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We’ve hosted many a debate on this site about the authenticity of Donald Trump’s support for gun rights. Regardless of his previous support for a waiting period for gun purchases and the Clinton-era “assault weapons” ban, setting aside The Donald’s ballistic born-again belief in all good things for firearms freedom (e.g., national concealed carry reciprocity), the Senator from Texas is a true and longstanding champion of Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. There’s no way of knowing if or by how much Cruz’s stance on gun rights boosted his campaign to thwart Donald Trump’s dynastic presidential ambitions. But Cruz’s double-digit victory in the Eat Cheese or Die state is good news for gun guys and gals. Yes?

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  1. I’m afraid too little, too late. I can’t imagine how this will conclude at the convention. But then again, I’m not a politician.

    • It could get real ugly. Like, worse the ’68 ugly. Uglier than my wife’s Mom when I don’t take her advice ugly.

    • The real danger is from the DC political class of career politicians, donors, consultants, and media people who hate Cruz and are absolutely terrified of Trump. They don’t like outsiders (i.e., us) and will do anything to keep their power and prestige—which they are convinced (undoubtedly true) will come to an end if either Cruz or Trump are elected president. These “conservatives” are already talking about how supporting Hillary’s left-wing progressive/fascism wold be preferable to a Republican win. Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard was the first neo-con I found who openly admitted this but it’s clear the DC establishment wants to throw the election to Hillary. If this happens, her Supreme Court nominations will mean the end of 2nd amendment gun rights and, quite possibly, the end of our constitution itself. Our country is is peril.

  2. Cruz won because he is the last Not-Trump standing. He won big because Scott Walker was a bigger man then him and endorsed him even though Cruz stabbed him the back when he played footsies with Trump last fall. This is a gun owning state with far better protection of gun rights than Texas. Most everybody outside of the city limits of Milwaukee owns gun here. It was probably more of factor for Bernie than Ted.

    • Walker suspended his own 71 day long, failed campaign over six months ago. He withheld his endorsement card all this time until the last minute, about a week before the WI primary, after he saw from the polls who the winner would be. Way to be a big man and take a stand…..

      As for Trump and Cruz, what “footsies” are you referring to? Cruz held back on Trump and let Trump and others duke it out, deplete themselves and conserve his own resources while advancing his candidacy. Why shouldn’t he? That’s called smart political strategy, which his still standing status attests to. In here, we’d call it keeping your powder dry.

      As for Wisconsin’s being more protective of gun owners than Texas is, what does Texas have to do with this? Oh, because Cruz is from Texas? So what? He’s in federal office and has never held elected state office in Texas. He doesn’t make the rules here, sooooo I’m not sure why you’d even mention Texas. What? Do you not have any unflattering, mid-motion still frames of his wife to tweet?

      Nevertheless, what Wisconsin protections are you referring to that Texas lacks? Do you mean the Stand Your Ground law that Wisconsin doesn’t have, but which Texas does? Or do you mean the duty to retreat that Wisconsin does have, but which Texas does not?

      I don’t think “protection” means what you think it means.

  3. I still think Cruz is too conservative to win against either the Hildebeast or Bernie. He’s great on gun rights and way too far right on everything else.

    • That’s always the ‘conventional wisdom’ but the one and only time they actually tried nominating a conservative in my lifetime, the Republicans won two landslide victories.

      • Reagan wasn’t that Conservative. He wasn’t a swarmy Pentacostal televangelist type like Cruz. This will end badly.

        • Yep. Reagan was a California movie star, and former union boss. Definitely not as conservative as people make him out to be. If the Republicans could field one candidate who wasn’t stuck a century behind the times (i.e. Forcing their religious views on gays and abortion on everyone vis a vis big gov) they would win this election in a landslide.

        • Cruz is Baptist and Reagan was Presbyterian. So I’ll respectfully disregard your opinion.

        • And Josh, you might want to invest a little time and listen to Reagan’s speeches.

        • Talk does not a conservative make. Actions do. Take a look at government spending and expansion under Reagan.

