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Police have responded to reports of a school shooting at Forest High School in Ocala, FL. According to initial reports, one student was shot in the leg and the shooter has been arrested. This comes on the anniversary of the Columbine shooting . ..

The Columbine High School shooting took place April 20, 1999. Many schools across the country are holding walkouts to protest gun violence. Students in Marion County, where the high school is located, have been told not to take part in the walkouts.

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  1. I hate these kids. And, as a 2A absolutist, I beg gun owners, and parents in particular, to lock your damned guns up except the one that should be on your hip. And lock up the damned ammo in a separate container. Parents these days have no idea who their children really are and what they’re capable of.

    • I blame the parents. Then the schools. Then the communities and finally older folks in general.

      • Strych9: Looks to me like you place the blame on any one or any thing other then where it really should be, the person who pulls the trigger. When did we stop realizing the fact that each of use is responsible for our actions?! Circumstances do contribute however, the decision to do the action whatever it may be rest solely with the individual. They are the one that made the choice.

        • No offense but IMHO the problem with your argument is that you’re not looking deeply enough at the issue.

          What you say is true. However, these kinds of shootings are generally something that didn’t happen before 1966 (Charles Whitman) and really didn’t take off until 1999 (Columbine). The question is why.

          Clearly media plays a part in that, offering mentally deranged people a quick trip to infamy at the expense of others. That’s a whole other issue that I’m not going to deal with here.

          This issue also has to do, IMHO, with a lack of personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is not something we’re born with. We’re just bipedal apes (sorry religious folks). We’re violent, territorial, self/group/tribe-interested apes. Personal responsibility is learned and as such it must be taught. It’s learned from family and education and reinforced by societal norms and values. Those things are lacking in today’s society. The folks that wrote the Constitution expected a well educated society which we really don’t have these days.

          Yes, if a kid picks up a gun and shoots a bunch of his classmates that is, in the immediate, his/her fault because he/she made that decision. However, baring some sort of serious mental disturbance that has gone undetected, it’s also the parent’s fault for raising a kid that would do that. Where were the parents when they should have been, oh I dunno, raising a kid with values like personal responsibility? A value that’s taught, in part, by the imposition of discipline which must, by definition, start at home.

          Similarly, where were the schools when it came to discipline? Note that [Name Redacted] was given a pass more than 20 times by the school and the police. More generally speaking here: Where were the schools when it came to identifying trouble spots? (Students in need of mental help, issues with serious bullying, violent behavior, criminal actions, gang affiliation etc).

          Then there’s the community that let all that shit slide (Who’s lost their job over the Marjory Stoneman
          shooting? When’s that self-aggrandizing Sheriff going to get fired?). Then of course there’s the older folks who want no responsibility for this kind of thing whatsoever but conveniently ignore the fact that the kids doing this shit are their own kids and grand kids AND also conveniently ignore the fact that it’s the same school systems that went down the drain under the “watchful eye” of those very same older folks who didn’t bother to lift a goddamn finger as those schools went down the shitter.

          But I digress, by now you either get the point or you don’t.

          [Note: This sort of thing applies equally to the David Hogg types the of the world.]

          • Strych9. I fully give you the right to have your honest opinion.You had to have learned from somewhere the info to develop these opinions.First I do not now or ever have I in the past posted arguments, only truth and facts.Let me start with the bottom line.The responsibility belongs to the individual who does an act, either good or bad, because they are the one and only them self who made the decision and performed the act. I agree you did digress and as a result have shown you do not get the point.I do have to make one comment on your input.You stated “It’s also the parents fault for raising a kid to do that”. I will just let you and others that read this dwell on that statement.

        • Strych, I generally agree, but one nightmare scenario keeps hanging me up, and that is Sandy Hook. WTF was anyone supposed to do? Mom would probably have loved to off the little shit before he offed her, but law abiding folk don’t do that, and she’d have spent life in prison. Barring that, I bet she’d have loved to hand him off to the state and let them handle it, but of course that is not allowed, he’s your problem. As a parent, you see the problem coming, what can you do? If you were a neighbor, you may have noticed he was a dangerous flake. What could you do? As a teacher? Cop on the beat? He’s broken no law, what can you do?

