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It looks like there was an incident Sunday night in my home town of San Antonio that has left two people wounded (as of this writing). An off duty Bexar County police officer who was initially reported to be carrying a concealed weapon (turns out he was working scurity for the theatre) followed the suspect into the movie theater bathroom and shot the suspect . . .


Two people were wounded late Sunday when gunfire erupted at a local movie theater, sending panicked moviegoers rushing to exits and ducking for cover, police and witnesses said.


One witness who reported hearing about 20 shots said she and five other patrons locked themselves in a bathroom to avoid the mayhem.

Police scanner traffic indicated the shooting incident began at a nearby restaurant, China Garden, and the suspect was an employee there. A person at the scene, an employee from a different location of the restaurant, said the gunman initially may have targeted a coworker before making his way to the theater.

According to KSAT, the LEO involved was off duty and working as a secutity guard at the theatre:

Suspect fired while running fr/ restaurant. 1 injured. Ran in theater bathroom. Off duty deputy followed, shot suspect.

The local Santikos theater chain runs a number of different locations in the city. I’ve recently been to the one on I-10 near 1604, carrying concealed as there were no 30.06 “No Firearms” signs present at the doors. And trust me, I looked.

This theater is on the south side of San Antonio, which has a slightly higher crime rate than the north side and as such they may have different policies. One commenter on the article noted that the theater is a common location for “thugs and gangstas” and was not surprised that the incident took place there.

More as it becomes available.

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  1. Your freaking kidding me.

    I am jumping on the conspiracy theory bandwagon. Too many coincidences as of recent to be just that (a coincidence).

    I wont say these attacks are in any way fabricated by our government. But with as many psychos out there, they can be recognized and support their great leader all at once.

    Looking in to the past these things certainly have happened but this frequently? After the reelection of such a controversial president? Something or someone had to give him a “legit” cause. Or many someones.

    • this isnt a spree shooting. this is a dumbass with a gun trying to be gangster. it will turn out to be either gang related, or that it was an “argument gone bad”.

      • Starting to seem that way. Sorry for the knee jerk.

        Havnt heard much more about the fool in California so hopefuly this will be the same.

        • So why aren’t the MSM touting defensive gun use? No blood, funerals or tears of victims kin. I think the propaganda should be obvious by now.

    • Get your medication checked, and check the fit of your tinfoil hat. It may be cutting off the blood flow to your brain.

      You’re accusing the President of the United States, the guy who brought down Osama Bin Laden, of orchestrating or even tacitly abetting a domestic terror campaign? Seriously?

      You, sir or madam, undermine my faith in humanity.

      • the guy who brought down Osama Bin Laden

        Please, show me where Obama did any research, recon, or was involved in the raid that resulted in Osama’s death. He did nothing, it was people in the CIA and military who brought down Osama Bin Laden.

        • “Please, show me where Obama did any research, recon, or was involved in the raid that resulted in Osama’s death. He did nothing, it was people in the CIA and military who brought down Osama Bin Laden.”

          Hate to break it to you, but Obama approved the attack and the resources that directed it.

          Technically Obama could pardon Osama Bin Laden if he wanted to.

        • obama did not kill osama bin f–king laden and neither did any instrument of our government.

          you have to be a idiot to believe that.

          im sure it was “just” a coincidence that members of SEAL team six were killed during a RPG attack on a Chinook.

      • Obama had very little to do with “bringing down” OBL. He just happened to be lucky enough to be in charge when the ongoing operation reached a successful conclusion.

      • “brought down Osama Bin Laden” Yea all by his imperial self. Another bull s story. Most fishy Islamic law does not mandate sea burial. And the same President who’s unconscious Secretary of State stripped our embassy of security in Benghazi and watched in real time those events and never lifted a finger.

      • Now, I don’t think Obama is actually orhestrating this but don’t put him up on a pedestal. That lying piece of garbage lost all right to respect when he let people die in Libya and lied about it. Actively watching Americans die and refusing to send help makes him the ultimate scum bag.

      • “the guy who brought down Osama Bin Laden, of orchestrating or even tacitly abetting a domestic terror campaign?”

        one can speculate and i remain dubious of the possibility. However, im not arguing against the possibility completely, especially in the case of government; dick cheney is even connected by circumstantial evidence to the september 11 attacks.

        you guys are giving obama too much credit. hes another sad prisoner of our banking system.

        false flag attacks, however, are very real. (warning PDF)

      • Obama most certainly had no part in the Osama murder. The missions was started by bush, and finished by marines. Obama sat in an office and did nothing. You sir, are an itellectual degenerate for overlooking every key detail in the event you referenced. You have made you liberal opinion clear, you have succeeded at looking moronic in the eyes of anyone with a brain

    • I agree, this seems too coincidental and playing right into the Democrats hands. I’ve said for a long time that I wouldn’t be surprised if a few vehemently anti-gun people decided to take one for the team and commit a mass murder to gain attention and promote gun control.