        • Josh. This Republic doesn’t need both parties running a Crazy Bernie. Or one running an near endless parade of RINOs – Ford Dole, Bushes, McCain, (much of the rejected 2016 Rep field).

        • Reagan’s saccharine”shining city on a hill” bitvwas plenty smarmy.

          Still, he campaigned promising to cut taxes and roll back the Evil Empire, twin pillars of conservatism at the time, and he kicked out a sitting president in a landslide.

          There are conservatives and liberals. There are no mythical moderates. When Republicans attempt to straddle the so-called middle, conservatives stay home and the GOP loses. When they come on with full throated conservatism, they win.

      • And don’t forget Reagan signed gun control laws while governor of California. Actions speak louder than speeches.

        • Reagan never had a Republican legislature to work with and he was not uncompromising. Back then the president (or governor) didn’t have a ‘pen and a phone’. You also have to consider that back in the 60s 2/3 of the population favored banning handguns outright, it was a different time when it comes to gun rights. So yes, his record isn’t spotless, but that doesn’t make him not a conservative.

        • To Gov Willy P: I can say whatever I want, and if it’s what someone else, or a lot of someone else’s, then great, but ultimately it’s not not my flowery talk that makes me who or what I am, it’s my actions. I’m not saying that Carter would have been better than Reagan, and given more conservative legislators I’m sure Reagan could have signed more conservative laws.

          But make no mistake, no matter who is sitting in the Oval Office a year from now, they will not care a fraction of an iota about you, me, or anyone else. They are all there to be leaches, a parasitic class sucking the life blood from the world and spitting out a few drops into the mouths of those who they stepped on to get to where they are.

      • You were alive when Thomas Jefferson was president? As far as I know, there has not been a conservative elected president in my life time.

        • In his day and age, Jefferson was a flaming liberal and progressive (since he was instrumental in upsetting the status quo and existing hierarchy of authority in favor of an arrangement that was more equal and fair).

    • Hillary and Bernie are so old, and crazy (+evil for Hillary) that any Republican (except the crazy coot Donald) could beat them. Trump is the only “Republican” who could lose this election.

    • Sorry, but moderation just doesn’t play in this political environment. There is no middle ground in this fight for the soul of the country.

  4. Cruz still leads Hillary in the general at this point, the economic models support a GOP victory even with Trump, and I’ve been a Cruz supporter from the beginning. So I’m not exactly unhappy.

    • Nationwide general election polls don’t mean anything. The race is decided on a state-by-state basis due to electoral college, so your candidate can have all that popular vote, and still lose if that vote is all concentrated in a few states.

      And as far as models go, it depends on who is making the model. Here’s one that predicts a landslide for Hillary:

      Thing is, all these models are built on past data, and therefore assume that the same factors determine the result. Given how unusual this electoral cycle has been already, with so many predictions busted, it’s not at all a given that past truths still hold, and so the predictive power of any existing model is highly suspect.

      And, of course, everything goes straight out of the window if Trump gets snubbed at the convention and decides to run as an independent, which is also a distinct possibility.

      • +1… If Trump runs as an independent, then I can see the Democrats spending more money on his campaign than on Hillary’s….. Anything tht splits the Republican vote is a guaranteed win for the Democrats.

        If Donald gets shot down by the Republicans, I can see him lunching a bidding war between the parties to see who can offer him and his interests a better deal in the post election regime….. “To run or not to run? What do I get?”

        • Yup! And more power to him. We are getting absolute proof that the entire RNC operation is crooked as a snake, and has nothing to do with the desires of the damn VOTERS! If that group of 100 or so faceless powermongers come up with this kind of blatant takeover of the whole party, then the whole party needs to die. If Trump and Cruz, together, have the huge majority of all delegates, then one of them should be the nominee. Disregarding every bit of the direction of the people to put another Romney/McCain style jerkoff into the top spot will be the death of the GOP.

  5. Cruz is the obvious choice. People give him a hard time without looking at the voting history of the candidates.
    Trump the casinos master licks his finger and tries to figure out which way the Political wind is voting. I trust him just a bit more than Hillary Clinton. A vote for either is a vote for ignorance, ideology or corruption. Freedom loving Americans should keep their conscience clear.

