BREAKING: 18 Dead, 13 Injured as Manhunt for Lewiston Spree Shooter Continues

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ABC News reports that, “A bowling alley in Lewiston, Maine came under fire Wednesday evening. There are additional reports of shots fired at a local bar and a Walmart distribution center.”

More than ten people are dead and dozens more have been injured, law enforcement sources who have been briefed on the shooting confirmed to ABC News.

Current reports are that the shooter is still at large.

We give the same caution in all of these situations…early reports are frequently hurried, confused, incomplete, wrong, or downright biased. 

More when the situation becomes clearer.

UPDATE: Latest reports are that at least 16 are dead in a Lewiston, Maine shooting with scores more injured. The suspect has been identified by police as 40-year-old Bowdoin resident Robert Card, a firearm instructor and National Guard member who had been committed earlier this summer as a result of mental health problems.

Maine state police have advised Bowdoin residents to shelter in place.

We are expanding the shelter in place advisory and school closings to include the town of Bowdoin. Please stay inside your homes while more than 100 investigators, both local and federal work to locate Robert Card who is a person of interest in the Lewiston shootings. A news conference is scheduled at 10:30 am today at Lewiston City Hall. Please tune into your local TV station’s social media and or websites for live streams.

10/26 UPDATE: Once again, the Lewiston shooting illustrates the unreliable nature of early media reports in these breaking news situations. Maine Governor Janet Mills announced at a press conference this morning that 18 people have been killed and 13 more injured.

A shelter in place order remains in place for the towns of Lewiston, Lisbon, and Bowdoin as the manhunt continues.

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  1. I see the FBI unleashed one of its assets to drum up pressure on the new speaker to push gun control…

    • Wife just looked up where Lewiston even is and golly the shooting site is marked on Google maps as a shooting. Suspiciously convenient app. Also notes routes may be slower

      • And I note that the shelter in place instruction by local LE is stated as either an “advisory” or an “order”, depending upon the article/author. Both terms are used in this page’s article. It can make a big difference, as the Boston PD (immediately following the Marathon att@ck) literally went around with guns pointed at its own community citizens on their house doorsteps to enforce their order as they searched for their suspect.

    • I actually think they released him to get a more moderate Republican as the speaker. Unfortunately for them the speaker was chosen right before the guy snapped. I have been wrong before but seeing how the new speaker raked the atf dictator, I mean director……nope, had it right the first time, over the coals. I doubt the new speaker is going to give new gun control the time of day.
      I was just thinking the other day that it had been a while since they sent one of these guys loose. They better hope Israel doesn’t start ground offensive in next couple days or that is a lot of dead innocents to become page 3 news.

      • Unless not house related at all. Maybe court related? Un-Prosecuted prohibited person like the Supreme Court is supposed to hear or ghost gun related.

        • ,Effective October 15, 2015, Public Law 2015, Chapter 327 (LD 652), “An Act To Authorize the Carrying of Concealed Handguns without a Permit,” allows a person who is not otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm to carry a concealed handgun in the State of Maine without a permit.

          Good news is citizens can defend themselves in Maine and now is no better time. Perp’s Subaru was found which may mean the perp stole a vehicle perhaps with the owner in it. Reports say perp had known mental problems.
          Hopefully this tragedy will be seen as reason for citizens to arm up instead of marching around begging for more deranged knee jerk Gun Control.

      • “I actually think they released him to get a more moderate Republican as the speaker.”

        Nope, just another infantile adult wife beater, incapable of handling the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life so he arms himself with a modern sporting rifle and decided to kill innocent people.

        No conspiracy, just more toxic masculinity, a conservative snowflake exercising his right to keep and bear arms

        • For the better half of two centuries more Americans owned guns in more households consistently, no mass shootings.

          Then you and your fellow Frankfurt School of Social Research crowd show up and label all the bedrocks of stability in American culture “ToXiC” and everything falls apart.

        • According to MSN, this “conservative snowflake” is…

          “described as an independent politically, has allegedly shown inclinations toward diverse political preferences… his past voting behavior reveals… that Card might have voted for Barack Obama in previous elections.”

