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By now you’ve probably heard that five-time deportee Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez shot and killed 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle in the sanctuary city of San Francisco over the weekend. A crime he’s admitted to. You may be wondering where an illegal alien felon would get a firearm in one of the most assiduously anti-gun cities in one of the most ardently anti-gun states. “As reports, “…Lopez-Sanchez said he had found the weapon wrapped in a T-shirt on the ground near a bench….” And, if true, who would be irresponsible enough to leave a loaded gun lying around like that? “The gun…belonged to a federal agent, sources confirmed Tuesday.” . . .

Who is the agent? Which agency does he/she work for? If the illegal alien murder suspect is telling the truth, how did the un-named agent come to leave the heater in a public park? None of the reports we’ve found spell any of that out. Yet. But in a story as hot as this, one that exposes a multi-juridictional, multi-level governmental fustercluck of epic proportions — one that resulted in the death of an innocent woman — that kind of information will come out. Eventually.

Remember, though. Only government employees and the military have the necessary training and experience to be trusted with the awesome responsibility that comes with owning and carrying a firearm. Also remember that the problem is guns. It’s always guns.  [h/t DrVino]

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    • Ban illegal immigrants………..oh wait………..

      Can we have sanctuary cities for guns?

    • No, just make them pay for their own gun, mags, ammo, lasers, holsters, and range time. Maybe if they have to buy their own tools for their jobs like I do, then they won’t be leaving guns around like the dopes they are.

      • That’s an interesting idea. A friend of mine runs a chain of auto-repair shops in a metro area. Mechanics have to provide their own tools. My friend doesn’t consider a job applicant serious unless they own $80-100K in tools and computer diagnostics and etc. That’s a whole lot more than it takes to kit out a federal agent, and the mechanics are being paid OK, but less than the feds get.

    • Yes, please, I never got my AR15, and, unlike those drug-dealing morons, I would put it to very good use. Oh, wait, Obama just gives guns to criminals, right? Well, there goes my chance.

      • Obama didn’t murder 5000 Americans like Bush did just so he, and his bro Cheney, could get another $39 Billion. The ones that think everything is Obama’s fault are the ignorant ones that don’t fact check much.

    • If the story is true — that Mr. Illegal Alien found the handgun that belonged to a federal agent wrapped in a t-shirt near a park bench — this just reeks of a false flag operation.

      And this coming from a person who is NOT prone to buying into such notions.

  2. This just keeps getting better and better.

    Now the gov’t is responsible on two or three different fields…

    • I couldn’t believe the quote from CA AG Kamala Harris regarding the SF sanctuary policy:

      California Attorney General Kamala Harris, a former San Francisco district attorney who is running for U.S. Senate, cautioned that when it comes to immigration, “our policy should not be informed by our collective outrage about one man’s conduct.”

      Really? Because you and your gun-grabbing Democrat buddies are the first to call for more gun control when some mentally ill lone gunman kills people in a senseless act of violence. An act which, most of the time, would be almost impossible to stop by passing more redundant gun control laws. The SF case, however, is different. The guy was a multiple felon, deported 5 times, but SF provided sanctuary to this illegal immigrant anyway. They didn’t tell the feds to pick him up. It’s the SF politicians who are responsible for this tragedy and they should go to prison.

      Link to the quote and story:

      • You have got to be kidding me. Has this individual no shame whatsoever?

        Not all TTAG-ers know that Atty General Harris has obvious eventual presidential aspirations, and the backing of many powerful Dems. She’s very likely to win the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Dianne Feinstein. And aggressive gun control is one of her favorite pet projects.

      • P.S. By “this individual” I’m referring to Kamala Harris. The shooter actually does seem ashamed of his actions. Harris, on the other hand, is on the same team as the rest of the California Looney Left — y’know, the people who couldn’t wait to base all kinds of new restrictive policies for lawful gun owners on their sense of outrage after a sick little f*cktard went on a killing spree in Santa Barbara with a hammer, knife, guns and his car.

