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As Reuters is reporting, “A gunman opened fire in downtown Fresno, California, on Tuesday, killing three people before he was taken into custody, local media reported, citing police. The suspect, identified as 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad (above), was also wanted in connection with the fatal shooting of a security guard at a Motel 6 in Fresno on Sunday, the Fresno Bee newspaper reported.” But wait, this incident gets still more stereotypical . . .

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Muhammad had expressed a hatred for white people and shouted “Allahu Akhbar” as he was being taken into custody, the Bee reported.

The shooter apparently opened fire with a handgun just before 11:00am Pacific time this morning.

As the LA Times reports,

In less than a minute, Dyer said, 16 shots were fired at the four different locations.

Moments later, a PG&E pickup truck arrived at police headquarters at Fresno and M streets to report his passenger had been shot by a gunman who approached them, he said. Dyer said the attack was unprovoked. …

The gunman continued walking on Mildreda and approached Fulton Street, where he encountered a man. The gunman fired several rounds at the man, killing him, Dyer said.

At this point, the chief said, the gunman unloaded his .357 revolver, dropped the shell casings and reloaded his gun.

So if the early reports can be believed — and they’re rarely accurate in these instances — Muhammed committed his crimes using California-legal gun technology.

An officer in the area spotted the gunman running south on Fulton. The gunman then “dove onto the ground” and taken into custody, the chief said.

“As he was taken into custody, he yelled out ‘Allahu Akbar,’” Dyer said.

At least three of the victims were white, Dyer said.

Dyer said Muhammad had expressed hatred toward white people and the government.

Dyer said he wasn’t clear if it was terror-related.

More to come as it becomes available.

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        • This POS was likely converted Muslin. All Farrakhan and such. Just a garden variety racist. Though I’m sure he won’t be treated with the same level of contempt by the MSM as was a Dylan Roof, though he should be.

      • In any armed conflict, only a small percentage constitute the tip of the spear.

        Factor in how many funnel money back to terrorist groups. Factor in how many fund lawsuits over bogus discrimination claims. Factor in how many vote for Israel-hating Democrats. Factor in how many will show up, clogging up the airwaves with their crocodile crying about oppression. All of that supports those actually committing the violence, either directly, or indirectly by creating a hyper sensitive political environment that keeps us from taking care of business.

        Terrified? No. Just cognizant of the existential threats and unphased by your attempt at browbeating. Good day, sir.

      • 3 million? At about 1% of the US population? Not so much.
        Historically, in other parts of the world, it’s when the Muslim population starts reaching about 10%, is when a much bigger push for Sharia law becomes the norm, No Go Zones are common and Jihadi terror attacks becomes more numerous.

        As the percentage of the Muslim population grows even higher, No Go Zones become bigger and wider spread and the terror attacks against the infidels continue to increase.

        By around 50% of the population, if Sharia Law has not been imposed by legal means for the entire country, civil war instigated by Muslim fundamentalists will many times break out to establish a Muslim country ruled by Sharia Law.

        About the only other belief systems in the world are marxists/Communists; where terror attacks, mass murder and tyranny are the norm for those that are adherents to these ideologies.

    • Worked with a Muslim at my last job. Bosnian. Great guy. Great family. Completely different world view and mindset from guys like this.

      • Ah, yes, a Bosnian that didn’t stay to rape and pillage. The guys “removing kebab” were the real good guys in the Yugoslav Wars, you know. The Turks/Albanians/Bosnians/Kosovars and their Croat and NATO collaborators were the real villains. If you combined the Mexican cartels and Al Qaeda, you’d have Albanians and their diaspora.

        • Well, they are Turk invaders who have no business being on christian land. Milosevic did nothing wrong.

  1. Sounds more like another black racist rather than an Islamic terrorist attack. BLM has given these guys political cover to come out of the closet, because they can claim that they were reacting to “white privilege.” It’s the new fad: killing whitey, banning him (not her) from voting, “revenue sharing” of their “ill-gotten” gains, etc. And as an aside, Fresno is full of gangs.