  6. The problem is that Cruz can’t win the nomination at this point, which leads us to a split convention with a probable Trump lead and a RINO bootlicker getting the nomination at the behest of the party bosses. Mathematically, Cruz has to win an overwhelming majority of remaining candidates to have a lock on the nomination and that’s just not happening.

    • RINO, another meaningless term.

      Here is a good list of definitions for meaningless terms bandied about in Republican politics these days:

      RINO: A Republican with which the speaker disagrees with on a single important issue, usually immigration

      “The Establishement” or GOPe: Trumpster definition of anybody who doesn’t support Trump. Replaces RINO since someone supporting a big government loving Liberal Democrat can’t call anyone a RINO.

      Chamber of Commerce Republican: The 1% and you didn’t build that.

      Crony capitalist: See immediately above.

      Donor Class: Anybody who gives money to candidates the speaker doesn’t like. Alternatives are RINO, GOPe Chamber of Commerce Republican, crony capitalist.

      And my favorite, Constitutional Conservative: A Ted Cruz supporter who couldn’t pass an open book Constitution test and believes that the Constitution only supports outcomes which he approves of.

      I will add one more: Trumpism. Socialism for white people.

      • Right, because the GOP establishment has done us a whole lot of favors over the past decade as they caved to Obama on practically every issue. Do you really think either Cruz or Trump will win at a brokered convention? Really? The GOP establishment would rather have Hillary than either of these two. Do you honestly think that Cruz can scrape together the delegates to avoid a brokered convention? Do you seriously expect him to win either New York or California?

        • And what does that have to do with anything? If Trump wasn’t in the race Cruz would be gone by now. Scott Walket, you know the guy actually crushed the Democrats in Wisconsin, would probably be out in front now.

          Glenn Reynolds posted a piece over the weekend on Americans knowledge of history and civics. Only 25% of the respondents knew that it takes 2/3 majority of both Houses of Congress to override a veto. You are obviously in 75% in addition under Senate rules it takes 60 vote to get things done. Ted Cruz came Washington well aware of the 75% and proceeded to exploit that fact to undermine the leadership and stoke voter anger. He failed to anticipate someone else moving in to exploit it. The angry voter wanted someone to take scalps. Scott Walker has a trophy full Democrat scalps. Cruz’s scalps consist of Ken Cuccinelli and John Boehner. He is great at red on red. /sarc.

        • Walker would have been flash in the pan just like Carly and Ben. He had his shot with national voters and blew it. I liked his credentials at the beginning as least objectable option, but he isn’t a national stage political guy. Cruz won those states with Trump and the other establishment spoilers still in. If Trump wasn’t there it would still be Cruz vs. another anti-establishment candidate.

          People are pissed at the GOP. Lindsay Graham was right with the poison or gunshot analogy, the American people want the GOP old guard to die.

      • Republican Congressional Leadership: n, the people who gave Obama and the Democrats more than they were asking for in the budget.

        • And gave Obama and the Democrats John McCain and Mitt Romney to run against and would have supplied good ole boy Jeb Bush this time if they had their druthers.

          I don’t trust Trump not to go third party and screw up everything if he doesn’t win the nomination, but pretty much any “conservative” candidate the RNC doesn’t like at this point is okay with me.

      • RINO: A republican that runs for office as a conservative, vows to oppose almost everything the democrats propose but once elected, not only does nothing to fulfill conservative campaign promises, but brags about running across the isle to push the democrat’s budgets and agenda items through Congress. When observed in the House or Senate chambers, a RINO can be identified as the red faced navel gazers who shrugged off opposing liberal polices proclaiming its a lost cause because the republicans only control the House and Senate and Supreme Court, while loathing the one Senator that not only ran on the same conservative platform but acted on those promises made during the campaign.

      • >> RINO: A Republican with which the speaker disagrees with on a single important issue, usually immigration

        Or guns. Or abortion. Or doesn’t believe that Obama is a Muslim. Or…

      • A two thirds majority in the House and Senate? Please, the Senate caves whenever Obama says BOO! The only time they have stood up to that man in the last several years was when they told him to pound sand over his last Supreme Court nomination!