        • I lived in San Diego for 35 years, and concealed carried for the last 25 of them. I applied at the SD County Sheriff’s office and got my permit in about 8 weeks. What is all about this “gun control” More Faux News?

          • Gun control seems like an apt description.
            1. Despite protestations to the contrary by our illustrious sheriff, CCW permits in Santa Clara County CA (aka Silicon Valley) have virtually halted. Many of us are eagerly awaiting a favorable outcome like San Diego County’s Peruta case to be applied on a state-wide basis.

            2. Californians are unable to buy many firearms readily available in other states because they are not “California Approved”. These are not “assault” weapons, but ones that manufacturers have elected not to modify to CA’s requirements. CA’s requirements have not been demonstrated to materially affect safety.

            3. San Francisco and Sunnyvale require firearms to be locked up in one’s home. Sunnyvale prohibits the *ownership* of magazines greater than 10 rounds. Sale of large capacity magazines has been prohibited for some time in CA, but now possession is prohibited in Sunnyvale.

            I’m in favor of sensible gun control regulations as I am for driver license control. But not when regulations serve no demonstrable purpose other than one’s political agenda.

    • And this, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the rare times you’ll hear someone say that the government is responsible.

  3. Been watching “The Kingsmen” (highly entertaining) so haven’t heard this. ALSO-Breaking! Father Pfleger sues 3 Chicago area gun shops because he’s a stupid azzwhole-news at 11…

  4. It’s part of San Francisco’s new Sanctuary City program — a free gun for every illegal, border-jumping, murderous multiple felon. Because today’s illegal, border-jumping, murderous felon is tomorrow’s Democrat voter.

    Way to rebuild your base after losing Leland Yee, you Democrat scvmbags!

    • After insane pseudofacist ramblings like this moron spewed ammosexuals seem surprised that their guns are being taken away.

      • I’m going to stray from the pack for a moment and respond to our resident troll…

        Why is EVERYTHING about sex with you freaks? What in holy hell is an “ammosexual”?? To hear you freaks talk, you’d think that guns are a prophylactic extension, ammo is a prophylactic extension, trucks are a prophylactic extension, hunting is a prophylactic extension, etc etc.

        What about all the female shooters, many of which hunt and drive trucks? How does your projection over your sexual inadequacies extend to them? Or do you just like to pretend they don’t exist, because you can’t twist them into your narrative?

        And I won’t even get into your superiority issues. We can leave it at this: Only a pervert freak turns every issue into a sexual one. Get help.

        • “Why is EVERYTHING about sex with you freaks?”

          Because they’re likely not getting any.

          Their tiny little Progressive brains are unable to comprehend that nobody wants to willingly have sex with them.

          Unable to wrap their heads around this, they set out to make everyone else as miserable as they are.

          That doesn’t work on folks who get sex, as their adequate self-esteem inoculates them from that mental poison.

          Hookers, ‘god’, get a hooker who will spread for your pathetic loser self.

          If you can find one.

        • Thanks, Russ. I’d extend those sentiments to those that believe in LGBT stereotypes too. Quite a few of us don’t define ourselves by our sexual orientation any more than the eye color does. I find a lot of gay pride conduct embarrassing to the point of being offensive: everything seems to be hyper sexualized. My sexual orientation is irrelevant to my volunteer duties at the range, NRA membership, golf score, or target practice.

          Now that gay marriage is lawful and discrimination unlawful, LGBTs don’t have to choose between fiscally conservative, 2nd Amendment candidates versus loopy ones that support gay rights and bigger government.

      • Your justification for the tired “ammosexual” tagline is a quote by some dweeb a whole bunch of us aren’t even voting for? Get real.

        • If I may… A wise man once told me “Never try to teach a pig to sing… It only frustrates you and it annoys the pig”… Some are truly lost and will do and say ANYHTING to stay that way… Can’t fix stupid… Carry on Sir…

          • or the variation: “Never wrestle with a pig. The pig enjoys it and you get covered in shit.”