    • Maybe it’s one of the two, maybe it’s both. Unfortunately it will only get worse. It’s beyond me why this isn’t obvious to more people.

    • Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Muhammad had expressed a hatred for white people and shouted “Allahu Akhbar” as he was being taken into custody, the Bee reported.

      So his motives remain a complete mystery to the MSM? But Trump is probably to blame.

  2. Pedestrian…3 is just average in Chiraq. Was Muhammad a jihad jaffar or just a run of the mill murderer? Barely mentioned in the cowardly murderer offing himself i. Erie…

  3. I find it a little more than coincidence that both shootings in the last couple of days have been from .357 mag revolvers, and both suspects have been able to reload during their sprees.

    • “both shootings in the last couple of days have been REPORTED AS BEING from .357 mag revolvers,”

      I fixed it for you. Let’s not confuse MSM reporting with actual facts.

      • The Chief of Fresno PD says they found .357 ammo and speed loaders on him.
        It’s possible he mistook the caliber but I’m quite sure he wouldn’t mistake e.g Glock mags for speed loaders.

        • Any police officer who hears “Allah akbar!” and still doens’t know why the guy did it can’t be trusted to discuss firearms or crayons.

    • Magazine restrictions have stopped the nut jobs and criminals in their tracks. Well, maybe not so much.

    • Described as “high caliber revolvers” by the firearms experts in the AP and other outlets of the Democrap Propaganda Ministry.

  4. Muslim terrorist or plain ol’ racist hatred courtesy of our modern culture. Which is worse?

  5. Can we just wait a day or two before we start jumping to conclusions that support our pre-conceived beliefs or prejudices? Much like the Trace. Let’s take a deep breath, get some facts, then we can say “I told you so” etc. and yes it is a sorry State of affairs when no one had or was allowed to have a personal defense weapon to resist this random (but all to common) act of violence.

      • Virtue Signaller of the Day. Beat out Taylor for once, though the day isn’t over yet.

        • Um, no. I’ve said similar things about police-involved shootings before and continue to say the . The efforts should be made right now to collect information, not disseminate opinions.

    • Yeah let’s not jump to conclusions… Guy is reported to have yelled “aloha snakbar” and it just so happens that the beautiful “religion of peace” teaches it’s warriors to convert or kill the infidels. Nobody jump to conclusions or anything. We wouldn’t want to show our prejudice. Which pretty much means we better not show that we believe that they want to kill or convert us like they say and teach. So don’t take them at their word because that would show prejudice. Man I better not tell you that your parents were actually Santa Claus. Might ruin your next Christmas.

      • It’s more about collecting information at this time than disseminating opinions. How many times has the MM got the facts wrong and prematurely declared something as another ‘mass shooting’? Or ‘not’ as a terrorist attack? In the rush to be first with something to say, the truth is often a casualty.

        • Exactly, because they didn’t blame it on white racism… If it’s hard for the Commiefornia pd to say then it’s a lot more likely to be true if they say it. They aren’t virtue signaling when they say the guy yelled aloha snackbar. Cali pd isn’t virtue signaling for once and now ttag is infested with the special snowflakes. Wonders never cease.

      • I’m just utterly amazed at the hypocrisy of some people. God forbid we try not to be pearl-clutching irrational morons and actually collect data before we lose our fucking minds. The commies do it = bad, POTG do it = fan-fucking-tastic. Replace ‘muslim’ with ‘NRA member’ and you’ll get your weekly blood money from Bloomberg et al in no time flat! Is anyone here defending this shitbag? Anyone here proclaiming Islam to be the warm, fuzzy religion of peace? No? Then STFU and let the adults figure things out while you cry in the corner, Gray.

        • +1

          You’re absolutely right, the hypocrisy in the comments here is disturbing. There are times, few and far between, when I am not proud to be part of this community.

  6. “In less than a minute, Dyer said, 16 shots were fired at the four different locations.”

    Not just “fake news”, but impossible fake news.

    • Huh? Am I missing sarcasm here?
      Or do you mean to say you can’t reload a revolver two times within a minute with speed loaders? Those “four different locations” were within one and a half block of each other.