      • You guys are hysterical. Maybe the gun control folks have recruited “suicide shooters” to sacrifice themselves for the cause.

        You would come up with anything to avoid the obvious. IT’S YOUR FAULT. Keep up the good work at making guns available to anyone anytime. You’re winning, but this is the price you pay.

        • We’ve discussed how to analyze numbers before, but rates of violent crime are down. Any shooting gets a lot of attention right now, and this distorts the impression of how frequently a shooting happens.

          As an analogy, consider a major pileup on the highway in a rain storm. That would get lots of reporters out to cover the scene, but it wouldn’t be proof that we need huge changes in our traffic laws.

        • Anybody ever notice how Mike here kinda looms around waiting for a random unaffiliated commenter to make a crazy comment then lump us all in together with said comment?

          • I actually haven’t noticed that and I doubt if anyone else has.

            Why don’t you stick to the thread’s topic instead of wasting everybody’s time with silly personal attacks against me?

        • Seeing as there is a faction of pro-lifers out there that feel it is ok to bomb abortion clinics and murder doctors and staff that work at those clinics, it isn’t too much of a stretch to think that some anti-gunners have decided that this is the way to get the gun confiscation/ban laws that they want. Just saying….

        • thank you for blaming me for the actions of the shooter in CT you fuckwad.

          FOAD (BTW, i have family in connecticut…to include adolescent relatives ((fortunately, everybodys fine but dont think i didn’t worry))

          • You’re so worried and you’re such a good relative, maybe you should stop fighting so hard for the least possible restrictions on guns and fewer lunatics will have them to kill kids with.

        • I go to gun shows that have to have zip ties through the chambers of weapons to prevent people from putting live rounds in a gun and walking away trying to incite a ND. That’s fact and not paranoia. Antis will stoop to any level, given the chance for a clean get away.

    • More likely, the media has tuned in on anything gun related to support the recent surge of support for the anti-2a agenda. It’s a combination of cherry picking news from around the country and framing it in the appropriate light. Criminals shoot at innocents and each other every single day, but THIS one was near a theater, so THIS one gets extra attention.

      MSM isn’t stupid. They know that people will make the conclusion without them having to say it.

      • I’m not seeing a surge of support in my area. I think people realize that gun control has been preached for decades, but hasn’t produced results. We gave disarmament a chance, now people are starting to take fresh look at old fashioned self-defense.

        That’s just how I’m reading things right now.

    • Shootings like this happen nearly daily across the country. We just don’t usually hear about them from the media unless it a sensational enough angle to draw viewers and advertisers. And God forbid there be coverage of someone using their CC weapon to halt a shooting before it can become a massacre.

      • Ummm, the shooting in oregon is claimed to have ended early w only 2 dead b/c one of us targeted the shooter and had him in his sights

    • there’s no evidence to back that assertion up, but our own government has allowed tragedies to happen before to push their own agenda.

      dont take my word for it. read “crossing the rubicon” and you will forever disbelieve the government’s account of 9/11.

      youre talking about the same group of mother f–kers that signed Operation Northwoods.

  2. Unfortunately, the masses of people are uninformed and the political leaders have neither the will nor the ability to properly understand the context of crime, gun ownership, and other issues. Seriously, I think most politicians have personality disorders.

    NBC News is reporting that ‘2 Topeka Kansas police officers fatally shot outside market’

  3. Myself, I’m wondering if these shooters are buying into all that 12/21/2012 end-of-days stuff and going all doomsday cult…

    … or, you know, heavy media coverage of shootings is giving them “Me Too!” syndrome.

    • As weird as it sounds it could be somewhat true.
      Think of it this way. You always hear doctors talking about full moons and people acting badly. The Mayan calendar is based on the planets and moons. So given this is the run up to and end of the cycle it could be like a massive full moon.

      • I would believe full moon madness and supposed end of the world jitters
        before I believe some giant Democratic conspiracy against gun owners.

        • It’s not Democratically instigated. It’s NWO agenda, the dems are just the front men. Don’t forget this increases the possibility of UN gun treaty passage that will undermine our Bill of Rights. The UN wants control of the Internet for god’s sake. (attack on A1) A disarmed US is easier picken’s for the globalists. And don’t bother to mock the NOW idea. Look at Europe. Merkel is doing with financial bail outs what the Reich couldn’t do with the 88’s. A unified Europe under German control with no individual national sovereignty for the other countries. GHWB openly cited a NWO. There are dozens of examples of the desire of some to unify the globe, primarily to institute a global currency. The Rockefeller’s, Carnegie’s, the Buffet come to mind, And I could go on.

  4. I doubt it’s a conspiracy. More likely – in my opinion – this is a result of instantaneous communication (ie news) combined with a national media focus on gun violence and wha-la! it looks like a conspiracy; really the media is illustrating the asinine nature of gun free zones.

