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“Gov. Cuomo spoke Monday about First Deputy Counsel to Empire State Development Carey Gabay, 43, who was shot in in Crown Heights about 3:40 a.m.. ” reports. “‘We passed the toughest gun control law in the the nation, called the SAFE Act and I am proud of it. Anyone who doesn’t believe we need to do something about gun control is delusional. We can protect the Second Amendment and legitimate gun owners, but we also need to protect people. How many young innocent people need to die before this nation comes to its senses? And this is a terrible terrible painful loss, and all unnecessary.” As we reported earlier . . .

Gaby was shot during a shootout at the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade – that included a fatal stabbing. (Somehow that didn’t ping Cuomo’s political radar.) Furthermore, the Governor made his statement without any information about the source of the “crime gun” or detailed information on the shooter’s motives – not that Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms is subject to arguments about social utility or the democratic process.

Here’s the rest of Cuomo’s plea for additional gun control, recommending new federal laws to curb “gun violence”:

There’s violence in the city of New York, right? There’s violence around the parade, but there’s violence all around this country. And violence is one thing — gun violence kills, more than violence with anything else. And we’ve learned the lesson. How many mentally ill people have to get a gun and kill young children? How many criminals have to get a gun and kill innocent people, before this nation is going to say we have to do something.

I’m proud of what we did in the state. But unless you do something nationwide, we’re getting guns in this state from other states. And it is a terrible, terrible painful loss.

It’s personal to me because I know this young man — so beautiful, so giving, so kind. So unnecessary, really so unnecessary. Really so unnecessary. And I was just with the family, and the tears and the frustration. And I’m governor of the state of New York, and there’s nothing I can say. And there’s nothing I can do. And sometimes it just hurts.”

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  1. Never waste an opportunity to wave a bloody shirt. How about cracking down on violent criminals and leave the law-abiding public alone?

        • Unfortunately up here in Canada, a member of the NDP (Randall Garrison) used that argument when opposing Bill C-42 (a law that loosened restrictions on gun owners). He said “everybody is law-abiding until they are not.” in Parliament.

    • CBS-NY, this morning is reporting that it was “gang related” from public housing…DeBlasio ended stop and frisk,
      and the gangs are running wild…solution…take MY guns away…Andy is as big an A-hole as his father, the “Mafioso” (as named by Bill Clinton).

      • And in other news, Kroger is expected to report quarterly earnings of 39 cents per share, up from 35 cents per share from the same period a year ago. So much for the ‘moms’ efforts to coerce Kroger into banning guns from their stores.

        Other wishy-washy retailers should take note; in the bigger picture, large or small, the ‘moms’ bully tactics are meaningless other than to generate some valuable free publicity for the targeted business concern.

        The politically extremist blathering ‘moms’ assertions are quickly dismissed for what they are, but the name of the assaulted business remains in mind from the media attention it received.

        Now when I think of office supplies, I think of Staples rather than Office Depot; when I think of a grocery store I think of Kroger, even though none is in my area.

        Another poorly thought out strategic scheme conjured up by Herr Bloomberg and his largely phantom, sycophant ‘moms’.

  2. It can’t be that gun control laws don’t work. It has to be other states fault that New Yorks gun control laws don’t work. Nice try.

    • This is the problem with the statist and gun-grabber mindset. They will always lay blame on something else and tell us that they will finally fix the problem if give just a little more power, and give up a few more rights, to the Almighty State.

    • The thing we did didn’t produce the result we wanted!

      We must do MORE of the thing that didn’t work!

      …..unfortunately, this mindset is common among the political types.

  3. “Cuomo made his statement without any information about the source of the “crime gun” or detailed information on the shooter’s motives.”

    This tells me everything I need to know.

  4. “We didn’t pass enough gun control, so we need more. And when that one doesn’t work, we’ll need even more.”

  5. Facts trump emotions. Guns save lives, emotional rants do not. What happened is horrible but it doesn’t give our statist governor the right to do whatever he wants. In NY he gets whatever he wants, we generally have Cowards in our assembly, R and D generally vote in lockstep. He’s a hard leftist and it should be very obvious what he would do if he had any more power nationally.