        • Larry,

          You’re right, in that there was probably nothing she could do to prevent something substantially similar from playing out. He was an adult and she could have kicked him out and locked up her firearms, but that would only have altered the specifics of what went down, not the totality of the event. He would have done something monstrous regardless at that point.

      • Older folks like myself (nearing 61) are the most responsible, law abiding gun owners and handlers of firearms in this country. We were taught morals by our parents, responsibility and the difference between right and wrong. We have already raised our children in the same vein as our parents raised us.

        • And you did what exactly to prevent the degradation of the schools in your area?

          The kids who do this kind of shit are the product of a system that people in your age group (not you necessarily) let go to shit. Now, generally (again, not necessarily YOU) you’re complaining about the product of the system you let go to hell in a hand basket.

        • I couldn’t possibly agree more with this more (I got a speeding ticket once in 2001). Like whiskey, men mellow with age too. Also, wisdom through experience is more abundant. Both factors are key ingredients to responsible gun ownership. I’m 52. The alpha aggression I had as a teen and in my 20’s (I was a world class wrestler), along with almost obsessive need to always be “right”, has long since dissipated as my tolerance levels increased. As a supremely confident young man, I was never one to look for trouble, but today I’m more of a man who would look to exhaust every possibility of avoidance and deescalation. Still, I’m fiercely protective of my family, country and Constitutional Rights, all of which I would go to war for in the most savage and merciless ways imaginable.

        • Strych9, It’s pretty damn hard to change the school system when your views are in the minority because you happen to live in a bastion of progressive thought.

      • I’m glad you see the truth there strych. Nothing more then bi pedal apes. After all these years and all these cities, we still stare at a campfire and gaze at the universe.

        • You and Strych9 might be “bi-pedal apes”, but God created me as a MAN! The only “bi-pedal apes” are the negros, AND THAT IS FROM SCRIPTURE!!!!! The problem stems from the rampant evil in this world, especially that has invaded this country, and the fact that we, as a civilized nation, have failed to do as our forefathers and maintain our nation according to the Constitution AND GOD’S law! If we actually followed what the Constitution says and stands for, we would NEVER allow a leftist to even run for office considering their entire agenda and belief system is a direct contradiction of the Constitution and God’s law!

    • Although I agree in the notion of securing arms (not laws mandating it however) I will say that I would put a 20 on it coming out there was a long history of disturbing behavior, perhaps even use of the Obama stuff to eliminate the “school to prison” pipeline and not prosecute.

      • $0.25 / square?

        I’ll take any with Prescription Drugs, and communist liberal (D) parents, up to $5.

    • Parents aren’t being responsible parents these days. If they knew and communicated with their kids like responsible parents should, they would know that their kids have a problem (especially if it’s violent tendencies). Responsible parents would then act accordingly, such as making sure their guns (and other dangerous items) cannot be accessed by their unstable child.

      We sure aren’t seeing that as much these days.

      • !) Liberals and progressivism, tries to make God, Country, Family something of an oppressor to be ‘overcome’.
        2) Liberals and progressivism, makes the shitness of the world ok, commonplace, protected, and lauded.
        3) Parents become afraid of letting their kids play outside, or at unsupervised after school activities.
        4) Liberals and progressivism, attack the kids at school with shitness in what is taught and what the kids are exposed to.
        5) Liberals and progressivism, attack the kids at home with shitness on t.v.
        6) Kids are supplied the tools for home-body introversion, a/k/a: books, video games, computers, social media.
        7)Liberals and progressivism, attack families and kids through books, video games, computers, social media.


    • TrueBornSonofLiberty,

      I have two children, one of which is old enough to drive. There are plenty of times where my spouse and I are away and our children are home by themselves. If I lock all of my firearms in a safe, our oldest child has no effective means of self-defense. Waiting between 8 and 25 minutes for a deputy or state police unit to stop by isn’t cutting it.