            A rather corpulent co-worker overheard it, assumed it was intended for her, and filed a complaint with HR. No good deed goes unpunished.

      • The fact that Democrats keep conflating illegal aliens who came here criminally with legal immigrants astounds. Bush was referring to legal immigrants.

        The guy San Francisco’s left wanted there and enabled was an illegal alien.

        Your conflation of the criminal with the non criminal is why the gun control movement gets smaller and smaller.

        The Nov 2014 Gallup shows 63% of Americans know that owning a gun makes them and their family safer. The studies that claim otherwise rely on 90% of gun victims who are criminals. If you are not a criminal, owning a gun makes you and your family safer. Gun control advocates simply don’t see the difference between criminals and non criminals.

        Indeed if you are not a felon or in a gang your risk of being murdered in the US is LOWER than Australia, Canada, and 28% lower than the European average as well.

        In the US more gang members and felons kill each other, but less non criminals are killed in the US than in the EU

  5. Listening to talk radio today (Fresno California based), apparently California is a sanctuary state… Jerr-bear brown signed it into law I want to say 2013. Not too sure what that means in the bigger picture of things, but perhaps some of my more knowledgable cali residents may.

  6. And if you click the link, you will find that the gun “started to fire on its own.” Three times, on its own. Guess that will be his defense. You really can’t make this stuff up.

    • The one thing that is remotely believable about that is that the suspect is partially blind and the gun was wrapped up. Yes, he had to actuate the trigger but it’s a decent bet he fumbled it picking it up – we already know that people have accidentally triggered a second shot when firing large-caliber semi-auto and double-actio handguns, so if he didn’t expect there to be a gun he may have been surprised and not in proper control of it.

      • The initial report I heard said the gun “went off in his hands three times” while he was on some fairly heavy sleep aid medication.

        • His original story, before his taxpayer-supplied attorney got to him was that he was shooting at sea lions which is a federal crime on its own. No mention of sleeping pills, or “the gun just went off”.

          I’ll go with what he said at the start, although the lawyers will try to get it suppressed, and will probably succeed.

          Also, this guy is trying to play the “No Hablo Ingles” card, which I’m not buying.

  7. I am glad you put that last paragraph in because after reading the rest of the story I was starting to think it was the governments fault. 🙂

  8. Hmmm. What have I been saying for quite a while? Deport illegals. Secure the border. Death penalty.

    Regardless, the whole “government will keep you safe” narrative is a fantastic fail in this case.

  9. Don’t drag the military into this… They don’t trust us unless we are in a war zone. Overseas. And even then just sometimes.

  10. Anti-gunners will say, see we told you so, any and all guns are bad, no one can be trusted with a gun. City will say, see, if it were locked away like it was supposed to be nothing would have happened. State will support the city. All will call for all handguns to be made illegal in CA. Fienstein will give her 2¢ worth and support all-out ban. The SwillHTF in CA. I hope I am wrong.

    • You do know, don’t you, that Governor Brown, then Attorney General Brown, wrote an amicus brief in the U S Supreme Court in favor of the right to keep arms?

      • That either happened when he was sane or insane. Take your pick. I’m convinced he drifts in and out, which explains why he signs some anti-firearm bills and not others.

  11. A war is looming on the horizon, and the .gov keeps importing soldiers. Not looking good for the USA.

      • 3rd world welfare voters and people that will do anything those in charge tell them for a handout/citizenship.

        Do you think they have any connect/loyalty to this Nation? Culture? Values? or the people that built them?

        No, they do not…Read Enemies and Traitors by matt barrken.

  12. I want the Fed charged as an accessory to the crime of murder for transferring a weapon to a felon. He just found it? My ass he just found it….I am betting money changed hands.

    • “My ass he just found it….I am betting money changed hands.”

      Ahh no. Even one of this country’s dumbshit affirmative action hires probably wouldn’t be stupid enough to sell his service weapon. That shit will come right back to you.

