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The anti-gun left has apparently fully embraced that old saying from the late sixties and early seventies: the personal is political. It’s not enough to protest the NRA’s headquarters, call its leaders Nazis and ask how many kids have they killed today in tediously un-original chants. Now they’re attacking their homes and families.

National Rifle Association lobbyist Chris Cox says his house was splashed with fake blood — twice.

Then, someone made a fake website for his wife’s interior design business, altering images of artwork to show photos of child gun violence victims.

Last week, two gun control activists protested outside Cox’s Alexandria, Va., home and handed out fliers outside his wife’s nearby business.

The “blood” splasher was caught.

An attorney for Patricia Hill, the alleged vandal, did not immediately provide a comment regarding the fake blood incidents. The other protesters say they have been careful not to cross legal lines and knew nothing of the vandalism. They are all part of a growing movement that thinks gun control advocacy should be more aggressive — and more personal. …

Hill, who is also a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was arrested after the January incident and faces a misdemeanor charge of property destruction. She declined to comment because of the pending case and referred calls to her attorney.

And they wonder how a candidate like Donald Trump not only eliminated more than a dozen conventional GOP rivals, but then beat Hillary Clinton.

Adam Winkler, a UCLA law professor who has studied the fight over gun rights, said such confrontational protests are familiar in abortion and animal rights activism but rare in this realm.

“It is a sign of how gun control activists are looking for any new avenues, with Congress deadlocked,” he said. “Gun control activists are really pushing the envelope, trying any way they can.”

They want to de-humanize and “de-platform” anyone who dares to disagree with them.

“I don’t think the Cox family is getting enough social pressure,” said (Amanda) Gailey (above left), a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln who said. “People need to stop treating these predatory, sick people like they’re just a neighbor.”

Anything in service to the cause.

(Catherine) Koebel (above right) added an armed gun rights’ advocate once came to her door and demanded to come inside. She filed for a restraining order.

Her protests are by definition less threatening, she argues, because she opposes guns.

“If I made him uncomfortable at his house, too bad, he deserves it,” Koebel said in an interview. “I felt unsafe in my home because of his product.”

These new, more aggressive anti-gun activists may not like the result of their tactics. Gun rights supporters have begun to adopt many of the same methods that the fringe left has been using for decades. How would Gailey, Koebel and Hill react if they woke up one morning to a half dozen or more pro-gun demonstrators marching peacefully in front of their homes while openly carrying firearms?

Or how about other leaders of the civilian disarmament movement? Would David Hogg be happy if his parents’ places of business were the sites of demonstrations against further gun control laws? Does Shannon Watts want to wade through a group of Second Amendment supporters at the foot of her driveway every morning?

Gun rights supporters are, by definition, law-abiding, peaceful people. But continued targeting of the homes, families and businesses of people with whom the anti-gun left disagrees could have results they don’t expect or want. Gailey, Koebel and Hill should be careful what they wish for in trying to establish this new standard.

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    • “(Catherine) Koebel (above right) added an armed gun rights’ advocate once came to her door and demanded to come inside”

      Yeah, I’m sure that happened…just like Hillary at the airport and Bryan Williams helicopter…

  1. I’m afraid this is the way it’s going to be. The Left has become ever more aggressive – even violent – to ensure they get their way. These people aren’t outliers, they’re the mainstream of the “Progressive” movement.

  2. and yet they are ok with 600,000+ abortions per year…go figure…LMAO
    ones that don’t even make it to the child level…

    • By Patricia Hill’s twisted logic, hundreds of thousands aborted babies are a woman’s RIGHT..which is not a right guaranteed by the very same Constitution, that I and many of us 3% swore many times to defend against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC….and my right to K&BA, is a right that shall not be infringed be her or anyone else…….

      • The anti abortion people aren’t really POTG. They want to hijack the gun issue for their ends. They would gladly trade away gun rights to get what they want. They will also disregard and discard any proGun voter who doesn’t meet their litmus test.