          So, go figure…

        • “…just more toxic masculinity…”

          Any “masculinity” in you. Minor?

          Neither masculinity, nor “whiteness”, nor gender, nor any type of firearm has any ties to insanity that shows a total disregard for human life. Events in Europe and Asia in the 1930s forward, Africa forever, the rest of the Middle East and Israel, as well as the government-accepted violence in most leftist-run major American metro areas proves this.

          Better keep looking if you want to assign blame truthfully.

        • Seems like a mentally ill crazy person that should have been committed to an asylum.

          Apparently this guy sought mental health counseling and no one did anything about it.

          It seems that mental illness is rampant in Joe Biden’s America. So much so that many mentally ill people serve in his administration.

        • ArseMiner49er, why do you hate black people so much? GANGS are the problem, but all you want is Neo-Marxist, Big Gov control. SOO evil. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Dacian is furiously self-pleasuring before figuratively dancing in the blood of the victims.

    • Using an AR. The anti’s are going to be going ape. I wonder if this is somehow connected to the Gaza thing?

  2. Right color, right gun… THIS be in the News for the next month, unlike the tranz shooters and the black guy in Philly… Cool, they got one…

      • Robert Card? He’s a confirmed Obama/Biden supporter, 2X divorcee, a serial domestic abuser with restraining orders against him. He’s got multiple felony convictions including for child ¶ornography, he’s a ¶edophile AND registered sex offender who spent two weeks in a loony bin this past summer (thus he’s a “prohibited person” when it comes to firearms), he’s a member of a “protected class” so as per their policy the Demostinians will blame the gun not the failed system

        • Tell me the government really ARE “First Job” “keeping us safe”.. then they unleash hell on two legs to go kill a couple dozen innocents?
          TWO questions:
          WHY was this guy left free to roam about in public at all?
          WHY was there NO ONE to shoot back at thim?
          Seeems someone in one of those venues could/should/would have been armed to return fire?

        • Makes it even better for them, pedo, psycho, sex offender, woman beating, prohibited person with an illegally acquired AR and a high capacity mag… Could not ask for more, If ARs had been banned like Braindead wanted this nutjob could not have gotten his hands on one and this would have never happened… Right?

        • “prohibited person with an illegally acquired AR and a high capacity mag“

          Amazing, that describes many folks who post right on this very list, how interesting.

          I read posts here daily where most advocate no limitation on the ownership of firearms, under the second amendment there is no such thing as a ‘prohibited person’ right?

        • “prohibited person with an illegally acquired AR and a high capacity mag“
          Amazing, that describes many folks who post right on this very list, how interesting.

          Start by identifying ANY person YOU know for a fact is a “prohibited” person in possession of an “illegally” acquired firearm, then you can expound on anyone that you know for a fact is unlawfully in possession of a high capacity magazine… Waiting…. Unfounded accusations? Typical bullshit, Minerva, you (and Dumassian) are the only entities posting on this site who are LOW enough to equate legal gun owners exercising their right to express an opinion to the actions of a mentally ill, mass murdering, abusive, pedophile your ignorance precedes you, I’m not impressed…

        • “Amazing, that describes many folks who post right on this very list, how interesting.”

          How about some proof for this statement, Minor? Your opinion means nothing.

        • Teddy Kennedy’s Oldsmobile Mechanic

          I’ve got an old Buick Riviera that needs some brake work, you available? It’s my EXs car so I’m not too picky…

      • Studies show far more crime is committed

        in the U.S. by its citizens then either by legal or even illegal immigrants.

        The results are similar to our other work on illegal immigration and crime in Texas. In 2018, the illegal immigrant criminal conviction rate was 782 per 100,000 illegal immigrants, 535 per 100,000 legal immigrants, and 1,422 per 100,000 native‐​born Americans. The illegal immigrant criminal conviction rate was 45 percent below that of native‐​born Americans in Texas. The general pattern of native‐​born Americans having the highest criminal conviction rates followed by illegal immigrants and then with legal immigrants having the lowest holds for all of other specific types of crimes such as violent crimes, property crimes, homicide, and sex crimes.

