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Moments ago Chris Cox announced that the NRA has officially endorsed Donald Trump for president of the United States. In his speech following the announcement, Trump stated flatly that “I will not let you down” when it comes to protecting the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

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    • My prediction: He’ll F us over as soon as it’s convenient. It might even be somewhat subtle. DT ain’t known for sticking to a position for very long and he loves “the art of the deal.” That means bargaining stuff away in a give and take and 2A is all outta give.

      I’ll kiss someone’s bare behind if he breaks NFA’s back…

      …until then, consider me un-fooled.

      I will not vote for a democrat, so DT and HC are out. I guess I’m stuck with the Libertarians this time around.

      • I appreciate this and I’m in the same boat. There will be two names on the ballot, but it’s the same candidate.

        • Nope. One wants to screw us over, the other wants us to screw ourselves over.

          and one’s evil and one’s crazy, but don’t get me started on that.

          “NO NUKES FOR NUT-JOBS!!!”

        • Don’t forget Austin Petersen and Gary Johnson.

          I’m starting to think the only hope is to get guys like that on the big debate stages and in front of everyone.

          This whole election makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and drink whiskey through a straw.

        • The tears of the vanquished joke that was the Twitter me silly “never trump” movement taste so damn good.

          WWWAAAAA!!!!!! WWWAAAAA!!!!!! My guy didn’t win so I’d rather have Hillary pack the court so the 2A dies!!!’ That’ll show em!!’

          Just admit deep down inside y’all are for Hillary.

        • Hey. Dr Brainwash. Nope we are not for Hillary and we are not for her donor donald trump either. yep, we don’t to vote for the guy who gave donations to hillary, schumer, reid, pelosi, kennedy and other liberals.

          Did you see the tweet Trump sent out after obama’s gun control speech after Newtown?

          “President Obama spoke for me and every American in his remarks in #Newtown Connecticut.”

          Yeah, Trump is pro 2a ha ha ha ha ha ha

          Trump is pro 2a, he allows conceal carry at his properties, right? Nope, Trump’s properties are gun free zones. LOL Yeah, he’s Hillary with a penis.

      • And Hillary will thank you for that as she readies her list of at least 3 anti 2A SC Justices that she will be able to select and then what, do we start over and keep voting Libertarian even though it gets us 1 step forward and 2 steps back?

        • There will just be one name on her list: Chief Justice Obama. God help us, our current reps don’t have the backbone to stop it either.

        • Yes, but you can feel good about voting for a looser and no matter who wins you have the righteous high ground to say I told you so (as you privately lament what votes like yours allowed Hillary’s Court to do to the entire Bill of Rights).

          Go ahead and vote 3rd party….anyone here remember just how good a President Ross Perot was?

        • “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.” or so one of my distant relatives once said.

          I for one am sick of the SCOTUS boogeyman. “Bring ’em on. I’d prefer a straight fight to all this sneakin’ around.”

          That fight has been coming for some time, best get it over with.

          “I WILL NOT COMPLY”

        • It’s actually pretty rare for the Supreme Court to reverse itself. The court’s power is derived from its legitimacy, which in turn stems from its consistency. It’s called stare decisis. It’s why “It’s settled law!”, often heard in abortion debates, for example, is such a forceful and often argument-ending retort. It’s also why the court tends to lag, not lead, the country as a whole.

          Cases the court has reversed itself on include big, history-making matters like slavery. Even then, it’s usually only after many years have passed and major societal shifts have already occurred. With 2A rights, the seminal cases are more recent, while societal and political momemtum heavily favors further freedom expansion. So I don’t see any 2A reversals coming any time soon, even with a new justice.

          If any were on their way, you wouldn’t see courts like the 9th Circus (sic) deferring to Heller. They’d get out in front and startvtge rollback now, believing the high court would back them up.

          Looking at the hundred or cases when the SC reversed itself, most don’t even involve the Bill of Rights. They’re split roughly four ways equally between cases addressing constitutional article, the Bill of Right, non-BoR amendments, and statutes. Those that have focused on BoR cases, have tended to expand freedom and provide additional protections.

          Remember, too, that it takes fours justices to agree on whether even to hear a case. With four conservative(ish) justices now, they can block a case that might go against the 2A from even getting to the court. Of course, that lets stand the lower court’s ruling, whichever way that went. So this power isn’t perfect.