        • Do you hear how stupid you sound, your comment is a willfully ignorant lie.
          I’m anti Abortion and pro Constitutional carry, and believe in re instating the machine gun registry, abolishing the GCA. instiuting national reciprocity.
          Apparently you agree with Murdering unborn babies in the womb by dismembering limbs and crushing the skull then sucking the contents out.
          Have YOU ever watched an abortion performed via ultra sound? You can see the baby SCREAM in pain as it’s being (murdered) dismembered and squirming to get away from the forceps.
          @ GunzGunzGunz You are Reprehensible, piss off!

        • See what I mean? If you aren’t anti abortion, they don’t care if you’re pro gun. They really care primarily about the abortion issue.

    • The same childless hags that advocate for abortion advocate gun restrictions for those with children. They are self-loathing whores who wasted their fertile years with useless college degrees and now seek to fill their empty lives with political activism.

  3. I would love to have a group of aggressive, violent anti-gun protesters trespass and invade my property.

    Just give me enough advance notice to have extra diesel on hand for my backhoe.

  4. If the NRA is responsible for gun deaths, then the AAA car club is responsible for drunk-driving fatalities. Why is there no outrage over medical malpractice?…the death rate on that is huge.

    • Ask your doctors, especially those who ask about your guns at home as part of some medical survey, whether they know how many people annually die from medical malpractice? A doctor did count up the numbers and sums to over 800k Americans every year. Might also ask if they were part of the “old” Sierra Club Zero Population Group. There are so many different un natural ways to die in America besides gun shot.

      But getting killed by cattle is more likely than being drug down by freaking sharks. Guess what gets the most attentiion? These people can over look Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Bundys, but go crazy concentrating on Columbine? It is called the economics of attention and it is fascist to the core now that big business and the big administrative state are fused.

      See, don’t let them misdirect your attention!! Make them eat their words on offense!

  5. “Gun rights supporters are, by definition, law-abiding, peaceful people.”

    We need to change that. We can and should remain law-abiding, but peaceful is now out of the question.

    • No Ralph, we shouldn’t be violent just for the sake of violence. Yes it would feel amazing to choke the ever loving sh*t out of a leftist dirtbag but unfortunately the media would then gleefully hop down the bunny trail into making the sheeple think all gun owners are like that. However, you do have the right to defend yourself, vigorously, should you be attacked by these fruit loops.

      • Moltar, I don’t recall saying that we should be violent. Can you can point it out to me?

        If you have trouble with reading comprehension, there are many extension courses available to help you.

        • “but peaceful is now out of the question.”

          Please explain then as I had no clue peace was a gradient thing. Unless of course you meant peaceful as in quiet and serene, in which case yes we should be loud and boisterous in our protests against anti-gunners. However we should be careful to keep it moderately respectful (i.e. no vandalism, no looting, no setting cars on fire and all the bs the left just loves to do).

        • “So, not peaceful, but not violent? That’s walking a fine line.”

          No, it’s not. We need to apply pressure. A lot of pressure. Just remain law-abiding (as I said in my original comment), but raise hell. Be like #BLM, but without the arson and looting (which is something I’ve said before). Say what you want about #BLM — but you have to admit that they know how to own the streets.

          All force is not violence. But if the leftists become frightened that, if they don’t back off, we might actually become violent, that’s fine. Because ultimately they might be right.

      • That is so patronizing. “no ‘hon’ violence for the sake of violence?” Thanks much for the put down. That is not close to my MO, and I doubt highly it is anybody else motivating factor either. This idea sickens me. With all due respect you can get off that thread.

    • People of the gun WERE law abiding, for the most part. Now that the law-making has been switching from reasonable laws against harming your neighbor, to prohibitions designed to punish gun owners, that “law abiding” label is changing, and for good reason. All those former “law abiding” citizens stuck in blue states are now having to decide on whether to comply with unconstitutional laws, or tell the state to cram it. Even the LEOs in rural areas of blue states are stating they won’t comply to enforce bans and other BS laws.

      I once claimed to be law abiding, but given that it’s difficult to even know if you’re breaking some anti-gun law, I don’t bother to claim that anymore. And the worse the libs get in enacting prohibitive laws, the more likely it is that I’ll be breaking even more laws. Whether by choice or ignorance.