        • You’ve made a convincing argument to stop illegal immigration, dacian. That relieves us of 782 crimes per 100,000 that we don’t need.

          Thje easiest crime problem to tackle and cure. Build the wall.

    • Who knows got some weird shit going on with Washington county NY man on run shooting at cops.

    • I’ve always felt uneasy about going to bowling alleys as an adult, even while carrying. Usually one main entrance/exit everyone uses. It’s a giant corridor full of people wearing awkward shoes that don’t fit right. Even if some other emergency breaks out, that’s a lot of panicked folks flooding one exit point at once.

  3. I’m sure the usual suspects will be out and about now trying to push more “gun safety” laws…without even knowing what has happened.

      • In reality Obama was blocked by the Republicans from passing a true National Health Care Law so he had to compromise with the Affordable Care Act which did away with pre-existing conditions, did away with crooked Insurance Caps and let young people stay on their parents insurance coverage for a longer period of years all of which saved the American people millions of dollars each year.

        The Republicans had decades to do something about America’s health care bankrupting people but they chose to get rich on donations from the corrupt and criminal Insurance Companies and the Drug Industry.

  4. The perfect storm in the USA for hamas copycattery… they are behind schedule on gun control.. the UN is getting desperate for their nwo..

  5. Imagery is low resolution. However; it appears that the gun might be a Kel Tec shotgun rather than an AR-15. It appears to have a very fat barrel and a bullpup stock.

    • Fair point.

      To my eye it looks like a long free-floated handguard (like a 14.5″ or 15″) on an AR with a LPVO on it.

      But I could be wrong, that’s just what it seems like to me looking at those two pictures which, yes, are terrible.

      • Pics I saw is definitely an AR pattern rifle with an optic, seemed more substantial than a LPVO, two mags taped together in the mag well, and several more in the pockets his pants.

    • in retrospect, I agree that it is an AR pattern rifle.

      it is indeed interesting that the extremely selective coverage by journalists has succeeded in persuading potential mass shooters to select AR-pattern rifles rather than pistols and shotguns that has been the predominant weapons for mass shooters. then again, the media is seldom reporting on the far more frequent, gang related mass shootings that are usually perpetrated by multiple assailants.

  6. White guy with an AR goes looney toons and unalives a bunch of people… well, that’s a propaganda shitstorm wrapped in a bow. We’ll be hearing about this for weeks unless it turns out he was screaming pro-Palestine rhetoric or something.

    Interesting that it’s being reported that he hit multiple locations. Sparetime Recreation, Schemengees Bar & Grille Restaurant and a Walmart distribution center are in the early reports.

    • I’m wondering if multiple attacks means multiple shooters.
      Threat level is elevated and could very well be related to events in the Mid East.
      There are many IRGC cells here in the US.

      We will have to wait and see, but like always if it doesn’t fit the narrative we won’t hear about it in the mainstream news at least.

      • I have no idea of the reports are correct or not.

        Assuming for a moment that they are, it’s an interesting deviation from the norm. If they’re not correct reports, the reports are an interesting deviation from the norm.

        IMHO, it’s too early to do anything other than note the deviation and see where, if anywhere, that it goes.

      • I’ve spent too much time getting around internet censors in a great many places.

        These days, if you’re not getting around censors you’re not having useful conversations in places they need to be had.

      • Unalive people, that would be the opposite of people not yet dead, makes sense to me… Scary huh…

  7. I bet Biden is now sporting a woody thinking about exploiting the incident to get more gun control.

  8. The live reports are not helping. Too much speculation and not enough facts.

    I have been to Lewiston, nice town. People there talk funny, but very cordial folks.

  9. They “correct” skin color for a change. But if he is a hom0sexual this story will disappear.

    • Well, IMHO, I think it best to stay home as much as possible and be prepared for anything. If you need to go out, try and go with others and not go alone. Make sure all of you are armed. As for work, be on your toes at all times, and carry if you can. S* in this f*ed up world is getting real weird. The social fabric of Western civilization is fraying badly. The Powers That Be are purposely pushing things to a breaking point, with the border, out of control spending, and the whole LGBTQWXYZ+ push.

