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Despite a pledge to postpone his Vice Presidential pick, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has picked ex-Indiana governor Mike Pence as his running mate. Via Tweet, of course. According to

Mr. Pence has received an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, which has financially supported his campaigns for the House and for governor. He supports a national right to carry a firearm in public and in 2004, as a member of the House, he voted to repeal gun control laws in Washington, D.C. He wrote on Twitter in June that he “will always be a strong proponent of the Second Amendment.”

Feel better about voting for Trump now?

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  1. I’d have felt better if he’d chosen Rand Paul, although I don’t think Paul would have accepted

    • Yesterday I saw a commercial where veterans were railing against Kirk (R) and for Ducworth (spelling?)(D). So I think your comment is generally correct but not entirely true.

      • Kirk is the biggest RINO in the Senate, and Duckworth is a whole lot worse than that.

        No other logical choice but to hold my nose and vote for both Trump and Kirk.

      • An Illinois Republican would be a Democrat almost anywhere else. Both Kirk and Duckworth are veterans too. Go figure. I do admire Tammy Duckworth. Flew helicopters in Iraq and lost a leg serving her country. I can respect her and give her proper respect (along with McCain) without agreeing with her though.

    • Well, if you roll the services into one, they are the largest or second largest number of donors to Sanders by employer. Perhaps they like the idea of someone who will think a bit before sending them off to war, and will take care of them when they come back.

  2. Do I feel better about voting for Trump? No.

    But, I will vote for him because I’d rather see just about anyone other then Clinton serving as President.

    • Yeah this. BUT! I do feel better knowing he’s not choosing someone way more toxic as a VP.

      • Agree, I don’t know if I could have voted Trump if Crispy Cream was his running mate. The Democrats on my Facebook feed are rallying around the available Senate and congress seats at the state and National level. Governor Lead Water pushed my state from purple to the blue.

    • ……”Serve” ?…….No, “Rule” !
      And one other point. Do not blame the so called candidates, blame the lousy, ignorant voters.

    • Well, now with this guy, you get an urine sauce on your Trump shit sandwich – so when you vote for them, you get the extra bonus flavor! I mean, we’re talking about a guy who made it state law to bury morning pill discharge… I hope whatever your reasons are, they’re worth the taste.

      • So I take it you’ll be voting for Clinton? Or maybe you’ll be one of those people who wasted your vote on some also-ran that no one will even remember next year?

        • If I could vote, I’d definitely vote for Clinton.

          I don’t like her much, but I’d rather have a plutocrat in power than a fascist. Plutocrats can be kicked out in another election. With fascists, elections themselves tend to become inaccessible, as are other forms of political dissent – and Trump is already talking about “tightening the libel laws” because of all the “lies” about him on TV (90% of said lies being simple replays of what he said before).

          It’s amazing, really. Trump has expressed a desire to piss over basically the entire Bill of Rights, except for the Second. And all those people who said that “the Second protects the rest”? They’re cheering him on. Heck, a guy in comments here said he’d love Trump to learn some tricks from Pinochet, and “throw some leftists out of helicopters”. All the neo-Nazi orgs, KKK, “white nationalists” etc are drooling all over him – if you go to The Daily Stormer, they have a wankfest over something Trump said pretty much every week.

          Then there’s his character – brash, petty, narcissistic, and extremely vindictive over any slights, real or perceived. He’s willing to damage his standing to go after someone he hates, and he hates people for, basically, crossing him while doing their jobs (like that poor judge, or so many reporters). If he’s in charge of foreign affairs, it will be a disaster – someone like Putin will just play him as they want; but if they ever slip, he could easily decide that the way to prove that his dick is bigger than theirs is to give an order to shoot down a warplane or something along these lines.

          Trump as president would mean, at best, 4 years of massive civil rights abuses. Quite possibly, the end of the republic as such, if he decides that he’s just too awesome to subject himself to democracy. And depending on how the chips fall on the world stage, possibly a major war, because of his attitude.

          • So you’d prefer a pathological liar who blatantly violates the law and the government procedures intended to keep America safe, has seen a long string of people who somehow crossed her and her husband mysteriously die, and is patently incompetent in the WH. As for civil rights, where do you think our Constitutional rights would end up with her in office? But if you can’t vote anyway, then you are either too young and obviously haven’t got a clue about life, or perhaps a a criminal who has had his right to vote revoked, or not even a US citizen who grew up in some socialist hellhole and wants to keep getting the dole under the Democrats. In any event, there’s no reason for you to be on this site except to be a troll so this conversation is pointless and over.

