in Virginia have been arrested, authorities say.

      Three Georgia men were arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and participating in a criminal street gang as part of the hate group, The Base, according to the Floyd County Police Department.

      News of the arrests come a day after three other suspected members of The Base were arrested in Maryland on firearms and alien-harboring charges.

      The three Georgia men, identified as Luke Austin Lane of Floyd County, Michael Helterbrand of Dalton and Jacob Kaderli of Dacula, were planning to “overthrow the government and murder a Bartow County couple,” Floyd County police said in a statement.

      Lane, who was arrested near his home without incident Wednesday, and Kaderli are being housed in Floyd County, and Helterbrand is to arrive later Friday, police said. Lane was also denied bond Thursday.

      It was not immediately clear if the Georgia men planned to attend the Virginia rally. Multiple media outlets reported Thursday that the men in Maryland planned to attend, and authorities moved on them in fears they might incite violence.

      I bet you there’s no swastikas or actual threat of violence involved. If there is it’s portably a setup. Trying to label all the gun rights advocates white supremacists.

      • “I bet you there’s no swastikas or actual threat of violence involved. If there is it’s portably a setup.”

        OK, I accept your offer of a wager.

        Is the party being challenged, I have the honor of setting the conditions.

        As before, I set the wager as 1/5 of a gallon of Woodford reserve, a fine beverage.

        Let us now join hands and watch together as the news develops in order to ascertain the winner of the wager.


        • Lol outside of the internet I’d take you up on that but possibly a different booze. I don’t partake much so I’m guessing it’s a fine aged wallet buster for a pauper like myself.

          I never heard of the base thing and the sources I find discussing it, SPLC and Vice magazine, aren’t the most reliable but some of the info matches up with some of the German worshipping nationalists I’d seen on Instagram. So while they seem like they’re Nazish Big Smile! types I’d bet the leader or others involved in a substantive way are feds. They infiltrate groups like this and then run them pretty regularly.
          I’d concede some Chimay.

        • As an amused third party, I’ll point out that Woodford is hardly a wallet buster. It’s very reasonably priced bourbon. I happen to keep it on hand at home.

        • @matt oh ok lmao I only have maybe a beer or two a year. Don’t know much about liquor beyond a few popular brands. I never heard of it so thought it might be one of those aged for eternity in Valhalla brands

    • *Your* side shot a sitting US senator, assaulted another sitting US senator, attempted to murder several other US senators and representatives, all over an election you lost. Tell me who’s the terrorist again?

  3. The application of “second amendment is not unlimited” wording/decision is completely out of context for this situation. When else would an inalienable right to bear arms to protect oneself from tyrannical government be more applicable than a protest against government overreach against private firearm ownership???

    • Obviously the SC Judge that ruled this would have been “Tarred and Feathered” long ago…If this was the America of 1775….It’s NOT wheather the amendments to the US Constitutional – Bill of Rights are unlimited…It’s Whether the VA. court/Judge, the Demo-Authoritarian Legislators, and it’s Demo-Authoritarian, tyrannical governor are…! THEY without a doubt fear an armed population….That should have significant warning bells! I mentioned😵😱 this before….Why the Hell on Earth would VA. ”
      Massachusetts up” their state government! Was everyone drunk on Moonshine that day!??!?

    • And she totally ignored the law cited by VCDL, which bars a governor from doing exactly what he did.

  4. Its a matter of when, not if, shit goes down at this point. There is no debate anymore.

    If you are not supporting gun rights you may as well sell your guns now. All of them, because eventually you will when the .gov demands it. As for the non-compliance crowd, we REALLY need start thinking about what it means to defy a tyrannical gov and being labeled a political criminal/terrorist.

    • Buy lots of ammo. Stockpile, baby!

      And as is repeatedly pointed out, if the Gov is going to make us felons for nothing, might as well earn the label.

      Leftists want to imprison and re-educate Americans just because we aren’t inclined to surrender our legally acquired property, and do what we are told. They have quite a lesson coming.

    • Scalia was forced to cave in order to get craven Kennedy to go along. That line was his. Otherwise Heller wouldn’t have happened.

    • Not Scalia’s fault. He wrote the decision that could get 5 votes. Yes, it was incomplete. But a thorough dissenting opinion would see the restrictive states banning the ownership of pistols altogether- we know because that’s what they were doing.