      I have a feeling this is only the beginning. Stick with family and trusted friends, and don’t trust anyone outside that circle.

      • You can’t escape crazy people. We as a society refused to lock them up decade’s ago. In communist China crazy people stab 20 children to death. Because guns are totally banned.
        So the crazy just get some other deadly weapon.

  10. Wondering if the perp has any ties to drama going on in the ME. Heard there have been small groups of not-exactly-hispanic-looking military aged males congregating in Mexico and trying to cross north, so even loose ties to *insert crazed mohammedan group here* wouldn’t surprise me.

  11. I looked up Maine’s gun murder rate. It’s exceptionally low. How convenient for the tyrants this happened within two days of a huge gun violence prevention meeting at the white house…. I don’t understand how he could cause that much Kaos in a Constitutional Carry state unless those idiots just don’t train enough. I always find it strange I never meet someone who knows someone that survived a shooting. Met more people that have won the lotto, 1!

    • Complacency is a killer in itself… Spent a lot of time in Maine, mostly rural, laid back, friendly folks… Fucking shame…

      • I didn’t consider two places serve alcohol the other doesn’t allow guns. You take a huge risk shooting someone there in self defense and we can’t count on our fellow citizens to defend us anymore. Some/many would throw you under the bus even if you saved their lives….

  12. Too bad an armed citizen didn’t take this bad guy out. Hope they get this guy soon. Prayers and condolences to all the victims and their families.

  13. National guard member and firearms instructor who was just released form a nut house. Bummer, I was really hoping that he was a dirka dirka who had entered the country illegally through the southern border.

  14. Why do these things keep happening in Republican states? So many senseless deaths could have been prevented had there been commonsense red flag laws to take away the guns from the mentally ill and violent. Another mass shooter with a semi automatic AR-15 rifle in his hands and who knows how many high capacity ammunition magazines. Tell me again why this doesn’t happen in states with gun laws that work – New York, for example?

    • Maine Senate: 22 Dems, 13 Republicans
      Maine House: 80 Dems, 68 Republicans, 2 Ind, 1 non-voting

    • Umm, I seem to recall that Buffalo is in New York. Illinois is a place where gun rights go to die, and it had a mass shooting with an AR not so long ago. California, famous for its strict gun laws, has had two that I can remember right off the top of my head, one of which was by a crazy with pistols and one of which was a terrorist attack by a husband and wife team.

    • News flash, Hogg Boyy: this guy’s record means he CANNOT POSSESS HANDLE OR USE firearms. He IS a “prohibited person” per info writen above.
      What new law could have kept this dirtbag from getting and using that rifle? NONE. So they used laws to disarm EVERYONE in the places where he did his filthy work. THAT is what MUST change. Its been proven over and over that no laws will revent anyone bent upin criminal murder from ACUALLY getting a firearm. ONLY some armed and skilled plain folks can ever stop such a bad guy.

      • “this guy’s record means he CANNOT POSSESS HANDLE OR USE firearms“

        Wait a minute, so now y’all are saying there should be limits on the 2A?

        • @Miner49er

          Contrary to your false assertion and that of the anti-gunners, the pro 2A community overall has always been against truly ‘prohibited persons’ from possessing firearms.

          Learn what context means you fool. What the pro-2A community is against is lack of due process and persecution of pro-2A in removing and controlling (as a privilege) 2A rights for everyone who is not truly a prohibited person and is law abiding. There is a difference.

          Why are you not posting under your ‘David Hogg’, and your pro-hamas pro-death pro-terrorism ‘Amercian TaxPayer’ (among other) names, or under one of your other anti-constitution pro-socialism trolling names?

        • How did you feel when limits were put on abortions, miner?

          Basically you’re saying we all should be punished for what happened in Maine. Mighty fascist of you.

        • Nope, if you’re free to walk the planet, you have a right to self defense. What has been said is that under current laws, he purchased his gun illegally. But you understand that, you’re just playing dumb!

