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CNN is reporting that an individual was firing at police from inside the Ronald McNair school in DeKalb County, Georgia. No one was injured. “A shooter fired about six shots from inside a Georgia elementary school on Tuesday, aiming at police officers outside as they approached, DeKalb County Police Chief William O’Brien said. The suspect is approximately 19 years old and has been detained. It is unclear whether he had any connection with the school.” As is typical in these situations, very little is known and virtually nothing being reported at this point will prove to be accurate 48 hours from now. Or is that too cynical?

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  1. No one hurt? No one cares.

    I wonder why the magic ‘Gun Free’ forcefield didn’t wotk, technical difficulties?

    • Only works on approved government weaponry, like when we had the Assault Weapons Ban. Remember how that stopped all those shooti……Whoops!

  2. Thank goodness other report too no one hurt. School is out this time of year anyway. Anyway glad too see the bad guy caught and no one hurt.

  3. Glad nobody was hurt, both in general and with respect to gun rights. The MSM will spin this as hard as they can of course, but it won’t generate much emotion. It might serve as a useful distraction for the Australian baseball player gunned down by 3 yoots just looking for something to do:

    Oh well, boys will be boys.

  4. I place the blame for this latest shooting directly where it belongs. Right at the feet of difi, barry, slow joe, mikeyb, hmmmmmer, lowbudget dave etc. How many years since Stockton? Columbine? How many months since Sandy Hook? And instead of arming vetted school personnel and parents they have wasted time and energy attempting to disarm the law abiding and rape the constitution.

    They have achieved nothing and by wasting everybodies time and resources fighting the wrong battles our schools and kids are just as open to tragedy as they were before Sandy Hook.

    Tar, feathers, pitchforks and torches come to mind.

    • It’s the “urban” pattern based off ACU. Urban ACU has been in production with Tru Spec and other makers for the greater part of a decade for the civilian market, I first noticed it getting some use in 2007. The Navy pattern has blue in it and is a more recent development.

      • Of course the Navy camo pattern only really works in the water…and if your a guy who should be on a ship who falls in the water I would think that would be the one time when you really want to stand out. Just sayin’.

      • no, the black ar-15 more often than the others has the shoulder thing that goes up. other than that, they are all basically the same guns.

      • They are not all the same. AR-15s are anti-railroad and Barrett .50s are anti-helicopter. The .50 is common amongst 18 year old gang bangers in New Jersey these days *rolls eyes*

  5. I’m not sure what’s more surprising, a school shooting where nobody gets hurt or the fact that someone was actually watching CNN.

  6. Too cynical? Nah.

    Too cynical would have been closing with “shootings can’t happen in gun free zones, must be false reporting…”

  7. And just as expected. Once he got shots back at him. He quit. All these a-holes are cowards one they face resistance. They want to kill, but are afraid of getting shot unless they shoot themselves.

    • Seriously, what’s that about? You’d think taking that much Prozac while playing that many FPS’s would make you optimistic about your chances against an armed opponent.

      • I’m pretty sure the first shot fired back at em says “sh!t just got REAL, son!” very, very loudly.

  8. News reports say that although the school had access control,
    the shooter piggybacked in with someone who was authorized
    to enter the school.
    I’d say more training for those with access cards would be in order,
    as preventing piggybacking is a pretty standard subject where
    controlled access areas are concerned,
    but to ask an unarmed teacher or administrator to challenge someone carrying
    two handguns and a rifle might be a bit much.

    Access control is only one piece of the puzzle.

  9. Those cops do look bad ass. I’m willing to bet they were euphoric at finally getting to realize their Call of Duty fantasies. Barrie Fife loves playing dress up apparently. I mean urban pattern camo? In suburban GA? I bet the girls love them. They even have the helmet mount for NVG’s! OMG! They’re just like real Navy SEALs or something.

  10. Good that nobody got hurt. Ironically, in training for my new position as a campus supervisor we were discussing active shooter scenarios.

      • They touched on it, and to their credit (and my surprise) they are absolutely opposed to Gun Free Zones. District Policy, of course, demands otherwise. I will say that this district has taken a modest step in the right direction by hiring SRO’s for each school. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

  11. I’m sure that the gun haters are very disappointed that there was no blood for them to dance in.

  12. The shooter was a twenty-something white male and McNair is an almost all black school.

    Have you noticed all those mass shootings caused by white nationalist gangs or those closely associated with such in the past decade?

    Think all these similar incidents might be an organized campaign? Notice how the WN associated shooters aim for mass casualties of their despised groups like some terrorist groups we can name?

    Notice how everyone is intelligent enough now to single this criminal out as an aberrant individual? Anyone want to lump him in an amorphous evil mass of white criminal “youts” now?

    Think minority groups should start tooling up and waiting for these jackals to show up?

  13. Nice AR he’s got, or is that an actual M4? Not sure. I question the need for the suppressor though.

    • I’m just about the very last person you’ll ever catch defending the actions of a government thug in a clown suit… but I have to ask:

      Have you ever popped any caps on an indoor range?

      Even the lowly .22 LR will leave your ears ringing for hours on end.

      IMHO, using a decent suppressor when it’s available is just plain common sense.

      • I have, many times. Out door ranges are preferred but the nearest one is 2 hours away. .223/5.56 isn’t that loud with proper protection, just simple earmuffs will do. But considering how loud a suppressed .22 (rifle) is, I just see little point to a suppressor outside of active military.

        • really? im all for supressors on everything. if you can make it easier on the ears, why not?

  14. “As is typical in these situations, very little is known and virtually nothing being reported at this point will prove to be accurate 48 hours from now. Or is that too cynical?”

    I think it’s just about cynical enough.

  15. Love the pic of the uber military style cops armed for war.
    The government can not get them geared up fast enough for
    the day when door to door raids to take firearms begins in the US. (sarcasm)

  16. Thank god no kids were hurt…that being’s AMAZING, simply AMAZING that this was a headline story on the Communist News Network (otherwise known as CNN) UNTIL…no one was hurt. Hard to even find a headline now.

  17. Despite the media’s attempts to hype the situation, and to glamorize the office worker as a “hero” for “talking the gunman down” the whole situation stinks.

    The guy walks into the school office and tells the woman behind the desk (Ms. Talked him down) and tells her to call the local news outlet. He then goes into the hall and pops a few rounds somewhere other than into the kids who were readily available. He claims he’s gonna shoot it out with the cops, but surrenders a short time after they get there. I very strongly suspect this guy just wanted the media hype, and never intended to actually kill anybody. But that’s just me.

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