      You know though, there’s another possibility. Can you think of a reason why a federal agent might need to lighten his waistband while he was out for a stroll… in a San Francisco park?

      That crazy, lying, sack of shit illegal might just be telling the truth about “finding” the gun. Maybe in this case “finding” was more like finding a couple of dudes in the bushes with their pants down, and making off with some poofter’s pants while he was otherwise occupied.

      • I’m thinking bathroom antics, and somebody got pick pocketed. Hmmmm it is SF………

      • It was either sfgate or latimes that reported that the gun (reportedly) stolen wasn’t his official gat, but one that he owned, so once again, it’s entirely possible that he sold it, and reported it stolen.

        Methinks Mr. Fed needs a good long griling

        • CNN is saying the .40 was a personal one and stolen in a car break-in in “downtown” SF. There really isn’t a “downtown”, but different commercial areas so tough to say where. SF does have an amazingly high rate of car break-ins.

  13. Lopez-Sanchez also claimed it was an accident. According to news reports, he intended to shoot at sea lions near the pier. I used to work nearby and am left scratching my head about the reports.
    1. Sea lions traditionally congregate several blocks away. Possible that they might have been there, but I’m skeptical. Shooting sea lions also violates the Marine Mammal Protection act, but not clear an illegal would know this.

    2. Shooting in that area is akin to saying someone just intended to shoot pigeons in Times Square. Huh? Discharging a firearm in SF virtually guarantees a rapid PD response and likely apprehension. Despite Donald Trump’s claims, crime statistics show most illegals assiduously avoid any behavior that would trigger a stop or arrest.

    3. Gun found in t-shirt: safety off & round in chamber?

    No doubt, more will be revealed, but every additional news item raises more questions. Meanwhile SF’s mayor, Ed Lee, SF Sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi, and Feds are lobbing blame grenades at each other.

    Mirkarimi was embroiled in controversy 3 ys ago having been accused of domestic violence – see for backstory. Lee was unsuccessful in having Mirkarmi ousted and views this as a another bite at the apple to have the sheriff removed from office. Mirkarmi is running for reelection and Lee is rumored to run for higher office when he terms out.

    it would be great theater were it not for the tragic loss of life. Lee, Mirkarimi & Feds are determined not to let a perfectly good tragedy go to waste.

    • Some reports have the gun “going off” three times in succession when he picked it up…..

  14. The progressive homosexual elected leadership and the homosexual voters of San Francisco voted for a person for sheriff who beats up his wife and makes sure you can’t get a gun. They voted for a policy that allows illegal alien murders and rapist to run free in the city. The voters of San Francisco are responsible for allowing this to happen. There is only one gun store in a city with millions of citizens. The others were regulated out of business. The city has been disarmed. The anti civil rights homosexual elected leadership likes it this way.

    The SF crime lab was run by an incompetent affirmative action black woman who used the drugs brought into her lab.

    Dead bodies have been left in the trunk of cars at the police impound lot.

    San Francisco has the worst unsolved murder crimes for a city of its size. If your loved one is murdered in San Francisco the chance of the murder being solved is very low. The SF Chronicle newspaper is will known for covering up the corruption of city officials.

    When illegals start killing the “wrong people ” only then will the voters of San Francisco start to care about it.

  15. Sanchez initially said he was “shooting at sea lions” when interviewed by the po po.
    To a CBS reporter interviewing him after his arrest, he said the gun “went off” (three times!!!!) “accidentally” when he picked it up…..

  16. What weirds me out is that I’ve always said that the chances of a dumbass picking up a gun and instantaneously turning into a rabid psychopathic maniac and killing the first person they see is a stupid and ignorant premise that gun grabbers all believe but has zero reality. Except it seemed to happen here. Which makes my conspiracy theory gears start to turn a little bit because the impossible just happened.

  17. It is being reported in our local paper that the agents car was broken into and his personal firearm was stolen. In San Francisco you cannot leave anything in your car it will be stolen…. Everyone who lives here knows that.

