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One might think that the New York Daily News was in the tank for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, what with the paper slamming rival Bernie Sanders’ position on guns on the eve of his primary win in Wisconsin. And one wouldn’t be wrong. But the News‘ attack is also in keeping with their ongoing campaign to defend and extend civilian disarmament in the Empire State. In this case, the News is accusing Sanders “callous” and shameful behavior for defending American gunmakers’ right to sell a lawful product lawfully. All the usual left-leaning publications — from to — are piling on. Because guns. And Clintonistas. I almost feel sorry for Bernie. Then I remember he wants another assault weapons ban, ammunition magazine limitations and universal background checks. In this case, the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.

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  1. It’s really strange that one anti-gun candidate is attacking another for not being anti-gun enough, one might say irrationally anti-gun. At the very least we can believe that Sanders honestly believes what he believes, mistaken as it may be, but Hillary Clinton is just shameful. She’s a power-hungry maniac who will say anything to anyone to get elected. I really don’t feel great about the future of our country.

    • Welcome to the arguments on the left. They have been arguing on this basis for the entire election whether it is abortion, taxation, etc. It always boils down to “you aren’t as progressive as me! You must hate the poor!!!”

  2. Hilary is our enemy, not Bernie. The latter doesn’t stand a chance. Hilary is a very real threat to our way of life.

  3. A 74 year old Jewish Commie atheist is not my enemy. The hildebeast is…and I’m enjoying it’s defeat by this old fart. But I’m really happy with TED CRUZ winning. Bernie has NO chance. TED does…

    • Ted has no chance of actually getting the nomination. He’s too far behind in the delegate count and the party bosses will never let him get nominated at a brokered convention.

      • Meh, I don’t know. The right doesn’t want to put up the donald because of the many flips, flops and lack of a conservative position to boot. They figure that while Cruz isn’t their first choice, he is going to do the right thing internationally, he isn’t going to instigate the Chinese or the Russians, and he is going to put the right people on the Court given his legal background. In addition, he isn’t a party killer for future generations. He isn’t their first choice by far, but it gives the semblance of democracy if they pick the close second to the donald rather than going with Jeb or Mitt or even Paul Ryan who wasnt even in the running.

        • If the name were Ted Bush, maybe. I think neither Don nor Ted will stand a ghost of a chance at a brokered convention, and I think that whoever is nominated will not stand a ghost of a chance in Nov. In that event I will be voting for Gary Johnson and ordering more ammo, and the RNC and their religious looney tunes can kiss my grits..

  4. (D)ems have put up two overt communists (yes another batch) and yet we seem to be able to ignore all the POS communist US citizens that are ok with voting for them to spare a second to discuss again the puppy-pages/bird cage liner NYT that has a problem w/Sanders’ weakly voiced tyranny with regard to gun grabbing.


  5. It’s a bit of a relief to see lots of comments on HuffPo defending Bernie’s position on this one against Hildawg. As for DKos… forget it man, it’s DKos.

    • The enemy of my enemy, if not my overt and outspoken friend, is my enemy. If my friends have a difficult time selling our friendship to their friends then they need to tie a pork chop around their neck because that is their dog.

  6. I’m not a grandpa Bernie fan.

    However, I’m less fearful of the Bern in office than I am Clinton. He couldn’t get a quarter of the Socialist “entitlements” he promises to shovel at people through any kind of legislative process needed to actually get the laws changed and budgets cleared.

    I’ve asked several of my Bernie loving friends if they honestly think the banks and/or student loans based corps are going to stand idly by and let their businesses and money rackets go the way of the dodo, being replaced by solely tax payer funded education system… If you think so, I’ll turn your attention the huge unrestricted banker bailouts Congressed passed by a landslide… So answer is no, BTW.

    Bernie doesn’t hold enough power and influence to get what he want done, even if he was president. Which the D’s aren’t going to let him have it anymore than the R’s will let Trump or Cruz get the nomination.

    • ” He couldn’t get a quarter of the Socialist “entitlements” he promises to shovel at people through any kind of legislative process needed to actually get the laws changed and budgets cleared.”

      I’m trying to shake the cobwebs out of my memory, but wasn’t a similar sentiment expressed about Obama a few years ago? Or at least “un-doing” some of his damage?

      Yet ACA lingers…

      Moral of this Aesop Tale: Never underestimate the Stupidity of the Legislature when it comes to enacting and supporting Statist laws and proposals.

