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NBA B-ballers Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James opened ESPN’s ESPY’s awards by standing like a defensive line in front of a soccer free kick, emoting a speech on “gun violence.” The mainstream media was all over it, presenting edited versions with near-religious reverence. The video above is the only full version I can find.

During the speech, LeBron (I believe) lists the African Americans whose deaths inspired his outrage: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Laquan McDonald, Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile. “This is also our reality.”

While there was a fleeting mention of inner city firearms-related violence, the speech focused on “black lives matter” racial agitation. “The racial profiling has to stop. The shoot-to-kill-mentality has to stop. Not seeing the value of black and brown bodies has to stop.”

Here’s another one: the lack of self regard and victim mentality have to stop. Just sayin’.

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    • Only BLM to the black athlete. Not one mention of the two white males recently shot by cops.

      How can anyone protest for a rapist (Sterling), a heroin dealer, strong arm robber is beyond me.

      If you support these athletes by going to games or buying the products they pitch you should reexamine your priorities

    • They do.

      I heard someone say this “all lives don’t matter until black lives matter.” It is right how can all lives matter if black lives don’t?

      • Interesting. At first I read this as “all lives matter until black lives matter” and it made more sense. I’m using it.

        Also, BLM’s new nickname should be “ISIS lite…”

      • Because all black lives don’t matter to BLACK LIVES MATTER. They only defend the lives OF THUGS AND DRUG DEALERS AND CR|PS AND RAPISTS.

        BLM is NOWHERE every weekend when kids are killed in Chicago.
        BLM is NOWHERE when millions of black babies are aborted every year.

        Besides, who the hell watches the ESPY’S? OBAMA who thinks Jenner is a woman but ISIS isn’t islamic?

        Screw ESPN. SCREW BLM.

  1. More BS by people who just want to be in the spotlight. Maybe they should go into the inner cities and tell the thugs there to stop killing each other.

  2. Did he really mention Eric Garner? I mean, I suppose the officers were armed, but that’s like calling a fender-bender in front of a gun store “firearm-related.”

  3. Victim mentality does need to stop. In that every other article on this site is about how gun owners are the victims of government overreach. Classic victim mentality.
    (See what I did there?)

      • I agree the dead people mentioned above were victims maybe not innocent victims, but victims. Gun rights have been massively expanded in the last decade. So, how are you victims again?

        • Expanded from what starting point? The clinton ban?

          The starting point should be the second amendment. So, nfa, import bans, ammo limits, handgun lists, etc, etc, etc, all need to go!

        • Yeah you poor guy, you can only have as many guns as you want, as much ammo as you want, access to fully automatic weapons (after paying a fee) etc etc etc. That’s just as bad as being killed. No victim mentality here, just us chickens.

        • “access to fully automatic weapons (after paying a fee) ”

          Ahhh but you leave out the most important thing – have you actually PRICED fully automatic weapons?
          Some of the FULLY AUTO AR15’s I’ve seen RECENT are running $30,000+ and I have seen them SELL at $90,000+

          Now maybe you have a ton of money lying around and you can just go buy them without a second thought but I am sure that by and large, MOST people don’t have that for a single rifle.

          Must be nice living in that ivory tower with SO MUCH disposable income.

          Yep! Just a small fee…

          I have to wonder what ELSE you represent incorrectly…

        • Sorry life isn’t handed to you on a silver platter. Guess you’ll just have to work for it. Oh wait, you could convert your own ar15 to fully automatic with a small fee. Wonder what else you’re too ignorant to realize.

        • And how are you not a whining weasel? Who gives a FF what you think, you come here to denigrate the Second Amend,ent, YOU try and make s YOUR victim, because you are too much of a coward to take responsibly for the safety of your own family O R YOUR FREEDOM.

          Those thugs killed resisting arrest WERE NOT VICTIMS.

          And you and your stumble bum “president” and his lackeys in the DNC and the MSM WANT TO MAKE US VICTIMS.

          Get out of here before you reveal too much of your personal info.

        • “Oh wait, you could convert your own ar15 to fully automatic with a small fee. ”

          No you can’t, you ignorant gas bag.

          But we’d love to see you try. Send us photos of you getting raped in Federal prison… with any luck it will be by guys who narrowly missed being poster children for…

      • “Sorry life isn’t handed to you on a silver platter. Guess you’ll just have to work for it.”
        I made your point moot and pointed out its BS. OOPS! Sorry you’re too self centered to realize that.

        “Oh wait, you could convert your own ar15 to fully automatic with a small fee. Wonder what else you’re too ignorant to realize.”
        Not as much as YOU obviously or you would realize just how stupid that l last bit is.

        Keep posting and pointing out your own ignorance. PLEASE. I am finding it highly entertaining that you are showing ALL OF US just how truly ignorant YOU are. You’re doing the work for us.