  6. Gov. Cuckold and Kaiser Wilhelm should outlaw illegal parades known for past violent incidents, and bring back stop and frisk.

    • Not at all. That person was just a mere tax paying civilian, not a privileged member of the political money machine in New York.

  7. Proof that the anti’s are never satisfied and will continue to push their garbage until we are only so graciously “allowed” to own single shot .22’s until someone gets killed with one of those and they’ll be calling to round up those too.

  8. Well. That didn’t take long.
    Hey Cuomo, KMA. And keep your tyranny to yourself.
    You can start your “do something” by getting rid of your armed guards.

      • Not entirely. Lawyers got a hell of a lot of our soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The lawyers said they could not shoot the enemy who was shooting at them or bomb the building the terrorists were in.

        I was talking to an ex Army officer, Tanker Type, bud of mine today and he told me they werent allowed to use .50 cal machine guns against the insurgents for two years in Iraq because the .50 cal rounds are armor piercing and went through to many walls. Guess no one told them that ball ammo for .50 cal has a steel core.

  9. Go to Wikipedia and look up this parade—-the number of killings that occur during the parade each year should tell you something. Knives and guns, sometimes as many as 3 murders per parade. What is it with these spectators?

  10. Wait a minute. Are you saying gun control has zero negative effect on lowering violence among gangbangers and criminals?

    That is the only “common sense” thing about gun control everyone seems to know.

    • I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. The proper salutation is “Il Duce”. Get your fascist dictators straight.

  11. I just can’t help to wonder what was a Harvard educated lawyer doing on the street in Crown Heights at 3:40 AM? Crack, anyone?

      • His old lady would not live in Crown Heights. That is a crack-infested roach incubator. So, what was it that he was doing there?

          • Well, then he must be like his idol Barry, who left his half brother in Kenyan slums penny less because the half brother is of no use to Barry. Crown Heights is the NY version of the Nairobi slums, only with welfare and more killings.

  12. “And I’m governor of the state of New York, and there’s nothing I can say. And there’s nothing I can do. And sometimes it just hurts.”

    that is how a lot of your constituents feel. . . . and btw, we are very glad you didn’t get a chance to run for POTUS. While it would be entertaining to say the least to see you grovel and beg for $$, the fact that you get to sit on the sidelines and watch the liberal left implode over the next year is giggle currency for me personally. suck failure.

      • It may not be politically correct to say, but the two things that all our “murder capitals” have in common is large populations of disaffected minorities and Democrat leadership.

        And the two perpetuate each other in a spiral of destruction.

  13. I no longer enter into discussion or argument over anti-Liberty govt plans and actions.

    Piss off. Pass what you want, I will not comply.

    A free man will act to defend himself against any state-violence employed to enforce such fecal matter.

    That is all.

  14. I found myself agreeing with Cuomo. I’m shocked, but he did say we need to do something with gun control. My sugestion is to take the idea of gun control and shove it up his a……

  15. Even in death Carey Gabay serves you as a political pawn. This happens on the streets of cities like Chicago and New York every day, yet the press conferences only come when it strikes a wee bit too close to home.

    NY is chained down by the strictest gun laws in the nation, yet they didn’t work. Why? It’s not that the lack of implementation at a federal level, rather the apathy true criminals give to laws. The legislation you would pass and that has passed in NY serves little function except make criminals out of productive members of society, as opposed to taking care of crime, and the vicious circles in society that create them.

    • “It’s not that the lack of implementation at a federal level, rather the apathy true criminals give to laws.”

      Exactly right. This is the point none of these clowns understand.
      The War on Drugs is fought on a national level- just like they want- yet it’s accomplished nothing positive. It’s fostered a violent distribution network, increased the availability of drugs and actually lowered the price through economies of scale. Why would firearms be any different?

      • “This is the point none of these clowns understand.”

        They understand that perfectly.

        They are STATISTS. They know full well what they are saying and trying to do, and the consequences thereof.

        We take their words at face value at our own peril. All the “stop violence” is an act. They no more want to stop violence than we’d like to see .22 LR at $1 a round.