        • Don’t worry they have plenty of time to cave in on that too. Mitch McConnell’s spine is even weaker than his chin.

        • I am still pissed off about that Boehner-McConnell assault weapons ban and gun registration laws. /sarc.

      • You forgot Leftist: Properly defined as anyone to the left of the moderate Ron Paul. Champions of income taxes, gun laws, The Fed, bailouts and all manners of other idiocies serving no other purpose than enriching and empowering the incompetent coquetry of leeches the Leftists themselves belong to. Or, to put it in simpler terms, indoctrinated clowns who believe, or at least claim to for personal gain, that the Federal Budget presided over by Thomas Jefferson, was somehow not big enough in what was supposed to be a reasonably free country.

    • The real problem is that the party bosses will meet just before the convention to rewrite the nomination rules. They don’t like either Trump or Cruz but some of the frost for Cruz is starting to thaw. If the rules stay the same, Cruz wins on the second or third ballot. His campaign has been probably the best organized campaign out of all the candidates and they’ve done the groundwork to get Cruz friendly delegates to the convention. Trump hasn’t done any groundwork at all. If he doesn’t get to 1237 and there’s no funny business with the rules to exclude both, Cruz is the nominee. And if there is any funny business it will probably be the end of the Republican party and the start of the Clinton presidency.

      • If there is “funny business” that excludes both Trump and Cruz and nominates some (another) loser from the Republican establishment I could expect a third party challenge and would support Trump and Cruz in that role. We might still get Hillary, but the “Grand Old Party” would finally have committed political suicide.

        It’s a long shot that the convention would dare to nominate a candidate that either hadn’t campaigned or had done poorly in the campaign, but if it happened (Vegas odds, anybody?) a Trump/Cruz or Cruz/Trump ticket would be a strong alternative and sound the death knell for the Republican party.

        • The problem with an independent or third party run is that by the time of the convention it will be too late to get on the ballot in most states, so unless you’re planning on writing in your Trump/Cruz or Cruz/Trump (do we really think Trump’s ego would allow him to be anyone’s running mate?), it just isn’t going to happen.

      • NO the State Reps selected by convention to go to the National Rules committee write the rules. Trust me Iowa won’t be sending RINOs.

        Note: Iowa Rep District conventions are this Sat. Should be VERY interesting. A conundrum on May 21, State Rep Convention or NRA/Louisville?

      • “it will probably be the end of the Republican party and the start of the Clinton presidency.”

        Clinton would be a disaster as president. That said, how much better off would we be with anyone else? I don’t trust Trump, I don’t trust Cruz, the whole lot of them are bought off elitist pricks.

        The GOP is in a large way the enabler of so much of this – they have allowed Obama to do whatever he wanted, they didn’t stop Obamacare, they do nothing about a budget, they support nothing conservative whatsoever. In many ways they are the enemy far more that the Democrats and Obama.

        “the end of the Republican party” is something I can get behind, if we have to suffer a Clinton presidency to do so, well, this country is asking for it, so give it to them. Yea the SCOTUS appointment is a big thing, but is Trump or Cruz going to nominate a real constitutional conservative and would we get such a person through congress? I just don’t see it happening anyway.

        We are screwed, but if we can put an end to the GOP as a bonus, I say bring it.

      • No progress will be made without getting rid of the Republican party first. Here’s an example why:

        “Without saying it, Reince Priebus just told Sean Hannity on Fox News that one of the three candidates currently in the running — Trump, Cruz, Kasich — WILL BE the nominee.

        When pressed by Hannity that there’s no way Kasich can be the nominee for all the Rules reasons, Priebus refused to agree.

        AND THAT, Ladies and Gentlmen, is why Kasich is still in the race, despite the fact he’s won only ONE state (his own — Ohio) and comes in last in every state primary/caucus so far, including tonight’s primary in Wisconsin, where at this moment he’s in 3rd place with a pitiful 14% of the vote.

        The GOPe will ensure that the RULES Committee changes Rule 40 so as to enable Kasich to be the GOP nominee in a contested/brokered convention in July.