          Now, none of this should be interpreted as a reason to trust Hillary, her judgment or her intentions. “Hillary for Prison 2016”, I say. I’m just saying that Trump and a compliant, complicit GOP Congress could do much more harm to America than four years of anti-Hillary gridlock would do.

        • “much more harm to America than four years of anti-Hillary gridlock would do.”

          Republican compliance to progressive power is a proven thing. You believe the GOPe is going to grow in power and all of the sudden start standing for conservative ideas, based on what? That’s very wishful thinking there. And this is what you are going to put all your hope in, a known loser – going back decades, will all in one election turn conservative?

          Pit that against someone who shows actual promise, has no record of screwing you over, and over and over, someone who is already standing up and fighting like no GOP empty suit has for as long as I can remember. Sure, maybe he isn’t trustworthy, but maybe he is.

          You are betting on a known quantity, Republican fecklessness and corruption, failure and capitulation. Trump has none of these quantities, and lots of good ones.

          Wake up.

        • Jonathan – Houston,

          Look here’s our wonderful GOPe working again with Obama against the conservative even as we debate whether or not to keep giving them chances to kick us:

          “or at least it would have been if McConnell hadn’t allowed Democrats to take political cover with the Collins amendment. The Collins amendment passed with the only nine votes against being Democrats from Senate jurisdictions so liberal that they could afford to say even the Collins non-concession was insufficient. So Senator McConnell managed to give the Democrats a fig leaf hid their vote for this monstrosity.

          Meanwhile the Lee amendment, which had, at least in theory, the support of all but 16 members of the GOP’s 54-member conference, including all of the GOP’s conservative senators, garnered only GOP votes. Not a single Democrat joined them. McConnell once again worked with a rump faction of liberal Republicans to stop a conservative amendment. (Don’t be fooled by the fact that McConnell voted for the Lee amendment — he, and probably some others in the “yes’ camp, were just giving themselves political cover. If McConnell had actually wanted the Lee amendment, the Collins amendment would never have seen the light of day.)”

          Yea, great idea, keep on supporting these assclowns.

    • very hard decision, one you can make a deal with, the other you would to have to take out a contract for….

    • Basically. I’m not going to pile and and slag the NRA, though. What choice did they have? Endorse the Libertarian? Join the “never Trump” crowd and try to install a 3rd party spoiler? He’s not the ideal candidate, but he’s at least claiming to be on our side, which is exact opposite of his competition.

  1. Every person reading this MUST vote. You cannot sit at home because you don’t like Trump. You must also get your friends and family to vote. Too much is at stake. We cannot allow the left to nominate 3 liberals to SCOTUS.


    • Agreed.

      Please deal with your initial concerns about him not being your perfect candidate on this or that issue.

      Then take a dose of reality and realize that you can do worse, and you will be impacted personally by a Hillary presidency.

    • Mark….I hear you bro….now all we need to do is figure out how the Dems get dead people and illegal aliens to vote and we will have this one in the bag.

      • I hear if you bring a Ouija board to the poll they give you an extra ballot

    • Yep. Hillary will definitely nominate anti-2A ‘interpretive’ judges vice constitutionalist. Won’t just be 2a at risk but every other right as we understand them today… Chelsea even promised dear old mom would nominate someone who’d reverse Heller.

      I don’t particularly like Trump, I don’t particularly trust him. But there’s a chance he’ll nominate good justices to SCOTUS, it is absolutely certain that short of divine intervention Hillary won’t. I’m not banking on divine intervention…

      • Won’t just be 2a at risk but every other right as we understand them today…
        That is what is really at stake in this election.
        I guarantee that if Hitlery gets in a Dictator, we will be just like Venezuela in 2 years.

  2. How many votes in November is this endorsement worth? My top 3 issues are 2nd Amendment, Veteran’s issues, and jobs.

  3. Is that a picture from the event? Nice. Of course a decked out AR would have been cool.

    No matter, this is good.

  4. I see Nick needed to post this since Robert apparently can’t stop himself from vomiting at the thought of DT being at the top of the GOP ticket this fall.

