BREAKING: Reports of 2 People Dead, 4 Wounded, Shooter in Custody at University of North Carolina

Arkansas walmart shooting


From CNN:

At least three people were shot Tuesday and one person was in custody after an incident on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, according to a city official.

Law enforcement officers were sweeping the affected buildings, the university tweeted.

“Follow officer commands,” the school said.

More as details become available.



A 22-year-old former UNC student has been arrested on charges of murder for today’s shooting at the University of North Carolina.


  1. avatar Missouri_Mule says:

    Campus Carry ends these events before the police get there folks.
    Its the law in 8 states.

  2. avatar Ark says:

    Blitz everyone’s screens with wall-to-wall mass shooter news, this is what you get.

  3. avatar ATTAGReader says:

    For those who do not live there – this is UNC in Charlotte, a suburban largely commuter campus – not UNC Chapel Hill that usually is in the NCAA Basketball tournament. Nonetheless, this sucks. BTW the link to CBSN is incorrect. But the local news says it was the last day of classes, so one would assume some lunatic had his last chance to do damage.

    1. avatar ATTAGReader says:

      Interviews of students on one news feed suggest that campus carry might have helped. The shooter was a UNCC student. Arrest video would suggest he was crazy. Another whacko running loose while the normal people are not allowed to protect themselves.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        Reagan never closed the nuthouses…he just renamed them ‘graduate schools’

        1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

          Oh, now that is goooood.

        2. avatar KenW says:

          The local college “New College” has students who are upset that the college is taking a closer look at those who self report having mental health issues. Hopefully the administrators are smart enough to realize, cave in and let something like this happen and you will have a lot worse problems than woke students hurt feelings.

        3. avatar barnbwt says:

          The phrase occurred to me, because man, there were a whole lot of “off” grad students & post-docs when I was getting my undergrad. Subsequently, many of the oddest people I’ve met were either meth-zombies or jobless PHDs.

  4. avatar TRex arms says:

    False flag

    1. avatar Miner49er says:

      And your evidence to support this claim?

      Or is it just BS?

      1. avatar Aaron says:

        you already know it’s BS

      2. avatar jwm says:

        Too damn rich. A bullshit artist calling someone out for their bullshit.


        1. avatar barnbwt says:

          LOL, it’s like watching an Ouroboros give itself a blowjob! Tard-ception!

    2. avatar James M says:

      You don’t even deserve the two minutes of attention used to make this comment. Blindly saying false flag shows your ignorance. Unfortunately this act of cowardice happened. I hope that if you or any of your loved ones ever experience an act like this, or die by similar means, you won’t encounter a mindless watse of space claiming your loss isn’t real. But just another scripted scene to further the advances made against everyone’s freedom. As for truth. You and your kind are part of the problem. Right next to Pelosi, Clinton’s and Bloomberg. The only difference is you will never be remembered. And by yourself have zero effect on anything. Ever. Like I said, waste of space.

      1. avatar Patrick says:

        Please review the definition of false flag.

  5. avatar jwm says:

    If this is being reported on cnn then more people were actually involved in the event than will see it reported.

  6. avatar billy-bob says:

    Former student, registered member of the libertarian party. Maybe wacko pothead?

    1. avatar rt66paul says:

      Being a Libertarian is not just about legalizing pot or getting high, it is about giving each resident of the US the right to his/her pursuit of happiness. Government regulations at all stages of government seem to be written to keep the little guy down.

  7. avatar Excedrine says:

    Damn. Right in my own back yard.

    Every time anybody in the General Assembly brings up campus carry, every gun-grabbing troglodyte pitches a bitch fit. Meanwhile, students and faculty are literally disallowed from defending themselves with anything other than harsh language.

    A problem involving bullets requires a solution involving bullets. Period. The faster the bullets meet the problem, the better: and they won’t get there any faster than from an armed student or faculty. To argue otherwise is to ignore reality.

  8. avatar Aaron says:

    “gun free” zones are like buffets for spree killers.

  9. avatar Gregolas says:

    When I taught at 2 “Car Pool U’s” I ankle-carried a Kel-Tec P3AT, and later a Taurus 709 Slim 9mm; each with 2 spare mags. Despite the fact that it was legal for me to carry in both places, I could have been fired if discovered to be packing. Didn’t matter. NO ONE was going to hurt my students if I could help it.

  10. avatar raptor jesus says:

    handgun, rifle, or shotgun?

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