        And Priebus knows it.”

    • Thank goodness pro gun, conservative bastions like NY and CA will ensure we get a nominee just like their ‘republicans’

    • Har. VERY unlikely. He has self-destructed/trainwreck has stopped sliding and is burning. I’m pretty sure he has not gotten to 50% anywhere. Trump will be lucky to break 40% anywhere with a 2.1 candidate field.

      I predicted Cruz by 12 in Wi. Cruz not get to the # of delg required for win but neither will Trump.

  7. What is interesting is that Trump appears to have won most of the rural counties in Wisconsin, and Cruz won the more urbanized/sub-urbanized counties.

    As it stands now, Cruz will have to pull some mighty large lagomorphs out of some expensive millinery to pull off a clear win in delegates from here on in.

  8. All of you all are being played. Cruz is no more an “outsider” than Hillary. He is a creature of the establishment GoP. He is backed by Goldman-Sachs – his wife is an employee. He is backed by Neal Bush of the Texas/MarthasVineyard Bush Clan. Close examination of his “maverick” votes show them to be of the sort of parliamentary tricks used by Cornyn.

    The eGoP knew that this year would be the year of the outsider because they had sold out their base so regularly. So they positioned Ted to be an “outsider”. Read the story linked below.

    TCT has been on top of the eGoP splitter strategy for quite some time. Ever wonder why there were so many “Republican” hopefuls? Split the vote so much as to end up with their boy-toy Yeb! Bush as the choice via a contested convention. But Yeb! was so boring or ‘low energy’ he even put himself to sleep. Then they had their Cuban Cabana Boy Marco queued up. He had a different problem, he was so smarmy no one could vote for him. So, now they are down to !DefeaTed!

    Once they get to Columbus they either go with Cruz or trot out some 3rd party, probably Ryan, as their savior. ‘For The Good Of The Country’, you know.

    Or Obama goes full Alinsky and trots out the OWS, Nation of Islam, BLM, SEIU, SPLC, International ANSWER and the rest of his commie sympathizers to foment street riots and general mayhem like you have never seen, blood on the tracks, to spark a backlash or Wag-The-Dog situation and declares martial law. Suspend the elections until the country settles down but they keep a slow boil running to justify a real Marxist state – For The Children.

    Whatever passes I do not see Trump getting past The Kennedy Solution the dark powers have been setting him up to face.

    Trump may not be a good candidate but he seems to be the best of some really bad choices. He may or may not clean up the DC mess but you can be damn sure the rest will not even make an attempt.

    • He sure is if you are a big government loving liberal Democrat. Trump is such a great businessman he bankrupted several casinos.

        • Except that the very premise of that piece is garbage. Trump didn’t inherit cash. He inherited a business. Thanks for perpetuating yet another Demokkkrat lie.

          • Businesses can be sold. For – wait for it! – cash.

            The whole point is that Trump’s development of his business is significantly worse than average in the economy (because that’s what a stock market index is, ultimately – it represents developments of multiple different businesses across the economy).

    • Re: “Once they get to Columbus”:

      Did you mean “Once they get to Cleveland” — where the Republican Convention will be held in 2016?

      • Pretty hard to take political analysis seriously from someone who starts out with a mistake that obvious.

        And he gives new gravitas to the term “pessimist”.

    • That is a conspiracy theory worthy of jet fuel. The GOP did everything it could to kill Cruz as a candidate… including playing with the idea that Trump would be a better one (although that was before Trump was rated as serious). The idea that this was their plan all along is just hilarious.

      They wanted Jeb Bush. Then they were okay with Marco Rubio. Now they’d probably like Paul Ryan or someone else but can’t see a way out except to pick Cruz or Trump… and I guess they hope that Cruz won’t be quite as bad. Neither one is going to be any good for the party, though.

      • I suspect that the establishment types in the upper ranks of the party who dislike Cruz are going to hold their noses and hope that Cruz won’t try to reform the party too much (like try to make it actually conservative, for example), because every other option at this point looks like it leads to the end of the GOP.