        • As STATISTS, these changes they want have a long-term objective. Create and enhance a political “elite” (the “party”), and drive those who are productive or who have any intelligence into the ditch. In a couple of generations, anyone with these qualities would be BEGGING for a chance to work for a STATIST elite member just to be able to live outside of the gutter as no other options would exist. Those people would be willing to accept any compromise to their quaint “liberties” to do so. In fact, the language would be changed to the point that the concept of “liberties” would be privileges granted at the whim the state which can be revoked with any or no reason. Oh, I guess this has happened already, somewhat?

          No tactic is beneath them.

  16. Hello, liberals. Tell us all exactly what you want to do about guns to make you shut your mouths? I suspect getting rid of all the guns we own is your solution, even though you deny it.

  17. The New York Times reports that “A dispute, possibly between rival gangs, prompted the shootout.”

    Color me flabbergasted. Gobsmacked. Stunned speechless. Gangs responsible for violence? In New York???

    Clearly we need to go right down to the Big Fat New York State SAFE Act records room and find out who these nefarious characters are….

    Same story talks about how the NYPD hates the event as it attracts nothing but violence. And you’re right – not a word about the fatal stabbing. Some people more equal than others clearly.


    (Others, apparently, not so much…)

    • New York, New York.

      About THE most strictly gun controlled city and state in the nation, and what good did it do for Cuomo’s friend?

      Authoritarian stupidity Cuomo displayes when he demands more of his same failed solutions and expects a different outcome!

      • Chicago is supposed to have real strict gun laws too right? See what happened over the Labor day holiday there? Idiots……

  18. The usual whine, “Guns come in from states with lax gun control.” Suppose he gets his wish. What will he say when the thugs continue to get them? The cartels will be happy to smuggle them in along side drugs. It will be a new business opportunity for them. To those, add the ones made in basement machine shops.

    Cuomo says the family is frustrated. I would be, too. However, he wouldn’t like what I told him. It would be something along the lines of, “Rid society of these thugs. I don’t care how many you have to kill in the process or imprison until they die of old age.”

    • What the gungrabbers never address, because they cannot explain it, is why homicide rates in the “lax gun law” places where NY crime guns originate have lower homicide rates than NY (or Chicago or other antigun paradise).

      Why don’t those lax gun law states have even worse homicide rates, since they’re the very source of all the guns?

      The antis never take a swing at that one. Can’t even get the bat off their shoulder.

  19. Shit happens Cuomo, so STFU. Didn’t see him saying this after the two cops were shot in NY last year.

  20. And I’m governor of the state of New York, and there’s nothing I can say. And there’s nothing I can do. And sometimes it just hurts.”

    That pesky Constitution just keeps getting in the way of implimenting emotional, knee-jerk poorly written laws that infringe on the rights of citizens? Cuomo wishes he was a dictator and can use this tragedy to further his dogmatic agenda.

    Go to hell you two bit dictator wannabe!

  21. “And I’m governor of the state of New York, and there’s nothing I can say. And there’s nothing I can do. And sometimes it just hurts.”

    Well there ya go, thanks Cuomo you just admitted there really is nothing you can do in the way of more laws. On a more thoughtful note I feel Cuomo probably is really frustrated and upset over the incident, I know first hand what its like to see someone hurt and be absolutely useless and unable to do anything for them, unable to just fix them, I think that is frustrating for any human being with a heart but its no excuse to infringe on the rights of the people you are supposed to protect. That’s the problem with too many lawyers or better yet law makers, they get emotional and they do what they know best and that is the law, if they can’t prosecute the shit out of someone or don’t believe in that they just make more laws and make no mistake our country is run by lawyers, and it might be fine but I’d like some of these lawyers to have some other background that law school and sucking tax dollars to retain a political seat as a career and do nothing good.

  22. I’m sure the person responsible had a long rap sheet, lots of convictions, and was legally prohibited from owning a gun. And yet, he still got one and decided to shoot at a bunch of people.

    This is my shocked face.