      For that reason, I store two 20 gauge shotguns at discrete locations where my oldest child can access them and put them to good use if ne’er-do-wells come calling. Is it possible that my oldest child could transport one or both of those shotguns to school and murder people? Sure. And my oldest child could just as easily drive a car into a crowd, chain doors shut and set a building on fire, or poison the food supply at a restaurant and murder a LOT of people.

      The proper solution to absolutely minimize child murderers is effective parenting — something that is sorely lacking in our nation these days.

    • Robert Heinlein’s advice for the safest method of raising young boys:

      “Put them in a barrel and feed them through the bung-hole. When they turn 16, drive in the bung.”

  2. Legit shooter or two punks with beef? Won’t know until later, but we sure know how the media will spin it!

  3. Protest the violence , don’t persecute the gun . it did not pull it’s own trigger. Protest mental health professionals keep the person to blame locked up for a long time. Protest the cops do their job better and have officers at schools. When I was in high school we had deputies at the doors & I’m in my 50s. Protest the idiots trying to blame the gun for the persons actions holding it.

  4. I’m a paramedic here in Ocala. Information is limited as this happened right as I was going off duty. Trauma alert per protocol, but pt appeared stable, and shooter quickly apprehendedby SRO. FYI, Gilchrist county is an hour north of us. Tough day on our community.

    • And also the fault of Mario Rubio.

      And probably Ted Cruz too.

      Wonder when Hogg is going to start the boycott?

    • Silly boy! It’s happening because there isn’t an Assault Weapons Ban, and you can still buy high-caliber magazine clips.
      Once we get rid of all of the Assault Weapons, and the high-caliber magazine clips are all empty, we will have Peace In Our Time.

      • I’m surprised none of the gun-grabbers have advocated for gun owners to go to the range frequently and shoot all their high-capacity magazines empty.

        Maybe we could get some of them to volunteer to help with that project?

  5. My right to keep and bear arms is more important than the nominal safety of school children. That said, schools are pathetically—and intentionally—vulnerable to people with guns who desire to shoot and kill their students. Simply put, protecting children or other citizens from gun-violence should never be predicated on removing or abridging a constitutionally recognized right. It is the responsibility of schools to provide adequate protection for their students and this, quite logically, requires th presence of armed personnel who can provide that protection. The persistent refusal of schools to provide this protection is folly.

    • The guys controlling the schools ‘win’ every time there’s a school shooting. That’s why the shootings keep happening. Intentional or no, their reaction to each of these is to exploit it for personal political gain, rather than take concrete measures that could be expected to have a greater degree of impact on prevention/response.

  6. Multiple media reports say the shooter is a student in the school, stood in a hallway and fired one round through a closed classroom door, dropped the firearm, and then ran and hid and was quickly apprehended.

  7. This sounds at this early stage more like just a personal attack on a specific person, followed by suicide, rather than a stunted spree shooting.

  8. I’m repeating myself from the Two Cops Shot Dead thread but….what was the perp’s motivation for this shooting?

    1) Far Left asshole?
    2) Antifa thug?
    3) Filthy Mohammedan Savage?
    4) On SSRI anti-depressants?
    5) From a fatherless home?
    6) Registered Democrat?

    Alex, I’ll take #7 for $2,000

  9. Copycat crimes incentivized by the media scoreboard spotlight.

    Utterly predictable, avoidable, and with zero accountability.

  10. The school systems create these monsters and then wonder where they came from. Then they genuflect before the Piggs of the world. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny.

  11. And prices were just starting to go back to normal.

    How’s Wayne LaPierre going to sell us out this time?

  12. I live in Ocala. From what I know of the incident was that the school resource officer acted immediately after he heard the shot was fired.

  13. Mom n Dad both work, kids are pets or inconvenient. It’s the bed of greed we sleep in. Hopefully we will blow ourselves back into the stone age and start living like we were supposed to live. This book of knowledge thing fucked everything up

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