    • “So many senseless deaths could have been prevented had there been commonsense red flag laws …”

      Maine does have “extreme risk protection orders” that can be used for law enforcement officers to remove firearms from the possession of people at risk of using guns to harm themselves or others. But in Maine, a medical practitioner must first “assess whether the person presents a likelihood of foreseeable harm.”

      So you say that the perp was committed to an institution and was under the care of a medical professional a few months ago? Say, wouldn’t this have been a good chance to use that EPO based on the expert opinion of a medical professional?

      • California has the highest number of mass shootings (and is 2nd only to Texas in gun related deaths) in the country…

        • But Texas rarely has any violence outside Democrat cities. My county, Kerr, averages .33 homicides a year.

        • ADJUST what? Dead is dead and if more people died in (A) than in (B) it doesn’t matter how many people lived where… Percentages (or 1 in every 100,000) might work for statistics but in the real world 10 dead people is 10 dead people no matter how many people lived where… There is no ADJUSTMENT, a number is what it is..

        • If you’re arguing effectiveness or uselessness of policy, rate is more informative than gross number. CA could have a lower rate but more mass shootings simply due to larger population. Probably not the case, but just saying they have more without factoring in population doesn’t tell how well or poorly they do compared to states with different gun laws.

        • If CA has 15 mass shootings and Texas has 10 then CA has MORE mass shootings than TX and the population does not change THAT fact… When you start with the “per 100,000” crap it skews the parameters but does not change the fact that more shootings occurred in CA than in TX… Must be working with that new math crap… Tell you what, contact all those “adjusted” deaths and tell them they’re not really dead because CA has more people than TX… Not concerned with effectiveness of laws here, just raw numbers…

    • Why do these things keep happening in Republican states?

      The only Republican from Maine is Sen Susan Colins (RINO #3) Maine has Dem gov, Dem controlled legislature (House 80 Dems, 68 Rep, 2 Ind Senate 22 Dems, 13 Rep), an “Independent” Senator Angus King who votes with the Dems and is counted as a Dem seat.. Braindead carried Maine by 9 points in 2020. Might rethink that “Republican States” thing

    • @David Hogg (AKA Miner49er)

      “Why do these things keep happening in Republican states? So many senseless deaths could have been prevented had there been commonsense red flag laws to take away the guns from the mentally ill and violent. Another mass shooter with a semi automatic AR-15 rifle in his hands and who knows how many high capacity ammunition magazines. Tell me again why this doesn’t happen in states with gun laws that work – New York, for example?’


  15. Looks like the guy is a loony tune …

    “It added that law enforcement said Card “recently reported mental health issues to include hearing voices and threats to shoot up the National Guard Base in Saco, ME.”

    The bulletin said Card was reported to have been committed to a mental health facility for two weeks this summer and then released. NBC News has not been able to independently verify the bulletin’s statements about Card’s history.”

      • And absolutely no warning signs (other than telling people he was hearing voices and thinking of committing a mass shooting).

      • He could be any one of us. He was a good guy.

        Wife beater? pedo? multiple felon? registered sex offender? Might be your kind of “good guy” but he does NOT quite fit MY profile of a good guy…

    • The Dims are gonna have a field day.

      Looks like initial reporting reveals that he’s a dim, in several ways (see MADDMAXX just above this). That part of the story, if true, won’t make the front page.

  16. Calls for gun control, the banning of “assault weapons” and the ban of “high capacity magazines” in 3-2-1….

  17. “Law enforcement” aka the “report takers” are advising everyone to hide in their homes and wait to die like the unarmed Israelis did.

    What the hell happened to OUR country? Where are the announcements of a reward for the perp’s capture “Dead or Alive”?

    • Careful now, you’re gonna have all the coppers on a whinge because the public are trying to DO the job they WON”T do. Can’t have that, now, can we? Makesem look bad.

      • Almost as bad as dropping their roach clip while they search your car because they smelled marijuana

  18. Upon reading since the update:
    They will use this in perfect concert with the AFT going after simunitions to attack any form of firearms training. Doesn’t matter if this guy taught NRA beginner pistol, they will make him look like Clint Smith and paint any class for non-LEO/MIL persons as “mass shoother school.”