    • …interesting. As per California law, handguns may be transported in a vehicle, but the gun must be “secured”, locked up in a container and unloaded with the ammunition stored away.

      Methinks the gun being discussed was not stored properly. Will the aforementioned agent get in trouble for it?

      • Plausible deniability can be very convenient. “Of course my weapon was secured” Who’s to prove otherwise?

        Even if secured per CA’s transport requirement, the flimsy cable lock that accompanied my pistols are far more fragile than bicycle locks. And we know how many locked bikes get stolen.

        Not to put too fine an edge on it, but I’m under the impression that LEOs, EMTs, retired military, etc. need not conform. Then there’s always the ‘Feds trump local regulations’.

        Probably the only opportunity for sanctions is if the BLM employee violated their storage policy such as a requirement for trunk storage assuming a sedan. Or if the break-in was reported, but not the pistol loss. Hope an enterprising investigator will check to see if reported to the CA DOJ and freshly rolled out (but 3 years late) pawn shop stolen property data base. Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Now that makes sense… He stole it (and the pills) out of cars. It’s probably just that simple… Occam’s razor applied…

  18. Citing this senseless murder, the second amendment right to keep and bear arms is not a guard against government tyranny but an individual’s guard against its failure.

  19. OK, this settles it, No more guns for federal officers. Start at the White House and work your way down.

  20. Restricting citizens from owning firearms is not just a violation of the Second Amendment Right that was recognized, not granted, to the citizenry in general.
    It is also clearly political. Even Mao stated that “Every Communist must grasp the truth; ‘Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.'” That’s why Liberals (aka Fascists) and their ilk work so hard to ignore that pesky 2A.

  21. “…one that exposes a multi-juridictional, multi-level governmental fustercluck of epic proportions..” Lol that line was some serious epic writing. I want the gun to be some ATF agents oh the irony. Lol at the link to Mr. DEA Agent who’s the only one professional enough to handle this Glock Foaty…

  22. Does anyone else think that there was nothing senseless about this? This looks like a hit job to me. The feds wanted this women dead and they figured they would pin it on an illegal.

  23. “Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).

  24. So let me clear this up…..An illegal “finds” a feds gun wrapped in a t-shirt in a park then processed to kill a woman, Then admits it without hesitation? This makes me ask a single question. What did she know that the feds didn’t want out. Think about it. 5 time deportee convicted felon just happens on a gun in a park that belongs to a federal agent. I feel a fall guy situation.

      • I infinitely prefer 6th grade English to your pathological, liberal-progressive horsesh!t, any day.

      • Maybe using the same spelling correction word processor that causes me a considerable amount of humiliation? Ad hominem attacks are rather desperate.

  25. There was a Border Patrol Agent, Rosa, killed in the San Diego area a few years ago and his killers took his gun to Mexico. I don’t recall if it was ever recovered, but that’s a thought.

  26. Why would any LEO (Fed or otherwise) leave a sidearm in the car? I would think they are immune from the strictures of “gun free zones”.

  27. You may be wondering where an illegal alien felon would get a firearm in one of the most assiduously anti-gun cities in one of the most ardently anti-gun states.
    From the same place they get them in Washington DC. The men’s room in a government building.

  28. Why is it that an uneducated illegal alien had the “luck” to find a fully loaded, good brand firearm next to a park bench? Yet the most I have ever found during the decades of walking in parks is a half empty bottle of cheap wine and dirty diapers.

  29. I don’t buy a word of it! I smell FISH!!! I hope some reporter out there uses enough common sense to go deep into this! Just so happend that a gun was stolen out of a FED car? Why was it left in the car? Then the person that wanted it bad enough to steal it just happen to wrap it and leave it on a park bench? Then this poor man who’s illegally in this country trying to find work to feed himself just happened to find it and shoot this beautiful young lady? NO WAY!!! There’s some kind of cover up!! I hope someone figures out what REALLY happened!

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