  9. I’m hoping the convention is a four vote plus mess. I’m a Poly Sci grad though and I don’t like Trump.

  10. I’m not sure Cruz has what it takes to win the general election. The media isn’t covering the objectionable aspects of his campaign, like being endorsed and introduced by a pastor who has said some very detestable things about gays. If he gets the nomination, expect it to be covered loudly.

    If he loses, he can console himself that it is “God’s Plan”, but that’ll be small comfort to the rest of us.

  11. Cruz works for me until he doesn’t, which is what we get every election, except mostly we don’t get anything that works. Obama certainly seems like a candidate for a power grab martial law scenario, but then there’s a reason we bought a hundred million guns and a trillion rounds of ammo during his two terms.

  12. No matter who is the Republican nominee, he’s going to be the target of several months of negative advertising from Big Media, while the Democrat candidate will receive a lot of glowing propaganda. While I think Cruz is very much the more trustworthy (note: I didn’t say “totally trustworthy “) of the two, I’d support either over Clinton, Sanders, Biden, Warren, or most any other national-level Democrat.

    • And the one candidate who has a proven record of defeating the Democrat’s media machine — Scott Walker — was pushed out of the race by the early Cruz-Trump alliance.

      If no one has a majority on the first or second ballot then the Republicans would be wise to move to Walker. That way only Trump will go home mad.

  13. Trump will win New York, New Jersey, etc. Wisconsin is a weird state like its neighbor, Minnesota. We better hope Trump pulls it together. Cruz would be liquified in the general election. A swarmy Pentacostal Holy Roller is a poor nominee in a nation that just elected Obama twice in a row.

    • Baptist. He’s a Baptist ‘holy roller’. Get your facts straight.

      • He raised his hands and invoked the body of Christ on stage at a political event in Iowa. I’m not kidding. It was a televangelist act. It isn’t going to work in the general. Hillary will win if Cruz is the nominee. At this point, even a brokered convention Kasich would be a better bet than Cruz.

        • Quick lesson; Baptists dip you in water, Pentecostals speak in tongues. You’re only proving that you’re an anti-Christian bigot with your ignorance.

        • Also, Kasich isn’t a RINO, he’s a liberal. Not a whole lot of difference between him and the Hildebeest.

        • Saw Trump in a video we he was gladly accepting a “laying of hands” on him along with various blessings. At least Cruz believes in the blessings.

    • You’re delusional or you’re just talking what Trump says as fact. Well, both options involve delusion. The idea that trump will take NJ or NY is just la-la land. Not only do polls show him being crushed (duh) but let’s remember that NY can’t even get rid of Cuomo.

      NJ has Chrispy but I think they are quite tired of him and he’ll be of no help whatsoever.

    • A pro gun voter hoping that NY, CA, and NJ will save his candidate’s bacon –examine your choices, friend, they are speaking volumes.

    • The word you’re looking for is “smarmy”. Cruz is smarmy, hive insects are “swarmy”.

  14. Praise GOD! Ted for president. Thanks RF-you get it…the only candidate I trust on GUNS. The only one who’s ever fought for my GUN rights. That’s why I come here-not to listen to the inane chatter of trolls. Ya’ know the president has very little power over some things-like abortion. But elect a man who may appoint the next Scalia-that’s real power…this election is going to turn on guns.

    • Even Ted said it was a state’s rights issue, same as all other ‘invented’ rights. Contrast with Trump’s triple reversal on a truly draconian viewpoint on the issue.

    • Nope, not to each other and not to a white knight candidate either.

      This election is the Dems to lose.

      • I think “totally irrelevant” is overstating it. More like, the VP nominee can’t really help you win, but a bad choice can definitely hurt you.

  15. I can’t believe how so many people commenting here can be dead nuts right while disagreeing so vehemently with one another.

  16. But Cruz’s double-digit victory in the Eat Cheese or Die state is good news for gun guys and gals. Yes?
    So we go into a brokered convention, the RNC changes the Romney rule, Mittens ( or a clone) is nominated, and Hitlery wins.
    I prefer Ted, but the RNC hates him about as much as Trumper.