  23. OK, Cuomo of a shady past (really), just how many more jails do you want to build to hold the various and sundry gun aficionados, owners, hunters and general pleasure shooters so you can achieve personal happiness?
    I would gather you will be sending new bills to Albany to enact with draconian designs such laws as are of your want.
    And when they arrive, as Dante noted when in Hell what happened…the devils made trumpets of their collective asses to welcome him…or now in Albany, them.

  24. So in a state with draconian gun laws and a city with even more draconian gun laws, a young black man was murdered at 3:40 am while at an event where at least a couple of people are killed EVERY YEAR! And the governor whines because he isn’t a tin pot dictator.

    I’m betting it was gang related, or drug related, or both.

    Don’t do stupid things with stupid people at stupid places at stupid times.

  25. Hey Cuomo, want to get rid of the guns brought in from out of state? Then start by disarming your protection detail.
    Besides, their guns hold too many rounds anyway. Why would they need more than 7 rounds to go hunting…
    Oh, I forgot. One rule for thee and one for me.

  26. “But unless you do something nationwide, we’re getting guns in this state from other states.”

    From ATF public data, of 4,855 recovered crime guns recovered in NY in 2014 whose origins were traced, 55 came from Vermont right next door. Barely 1.1% came from Vermont, a state with a vastly less onerous gun control legal environment than NY! Yet, NY’s criminal homicide rate is more than double that of Vermont’s right next door. Curious, that.

    How can “guns everywhere” Vermont be the source of so few of NY’s crime guns, and why isn’t Vermont plagued with NY’s high homicide rates, if so-called easy access to guns is the real problem? Hmmm, Comrade Cuomo?

    For starters, try looking at who’s committing the crimes, instead of obsessing over the tools used in some crimes. Here’s another hint: there’s no need for a West Indian American Carnival Parade in Vermont.

  27. When he says “we can protect the Second Amendment” he can only possibly mean protecting it from himself and the other gun control pushers right? That’s not an assurance, it’s a threat, like when protection racketeers offer protection from themselves. Then again I guess I shouldn’t be shocked since New York…

  28. I thought you guys didn’t get exited by black on black crime?Huh CUUUUMO? 2 days ago they found human body parts(head,limbs) of a 2 year old black child in a lagoon in Garfield Park in Chicago. No one seems to blame the murderers unless somehow you blame gun owners/white folks/NRA…POS.

  29. Two questions: 1. Was this shooting even all that out of place? Does this happen every weekend, just this time it happened to a member of the ruling class club?
    2. Did I see that this parade starts at 04:00? Who has a parade at 4 in the morning!?! I heard something about the three stupids.

    • They’re so used to the concept of sway, so comfortable with it and off in their own world, he doesn’t seem to know any better than to make a particularly big thing out of this event. Hollywood too, they consider themselves a superior species.

  30. According to Cummo anyone who disagrees with him is mentally ill delusional. He has therein labeled millions of American citizens and made them ineligible to own a firearm.

    Is this guy as stupid as he sounds when he speaks?

    • And the sad thing is that his father Mario – whether you agreed with his politics or not – was a brilliant man. People that disagreed with him may have really hated his policies but they in general respected him as a person. Yes, he was a shrewd New York politician. But no shortage of smarts.

      Andrew? Oy. He reeks of politics and privilege and has only ascended to where he is on his name.

  31. Here’s the painful truth of the matter over Cuomo, he’s not that important, nor was jis friend.
    Not so important as to actually get something accomplished.

    Expanded gun control is a taboo subject in the current political climate. The Democrats aren’t about to touch it and the Republicans aren’t going to get their collective nipples frosted over this incident.
    Hildabeast will rant, but who cares? Let her rant. She’s going to lose anyway.

  32. Spoiler alert: even if he succeeds at getting a law, it won’t eliminate the problem of gang violence. But he’ll have that covered by updating his speech to “unless we do something worldwide”.

    …Because there’s always someone else to blame when trying to avoid taking responsibility for the violence in your city.

  33. OK Gov, here’s my knee-jerk reaction without knowing the facts…

    We must stop giving violent criminals light punishment and then letting them out early. It is a SAFE bet the shooter was out of jail way too soon after previous gun play incidents.