  3. Eh, whatever. Thank goodness it isn’t Christie or a Bush.

    You know, I caught Trump being interviewed by FNC last night and I have to say, the interviewer was throwing all kind of baited questions to him about ‘deport all muslims’ and suchlke, Trump handled this interview perfectly – deflecting the question, changing the subject, not allowing them to drive the tone of the interview.

    Lot of questionables about Trump but when you compare him to the blubbering uh’s and um’s of Obama and the naked criminality of HRC its really refreshing.

    He is a shot in the dark, sure. I have no problem at all voting Trump come Nov. and will do it all day long, hard in fact.

    Look for the DNC to start upping their game, not sure if they are getting worried or not but these people are dangerous and moreso when they are losing.

    • Definitely feeling better about no Chris Christie. It’s already going to be painful enough to vote for Trump; this VP pick makes it slightly less so.

    • ^ This.
      What I fear is a low turnout election. Half the Dems hate Hillary (with good reason) and will not be motivated to get to the polls. Half the Republicans hate Trump, and will not be motivated to get to the polls.

      I think Trump can get Republicans to warm up to him some, once he speaks at the convention. Not sure about Hitlary. We’ll see.

      • I think it’ll be that half the Dems hate Hillary and won’t go to the polls, but ALL the Republicans hate her more and will vote to keep her out. Even if that means voting Trump in.

        • True.
          45% of them voted because they love Trump.
          55% of them voted because they hate Trump.
          So… getting those 55% to vote FOR Trump on election day is the challenge.

    • I have been saying this same thing for months now, but recently I caught a video from the Yankee Marshall that made an interesting point – Since we have a Constitutional Republic and Electoral system where most States are winner-take-all then lIf you live in a solid Blue state your individual vote for the Republican candidate will make no difference at all and you should feel comfortable voting your conscience, even writing in the candidate you would have preferred to vote for.

      If you live in a state that could go either way, however, voting for a third party or not voting at all is in fact like voting for Hillary.

      • Bad move. Better to vote Trump from San Francisco and run up the score (popular vote.) Think about how emboldened the media was, even in the wake of 911, to attack Bush on the precept that he was “selected, not elected.” Electoral win<popular vote in the culture war.

        • You do realize that the president doesn’t get more power by having had a larger vote total…..Bush lost the popular vote and still initiated a war and the Patriot Act….with Hillary’s help, of course.

          I’d rather whoever wins win by 1 damn vote so they realize how much they don’t belong in power since I find neither of them worthy of a vote.

    • Please stop saying this; it makes us all sound stupid. Not voting for Trump is demonstrably NOT equivalent to voting for Hillary. It will probably be functionally equivalent to not voting at all, but the claim you made is objectively false.

      • Pendantics, anyone? So try this. Anyone who does not vote for Trump and stays home is one less vote Hillary needs to win.

        I’ll vote for Trump and never look back. After 8 years of Obama I can’t stay sane if I have to listen to 4 or 8 years of more liberal, progressive BS from a President. At least Trump will have some fresh BS.

        • No it’s not because voters don’t elect the president in this country.
          Clinton will win every vote that matters in California: the electoral college votes. A republican in California should vote third party to try to break up the republicrat false dichotomy that we’re currently stuck with.

      • In mathematical terms, you are correct.

        In practical terms, if we all decide not to vote, or vote third party, because we can’t stand Trump, Hitlery wins.

        Keep in mind the left is saying the same thing to the Bernie supporters and the rest of the partially sane Democrats who see Hillary for the criminal she is. They’re begging everyone to vote for Hillary because if they don’t Trump wins. And the Bernie supporters are too mathematically incompetent to understand your point.

      • Sure it is. HRC’s candidacy is direct continuing fallout from all those Perot votes back in ’92. Allowing her to get elected means we may be dealing with President Chelsea in another 20 years. I’m comfortable declaring that President Ivanka would be a better result.

  4. Why does he only have an A- from the NRA? I checked and I didn’t see anything offending.

    • Maybe failure to back a bill as opposed to voting against it? I don’t know…

      But using my engineering skills, I deduce that two A ratings will, on average, be better than two F ratings that the other party will undoubtedly produce.

