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I saw an article in the Washington Post claiming that 1 in 13 murders by gun are committed by cops. The article was posted by a friend on Facebook. The next post was from a “fluffy” friend claiming fat shaming is unacceptable and skinny people should be ostracized. This, of course, prompted three hours of online research. Brace yourselves. If you are a gun grabber or obese, you will not be happy with what I am about to say. First, here’s a table I downloaded from the FBI’s website . . .


8,855 murders by gun. I used ALL murders by firearms to appease the anti-gunners.**  Note, murders happen by knife and bat and fist too, but we’ll be ignoring those, since this is The Truth About Guns, not the Truth About How Gun Grabbers Lie And Cherry Pick Their Statistics Because They Are Fascists.

So according to the Washington Post, 1 in 13 of those are “murder by cop“*, and that’s a generous number since it’s only through May. So let’s take out cop shootings shall we? That’s 681. Which means that 8,855-681= 8174 murders by gun per year by civilians.

There are 315.9 million humans in this country, and that is currently. That means your chance of being murdered by someone using a gun is .000026%. Here is how I arrived at that number: 8174/315,900,000.

That’s apples and oranges right? Since I used current population not 2012 population. Fair enough. Here is the new and improved number based on 2012 census data. The number was 314.1 million people. So let me get out my calculator again. 8174/314,100,000. This makes your chance of being slaughtered by a gun at…wait for it…..It’s .000026%.  WOW!

Just for fun, let’s assume the cops murders were also something to be afraid of. So we had a number of 8855. 8855/314,100,000.  This increased your chance of death by gun to a whopping .000028%.

Now let us compare to the chance you have of dying from being fat.

I went ahead and gave the gun grabbers the benefit of the doubt on this one again. I am using a very old number from 1999. Note: murders by gun-wielding Americans continue to decline while obesity continues to rise. At the turn of the century, 300,000 U.S. citizens died from obseity-related illness. So you are 33 times more likely to die from being overweight than you are to be murdered by someone with a gun. 300,000/314,100,000 is .000955.

Gun grabbers constantly tell me that gun deaths are preventable and that I should compare firearms-related deaths to something else preventable. So I did. Obesity is preventable. Eat a salad and exercise. You’re welcome.


*The 1 in 13 number is through May of 2015.  I looked and could not find comparable numbers for 2012, the last complete year of data we have from the CDC and FBI.  All sources state cops shooting people is around 400 people a year, so the 1 in 13 number is still in line with 2012 statistics from the FBI.

**I would also state that these are 2012 numbers, since 2015 is not over yet, and the government is so “on the ball” (note the sarcasm please) they haven’t released enough numbers for 2013 or 2014 for me to use. I compared all numbers from the last year that I had ALL available data for.  Again, clicking on the links will assure you of that.

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      • “Only two known long term survivors thus far.”

        I just know I’m gonna regret asking…

        But I’ll bite.

        Who (or what) were they?

        (cringing in anticipation…)

        • Until recently, Tsutomu Yamaguchi was one of them.

          He also is in the running for biggest “I-told-you-so” to a supervisor in history:

          “A resident of Nagasaki, Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima on business for his employer Mitsubishi Heavy Industries when the city was bombed at 8:15 am, on August 6, 1945. He returned to Nagasaki the following day, and despite his wounds, he returned to work on August 9, the day of the second atomic bombing. That morning he was telling his supervisor how one bomb had destroyed the city, to which his supervisor told him that he was crazy, and at that moment the Nagasaki bomb detonated.”

      • Man, I was banking on the fat to protect me from the gun. I guess i’m back to calling it “tactical ballast”.

    • The math is incorrect the percentage is:(8174/315,900,000) x 100
      You forgot to times 100 the real percentage is .00258% not .000026%
      just saying

  1. Is it because one can not get a proper fit with a ballistic vest? I wonder perhaps if adipose tissue offers and significant absorption or deflection, ballistically speaking? Maybe we should cross reference the number of shooting victims with the BMI, cross referenced with the mortality rate, surgical complications and recovery statistics and derive some sort of algorithmic formula? Then divide all of the above by the square root of my sarcasm.

  2. Dropping weight will add 10 years to your life. What they don’t tell you is that you will spend those extra years dribbling in your shoes and walking into walls.