  5. Frustrating (and insulting) but not that important. Showing up in force wearing prominently labeled shirts will still make the point.

    • Showing up locked and loaded will send a much clearer message. What are they going to do about it? A dozen armed people can be swept aside. Hundreds of armed people are impossible to stop.

      • And you are a nut case. The guard will crush and roll over everything before them because they have the tanks and helicopter gun ships.

        • Tanks and helicopter gunships in a close in urban area? With buildings over a dozen stories tall? Lol… Ok Keyboarduberkommando…

          Call in the National Guard, see how long it takes Trump to override the order and send in the Marines to put your down.

        • As a person who was active duty for a long time, I can say with some certainty that you are incorrect.

          Do you seriously think that the National Guard is going to be going full tilt in downtown Richmond, or that they even have the authority to do so? And you call others a “nut case”….

        • Oh I can just see the Abrams crews now.

          “Gunner, HE, 2A Supporter!”

        • ┊┊┊┊╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲┈
          BloomBorg TROLL cheering on a USA style “Tiananmen square”! Really?!?

        • Yes, he is but no, the National Guard will do no such thing. IF there were significant non-compliance- and I very much doubt there will be- it would be addressed with law enforcement or not at all (in other words, arrest who you can and leave the others until another day).

          The antis are dumb but they’re not dumb enough to start using military hardware (i.e. not small arms) and units to attack civilians out of the blue.

        • ┊┊┊┊╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲┈

        • To pwrbrain

          We did it before and we will do it again.

          North Vietnamese tanks did just fine at the fall of Saigon

        • Retired 0311 here, still recall that little oath I took way back when.

          I wouldn’t carry out unconstitutional orders then, much less now. Most of the people in my unit wouldn’t carry them out either. I would either defect from my unit or establish a new chain of command. Sending in tanks to John Doe’s neighborhood is a very bad idea because not only will you piss off all the blue-pilled people and ruin the opportunity to recruit them to your side, the retired vets there will be pissed off as well.

        • ┊┊┊┊╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲┈

        • Your supposition on equipment is not quite factual, but that is irrelevant. As a career guardsman, I can assure you that neither I nor my compatriots would act against patriots.

      • They will do what they did in Katrina. They will fire on you from above like Black Water did in Iraq to those that didn’t stay home.

        • Unfortunately, this would be correct in some areas and with some LE Depts. Katrina was an eye-opener and a lesson from which we can learn.

  6. was there ever really any doubt — lefty black robed activists that pass for most of our nations judiciary —
    actual government branches that follow the Constitution are very very very few and far between
    would have been surprised if they had followed the Constitution

    • Yeah, just bend over and take it up your fourth point of contact. We all know that’s how FUDDs roll.

      • So we’re not going to hear anything from you after the weekend because you’ll have died bravely charging with a flag and an AK at the capitol, right?

    • Possible scenariols but the man shows he’s a coward with his responses.

      Even if this goes bad for 2A folk the fight does NOT stop in VA or anywhere else.

  7. How far does this gun free zone extend, where is the boundary? If it’s not too far, you could rally with your weapons outside of it.

  8. Does Ralfi think anybody is going to comply to his denial of Second Amendment rights. I think he just amped up the gun rights folks including me. See y’all there.

  9. If an open space, exposed to wind and sky, can be called a shelter with a straight face, then none of the words in laws can have a fixed meaning.

    • I’m shocked that no one spoke of this sooner. Everyone screamed “But guns!!!” and never said a word about the law itself.

    • What he did was completely legal under Virginia law and under the United States Supreme Court ruling. You guys are only reading the part of the law that fits your argument.

      • According to the lawyer in the video, there needs to be RAS conveyed and no threat has been given or cited. In fact, there’s still only talk of “well… there’s a threat that we heard about – for an abundance of safety!” The question is: heard from whom because, as I understand it, no law enforcement agency has identified any credible threat for Lobby Day.

        And yes, I did read about the alleged supremacists, but what where the actual threats for Lobby Day? Their arrests are far too politically convenient in my opinion.

        Additionally, one of the patrons of the original bill disagrees with Northam on using that EO: https://twitter.com/MikeWatson_VA/status/1217319638599684096

        If I’m wrong, I’d appreciate some links to better understand things.