  34. Those criminals! When are they going to start obeying the old laws so we don’t have to keep passing new ones?

  35. When Governor Cuomo was merely governor-elect, I wrote him a letter asking him not to pass any new gun laws. (This was way before Sandy Hook). His reply was interesting – he said, “New York State *already has a comprehensive framework* for keeping guns out of the hands of people that shouldn’t have them.”
    I have no idea where I’ve filed that letter, but if I find it, I’ll spread it around.

  36. When will Cuomo and other elected officials across the country blame the true culprits for the murders- the gang culture. The gangs have the guns. The local population are afraid to finger the gangsters or have family members that are part of the gangs so they don’t cooperate with the cops and feds.
    Cuomo’s political calculation is not to alienate his voter base which includes gang-bangers and their families. Break the gangs and you eliminate most of the problem. It’s easier to blame guns than do the necessary work to destroy the gangs. It’s the same across all the major cities in the US. Go after the gangs and criminals.

    • “When will Cuomo and other elected officials across the country blame the true culprits for the murders- the gang culture. “

      Come on, man. They can’t blame their voting base. First job is to get elected…THEN they can roll out all kinds of narcissistic, Statistic control policies.

      But they have to get elected first, and to do that, they have identified a voting block they can count on. And they can’t p___ that block off.

  37. These third rate ethno-centric parades are always magnets for unsafe actors acting unsafely.
    Once upon a time I lived in a shithole city that had several of these parades. Without fail each ended with many instances of assault, at least one murder, occasionally a gang-rape and very often a smashed in store front or two.
    Nothing like an excuse to get loaded in the middle of the day to bring out the best in people.

    Attending these parades even as a passerby violates that rule about avoiding places where stupid people are doing stupid things.

    And of course, it’s all my fault.

  38. The delusional one is Cuomo – he thinks more laws will solve the (actually very insignificant) crime problem. The easiest thing to do here is to (gasp!) maybe enforce the laws on the books, and (gasp!) actually apply the legislated penalties to those who break the law? If the sentencing calls for 10 years, the convicted party should go away for 10 years, no ifs, ands, or buts. Of course if new evidence presents itself that could exonerate the suspect, revisit the issue, but if the case is closed, keep the guy away for the maximum time. When the perp knows he’ll only do a year at Rikers, he’s more inclined to commit the crime.

  39. Why am I not even a little bit surprised that Mr. Lefty Governor is trying to deflect blame and appeal to the Feds? It’s just patently ridiculous that he blames NY continued problems on “other states” not following NY ineffectual strict gun control laws.

  40. So much for the Safe Act, Wait a minute….the criminals don’t give a crap about any laws you make.
    Hey Mario Junior, FAIL

  41. Cuomo is a prime example of the corrupt pushing gun control to make his work place safer.
    NY is so safe for the corrupt, the the chief fire inspector of on NY jurisdiction walks into a newly opened store of a national big box chain, finds an employee, looks around and says “I think I see some violations here. That patio set would look nice at my vacation home in Florida.”
    Cuomo shot down a public corruption task force because it was getting too close to him.
    We need judges with balls to stand up to the corrupt political class and shut down the unconstitutional restrictions on legal firearms.
    Go ahead and have sentencing penalties for committing a violent crime using a gun with more than 10 round mag. But it should never be illegal for the law abiding to lack any mag they choose. If want to carry a VP9 with a 30 round P30 mag, I should be able too.

  42. New day same old blathering shit from these assholes. Cuomo should go to plan B since his plan A isn’t working, going to F himself?

  43. More of the same predictable idiocy we’ve come to expect from a liberal elitist like Cuomo. The radical left will never admit or acknowledge that the senseless death of Gabay only confirms that even though NYC boasts the most restrictive anti-gun measures in the U.S., their anti-gun laws proved completely useless and ineffective in preventing this gun crime, but were extremely effective in preventing law abiding sane armed citizens who could’ve possibly intervened from owning and carrying firearms.