    Maine will undoubtedly adopt red-flag laws if they haven’t already.

    Would love to know more about this guy’s Natty Guard history, must be real awkward for everyone in his CoC rn.

  19. “who had been committed earlier this summer as a result of mental health problems” and pro gun people complain that law makers shouldn’t take guns away because of their health rights. I Think The mental health records should be alerted to Law enforcement to take their guns til they get a mental health exam showing they are no danger to anyone, Their 2A rights isn’t that important compared to their endangerment to others. Mental health matters should be talked about more and something has to change.

    • “take their guns til they get a mental health exam showing they are no danger to anyone”

      People like you don’t understand that it is the heavily implied, if not stated goal, of many Americans to ultimately flag anyone right of Bernie Sanders as a threat to society in “the system.” You are advocating for the social weaponization of mental health and the eventual implementation of medicalized Stalinism.

      “SoMeThInG HaS to ChAnGe hurr durr”
      How about raising kids the way we did in the 60’s, through good parenting and establishment of a solid moral compass and appreciation of western civilization. Everyone owned guns back then, and for decades prior. No mass shootings. *shocking*

    • We can’t talk about mental health because there are no mental health problems any more. Only brave and strong personal choices that we are supposed to celebrate as part of lifes diverse tapestry……or else.

      • From the older movie Girl Interrupted, “I got it from a tranz-vestite in the men’s ward” implying that he’s mentally unwell because he’s tranz. Everyone understood that. Now you aren’t allowed to talk about it. Even this site is designed to send the comments about it to moderation.

    • Difference is between someone evaluated by mental health officials enough to be committed to an institution vs. somone reported as unstable by ex-partner, police officer (who, as the left keeps reminding us, is likely subject to racial bias), or other person who holds a grudge and lacks any professional qualifications to make a mental health assessment.

    • When the ‘mental health’ talk is 90% about ‘take away the 2A right’ as its main focus and dominated by left wing democrat who want to do away with constitutional rights and turn the country into a tyranny, no one can arrive at actual ‘Mental health matters’ discussion.

      Just take a look at it – every time there is a bill by democrats in congress dealing with ‘mental health’ and its discussed, the very first thing that comes up from the left wing and democrats and anti-gun is taking away the 2A right from people. Yet, they ignore that guns are used in less than 1% of ‘mental illness’ associated violence cases (yes, including mass/school shootings and suicide), and the rest is with other ‘implements’ or means yet for some reason its somehow ‘necessary’ to remove 2A rights from law abiding people who have done nothing wrong to somehow solve the ‘problem’ the left wing democrats and anti-gun ‘creates’.

      In other words, the democrats and anti-gun are not really about ‘mental health’ or the constitution, not even with ‘red flag laws’, if they were they would devote their efforts and money and rhetoric towards actual mental health solutions and have actual due process in ‘red flag laws’ to ensure mistakes and wrongful persecution are not made (note: there is not one enacted red flag law in the country that has actual due process which is why all of them are unconstitutional), and address actual mental health. Instead, we get this so called ‘discussion’ and rhetoric that focuses on ‘guns’ while enacting laws and policy and ‘rule by fiat’ that only affects the law abiding while ignoring over 75,000 laws already on the books in states against all sorts of violent crimes in which mental illness plays a role and have democrats enact policy that lets these offenders run free in society.

      So you want to do something about mental illness? Then stop wasting time and money and resources persecuting law abiding people who have done nothing wrong, stop trying to undermine and destroy the constitution, stop trying to install a tyranny, and you know, do something about ‘mental health’.

      Like this left wing mass shooter – it was known he was potentially violent, probably would be violent, was in their mental health system, and they simply released him (despite knowing he had already threatened to kill) and was being driven by impulse (e.g. ‘hearing voices’) to kill others and one of the the key things all mass shooters have exhibited was a driving impulse to kill. Yet their so called ‘mental health’ system literally, knowing he had all the signs of the ‘undiagnosed’ ‘trouble of the mind’ mental illness that all mass/school shooters exhibit, they released him into society. They had an actual ‘mass shooter’ confined in metal health treatment, knew he was likely to harm, and a left wing liberal dominated mental health system released him back into society.

