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This from “A letter addressed to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg that arrived late last week at a municipal building has tested positive for ricin, according to two people familiar with the matter. A second letter containing the poison arrived at a building in Washington that houses Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group Mr. Bloomberg helps run and finances, a person familiar with the matter said. Investigators believe both letters were sent by the same person.” A spokesman indicated that the text of the letters refers to the gun control debate. Oh goody. More as and when it becomes available. Watch this space.

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    • Yeah but one it stops the cramping it feels wonderful. Like the day Mr. Bloomberg gets out of politics, same feeling from the same area of the body lol

    • You must never have flown models; model two-stroke aviation fuel in alcohol and castor bean oil. I also use Castrol in vehicles, and castor bean oil is an ingredient in that.

  1. I wrote to Gadaffi before he was killed by the Jewish agency. Warned him about the Zionists, too late however it would seem.

    Bloomberg should really take the Jewish threat seriously, get N.Y.P.D to deport anyone suspected to Arizona.

  2. This would make me giddy as a schoolgirl, except the chances of said letter actually getting to the angry dwarf are virtually nil, which makes it a really shitty way to hurt innocent people. (And yes, by and large I think they’re innocent even if they work for the tiny tyrant.)

    • I have a friend who works for him. She wants ar15s and thirty rounders of the streets. Even after everything I had to say about it. She also wants to keep her last name after marriage. Still, she is a good ( innocent)person for sure.

      • Yeah, I think we can sarcastically wish her luck with both of those. According to more and more studies I’m seeing, men are learning not to marry something like that.

        • Lol I think you’re right. I’m all for strong women. But that’s being something other than strong. To put it as nicely as I could I’d call it being difficult. I know a guy who took his wife’s last name. What’d ya call that?

        • I call it a couple who recognize that marriage is no longer a one way property exchange, carry.45.

          Or shouldn’t be.

        • Nah that’s not it either. I am progressive about everything except for broadening gun control and taking a women’s name. I’m sorry. But that’s how it always been. My wife is one tough cookie and that was never even a thought in her mind. So enjoy whatever relationship you have swarf. If it makes you happy that’s all that matters. I’ll stay with my wife who keeps my ass in line and doesn’t humiliate me by making me take her name.

        • I take no issue with a woman wanting to keep her last name. Sometimes it’s more than a personal thing, your name is what people in the business world know you as. Dude who takes his wife’s last name…well, let’s just say I wouldn’t call him anything fit for polite company.

        • Nigil I hear you. There are exceptions. Your name is the only thing that’s yours. But she’s Bloombergs assistant. Hardly a business venture where her name is her meal ticket.

        • I was talking about a woman keeping her own name. A man taking his wife’s name is the same problem in the other direction.

          It’s also waaay too my-balls-in-your-purse-ma’am? for me and I am very progressive on most issues.

          Maybe the dude’s last name was Buttcheese?

    • Yeah… it’s pretty easy to be killed by it, for real.

      False flag, all over it… a TINY, tiny false flag!

      • Dude, is anything not a false flag to you? Seriously. How does a person like you function in the real world?

    • no one of voting age is innocent the concept of democracy ensures shared consequences for poor choices…..

    • Yup Blinky, I agree… The notes in the letters would see to it that it paints gun owners as psychopaths ready and willing to kill on a moments notice. Ironically without a gun.

  3. First off, that trick never works. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, you can’t poison someone as poisonous as anyone in that group. Especially Hizzoner himself!

    • I lived in a neighborhood, not ten miles from here, where they grew all over the damn place. In people’s YARDS. Vacant lots…

      I bet there’s a hundred or more in this metro area right now.

  4. After all this time, and all their false claims of threats, there’s finally ONE? Any bets on it being faked, or at the very least from themselves?

  5. OMG!! Ban beans!! No wait, ban poison. No wait ban envelopes!! No double wait, ban mail!
    How can the world be full of such dangerous things?

    I do not condone this…It’s not cool, no matter how justified, and secretly wished for. However, poke enough bears eventually you will find a really angry one.

    As a plus I know now about Ricin which I had no idea about before.

  6. False Flag? If it actually happened as reported, prepare to be painted with a broad brush again. “This proves that gun owners are…….”, as opposed to singling out the person responsible for this singular action. One wonders though if it was actually a stunt from the anti side to influence opinion. Guess we will have to wait until someone is charged.

    • I said that before with the sincerest hopes that there is not one gun owner out their stupid enough to do that. But wait, it could be some heffer pissed off that they have to take more trips to the 7-11 for their soda fix.

  7. This whole “send ricin through the mail” thing seems staged, and until they convict someone who’s not an obvious patsy, I refuse to believe it. The headline-grabbing possibilities are nearly limitless, while the risk of someone actually getting harmed is quite low. According to: it would require inhaling quite a bit of the stuff before there are any adverse affects:

    If ricin is simply placed in an envelope where it could be inhaled, however, Brown says the poison “isn’t much of a weapon.” That stands in stark contrast to anthrax, which, as bacteria, can be lethal when inhaled; in 2001 five people were killed by weaponized anthrax placed in mailed envelopes. Ricin, as a plant-based compound, has little potential for biological warfare, Brown says: The toxin would have to be inhaled directly and for a long enough period to result in harmful exposure.

    In the case of the letters received by off-site White House and Senate mail rooms this week, Brown says the letter openers would have had to place their faces almost directly into the envelopes while opening them to experience negative effects. “Either that, or there would have to be a pretty big puff,” he adds.

    • They likely have some kind of mass spectrometer or some other testing device that would give preliminary readings. Ricin would be something they’d screen for.

  8. Gee, by Bloomturd logic, if it was a card carrying NRA member, why didn’t they just shoot him (no, that is not a suggestion,last thing we need is a martyr)?

  9. I have my suspicions that this will go unsolved (they’re likely the ones who did it). So as to forever be used as their one lone example of dangerous ‘gun culture.’

  10. Hillary’s campaign staff are getting an early start in trying to weed out the Democrat competition for the 2016 Primary.

  11. BS. Either they sent it to themselves to get attention or someone else supporting them sent them to try and say “see? Evil gun owners.”

    Almost positive someone in the organization sent it. Just too “perfect” for the media and the gun grabbers

  12. Maybe MAIG was just a diversionary target. Attacking MAIG has “ghostface cracka, middle aged, NRA member” written all over it. So a crafty lad or lass with a personal grudge against the ‘Berg can slink away provided they don’t match the profile.


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