  5. well now, ah cain’t say as i’m likin’ trump better now. been a’ readin’ this pence fella is pretty much agin everthin’ trump is about. pence likes open immigration, likes big trade deals that bring in more cheap workers. sounds like one of them fellers trump defeated in the primaries,

    • It sucks because all the candidates with an actual chance are statist bastards. Just the republicans tend to be less so.

  6. Generally supportive of gun rights in the past…big plus.

    Responded to outrage against common core in Indiana by…changing a few words here and there, giving it a new name, and pushing common core right back on the people…big minus.

    Supports pushing us toward a proto EU-type north American Union which will undermine our national sovereignty…big, huge, raging, hairy minus (with halitosis and warts). If we put ourselves under the control of globalists, that will do more to harm gun rights in the long run.

    No, I don’t feel better about voting for Trump. Yes, I still might do it, especially because my state will probably be in play. I think Trump is a slime ball and buffoon at best, and may turn out to be a genuine weasel. By comparison, Clinton is an arch demon from one of the lower circles of Hell.

  7. Blah blah blah. Every freaking pol is a “statist”. I enthusiasticly support Mike Pence! Voted Cruz,surplus in Indiana (contrast THAT with my shite state of Illinois),pro-baby human, pro-family,born-again Christian and PRO-GUN RIGHTS! And I hate to even bring it up but if someone pops Donnie I’d have no problem having Pence as president. And NOW I will vote Trump/Pence with slight enthusiasm…

  8. I keep seeing the similarities between the end of the Roman Republic as it became the Empire and our own situation.

    The growth of the executive as the senate became less of a check to executive power than a rubber stamp of his decisions.

    The debasement of the coinage to pay for the growth of the welfare state as the government buys the votes of the poor.

    The loss of the certainty of the Roman identity and the willingness to defend the traditions of the republic, to becoming a mass of inter-tribal rivalries and outright warfare to gain a little advantage over the other tribal factions..

    Many of the senators killed Julius Caesar because they thought they were defending the republic from a tyrant. But the rot was to great, and even with civil war, by those trying to return to the republic, dictatorship was in the end, inevitable. So Is the rot too great in our own republic to stop the inevitable slide into tyranny? Is Trump the answer to reverse that slide, or even if the attempt is sincere on his part, will it still be just the rearranging of the chairs on the ship America, that is stopped in the water, starting to list as her bowels continue to flood?

    Personally, I believe we have reached this place because we, as still a majority christian country, turned to government to solve our human problems, rather than depending on our own efforts, guided by the laws of G-d and the christ. .

    I believe, that until we, as still a primarily christian country, acknowledge this, nothing will change our slide into tyranny.

    • It’s quite ok to spell out God. Especially if you believe in God. I don’t really care to be pc and while I might irritate some, I’m sure God would be pleased. Double win.

        • I read the whole comment – great thesis; my point being that there was a buildup and in your concluding statements – the most important parts that bring everything together, was a bit impotent by the G dash d. All I was commenting on was state it as it should be stated.

  9. Honestly Trump was never my first choice and now, Who is this Pence guy??
    Im fairly politically savy and know nothing about this guy.
    How is he going to draw in Latino and Independent votes??
    Might make stubborn conservatives happier?? I don’t know.
    I do know this. Any gun owner who votes Libitard is an idiot.
    Then there are plenty of them.
    A lot don’t like Trump here which is fine with me. Just relies its who he surrounds himself that counts. Not Trump himself.
    Let Trump take care of the business end of things. make the deals screw the rest of the world.
    He will have others who will take care of running the country.
    Yes Trumps a wild card but Hitlery is well Hitlery. She belongs in a jail cell.
    So hold your noses and pull the handle.
    This by the way is coming from a life long registered Democrat.

  10. “Feel better about voting for Trump now?”

    Somebody needs to become a pollster for Gallup. The question implies that I didn’t feel good about voting for him in the first place, which is incorrect.

    My correct answer is NO, I don’t feel better about voting for Trump because I felt good about voting for him before he picked Pence.

    • In all seriousness, slightly modified it would be good as part of a series of poll questions.

      Something like:

      1: how did you feel about voting for Donald Trump before this announcement? Extremely negative, somewhat negative, neutral, somewhat positive, extremely positive

      2: how do you feel about voting for Trump now? Extremely negative, somewhat negative, neutral, somewhat positive, extremely positive

      With proper sampling and all that, it would be very informative. I suspect that the pick doesn’t do very much for Trump, electorally speaking. We’ll see.