  10. God it’s almost beautiful in its horror. You can literally see the paranoia and the fucking lies from these people. WE FEAR THIS SITUATION (we caused), WE HAVE CREDIBLE THREATS (outright goddamn lies with no evidence). These mother fuckers are asking for it big.

  11. Yeah… had you actually fought in an urban environment, you’d know better. City fighting is the realm of light infantry. Everything else is a liability.

    But you really think the National Guard will obey those orders? Really? After you spent the past two decades spitting on them? If Coonman gives the order, he won’t live long enough to finish the sentence and he knows it.

    • He’ll be hiding far away from danger. He knows just as well as everyone else that if shit goes sideways the capitol building is getting over run. Once the shooting starts there’s no downside to finishing it for the protesters.

  12. The great (armed or unarmed) VA. Boogaloo of 2020…? Or everyone going home to cry in ones moonshine… Or The New VA. Demo-Authoritarians cheering they won the new Massachusetts of the South! Lefty Activist SC Judges getting really to curtail even more Constitutional Rights under the false claim that they are “NOT unlimited and subject to governmental regulations…” (Bwhahaha!) Well, this is the government you vote for… Hopefully everyone can “Un-F*** VA.) Before it’s too late!

    • “It was not immediately clear if the Georgia men planned to attend the Virginia rally.” -USA Today

      Where is the source saying that these new guys were headed to VA?
      What is the white supremacist angle for 2A rights? The 2A isn’t for everyone?
      Doesn’t it look at least a little convenient that these arrests are happening right now, and they’re using this to create a “gun free” zone and say that people should just stay at home?

      I think these are reasonable questions to ask.

  13. That would have taken one heck of a legal argument. Gov is playing tyrant and will probably declare an actual emergency to be enforced just prior to the demonstration.

    • Don’t fk with these boys they beat the entire U.S. Military, polishing off a few White Supremacist Nazi’s will be a piece of cake.

      • Um… you need to check your history books. The NVA didn’t win a single battle in the entire war.

        • Like most Ring Wing ignoramuses you are wrong as usual. The North Vietnamese crushed the South Vietnamese in battle after battle after they assumed full responsibility for fighting the war.

          Also one of he last U.S. battles the U.S. got their ass beat even though they had command of the air. At the Southern part of Cambodia the North Vietnamese forces crossed into Vietnam and started their march toward Saigon. 1,000 North Vietnamese Artillery units opened up on the Americans who panicked and ran like rabbits again despite the fact that U.S. had the air power but failed to knock out the N. Vietnamese camouflaged artillery.

          See “The 10,000 day War” and also see the unprejudiced Canadian documentary on the war that told it like it really was with a fair representation of both sides of the conflict.

          I might also add that the U.S. was so outnumbered they failed to occupy the HO Chi Minh Trail and after one attack to knock out an ammo storage facility they had to turn tail and run when North Vietnamese hard core regulars came charging down the trail for revenge.

        • Um… There were no US combat troops in South Vietnam at the time commie. You vermin signed a treaty that you then broke after we left. Your 5th column demokkkommie traitors in Congress kept us from sending in any combat troops when you did.

        • I might also add the U.S, turned tail and abandoned Khe Sanh air base after the first battle was won when more North Vietnamese Regulars started massing at the border. There were 3 million N Vietnamese Regulars and 1 million guerrilla fighters against the U.S. that even at their height of U.S. deployment only amounted to 1/2 million men. And there were roughly 3 million Chinese troops in North Vietnam so the entire North Vietnamese Army could be free to move south and attack the Americans. Only the U,S, Air force kept the Americans from being totally annihilated.

        • Name one battle that the North won before the US withdrew combat troops after the NVA surrender in the Treaty of Paris. I’ll wait.

        • “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””Um… There were no US combat troops in South Vietnam at the time commie. You vermin signed a treaty that you then broke after we left. Your 5th column demokkkommie traitors in Congress kept us from sending in any combat troops when you did.”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

          Reading compression Genius boy. Have someone read my post and explain it to you and you will notice I gave references that referred to a U.S. battle with U.S. that was fought before we left. Are you on drugs tonight? Your not thinking clearly.