    • Hmm, we don’t need guns because cops will ensure our safety. That argument doesn’t seem to hold water in this case

      Just goes to show it doesn’t matter if the cops are 1 block or 100 miles away, your safety is always your responsibility and yours alone

  7. Shocker – this isn’t even being reported on CNN, yet BBC news in the UK has it at their fourth story. Guess a black man shooting white people doesn’t fit CNN’s narrative.

    • Not just a black man but a muslim black man. Therefore couldn’t be terrorism or racism and certainly doesn’t fit their narrative.

    • Or — you don’t know how to read? Look, I just went to CNN. They have a section on their homepage called “Top Stories” and right now, 7:48 pm EST, it’s the first story listed in the Top Stories category.

      Doesn’t sound like they’re trying to hide it. And yes, in their story it does mention that he didn’t like white people and that he shouted allahu akhbar.

      • TexTed, they had nothing on their page or twitter feed when I posted my original comment. They posted their article long after it broke.

  8. Three deaths is a terrible tragedy.

    For perspective, nine times that number have been shot and killed in Chicago so far THIS MONTH, with another 171 wounded.

    The Chicago carnage doesn’t make the national news. Much. Go figure!

  9. Well the media again tries to slant this horror again. Using phrases like “spraying bullets, high power gun, massive firepower, etc. Damn, if Kalli only had one more gun control law. One more tax, one more “background check scheme. Hell maybe micro stamping too. The real bottom line is, criminals and nut jobs don’t give a rats ass. So you the law abiding citizen must, NO, make that WILL, have your freedoms and liberties reduced or better yet flat out taken away. Because the elite political class know whats best for its serfs/cash cows.
    Next year, the Kalli ammunition restrictions (damn near an ammo ban) come to light. Will this stop anyone from committing crime? NO. But the hacks that rule over you and me feel better.

    • Naw, she’s currently baking cookies for her kids. Shannon’s a “mom” first, don’t you know?

  10. Just to post this so people in the gun community can see it…..violent crime is spiking all over Britain… one area it is up over 90%….

    But analysis of the figures force by force, showed the full extent of the problem, with only one constabulary, Nottinghamshire, recording a reduction in violent offences.

    The vast majority of police forces actually witnessed double digit rises in violent crime, with Northumbria posting a 95 per cent increase year on year.

    Of the other forces, Durham Police recorded a 73 per cent rise; West Yorkshire was up 48 per cent; Avon and Somerset 45 per cent; Dorset 39 per cent and Warwickshire 37 per cent.

    Elsewhere Humberside, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Wiltshire and Dyfed Powys all saw violence rise by more than a quarter year on year.

    Violent crime on the rise in every corner of the country, figures suggest

  11. A 22 minute press conference with the chief of Fresno PD can be seen here, a lot of the details are explained there:

  12. Let’s see.

    A guy named Muhammed kills some white people because he hates them, yells “Allahu Akbar,” and people are wondering if it was terrorism.

    No, definitely not. Nope. No way. Uh-uh. Unpossible.

  13. In the report I heard (and it may be in the press conference posted above) the shooter is a prohibited person, convicted on gun and drug charges as well as unlawful imprisonment. So much for criminals not being able to get a gun…
    As for the people talking about the victims not being able to be armed because Commiefornia, my understanding is Fresno county is much like Tulare county (where I live) and carry permits are basically shall-issue, although you still have to go through all the BS paperwork. They were most likely unarmed because, like most people, they chose to be.

    • Yes, Fresno County is “virtual shall issue.” And yes, only a small percentage of the population–as is true nationwide–chooses to go armed.

  14. Why was he taken into custody ???
    With the right jury, he will never serve any post trial time. He’s a victim.

  15. “Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, was motivated by hate and was not connected to extremism, even though he said “Allahu akbar” during his arrest.”

    What do they have in common?

  16. Tell me it isn’t so in the land of the whispering bush, Not in Gun free California, Where they will feed, house, clothe, provide free medical and pay you a subsistence allowance if you are a radical Muslim or an Illegal Immigrant, they especially like all the killers, rapists Junkies and other types of degenerate’s they can get!

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