    • Well true. Maybe my use of the word conspiracy wasnt propper. I sure as hell dont believe its a coincidence though. But yes, the media has a hand in it even if unintentional.

  5. Does anyone know what ever came of the legal team that wanted to prosecute the theater in Aurora for being a gun free zone? I dont remember the details, if it was true. Something about pursuing them for thoes who were wounded or killed as a result of not being able to effectively defend themselves.

  6. We are a nation of over 300 million people. 50 states and I don’t know how many territories. Violence is going to happen. It doesn’t take a government conspiracy to generate violence in a country that is suffering a culture clash on the scale that ours is.

    The only real conspiracy here is why won’t the g let us good citizens off the leash and let us handle business. The bad guys are always armed and not allowing us good guys the means to hit back at all times and in all places is the real crime here.

    • Well said.

      I’ll also add that ANY shooting incident, no matter how mundane (e.g. gang-related), is making the national news right now. If four Mexican gang members died in an Oakland drive-by shooting tomorrow the national media would report it as a massacre, whereas any other time it’d barely get noticed outside the Bay Area.

      • Maybe this amount of shootings is normal but its only now reaching national couch seats?

        Like, 2 people getting shot and not dying, that would probably barely reach local news stations for more then 10-20 seconds. But because of the mall shooting, and then the school shooting every news station and reporter is itching for a pulitzer and getting aroused by anything related to guns?

  7. theres reports that it initially started at the chinese joint near the theater and ended up inside the theater. ive also heard that it happened outside and the perp fled INSIDE from an offduty officer. based on the area im gonna bet the perp is unable to legally own a firarm anyway.

      • The prices were rather low so I’m not surprised about the crappy taste. I like Chinese food yet am aware of the low value and priority the Chinese restaurants give to sanitation and hygiene so I’m careful where I eat.

        • The 5-0 in my town were called out to an early morning alarm at a Chinese restaurant. Turned out “insect activity tripped the motion detectors”. I wonder how many and how big the roaches had to be to trip an alarm.

  8. I am beating my head against the table!!! This is starting to hurt!
    I can’t believe this!
    Was this theater a target rich zone too???

    • nope. from what i can gather, Santikos theaters are actually 2A friendly. Anyway, this isnt a spree shooting.

  9. That popping sound you’re hearing was the readership of this blog at this story. This is getting comical.

    I read the headline and the hook on my email, and literally said out loud, “Oh, for the love of…”

    I don’t think it’s a conspiracy. I think, as others have said, it sounds like random thug bullshit. But that doesn’t mean it’s not coming at the worst possible time.

  10. If we don’t think our Gov has the ability to stage deadly acts to push agenda’s to take away rights and control the population, we’re kidding ourselves. Is it happening here? I dunno but I doubt it. Crazy stuff, no matter what is going on.

  11. Thank you media for glorifying each and every one of these maladjusted scumbags. It’s nothing but a big carrot in front of any off kilter dumbass that wants to check out with media “glory”.

  12. Good luck trying to belly up at the Cabelas gun counter on Mon. Before all the mess it was 3 deep on a Saturday, Randy

  13. How about the NRA offering a $50,000 reward to any legal gun owner that blows away one of these scumbag motherf.cker p’s o Where will I be on my days off? The mall with the largest no weapons sign, lol, Randy

  14. There’s no conspiracy theory.The medias just turning on the anti-gun microscope after Conneticutt.If someone’s gun accidentally exposes itself in a parking lot tomorrow the story will be “spree shooter w/ccw permit stopped by police before he could shoot!!!”

    • Yea because clearly making guns illegal stops them from being used right? Right? …People are flat out ignorant if they think making guns illegal will stop the problem.

  15. Shootings in Chicago/Detroit/New York, etc, are so common they don’t use up much space in the entertainment section. A shooting anywhere else, especially in the “red-neck” southern states is full blown front page news.

  16. I’m noticing a trend here. Anyone else? And I’m not talking about the shooters.

    Law-abiding folks carrying (or carrying against the wishes of the business), wackos stopped quickly. Gun-free zones, like a bad Rambo movie. Hope others are catching on.

  17. The “off-duty” Bexar County Deputy Sheriff was in full uniform and working security at the movie theater. This has been all over the news and where he got “in plain clothes” and “carrying concealed” I have no clue…

    • Dave can you provide a link to the info or otherwise source the info re: “Full uniform” I believe I’m trying to make the same point as you are in other forums but I’m coming up with answer

  18. Maybe we should stop blaming guns. We live in a place that is going in debt because we are giving freeloaders free insurance and approving people that are completly capable of working for disablity. If we would focus more on the mental health of people (instead of shutting several hospital down) and quit prescribing pills to try a treat mentally ill patients. I mean come on we let them live among us and trust that they will take all kinds of psych meds on there own. Most of these meds have bad side effects and the patients get tired of them and quit. Guns are not the problem….. its the system….I mean really. Everyone should take responsibilty for their own actions, we would all be better off.

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