        • “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””Name one battle that the North won before the US withdrew combat troops after the NVA surrender in the Treaty of Paris. I’ll wait.””””””””””””””””””””””

          Again Genius Boy are you on drugs tonight I already gave you TWO REFERENCE DOCUMENTARIES that discus the battle.

        • Yes… your lie is easily disproven by the historical record. Those weren’t US combat troops. Try again. Those left the country several years prior.

        • This is absolutely priceless!! Watching a fake AstroTurf communist and a real homegrown communist play keyboard warrior is comedy gold! Thanks for afternoon laugh fellas!

      • Watch out guys, the North Vietnamese Army is coming to fight Americans in Virginia. Look out for those traps with the sharp sticks that have poop on them.

    • Vietnam.

      Is incredibly sad to see all those lives wasted, all for the profit of the military industrial complex just as Dwight D Eisenhower warned us.

      And now you stupid right wing motherfuckers are ready to do it again in Iran.

      If you’re so concerned about Iran’s well-equipped military, then maybe you should’ve not let Ronald Reagan and Ollie north sell them $1 billion of modern weapons to fuel the ayatollahs terrorist agenda.

      • Lol… what are they going to do when they are radioactive air pollution? Iran just got their asses handed to them publicly. If they want to go for round 2 where we cripple their infrastructure and kill all their leaders one by one, they are quite welcome to try it.

        • I had a Right Wing Nut case try to sell me Pencils with Ronald Reagan’s name on them but none of them “had a point”. LOL

        • Well Vlady boy… before you start talking big, you might want to be able to get up the stairs to you mom’s basement before you run out of breath.

        • And remember Power Brain

          It was Ho Chi Minh that fought for the U.S. during WWII and attacked the Japanese. He was offered freedom for his country after the war and the U.S. stabbed him in the back and put French troops on U.S. Liberty ships and gave the French U.S. weapons and ammo and billions in U.S. cold hard cash to re-invade Vietnam. We paid for 85 per cent of the French-Indo China War and spent billions more on the American war there.

          Now well over a half century later the U.S. is finally doing what it should have done 75 years ago and that is its giving Vietnam weapons and money to block Chinese expansion into S.E. Asia. We just got done giving them attack high speed torpedo boats. In other words we supported the wrong side after WWII we should have supported the Vietnamese not the French and how did the French repay us, they screwed us every chance they got while under the leadership of Charles de Gaulle

      • Didn’t you know you were drafted and we’re supposed to have been sent to Iran in the ongoing conflict known as World War 3?

      • The democrats, under a democrat president really put America into Vietnam. A democrat congress also lost Vietnam after Nixon had the war won. Yes, won. Read the history on how Vietnam ended.

        • You flunked history class Renobs

          It was Nixon who committed treason (undercover) by telling the North Vietnamese that he would give them a better deal than ratifying Johnson’s peace plan. Tricky Dick lied of course and then prolonged the war killing and an additional 40,000 Americans and 2 million more civilians were slaughtered. And it was Congress that forced Nixon out of Nam by cutting of his war chest money.

      • To s***-for-brains Leftist 49er:

        It was the Democrats, Kennedy and Johnson, that got the US into the Viet Nam War using a false pretext.

        • Carl,

          Miner’s nothing more than Vlad’s girlfriend. She gets jealous from time to time of all the attention he gets from everyone, and feels she has to jump in and say something. Just ignore her.

        • We can all argue VN, but we had advisors there under Ike, JFK did NOT want to be there, but was forced in by the anti communists. The domino theory was the deciding factor there – if we had left them alone, they would have been capitalist very soon, after all, that is how Asia ran for thousands of years.

  14. Until there’s blood spilled this is all B S, I’ll put my money on the Patriots, not the Vlads or the 49er, , dumb shits both.

      • What is “Nazi’s time”, oh supremely educated one? Do Nazis possess their own special time?

        …And this excuse for a vampire calls other people idiots… (shakes head in disbelief).

      • I suppose it’s possible a Communist Bernie supporter will think it’s a Congressional baseball game.

        • Bernie supporter? Where did that come from? That’s not a mainstream media talking point!

