Hoppe’s New Ready Roll Gun Cleaning Kit

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From Hoppe’s . . .

Hoppe’s, the No.1 name in gun care products, has unveiled its new Ready Roll portable gun cleaning kit. This kit can be used in multiple configurations, either unrolled onto a flat surface like a shooting bench, or as a bucket apron for shooters who like to carry their range gear in a five-gallon bucket. The kit wraps around the inside of a bucket and is held in place with an integrated draw cord.

The Ready Roll kit is designed to keep cleaning tools at the ready and easy to transport. The kit features MOLLE elastic webbing to hold cleaning tools like rods and bore brushes, as well as small bottles of Hoppe’s No. 9, oil and more. Additional pockets can be used for storing patches and other cleaning equipment.

The entire apron kit easily rolls into a compact package, making it the perfect way to transport gun cleaning gear to and from the range or field. Constructed with heavy-duty rip-stop material, it’s designed to stand up to heavy use no matter where a gun owner may need it.

“The new Hoppe’s Ready Roll was designed to be the ultimate storage solution, offering easy transportability and convenience,” said Laurie Kokoruda, senior product manager for Hoppe’s. “Whether its used as a rollup kit or placed inside a bucket as a portable cleaning station, the Ready Roll can be used multiple ways and helps keep your gear accessible whenever needed.”

The Ready Roll cleaning kit is available in two options, either as a stand-alone kit ($34.99 MSRP) or as a pre-loaded kit with Hoppe’s gun cleaning tools included ($52.49 MSRP). To learn more about the Ready Roll cleaning kit or to see other Hoppe’s gun care products, visit Hoppes.com.


About Hoppe’s

In 1903, Frank August Hoppe mixed nine chemicals and created the world’s most effective gun cleaner. As a well-trained young soldier, Frank knew that gun care went far beyond just a clean rifle, but actually helped to ensure his safety while on the front lines of battle. Since that time, Hoppe’s has emerged as the leading gun care company, having grown along-side hunters, shooters and soldiers who depend on their firearms every day. It has remained the most trusted name in gun care by advancing and evolving technologies to meet those needs. From the ever popular and versatile No. 9 and the quick and easy BoreSnake, to the marvel of efficiency we call Gun Medic, Hoppe’s is the only name you need to know for firearm cleaning and protection. For more information, visit www.hoppes.com, connect on Instagram at www.instagram.com/hoppesguncare/ or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hoppesguncare.

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  1. Wonder how much of this kit is imported? Probably most of it except for the chemicals. How sad.

  2. Sounds like a versatile kit that should sell. We buy #9 by the quart. It’s gone down the barrels of everything we own including air rifles. Best used outdoors…or somebody sleeps on the couch.

  3. Always nice to see another cologne product from Hoppes. I was really hoping it would be body wash, or shampoo. 😉

  4. Keep the gunms clean and save your bullets, I have a feeling we’re going to ” really ” need them.

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