  6. First off let me say I’ll believe Koebel when pigs grow wings and fly. Second off Gailey needs her freakin head examined. Mr. Cox has done nothing to you and he has not shot any children perhaps you should take your issues with dead kids up with the murdering filth your liberal leaders released back into society despite the hundreds of warning signs saying that this would be the end result. Finally, yes Mr. Cox is just their neighbor, far as his neighbors are concerned he’s just another quiet unassuming guy on the block. Gasp, his children even play with their kids and the families may even visit each other for a nice dinner some nights or attend a social function together. Ladies y’all would do well to leave politics at just another form of mental masturbation in deciding who can run your life better than you. Once you start protesting individuals and doing stupid sh*t in front of their house you may not like the repercussions that will eventually befall you.

    • Maybe she should go protest outside the drug houses in Shitcago, Baltimore, St Louis, Camden and DC… Those Democrat shitholes are responsible for most of the violent crime and murders in this country…

      • That might be interesting to see but I get the feeling it’d be an 11 o’clock news story with a headline mentioning double murder.

    • “Gasp, his children even play with their kids and the families may even visit each other for a nice dinner some nights or attend a social function together.”


      That’s part of the new ‘social’ tactics the Leftists are using.

      Shunning or outright ostracization. “No, Sally, you can’t play over there. We don’t associate with ‘those’ kind of people.”

      Listen to the tone of how they speak about us – If you own guns, you are sub-human. It’s no different to the way many whites had been ‘programmed’ to think about Blacks pre-1950’s or so. Look at how they weaponized it – “You’re a ni**er-lover, aren’t you?” You would *fear* even being seen speaking to a Black.

      Ask a die-hard Leftist if they would approve of their 20 year old daughter marrying a Trump-voting gun owner. The reaction they would have is no different than if White girl in the 1950’s announced to her parents she is marrying a Black.

      To be a gun rights supporter today is no different than being a Black who *dares* to be ‘uppity’ and think they are equal to Whites in the 1950’s.

      We are now the Emmet Till of 2A rights. If we don’t ‘know our place’ we will get the Emmet Till ‘treatment’ by the ‘Progressives’.

      This is deliberate. This is planned. Battle lines are now being drawn.

      Please, convince me I am wrong with that assessment…

      • Emmett Till was a 14 year old black boy who was beaten, mutilated, shot, and thrown in a river, and it was all over what his accuser later admitted was a lie on her part. But yeah. ‘Liberals’ are mean to you, and it’s totally comparable. Go change your tampon, you whiny fizzle.

        • I’m very sorry, but you’ve mistaken me for someone who cares what a fuckwit like yourself thinks about anything.

          I stand by my Till comment 110 percent…

  7. In VA they’re doing this? Boy, I’m afraid I’d have to go check the mail with my loaded AR in my hands. On the way back to the house, see if they’re still there.

  8. That’s the party of “peace” and “tolerance” for ya,

    Dare show any peacefully opposition to them and be prepared to be bullied, insulted, stalked, harassed, have your property vandalized, physically assaulted and be called a fascist because you support a constitutional right.

    • “Dare show any peacefully opposition to them and be prepared to be bullied, insulted, stalked, harassed, have your property vandalized, physically assaulted and be called a fascist because you support a constitutional right.”

      To be a gun owner today is no different than being a Black in the 1950’s who dares to speak to the pretty White girl. We deserve all the bad things that happen to us. We were “asking for it”.

      Take *anything* nasty they say about us today and replace the word ‘gun’ with ‘Black person’…

  9. Just a thought…
    Publish names and addresses of the anti-gun types and their “gun-free residences” and make sure that criminal elements get this information. Truly a deserved “target rich environment” that would help make it easier for criminals to “ply their trade”.
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

    • “Just a thought…
      Publish names and addresses of the anti-gun types and their “gun-free residences” and make sure that criminal elements get this information.”

      ^ This.

      That goes *double* for those local, state, and national representatives who craft and vote on our laws…

  10. Oh, goody! While you’re at it, make sure to force your way into our homes and threaten us while you’re protesting; that’ll really show us gun owners that you mean business!

  11. “It is aggressive,” Gailey acknowledged. “I wouldn’t do that unless we were protesting someone who I believe is a truly indefensible human being.”

    At least they acknowledge they are still human beings. That’s something.