    • Various R’s are telling the media there are plans to take the convention from both. The rule can be rewritten before every convention and there is no court to appeal to, only a selected committee…

      The question in my mind isn’t if it will happen, it’s what people will do after it happens.

    • Cruz has been working to take the political machinery away from them while Trump has been basking in front of cameras. All those delegates Cruz is getting in his corner are the ones who will be voting on rule change chicanery. It’s side B of the primary contest; proving you can lead the political body as well as the public one. Were Donald savvy, he’d be planning all sorts of crooked tricks to stop Cruz as a backup.

      • Were Donald savvy as he believes, he’d already be filing as a 3rd party candidate in all the states before the deadlines pass. A 3rd party run is Trump bluffing biggly. He knows the math doesn’t allow him 1237 after California and he knows he doesn’t get there in a convention.

        • More Trump crazy talk. 3rd Party candidate has to petition to get on ballot on each of 50states. Trump has demonstrated he has no organization that could make this happen.

          AND he then would have to raise the $ to be competitive. He is NOT going to self fund a general election. He has been running on free mass media coverage.

        • “More Trump crazy talk”
          I think reading the comment with the “comprehension” flag turn on would be more beneficial than bot scanning the comments thread for Donald, Trump + “positive words”
          You and I essentially said the same thing.

  17. I see Hillary and Paul Ryan running against each other. I see everything getting worse until it all burns down. God Bless the New America.

  18. Charlie Sykes deserves the Order of Ronald Reagan medal for his efforts in Wisconsin to save the party.

    If the GOP do nominate a person who can unify the party and I’m not saying Cruz is that yet…we could do well in November.

  19. The fix is in folks.

    Neither Trump or Cruz are going anywhere except to a third party position if the establishment R’s have anything to say about. And considering they writte new rules every year and the only course of appeal is through a selected committee, which the establishment controls…. It’s not hard to see the writing on the wall.

    The R’s are going to commit suicide and good riddance. Maybe we can get a new party which knows how to walk conservative and not just talk conservative.

  20. Say what you will about Trump, but he showed incredible grace and class following his defeat last night.

    Oh, wait. That was Hillary Clinton. Who I despise, which makes it worse.

  21. Trump is by default an enemy of gun rights because everything he’s doing, including his nasty, party splitting claims that Cruz is “stealing” the nomination, ensures a fractured Republican Party and helps elect Hillary Clinton, the most outspokenly anti gun candidate in history.

      • Never said he was a liberal. I actually liked him early on and I’m a big fan of his position papers.

        It’s his scorched earth campaign that is the problem. His behavior, especially of late, is only going to hurt the GOP no matter who the nominee is. Why can’t he just accept a loss with grace? If it goes to a brokered convention and he loses will he accept this and support the nominee, or will he throw another tantrum and turn his supporters against the nominee?

        These are important questions. He has the potential to inadvertently elect Hillary. His instinct is to fight, to hit hard, but that instinct has turned destructive.

        • What loss? He’s got more delegates than the other two candidates combined. The one who needs to accept defeat is Cruz. If he thinks he’s going to win a nomination at a brokered convention, he’s delusional.

        • To pwrserge: the massive loss in Wisconsin which he responded to in a very immature way. And what if he’s only up a few hundred delegates come the convention. Go look at how Lincoln got the nomination. Cruz could take it on a second, third, tenth ballot. It’s happened before. The question is what does Mr. Trump do then? Take his ball and go home, or work to defeat Hellary.

  22. The mainstream media and their progressive friends in both parties are using Cruz (and Kasich) as a tool to prevent Trump from gaining the 1237 delegates necessary to advert a brokered convention. The enemies of the land of the free are chomping at the bit to bring candidates from both parties acceptable to them (as usual) to run for president.

    If in the long shot Cruz becomes the Republcan candidate, he will NEVER get elected – there is enough bad rumor and innuendo out there on Cruz already, on deck. The mainstream media will suddenly “discover” this stuff, and dutifully report. Of course, the Democrats will win another, this time by a landslide.

  23. If being in bed with Goldman Sachs makes a good president, then Cruz is your man.
    If being a Cuban-Canadian makes a good president, then Cruz is your man.
    If putting the interests of Israel before those of the United States makes a good president, then Cruz is your man.
    Cruz is a globalist, rat fxxxer. Anyone but LyingTed.