      • Obama is a Corporatist in Democrat clothing. He is paid for by the same interests as every other established politician. The ACA was going to be passed whether the O or Mittens was in office (see: Romneycare.) All the big talk by the R’s about stopping it is and was window dressing.

        Now, Bernie is a Commie Lite in Socialist Democrat clothing. He was legit Socialism. And the bankers aren’t going to let the interest on trillions in student loans debt be taken away from them. And replaced by a tax payer system, unless somehow they can make more money from that than the debt slave tuition system in place, currently. The Berns big claim to fame is “free” college. It’s the main point every single one of his supporter, I know, are interested in, and it isn’t going to happen.

        Right now, student loans are sweet deal for banks. They get the interest and the G backs them as the enforcer and co-signer to ensure payment on an assist which cannot be repossessed.

        What better deal could possibly be had? It’s the same old same old.

        • “And the bankers aren’t going to let the interest on trillions in student loans debt be taken away from them. And replaced by a tax payer system, unless somehow they can make more money from that than the debt slave tuition system in place, currently.

          Right now, student loans are sweet deal for banks.”

          A very compelling argument.

          But again, never underestimate the ability of that bunch in DC (and those that fuel them) to…

          unless somehow they can make more money from that

          To paraphrase Ian Malcolm…”corruption and scum will find a way.”

          I simply don’t share your confidence that they won’t do something on the basis that the argument against makes sense to us with the data we have available in our discussion.

          Or, maybe I just need to turn down the voltage on my Cynic pre amp.

        • I don’t know what the future holds, I can only call it like I see it based on the information I have and past experiences… I could be right, or dead wrong – not sure.

          But, either way someone is getting f*cked and I have a feeling it’s people in the middle.

          Sadly, that is me and mine.

        • I’m all for Bernie and free college! Congress should immediately pass laws to get us started, like requiring professors (all socialists anyway) to continue 40 hours of instruction per week for zero pay for the next 10 years, while we figure out the rest of the master plan. The bookstore can fire its employees, since all books will be free from now on, just walk in and pick ’em up, congress can decide which dormitories will be first come, first served, and which will be reserved for children of congressmen. It’s gonna be great!

  7. Right now, I’m rooting for Bernie! Which is to say, I think he is less electable than Hillary. If I have to choose a candidate for the Republican nominee to run against, I want it to be Bernie. I don’t think his ideas will carry well in the general election. If they do and he wins, I don’t think he will get most of them through congress, and I think he will be a one term president. On top of that, I think he is less of gun control zealot than Clinton. He recently moved left on the issue because Hillary was hammering him, but I don’t think he will make nullifying the 2A a priority the way that she will. Bottom line, Bernie winning the nomination is a win for us, whatever the outcome of the general election. In every way he is less dangerous than Hillary.

  8. In truth, Bernie really is not terribly antigun. He really does not care all that much about the issue. If he were elected, I doubt he would expend much time or political capital on guns. He would likely focus most of his efforts on economic priorities.

    • Can anyone point me to a quote where Bernie says he is dead set on an assault weapons ban or is that just an ideas he has considered before coming to his senses and realizing it went jive with the 2nd or the people of his home state of Vermont? If the fucking NRA can come to there senses after communising California then give Bernie a chance to come around people.

  9. First off… Daily News… Clickbait rag, not gonna click the link.

    Second off…. the dialog of today’s modern social media world is declining very rapidly. You can’t simply disagree with someone or something, you have to ‘slam’ them with this one tweet/post/picture. Your opponent can’t simply loose, they have to be ‘crushed!’ And anything else you just have to ‘click to beleive!”

    The silver lining in all of this? Anything posted anywhere that includes the word “slam” “Crushed” “Destroyed” in any combination with ‘…This one.._____..” can be completely disregarded as nothing more than click-bait designed to increase advertising revenue for someone else.

  10. Please share with your readers and have them be aware of the link below to find out how hillary REALLY feels about guns [When she’s not on the campaign trail pandering votes].

    For Hillary, if there’s money and connections to be made, she makes them; she’s a full-blown self-aggrandizing, opportunist capitalist.
    Read how as secretary hillary approved a 4 million $ sale for Sandy Hook gun maker Remington.
    Secretary Clinton approved a $4 million sale for Sandy Hook gun maker Remington in 2012

    And, in 2011 she commented on Iraq: “It’s time for the United States to start treating Iraq as a business opportunity.” Perhaps, she should share this comment with the wounded veterans of Iraq.


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