    • When I think of actions that would make someone indefensible, I think of murder, rape, and genocide. I don’t think of “member of an organization that supports and defends a right enshrined in the Constitution.”

    • Well that would just be confusing. It’s your crowd that’s always marching with Nazis, not the ‘liberals’. Frankly, I find the whole thing rather hilarious. ‘Conservatives’ are the first to accuse kids like Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg of being ‘Nazis’, then they go on to defend literal Nazis.

      • If it has feathers like a duck. If it has webbed feet like a duck. If it quacks like a duck. There’s a damn good chance its a duck.

        They use the same tactics as nazis. The same hate filled rhetoric. And they have folks like you trying to insist they ain’t nazis.

  12. Those protesters need to watch out. The first time a well-known, pro-gun figure is murdered all Hell is going to break loose.

    I’m ever-grateful to live in the great state of Texas. Here our gun laws are being, well, “liberalized” and not at all being increasingly restricted.

    Want real freedom…move to Texas, Nevada, New Mexico or Louisiana.

    • David…..Being a Texas native and resident, I am concerned about all the liberals moving into our state from the failed liberal states and bringing their idiotic ideas and votes with them. Hopefully we can maintain and expand what we have.

  13. Why do you need to carry out in tbe world, with a “high-capacity” clipazine, even?

    How big was the crowd that attacked this guy’s home? FCC-guy? How big was the crowd that beat down the guy selling campaign swag outsixe an R ralley, in the ’08 election?

  14. “Uncomfortable?”, like broken on the wheel uncomfortable, or are thumbscrews enough?

    Asking for a friend.

  15. Well, they can’t catch a rat in a prepared photo-op, so of course they don’t trust themselves with guns. The problem is they don’trust their betters the rest of us, either.

  16. /better

    Well, they can’t be trusted to behave responsibly with spray paint n a phone book. Of course they don’t trust the rest of us with guns.

  17. These anti’s are extremely dangerous people. They make death threats to people that don’t go along with their agenda. How many doctors have been murdered that work at abortion clinics?
    They don’t care anything about school shootings or the casualties of any other shootings. They are just a mob that is just as ruthless as violent criminals. It is an unruly mob that gets their kicks out of violence. Now they are making threats at the NRA. Who will be their next target ?
    One of these days someone will push back.

    • “. How many doctors have been murdered that work at abortion clinics?”
      No doctors have been murdered at abortion clinics. Just shitbags that make livings killing off unwanted babies.

      • The point is a group is against abortion killing . Some of their group commit murder and they are supposed to be against killing.
        Personally I think that there has been several methods of birth control available. A lot of options are free.

  18. “The other protesters say they have been careful not to cross legal lines …”

    Uh, what I see on those signs constitutes libel. I encourage Mr. Cox to therefore sue those two ladies into oblivion.

    For example the sign on the left reads, “Chris Cox profits off dead kids” is a clear lie that is clearly intended to damage Chris Cox’s reputation. And the sign on the right reads, “Lobbying for death and terror” is also a clear lie that is clearly designed to damage Chris Cox’s reputation. Those signs should be slam dunk lawsuits.

  19. Their actions prove that what they accuse gun owners of are lies. If they thought for a second Chris Cox was a murderer they wouldn’t go near him or his family. But this is something we and they are acutely aware of.

  20. It looks like a declaration of WAR…and WE have a vast arsenal. Threaten/ harass my wife or kids and all bets are off. OH and JOHN BOCH had his tires punctured this week…

  21. Finally they’re going after the fake gun rights supporters in charge of the NRA. Maybe in his lifetime they’ll go after Wayne LaPierre for being a draft dodger.

  22. Why not charge these people with extortion? Nice wife ya got there. Nice house ya know.

    That’s not legitimate protesting. That’s real bad. Bad enough now, it is about time to jack these fools up across the board.

    Why is extortion a legitimate tactic?

    Hey, anybody remember that these same anti West menaces applauded WACO?

    Let’s jack them up!!

    • They do slide over the line to extortion. No, it’s not legal, even in political disagreements. And yes, charge them. File charges and if the Po-Po & Prosecutors won’t do anything charge them in turn.