        I can’t wait for your NEXT *gem* of “wisdom”

        Extra credit if you come back and actually correct what was wrong with your ignorant remark and actually retract it with REAL **TRUE** INFO.

        I won’t hold my breath on you correcting it though – FEELINGS! Its all about FEELINGS – not fact. Right?
        And you’ve shown us just how light you are on FACTS

        • Or are you suggesting that someone commit a felony? Surely you are not doing that right?
          Not after claiming about all the legal GAINS made. You surely wouldn’t be silly enough to suggest someone break the law….
          Again – fact check yourself…

        • It is legal to produce a full auto firearm with the proper Licensure as a firearms manufacturer you can make a fully automatic firearm. I believe it’s $500 a year but don’t quote me on that. I thought you all were experts on firearms laws. Also, not sure if you know what moot means, but might want to look it up. The fact that guns cost money is unfortunate, perhaps you could convince the gun manufacturers to become nonprofits, that might help. The fact of the matter is I said you have access to fully automatic weapons after paying a small fee (you can rent them by the hour at a gun shop near me even ignoring the $200 tax to purchase one). It’s not my fault you’re too poor to exercise your rights. There are lost of people who are too poor to buy a Raven Arms MP .25. What do you want the government to do, start giving (even more) handouts? Get a job hippy.

        • “It’s not my fault you’re too poor to exercise your rights.”
          You have to be rich to exercise your rights?

      • “Oh wait, you could convert your own ar15 to fully automatic with a small fee. Wonder what else you’re too ignorant to realize.”

        You’re too ignorant to realize that hasn’t been possible since 1986 or thereabouts.

        The full-auto registry is *closed*, sport, and has been for nearly 30 years…

        • Guys, we need to all stop feeding these dbag trolls. He literally just said “It’s not my fault you’re too poor to exercise your rights.”

          You can *NOT* argue with elitist scum like this. They believe they are above everyone else and therefore can not fathom any other viewpoint that would require them to ‘come down to our level’. This person very succinctly stated that rights are *NOT* rights, but priveleges to be bought. Save your efforts for those on the fence or those who are misinformed. Scum like this will never be satisfied, even after they roll everyone they disagree with away in boxcars.

          • Well said. This slob is a scumbag troll just looking for something to do on a Friday night because he can’t get a date.

  4. For the man keeping the black man down they seem to have done well for themselves.

    I like how they keep bringing up Michael Brown despite all the evidence pointing to a justified shoot. BLM and its followers reach their conclusion based on emotion then try to look for evidence to support their feelings

  5. ESPN is just MSNBC for guys who want to see occasional shots of folks playing sports.

    • Agreed. It seems to have gotten much worse in the last couple of years. I guess the SJW’s at parent company Disney just can’t give highlights and scores anymore.

  6. What a bunch of Knuckleheads (Come on Guys, you’re better than this)… They have no clue as to how they’re being exploited… Sad… Very sad…

  7. I’ll watch ESPN for football. Other than that I never go to the channel. I rarely go to their website. They have nothing for me.

  8. You don’t like hearing sports figures and associates run your lives then quit watching them. It’s you that gives players of childrens games the power.

  9. No mention of any urban youths killed by other urban youths on the inner city basketball courts…why am I surprised?

  10. When did the ability to entertain people become power?

    Many years ago court jesters, actors, bards, and gladiators did not hold such positions as these.

    You are certainly entitled to your opinions, but your ability to throw a ball into a hoop, lends no credence to your opinion. The validity of your opinion, is not different from mine, nor the homeless man on the street.

  11. I thought about crafting a well-reasoned response, then just figured, “Screw it. Who the he!! cares what these ball-bouncing, overpaid thugs think?”

  12. A few years back Melo did a video about snitches get stitches. Melo is was born in Red Hook Brooklyn and grew up in Baltimore, Wade is from Chiraq and LBJ is from Akron. Maybe these guys should do sit ins in their old hoods and invest into the communities they grew up in. Between them they have hundreds of millions, spend some of it. Put your body and money where your mouth is. They are full of shti.

  13. Oh hey, more sanctimonious lectures on guns from people with armed guards and homes in gated communities. Color me surprised.

  14. Hey, that pose really is like a wall for a free kick, right down to the hands covering the junk.

  15. I’d be more impressed if ‘Melo and the rest of these self-important clowns made an anti-gang speech and lasered off their Crips and Bloods tats.

  16. Most of the blacks they cited as examples were resisting arrest or otherwise attacking the police officers. I guess those basketball players do not go beyond the sports pages…. Policies should be based on the facts and statistics, not opinions.

  17. The part of the brain that is very well developed in the athletes is the spinal cord; the other lobes, not so well.

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