  44. Safe Act Not So Safe……Cuomo Not So Smart…..New York Safe Act already hurts the law abiding New Yorkers not the criminals……!

  45. There is a parade at 3:40AM? It is pointless to blame objects for their abuse, but we all know that, so I won’t even bother. What I will say is that when the facts comes out, a repeat violent offender will be identified as the shooter, with known or unknown mental illness, and those can be controlled. So maybe the Governor should focus on that, but it costs too much to incarcerate people, and calling for more gun control is free!

  46. I understand and accept many of my vaccine posts here on TTAG may be annoying or appear to even be trolling, but I repeat because the similarities in the gun control tactics are nearly identical with the tactics being used to push mandatory vaccines, both are an assault on individual liberty and both are connected in that the attack on our freedoms is not contained just to the 2nd Amendment. This article is another perfect example of New York saying nationwide laws must change to protect New York, identical to the pharmaceutical line that for vaccines to work, everyone must receive them. Unvaccinated people are somehow a threat to those supposedly vaccinated, like gun owners outside of New York being a threat to New Yorkers. The similarities are many, and I’ve posted them here before, much to the chagrin of some of you, but all threats to freedom are related, liberties don’t exist alone in a bubble.

  47. The idea of using mental health as a weapon against the people is communist in origin..

    Deceptive Transformation: The Truth of Soviet Influence in America and Gun Control..
    The idea of using mental health as a weapon against the people is communist in origin, and the social sciences, or the studying of human behavior has its roots in early twentieth century Russia when Ivan Pavlov developed his “classical conditioning” theories. In fact, Pavlov was disturbed that Vladimir Lenin would use these conditioning methods against the people in order to get them to accept communism. Since that time the social sciences have been used as a means of maintaining control over populations and getting them to accept their own down fall. This is happening today in the United States as our universities and public schools have long ago adopted educational techniques based on the social sciences and classical conditioning methods. Subjects like White Privilege and Multiculturalism are used to demoralize our population, create a guilt consciousness and silence us into accepting a new agenda based on the idea that we have been unfair, and our lifestyles are oppressive, and offensive to others. This agenda dates back to the early twentieth century; however, it saw some of its most major advances in the mid 1900’s after the U.N. was created in 1945. While many people today view the Democrat Party as being made mostly of communists or socialists; the sad truth is that the Republican Party is just as responsible for what we are seeing in education and culture in the United States today.
    As I wrote in “Not on My Watch: Exposing the Marxist Agenda in Education,” Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan, two presidents that were considered American Patriots, actually signed agreements with the Soviet Union that gave them influence over U.S. education, culture, scientific and technological research, radio, television and finally, medicine. This is according to U.S. Department of Education whistle blower, Charlotte Iserbyt. It is the area of medicine that should draw your attention because as mentioned earlier, Soviet medicine revolved around the idea of mental health, and classifying people that were opposed to communist objectives as being mentally ill. This is where the Surgeon General’s claims about banning guns being a part of medicine comes from. Slowly but surely, they will work to associate gun ownership with mental illness. From the 45 goals of the Communist Party USA
    Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.
    (Note: Many websites are now appearing claiming this list of communist goals to be a hoax. If you read them for yourself you will see many have been accomplished and that they bear a striking resemblance to many things currently happening in the U.S. The claims that they are a hoax could be a deliberate misinformation campaign headed by the Information Regulatory Affairs office led by none other than Cass Sunstein. Just looking at the state of our society, it is clear that these goals are not a hoax.)
    While the move for an Article Five Convention seems to be gaining momentum, you should take heed. There is another constitution waiting in the winds and it won’t protect your rights to keep and bear arms.

  48. Missing from any of this is the fact that the NON COMPLIANCE of Comrade Cuomos “SAFE” act in NY is around 90% based on police estimates. So not only is his un SAFE act a total failure, this commie statist scumbag has to start banging the gong for Uncle Fed to step in. Then Civil War 2 can begin and make all the commies dreams (or nightmares) come true.