  23. “(Catherine) Koebel (above right) added an armed gun rights’ advocate once came to her door and demanded to come inside. She filed for a restraining order.”

    I believe the part about the restraining order, but the part about demanding to come inside? Yeah, not so much. Especially since (according to WTOP in D.C.) Koebel is claiming Cox’s wife knocked a cell phone out of her hand, and is considering suing her due to injuries sustained to her hand.

    Histrionics seem to be a pattern with this one.

    • “I felt unsafe in my home because of his product.”

      And if that same guy had shown up with a machete, I’d be interested to hear who she’d be blame then.

  24. Call up some local media outlets, both the new kind and the old kind, and let them know ‘something big’ is going down at something-thirty this afternoon with the protesters outside of the house.

    Then at something-thirty this afternoon you come out of the house with tray of cookies and a nice pot of tea and offer it to the protesters.

    That will take the wind right out of their sails because they can’t accept the tea and cookies on principal but refusing the tea and cookies just makes them look even more foolish.

    You can substitute other things for the tea and cookies depending on the protesters. You can use coffee and donuts, hot dogs and soda, you get the idea.

  25. Hell, just Taser the living shit out of both of them, then change the batteries when the charge starts to wear down. Film the whole thing.

  26. Perhaps the time has arrived for the POTG to be less tolerant,less civil and accommodating with those who would /are obstructing the free exercise of our liberty and rights . Saul Alinsky was in every respect in opposition to all that we cherish ,so , perhaps it is time to adopt and implement his 12 Rules for Radicals against those for whom they were written .
    Here they are in summary ,the text expands how they are applied .
    The Rules
    1.”Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.”
    2.”Never go outside the expertise of your people.”
    3.”Whenever possible go outside the expertise of the enemy.”
    4.”Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”
    5.”Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
    6.”A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”
    7.”A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”
    8.”Keep the pressure on.”
    9.”The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”
    10.”The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”
    11.”If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside”
    12.”The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”
    13.”Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

  27. , The law would jump all over anyone for this, however since it’s politically correct to protest the ownership of guns the law will protect the vandals.

  28. AllThese individuals and groups Harrasing these people at home are accomplices when this situation turns violent NOT if but when

  29. It’s not enough to protest the NRA’s headquarters, call its leaders Nazis and ask how many kids have they killed today in tediously unoriginal chants. Now they’re attacking their homes and families.
    Saul Alinsky told them to do that.
    13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

  30. POS (D) Supported Planned Parenthood kills 1+ Million babies a year and [after taking your tax dollars to provide the required graft to the (D)NC, and to provide abortions in foreign countries] sells the baby parts for food and medicine.

    FUCK THE EVIL POS communist MFN gun-grabbing (D).

    All of them, including all of their stupid evil POS (D) voters.

  31. What if some folks used Rule 13 from Alinsky on these “ladies” and their ilk? Turn their own tactics on them; get in their faces, harass them at their homes and places of work, advertise their insanity any way possible to the widest possible audience. See how they like it.

    This kind of conduct by the left will continue until we stand up and FORCEFULLY repel and physically beat back both their ideas and their tactics. They will not relent because they believe we are evil and therefore any tactic to achieve their goals are acceptable.

  32. In the Federalist Papers, the Founding Fathers comment on how Americans MUST be armed equal to any soldier, yes, that means machine guns, grenades, etc (Federalist #29). They go on to say a country cannot be free if the citizens are disarmed. The Founding Fathers talk about self defense and about protection of yourself, city, state & country.
    The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution give a Right & Duty to American citizens to control their government by force, if necessary. So, BY LAW, you must have arms equal to our soldiers and Americans must protect and control their country.
    Cowardice & apathy will keep the U.S. on a path to communism and speaking mexican spanish. I regret that I wore the uniform (Viet Nam, Cambodia 1972-73) and defended my country of ignorant cowards.

  33. The number one killer of children is 100% preventable. I don’t see any anti-civil right left wing nut making a peep about it.

    If the lives children really did matter, stop kids from drowning in plastic wading pools. Guns are way down the list.

  34. Planned Parenthood and their ilk kill 300,000 Americans every year. Bet these to don’t give a flying fukc about that.


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