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As Hurricane Harvey approached Texas, thousands of Texans rapidly evacuated their homes. In addition to losing their homes, they also lost possessions and irreplaceable family heirlooms. Some Texans lost or damaged their License To Carry cards, too. In response, Texas Governor Greg Abbott  has temporarily suspended LTC replacement fees for anyone residing in counties that have been declared disaster zones.

“As Texas begins the recovery process, we are prepared to respond to a wide range of issues to help victims of this Hurricane,” said Governor Abbott. “By eliminating burdensome fees to replace these important licenses, Texans can focus on rebuilding their lives and communities.”

To apply for a fee waiver call 512-424-7293. This service is not available online. For more information head over to the Governers webpage.

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  1. Really, how much should it cost to REPLACE a license? To get the original license, it shouldn’t cost anything, come to think about it…

    • ALL gun “fees” are sumptuary laws designed to limit freedoms.

      Libtards love to scream that making people get a voter ID card is causing poor people to be shut out of elections,
      yet they constantly want firearm fees to be raised!

      Imagine if posting something political online cost a fee? Or you needed a yearly permit to keep the cops from simply
      walking into your house when they felt like it without a warrant?

  2. I read a local anti gun blog regularly and the blogger was fretting about Florida’s law that enacts what amounts to constitutional carry during emergencies. Has anyone heard anything good or bad about the outcome of this law in real life?

  3. Wait, wait. If it’s a “burdensome fee” after a disaster why isn’t it always a burdensome fee?

    Politicians. Ugh.

    • Ding! Ding!
      We have a winner!
      Remember, Abbott and Patrick are thinking about their long game here: constitutional carry didn’t happen this past year but their not going to stop trying. This slight, mostly unnecessary move is chock full of the very symbolism you are wondering about. So when absolutely nothing bad happens after waiving the 2nd Amendment Tax in this instance, the next move is to waive any tax for anyone at any time.

  4. Let’s see how the Libtards respond to the idea of Free Speech Permits. After all, Goose and Gander and all that.


      If you can’t campaign within 500′ of a polling place you should be kept at least 100 x further away from the more susceptible politicians. Plus, you won’t have to shout over them or climb over them in order to gain an “audience” with our elected. A further bonus would be that it might not be as lucrative to be a politician or lobbyist.

  5. One nice thing about hurricane Irma and hurricane Harvey is that strippers won’t have to change their stage names afterwards like they did with Katrina.

  6. Wheres hb 560 ? If i count right from the last 7 “no gun zones” in texas are 6 are instant felonies 🙁

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