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I became aware of Mark Haldane from Craig Boddington‘s articles and books and I was excited about the possibility of hunting with Mark’s Zambeze Delta Safaris out of his camps in Mozambique. Naively, I believed that I could sum up Mark’s identity with the phrases ‘Professional Hunter’ and ‘Safaris Outfitter’.

Don’t get me wrong, Mark is known as one of the best in both of those categories. But, he is so much more than either of those monikers can capture.

When I asked Mark if he would meet with us at the Dallas Safari Club Convention, I asked if he would talk about his passion for ecosystem conservation. And passionate he is.¬†After the DSC and Safari Club International conventions he is heading to Costa Rica to do some ‘birding.’ Yes, Mark is a passionate hunter, but he just flat-out loves all biological life and wants to see it conserved.

Take a listen to Mark’s description of some of his efforts to re-create a paradise for all biological life (including humans) in his corner of Mozambique.


[Video and photos courtesy of Frances Arnold.]

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  1. “We’ll keep them north of the Zambeze till that river’s running dry,
    and this mighty land will prosper, for Rhodesians never die!”

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