  11. Mike Pence seems to be a passive supporter on our issues not an energetic advocate. He seems not to have sponsored or led efforts to change laws or policies. Does the NRA generally award A plus ratings to those who strongly lead rather than support? Trump intentionally chose a good, solid conservative who is undistinguished rather than someone who was an exceptional leader like himself.

    • He doesn’t have to be. The only thing Indiana didn’t have when he got into office was constitutional carry. Texas is California compared to Indiana. Indiana has a lifetime license to carry that relates only to handguns. No long gun or shotgun restrictions. Suppressor’s legal to hunt. And he recently pushed for and signed common sense deer calibers like .308, .30-30, and .30-06 to be legal for taking deer after the FUDD DNR refused to change the rules.

  12. Would have been better if he would have kissed and made up with Ted Cruz. Though my fingers are crossed that should Trump make it into the white house that Cruz might find his way onto the supreme court. It’s a long shot, but so is anyone but Hitlery becoming president….

    • Trump appointing Cruz to the SC is the only scenario I could cling to in possibly voting for that empty suit carnival barker Trump.

  13. No, of course not. He’s a scam artist. Married three times, four corporate bankruptcies, triple digit number of mistresses, some 3,500 lawsuits. This guy never met a promise he didn’t break.

    Trump makes his own decisions and trusts nobody but maybe his two older sons. Pence is window dressing to buttress Trump’s smattering of support among white, college educated conservatives.

    As for Pence, himself, he’s never had a real job. Even his private sector stints were spent running for office or preparing to run for office. He’s basically a hack.

    Pence does what he’s told. He doesn’t do the telling. He certainly won’t with Trump, so his input is DOA. Pence is about 57 years old. He knows that getting told “You’re fired!” by Trump would doom his own presidential aspirations. Pence will toe the Trump line and suck up faster than an Atlantic City showgirl. His addition to the ticket means nothing.

    (Yes, I know, technically, a president cannot fire his V.P., but he can banish him and relegate him to professional state funeral attendee status. He can fire him from the re-election ticket, too.)

    • Get over it. The nation is at a critical fork in the road. 8 years of Hillary and the path is basically set for generations.

  14. Prior to working in politics he was an admissions counselor, a lawyer, and a radio show host. Those three things qualify as jobs last time I checked.

  15. I was kind-of hoping Trump would pick Queen Latifah so we could really get this circus rolling.

  16. Good choice and more evidence that Trump will fight for the Second Amendment. I was going to vote for Trump anyway since I sure as heck don’t want that liar Clinton in the WH, but this is a positive step. Frankly, Trump’s the best candidate we’ve had in the last three elections. Sure as heck better than McCain or Romney.

  17. Vote your guns or lose them–any “not voting” stance is a vote for Hillary–we must vote Trump !!! DMD

  18. Ugh….I hate this election. I hate it so much. Trump may not screw with the second amendment….but he has NO problem with screwing with the rest of them. Hillary…yeah, no comment needed. All signs point to a Libertarian vote….I’d rather have my vote thrown away than have it voluntarily crammed up my own ass by the other two.

  19. “Trade deals” isin’t what’s pushing jobs OUT of the USA. It’s the EPA,OSHA,Union, BS rules crap that pushes the jobs out. Big business is tired of the USG micro managing every aspect of their production.

  20. You are right on James 69. Every good job I had as a union carpenter was destroyed by my union or the EPA The best boss I ever had was crushed by the union. He could not compete with out of country manufacturers, mostly Mexico and China. We built top end case products and installed all over California. Our country has done nothing legislatively to correct this. Evertime I saw my business agent, all he wanted was my vote for him and whatever Democrat they were supporting. I asked him why he wanted me to vote for their chosen candidate when everytime I did I saw the bills they presented and passed push good people out of work. HEY, Do not get me wrong. I like clean air and water as much as anyone, but I think we do a pretty job without being over regulated. I went out on my own in 1989 and never looked back. I WILL VOTE FOR TRUMP. Not real happy about it but no Hilary is getting my vote. She is dangerous and power hungry to the point that lying is a way of life. Please do not do this to my Grandson,s. They deserve better such as the country I had as a younger man. The Republic, (not democracy) one nation, under god, with liberty and justice for all. SHE will not likely see that justice as much as she deserves it but MAYBE, we get a chance with a non politician as President. I do not admire everything Trump has done, but we have to change the course we are on. Thank you for the opportunity to speak my mind and PLEASE consider what you are doing to this great nation by supporting Hilary when it IS about her and her ability to control, rule and destroy.

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