  3. 1) Find a range that will let you do this. That’s the hardest part, so I put it first.

    2) Have your carry gun in your carry holster, concealed or open, however you carry daily.

    3) Lie on your back with your feet facing the target.

    4) On a signal from the range safety officer (or just whenever you feel like it), raise up and lie back down to simulate being pushed or falling onto your back. Draw your carry gun, aim at the target, and fire. You’ll find yourself doing two crunches per repetition here; one to simulate landing on your back, and one to fire.

    5) Repeat until sexy.

    Note: It is very important for you to know how to draw and fire while lying on your back, as the odds of you not realizing you need your gun until you’re already under attack are very real. However, since it’s also very important to *not* shoot yourself in the leg or foot, I suggest doing number 4 several times, slowly, with an unloaded gun. This is not legal advice, and neither I nor TTAG are responsible for any injuries occurring from either performing this exercise or being mobbed by crowds of people due to sexiness.

    • This is pretty good advice, though you left something out. It is as they say: “You can’t outrun a spoon.”

      That means go on a diet, permanently. By which I mean, have a change in diet. Stop drinking soda (yes, even my dear Dr. Pepper), maybe have your coffee black instead of tons of sugar and creamer. It’s the little things. Eat a protein-based diet, which actually fills you up. Eat your veggies, and get all your macro nutrients. You’ll find that it’s a lot harder to over-eat when you’re doing it like that.

      Most people don’t have an exercise problem. They have an eating problem. I do hit the gym, and yes, that will make you sexy, but just by itself won’t make you drop those pounds.

      For older guys it’s going to be harder, since they have decreased T levels. Maybe talk to your doctor about it.

      • Get your sleep. Sleep is more important than working out. If you have a sleep disorder which is becoming more common( esp since my generation did not have tonsils removed ). Your going to have weight and heart/BP issues. If yor snore real bad or think you may have sleep issues et tested now

        • My sleep troubles are my own fault. Kids are hell on sleep. Also, never eat at the same pace as a mother nursing twins. It’s bad.

        • Very true. I’m actually going to have them yanked this year. We had our kids’ tonsils removed, and the change is amazing – much less snoring, much less waking up to bug us at night, less grumpiness, less dopiness and much better attention and concentration at school.

        • This x1000. After my sleep study and CPAP acquisition, I have never slept better. It took a while to get the right device (mask, nose pillows, etc) but once I did, I feel MUCH better. My temperament is orders of magnitude better, my diet is easier to control, I don’t nod off anymore during the day, and libido has improved.

          You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping for a reason. Don’t ignore that aspect of your life. If you do, your BP, heart health, weight, and overall well being will suffer.

      • this shit ain’t complicated: eliminate all the “healthy (sic) whole grains,” starches and substitutes; eliminate the sugars, HFCS drinks, stock up on fully saturated fats, fish, veggies, drop out the beer completely, 2-3 glasses of red-wine/ day max, and do x2 per week of high intensity strength training. In addition piss on the recommendations from the American Diabetes Association, the assholes from the American Heart Association and all the government funded idiots who don’t know squat. go to if you want a reliable and valid source of info IMHO. I know whereof I speak: I’m 77, 5’7, I weigh 161.2 w/ 10% body fat this AM, and that’s less than I weighed when I graduated Parris Island in 1957. I won’t bother you with my strength training protocol. Best site

  4. Not doing stupid things in stupid places with stupid places greatly diminishes the chances that you will be murdered. A bad guy is in the most danger from another bad guy.

  5. Cops shoot and kill about 1000 people a year. How many of those shooting are unjustified? I don’t know, but if it’s more than 10%, I’d be surprised.

    100 “executions” by police is an unacceptable number to be sure, but statistically it’s a spit in the ocean.

    • I dunno how many people they shoot are also cops? Blue on blue shootings are fairly common and are usually ”
      Justified” they are just accidents.

  6. I already called dibs where I shoot for exclusive rights to rent treadmills. We’ll have them facing away from the targets so people can practice running away and shooting over their shoulders. Once established, I’ll be adding exercycles for ride by shooting, and go from there.