    • bob, if they are dangerous enough to take away their guns, they are dangerous enough to take away their vehicle, pointy objects, access to household cleaners, pilot’s license, etc…

      IF the reports are true (and that “if” should be a HUGE IF) then this guy shouldn’t have had his freedom in the first place. You have someone making an active and specific threat, someone with a very recent history of severe mental health issues, and you let them walk? This makes no sense. This required no “red flag law”. Motive, means and opportunity, combined with a specific and actionable threat is all any state needs to lock someone up.

  20. SSRI strikes again, media won’t care about a bunch of flannel wearing white people. Lewiston is becoming Mogadishu with all the Somali refugees. He had shot up a mosque it would be really getting coverage.
    Hopefully the Zionist roll into Gaza so this is forgotten.

  21. Maine is a blue state, nationwide collectively, the most murders and crime happen in, collectively, blue cities and states. Collectively, even in red states over ~80% of murders and (all types) crime in the state happen in cities that are blue and controlled by left wing democrats.

    This guy was another mentally ill left wing animal, a staunch left winger who voted Obama and Biden, who went through that states ‘mental health’ system, a person known in their mental health system to have been potentially violent yet despite that they failed to enact a collection of laws in the state that have the same effect as ‘red flag’ laws (a collection of laws that are already present in all 50 states and have been for decades). And 2023 is shaping up to be about the same as 2022 was as far as left wing violent mentally ill and crime is concerned.

    Its been here all this time, just not reported on as much and mostly kept quiet by a left wing complicit media and political structure. Collectively overall in 2022, nationwide : ~76% of murders, ~85% of rapes, ~97% of domestic-violence, ~73% or violent robberies, ~97% of assaults, ~72% of child abuses including sexual were committed by people who were left wing or left wing leaning politically or liberals or embraced left wing or liberal ideology either selectively or in part. Collectively overall, ~87% of those happened in a collective combination of democrat left wing controlled blue states and blue cities.

    General note: Around 25,000,000 ‘treated’ left wing or liberal mentally ill potentially violent people roam among society daily. Every one of them have been ‘treated’ or are undergoing ‘treatment’ by a ‘mental health system’ that is dominated and controlled by left wing liberals who throw pills at them that most of them stop taking or don’t take regularly and ‘monitoring’ their condition is left up to them. Especially the trans portion where the main ‘treatment’ is simply basically validating their DSM-5 ‘gender dysphoria’ imagined gender identity, and when encountered with a real world that will not validate their DSM-5 ‘gender dysphoria’ imagined gender identity and be their emotional support animals their violence tendency level rises.

    • “were committed by people who were left wing or left wing leaning politically or liberals or embraced left wing or liberal ideology either selectively or in part.” – such a broad definition as to have little meaning. Are drug gangsters politically left or are they extreme capitalists???

      • “Are drug gangsters politically left or are they extreme capitalists”

        “drug gangsters” embrace liberal ideology either selectively or in part to exploit those, largely, more embracing liberal ideology either selectively or in part. Intentional drug abuse is liberal ideology of a ‘social freedom’ concept, unfortunately many of them become addicted and what started out as a ‘social freedom’ use for fun or escape can become a living hell for them later.

  22. I’m armed wherever I go, or I don’t go. It’s a simple rule, as I know that criminals and crazies never make appointments. I may not win the firefight, but I will at least shoot back and not be slaughtered like a sheeple.

  23. I wonder what drugs he’s been on including the legally prescribed kind. Does he have children that he provides for?

  24. hopefully
    they find him
    in his car
    half of his head gone
    with his ar15 in his lap
    he owes society at least that much

  25. This would be another tragic incident that could of been prevented if the system worked as it was supposed to.
    Where did the break down in the system occur?
    Who did not report this person should not have access to firearms, that he was a clear and present danger to not only himself but others?
    But no. They will cry about the firearm. They will not question who, what, where and when those red flag laws failed to do what they were passed for.
    Just its the guns fault!