  49. “…Cuomo Calls for Federal Gun Control After Shooting Death…”
    Of course he does, would anyone here believe that he would take a moment to think about these events and come to the sudden realization that all the gun control laws in effect in NY have only served to create an environment conducive to violence? Never in a million years. Instead he wants gun control laws like those that don’t work in NY to be passed for the entire country, you know, so they won’t work everywhere else either…

  50. How disillusion is the Cuomo …

    If the NY SAFE Act was so good, why is he calling for FEDERAL gun control?

    And a bigger question is, What was First Deputy Counsel to Empire State Development Carey Gabay doing out at 3:40am, as that is when he was shot? Crown Heights at 3:40am? Not a good place to be.

    And, it is said that, “Gaby was shot during a shootout at the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade.” Well, I didn’t know that the parade had started at that early hour.

    I think that there is 75% of this story missing!!!

  51. I hate to say it but the Governor is dancing in the blood of the victim to further more gun ban laws with the ultimate goal to outlaw handguns altogether.

  52. Looks to me like this parade has an average of 2 to 3 murders every year. Instead of another unconstitutional gun control scheme why doesn’t the governor just ban the parade? That would have an immediate impact on parade violence.

  53. Always amazes me how the gun control crowd wastes no time to jump in with their usual nonesense immediately following a violent incident. Needing to act quickly to capitalize on the blinding emotions of these events doesn’t make them correct about their political agenda. It makes them desperate because they don’t have real verifyable quality facts to go on instead.

    Hoping people will jump on board while they’re momentarily distracted by emotions reminds me of the pathetic man who feels the only way he can get a woman in bed is by getting her drunk first.

  54. That’s breaking news? He called for it before the shooting. So the only thing you could call breaking about this news is him admitting that his law didn’t work any better than any other and he is out of options at the state level and needs the Feds step in for a miracle solution.

  55. If he believes that he can take firearms from the people violating the 2nd Amendment then he is a traitor and out of the running. Some of the disarmed people murdered by the governments of the world, Christians Rome, Jews Nazi Germany, Aztecs Spanish, Maori of NZ and Aboriginals Australia, Scottish William Wallace, the Irish, Welsh by English and the Native America by the US government. THIS is why we need guns to protect ourselves from those who would subject us to their whim and if this is not enough just google dictators.
    There are over 400 gun laws on the books and they have done nothing to stop the violence. Because of the winey few we are chastised for wanting to protect ourselves. We NEED guns to protect ourselves from criminals in and out of the government. I deserve the right to protect myself and if you don’t like it tough shit.

  56. Anyone who has a brain can see Vermont with no guns laws has no gun problems. Pretty much anything goes there and No GUN Problems. Ergo the NYC Problem. NYC is NY’s problem and it isn’t the law abiding citizens causing the problem. Several things came out of the “SAFE ACT”. None of which make us safer in NY. What makes me happiest is that, the clown who should be in Jail with the other two clowns, “ANDREW CUOMO” (OUR FUROR) killed his chances of EVER being president and so did Hillary Clinton When she spouted out Full Gun Confiscation. I hope it was worth it Andy! This is probably the only good thing that came out of the “UNSAFE ACT” that makes me smile every day. Next, we accomplished skyrocketing the NRA membership and the NYSRPA membership and gun donations everywhere 🙂 Thank You for that also. The State and Federal Constitutions were wrecked by our Furor. We’ve also triggered numerous law suits which will inevitably be pushed to the supreme court. Depending on who is President and who they shove in the Supreme Court. We still need to see how this all plays out though. At least the unconstitutionality of how the “SAFE ACT” was passed will hopefully be addressed or at least seen by the Supreme Court. Also, while criminals, gangs, drug cartels, and others run wild the law abiding citizen was severely restricted from defending themselves. Great accomplishment ! The worse thing is that “FUROR ANDREW CUOMO” will most likely be re-elected by the liberal idiots as there are no term limits in this Great State of Corruption! Yes Re-elect the third amigo! I am sure he is innocent. In the end criminals still run the streets. Thanks for making us UNSAFE. I think I need a “FREE STATE” isn’t that an ironic term in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave? Maybe not so free and really dumb should be out motto in NY. I feel so UNSAFE!

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