  7. Cue Selma from Night Court, when asked where the speedometer for her exercise bike went: “I took it off to make room for the ashtray”

  8. This hits on something that I’ve been noticing since the army stationed me in Korea.

    Korea is a wealthy country, people aren’t starving, yet obesity is rare. And morbidly obese people simply don’t exist! People here are almost all skinny, it’s amazing. In America I wear a medium T-shirt, here it’s at least an XL or XXL.

    America has really got to turn its act around, sadly I’m afraid we’re firmly headed down the path of “acceptance” rather than trying to solve a very real problem.

    • On a fairly recent visit (within the past 2 years) to China I saw much the same thing with the exception that in some of the larger cities with more America fast food restaurants, there were more “chunky monkeys” to be seen. Do you think there’s a correlation?

  9. Meh-I worked out for 45 years and competed in bodybuilding for awhile-and raced bikes. I’m in my 60’s and have a gut now. Had a cancer scare and severely hurt my neck.Fight the good fight and do your best-I’M the guy who used to do the fat shaming. I don’t need any lectures from people decades younger than myself-I GET IT…at least I have no need for viagra…

  10. Funny my first trip to the new gym was Thursday! Fast food, an office job and age put sixty pounds on me. Lost 15 pounds just by dumping the Cokes but still have another thirty to go.

    • He’ll yeah, good job. I get the struggle, I’ve dropped 20 lbs in 8 weeks from eating better, running, and like you said, cutting out soda. I’ve still got a good 25 to go to be where I want though.

  11. I am not a lawyer, but the article and all of the comments so far confuse “murder” and “homicide.”

    All murders are homicides, but not all homicides are murders.

  12. Post labor day. And so my period of eating and drinking austerity begins. Never easy, but I seem to be able to better focus on it this time of year. I could use the message.

  13. And how many people has being fat wounded? When people eat like kings and smoke like chimneys I often hear the refrain, “Everyone is going to die” or “If I die I die”. The thing is you probably won’t just die at least not right away; you will die piece at a time . . . sometimes literally as in diabetics who have their extremities removed surgically every now and then.

    Obesity is a big problem facing the world. Humans are like sheep; we tend to eat everything in sight even if we do not need to. There is no substitute for self value and self control. If people had more of both maybe there would be fewer acts of violence.

  14. “Being Fat Is More Likely To Kill You Than A Gun”

    Nothing’s killed more people than abortions, but tyrants have tried.

  15. That means your chance of being murdered by someone using a gun is .000026%. Here is how I arrived at that number: 8174/315,900,000.

    I think you got the math wrong. It’s .0026% not .000026%. 8174/315,900,000 = 0.000026. Multiply by 100 to get the percentage.

    [EDIT: I just noticed a couple others pointed this out already.]

    • Yes, and by using these annual statistics, it means we’ve calculated the chance of getting murdered by someone using a gun on an annual basis. If you’re going to talk about someone’s chances of getting murdered, the number should be extrapolated over a lifetime. That gets you to .21%

  16. OMG!!! I’m fat (the doc said “obese,” which really hurt my feelings. I thought I was just fat.), own guns, have sleep apnea, and am not a Biblical prophet. I’m doomed!!!

    • On the bright side. We’re all doomed. Nobody gets out of life alive. Regardless of lifestyle or fitness profile.

      Living is a fatal and incurable disease that we’re all born with.

  17. As per usual the arm chair doctors in the room posting solutions to the complicated issue of obesety. Listen for the sound of one hand clapping.

  18. 24 hour fitness has child care up to 2 hours / day. The facility stinks like a jungle whorehouse, but it’s got good weights and treadmills. The iPhone tracks daily mileage. Even busy people don’t need to park 50 feet from a restaurant or take an escalator when they could take stairs.

    With that being said, I’m not going to eat salads for the rest of my life. Or skip scotch, margaritas, mojitos, mimosas, cigars, and the occasional beer whilst doing yard work.

    Fat cops don’t look good in uniform. And fat gun owners probably will die a whole lot sooner than skinny ones.

  19. Wow. I am by no means overweight but enough of the fat-shaming. Let’s just talk about guns… not degrade people for who they are. Just because you’re a skinny bitch, that does not give you the right to play high-and-mighty on the internet.

  20. It just sounds like you’re accepting the gun grabbers argument that gun deaths are preventable. What a silly premise for an article. Guess I know which to avoid now. Thanks!


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