    • And dear Genius Epstein without a high capacity assault rifle not nearly as many people would have died. I ask you if gun control does not work then why do not other countries have 44,000 gun deaths a year and mass murders almost every other day??????????????????

        • The modern left wing environmental movement isn’t about the environment. It’s about hating Western civilization.

      • Okay dumassian just how long does it take you to drop a magazine, slam in another and hit the bolt carrier release button? 2 seconds 3/5? (hint: it’s much easier AND quicker to do with the smaller 10 round magazine)… No one was shooting back (kids night at the bowling alley) he was shooting at will and the number of rounds in a magazine has nothing to do with the number of people shot… And FYI only about 21000 of those gun deaths were homicides and MOST of them were from handguns (less than 600 from ALL rifles) and the most mass shootings occurred in CA where it is nearly impossible to get an AR (banned since 1989?) and magazine capacities have been limited to 10 rounds… You should crawl back under your rock until you get the REAL facts because YOUR truths suck…

      • “I ask you if gun control does not work then why do not other countries have 44,000 gun deaths a year and mass murders almost every other day??????????????????”

        dacian, did you take an extra dose of your ‘stupid pills’?

        ‘gun control’ didn’t do that in other countries, ‘people and crazy control’ did that.

      • The atrocity in Israel is all you need to see to understand gun control doesn’t work, dacian. If you can’t understand that, you’re too dumb to be involved in the conversation….

  26. Presser this morning. The usual: “Terrible thing happened. We’re working hard to clean up the mess and cover our asses. In the meantime everyone is locked down, so don’t go out sight seeing.”

  27. Prominent Maine citizen Stephen King, described as the “King of Horror”, says “It’s the rapid-fire killing machines, people.”

    Rapid fire machines have been easily available to American Citizens since 1900 (+/- 5 years). The era of spree killings began in 1966.

    It ain’t the guns.

    OTOH, Stephen King published his first book monetizing horror in ’65.

  28. There have been reports of initial surveillance photos showing the shooter entering the bowling alley and passing a ‘Gun Free Zone’ sign on the window. Subsequent photos do not show any such signs. Have the photos been doctored to remove the sign? This sad incident is just another reason to always carry a gun — no matter where you are. There are over 1,000 dead Israeli citizens that wish they had been armed on Oct. 7. As John Wayne once stated — ‘If everybody carried a gun, it would be a whole lot politer world.’

  29. The FBI now has him surrounded.

    Break out the hot dogs and marshmallows.

    There is going to be a fire.

  30. Th MOst of these kinds of shooting -in fact I’d say the vasy MAJORITY HAVE ABSOLUTELY no bloody political motivation what so ever’ But the usual usual will continue making political hay out of yet another tragedy and doing absolutely NOTHING about it.
    America arms it’s Police and thosePolice go aboutbtghneir business amking a house to house search fo a highly unstable armed and very dangeropus man and yet and yet ther are idiotic criticisms about ‘Armed Police Raiding house that have nothing to do with the suspect Hoe do THEY bloody well KNOW which house or houses have anythning to do with the suspect unless that conduct AMRED enquiries.
    AND,AND wher were all those BRAVE AMERICAN GUN OWNERS when you need them surely bybthe Law of Acverages there MUST have been more than one or two within shooting range of the perpetrato. Guess what all those BRAVE SOULS kept their heads down.
    Over this side of the POND a MACHETE weilding terrorist was beaten up by unarmed bystanders though one himself a criminal!! [ one was carrying a Ivory Statuette I believe] including an OFF DUTY MEMBER of PARLIAMENT. Fortuneately though I supp[ose if you know wher to look and have the ‘Readies’ ‘ you can get firearms, they are not easily available in the UK. Though thee is no OUTRIGHT ban on Firearms Ownership there is no absolute right of Ownership either and you will definitely NOT get a license if you have an unexpunged Criminal Cecord or Mental Health Issues

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