    • If you’re worried about Goldman Sachs and the Israel lobby, better sit out this and all future presidential elections. Everybody is in bed with them and the other big-money players. You don’t get to play at that level until the people with the real power decide you can be controlled.

      Do you really think Trump won’t be “making deals” with his billionaire banker pals, and will prioritize the interests of the blue-collar people who are voting for him?

  24. While everbody is rambling on about the Presidential primary the really good news for Wisconsin gun owners is that Rebecca Bradley was elected to a full 10 year term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Her election is far more important than the 42 delegates allocated yesterday.

  25. Score one for the Priesthood’s Rising, eh? The Annointed One and his troupe of carny hucksters are still 200+ delegates behind Trump. Say what you want about the Teflon Don, but his motives are worldly and rational. Entrusting some Dominionist loon with a nuclear arsenal strikes me as a bad idea.

    • I’m going Ted. I’ll take Christian, pro-gun and pro-constitution over heathen,BK boy,recent democrat,serial adulterer,pro-gun ban(except for rich connected NY’ers-until he’s not),pro-baby murder(until he’s not),sue-happy, home seizing,simpleton speaking Donnie. I’ll give you worldly-rational is a joke.

      • Did one of the snakes you were shaking bite you? You’re speaking in tongues, Daryl. Maybe if Rafael attempts to immanentize the eschaton with ICBMs you’ll see the light about this false prophet walking behind the rows. Besides, Rafael is literally in bed with Goldman Sachs. Consider removing the beam in Ted’s eye before calling attention to the speck in Donald’s. Oh, and sometimes Ted rolls off his Pharisee and unto staff from Fiorina’s campaign.

        • Tell us what you really think. Snake handling? Speaking in tongues? Praytell when have you seen Ted do that? Honestly you Christian haters need to step up your game-you got none. All the orange fake repub will do is put slick willy back in power…as far as I can tell Raphael Cruz isn’t running. Or arguing before the Supreme Court.

  26. At this point, Cruz is at best a spoiler. He cannot get the majority of delegates. His only action will be to stop Trump.

    He enjoys the endorsements of senators, governors, etc. at this time. Once there is an open convention, all that support is going to turn to dust and simply blow away. He is just being a tool for the GOP elites at this time. They will toss him by the wayside at the convention.

    There has been a lot of name calling and such between Trump and Cruz, so a meeting of minds is probably not possible. That, however, is the only way either of them will get the delegates needed to win and avoid an open convention. Trump is the only one who could do it now. At this point Cruz should team up with Trump on a Trump/Cruz ticket and help Trump get in.

    • Cruz has way too much potentially devastating baggage the elites (from both parties) are sitting on – even for VP. Trump should team up with somebody liked and well-known to all conservatives, including religious one-issue voters, like: Alan West

    • Cruz helped win the Heller decision. He has done more for gun rights than anyone running.

  27. If Mr. Trump does not win 1237 before the convention then he does not necessarily win the nomination even if he has the most votes of all candidates. The reason is that the “Not Trump” delegates outnumber his. “Not Trump” actually may have a majority.

    If all the “Not Trump” delegates come together around a single candidate, then that candidate wins. Period. No stealing involved.

    A hard-nosed businessman like Trump should understand this. But given his recent outbursts, I’m doubtful.

  28. We had the best candidates on guns in the last three general elections that also would of reformed the corrupt Republicans and set this country straight with fiscal responsibility based on a deep understanding of the constitution. People were simply too shallow and stupid to follow any of the candidates with the initials R.P.
    We fully deserve what we got.

  29. We are worried about the delegates and the convention, rightly so. What about Hillary’s felonious actions? That would be nice to bring up at the first debate. I just hope America has thrown away it’s rose colored glasses.

  30. I like Cruz the best. But Trump has the mouth to say the things that need to be said. I will gladly vote for either of them.
    Gov. Kasich is a deciever and a traitor.
    Both Hilary and Bernie are racist and traitors.

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