          “It would not be unheard of if at the end of all this it remains a puzzle. For example, just the recent shooting at the congressional baseball game here outside Washington, D.C. that wounded Steve Scalise and you know, was a devastating attack on that institution; the authorities can never say for sure what drove the gunman in that case.” -MSNBC Pete Williams


          “Steve Scalise Was an Asshole Before He Got Shot. Now He’s Just an Asshole With a Bad Hip”
          -The Root

  15. Apparently the Supreme Court denied it because there was no evidence or transcript of the lower court’s proceedings. I dont understand at all how a high-profile proceding that just occured has no supporting documentation associated with it. This whole thing is absolutely FUBAR.

    • They don’t want drones filming the event and they are going to have aircraft flying over the area.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they have snipers in helicopters. They have been bringing in some militarized equipment to go along with the fencing.

      Because of the emergency status the government gets extra funds, equipment and personnel.

  16. I think, as evidenced by the rhetoric of the past few days from both sides, regardless of what happens in Richmond on Monday, the tinder is starting to smoke. I don’t know if it will start from an ember formed by friction or steel striking flint but flames are inevitable at this point. The timber has been felled, cut, dried, split and stacked but the landscape is also littered with dead branches and dried weeds. Tragically, the fire will not be contained for long. Hopefully, when the smoke clears, we can rebuild our Republic as it was intended to be.

  17. What legal avenue is left for GOA and VCDL? Get this to a Federal judge quickly I guess is the only thing left to try to overthrow this or maybe the Supreme Court of the United States. Where is the NRA in all of this? Why is the NRA not helping GOA and VCDL in Virginia? Sitting on the side lines I hope not.

    • I respectfully disagree with you. Carrying is exercising the 2nd. Which means it is still a kick to our rights.

      • My bad — *also* a 1A issue. Demonstrative behavior counts as political speech. Like flag burning. When the issue is bearing arms, bearing arms to protest is about as in point as it gets.

        Given that there’s no crime, Gov No Guns For You, n friends are playing with prior restraint. Also, their searches n so on look like a 4A issue. You don’t have to abuse one civil right, one process, or one authoritah at a time — as Bloomie’s mercenary martinets in office are demonstrating.

        Of course, what would one expect from folks like Gov Blackface, so steeped in traditions of using govt to keep “those people” from getting out of place.

  18. I hope this does not turn into a huge mess of a rally and pray that there is no violence. A violent outcome will only inflame the “fence sitters” on 2A issues and just hand the gun-grabbers a victory and “prove” that their concerns are well placed.

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

    • They’re really hyping this, almost hoping for violence in order to justify disarming people. Ironically, it would disprove the myth of the gun free zone.

    • Ah… those mythical “fence sitters”… well, they can either join us or join the gun grabbers in being stood up against a wall.

      • As the real forum commie drools over the idea of shooting unarmed people against a wall……..

  19. Typical pot licker, hiding behind armed Security for a shindig of their own making! oh I forget these folks should be brought up on Sedition charges and Treason for selling out the Constitution! will never happen as the Judicial system is as corrupt as the potlickers! so that means nullification by insurrection! peaceable first them armed! well be like the VC who control the Rural areas and they control the cities!,

  20. Virginia 2A people need to get President Trump to lead the rally that will put the governor in his place

  21. The moms and dads of vaccine injured kids have more balls than anyone on this forum as they came to the statehouse by the thousands to defeat the largest and most powerful lobby in the USA that wanted to remove their kids rights to attend public schools.

  22. would say the feds are trying to defuse the situation by eliminating the crazies that might disrupt it…probably a good thing….

  23. It’s very clear the judge has been payed off, for when he took oth, to up hold the laws of America, that includes the rights of all the people, not just political scrum bags who wants to remove all the rights of the American people, justice needs to be served, both the judge and the governor, needs to be removed and charged with terrorism, obstructing of the constitution, people’s rights,and trying to destroy this great nation, there are many more charges, but there’s not enough paper in this country to file them all, plus on top of that we the people will need some for any and all, states, counties, city’s, who are that stupid and without any common sense, each and everyone of them needs to be shipped out of America to a comustist country for that’s what they want for America.

    • send to a communist country? nah… pile them into a ship that is due to be scuttled with enough fuel to put them in the middle of nowhere. i would not even inflict traitors such as these onto even the communists

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