  5. Trump may be a bit outrageous but he has they entire country talking about politics, twenty somethings that weeks ago didn’t know the branches of gov. They are waking up.
    So…….love him or not……he’s here to stay.
    God bless us all….

    • Listening to Jr talk – he’s a real-deal sportsman (shooter/hunter). That gives me hope.

    • It’s possible to imagine him losing, but not possible to imagine him losing with dignity.

    • I’m highly skeptical of the proposition that Trump can win, and that’s against one of the least likable people on the planet. It’s not that Clinton is such a great candidate, it’s that Trump doesn’t have the broad appeal necessary to win.

      Clinton can rely on 90+% of blacks, 60+% of Hispanics, and at the moment, a majority of women, including a majority of white women, who actually have gone Republican in recent elections. Combined with a decent share of white men, she wins easily.

      Trump may be entertaining, and he may shake things up, but he’s the most vulnerable candidate the Republicans have nominated in decades.

      • Then your vote, and that of your associates, are all the more important.

        Don’t adopt a “can’t do” attitude.

        Besides, there will be plenty of crucial lower echelon elections for you to vote on come November 8.

        Don’t just stay home!

        • I live in Washington state. It’s going to go at least 60 – 40 for Clinton. I could vote a thousand times and it wouldn’t make a difference.

  6. Theres no other option.
    “Thanks” to a majority that not supported rand paul …….

    • They too dumb. Too many big words to understand. Need more rhetoric about walling up the border (because cartel members will not have the means/incentive to blow through it) and starting another war to fight isis so isis 2.0 can spawn.

      We did it to ourselves. Now we can all enjoy the drive-thru presidents.

  7. Trump has staked out his turf and the crusty old biddy has staked out hers. I’m voting for my own self interest, and that means Trump.

    • What he’s saying right now sounds good, and his list of SCOTUS candidates sounded good.

      Whether he’ll follow through, or stab us in the back, is another question.

      On the other hand we know exactly what Hitlary will do.

  8. Again, Trump supporters may as well vote Hillary, as they’re the ones giving her the win this November.

    • I can tell because you support your argument with so many facts.

      Trump is getting people involved, turnout in primaries is up. Yes he is divisive, how many people and on which side remains to be seen, but people are standing up to support him in ways they didn’t for Romney.

      Clinton is detestable and only the die hard progressives have any reason to stand behind her at all. Lots of people know enough about her to reject her and her policies. How many people and on which side remains to be seen, but there are loads of reasons to dislike HRC and this will impact her in an election.

      I think Trump has a much better chance than another weak sauce Romney run or a Jeb or even a Cruz. But that doesn’t matter because all those GOPe candidates are out.

      Get with the program, it’s Trump or nothing. Start working to win this, your nay-saying helps nothing.

  9. HiLIARy Clinton is pledging to seriously infringe all American’s right to keep and bear Arms every time she gets/makes the opportunity to do so.

    Donald Trump just told about 8,000 NRA Members and the rest of the Nation over broadcast TV and probably radio that he will protect “Our Second Amendment”, abolish “Gun-Free Zones and said repeatedly, “I will NOT let you down”.(BTW Trump got several standing ovations from the assemblage he was speaking to on various matters he spoke about.)

    The NRA has not endorsed a Presidential Candidate this early for many Elections.

    It is simple and crystal clear. If you are a one-issue Voter, namely, Our Second Amendment right to keep and bear Arms, please…please….please seriously consider Voting for Donald Trump for President, even if only to keep “crooked HiLIARy” from getting into the White House and break the Clinton’s shameful, corrupt stranglehold on political power and influence within these United States.

    • “The NRA has not endorsed a Presidential Candidate this early for many Elections.”

      That is interesting.

    • You know what my “one issue” is? Beating democrats. Won’t happen this election. We’re screwed for 4-8 years thanks you people like you.

      • November is still a long way again. People already know the ‘worst’ about Trump because of his uncensored nature and he is still viewed more favorably than Clinton in some recent polls. In contrast, many are just starting to find about Hillary and her corruption. The ‘Clinton Cash’ movie and other documentaries are going to take a toll, and of course Donald is going to have his guns focused solely on her now. Clinton has a long way to fall, potentially.

  10. I mostly vote Libertarian, but there’s just too much at stake this election. This time unfortunately, if you don’t vote Trump, you’re voting for Hillary.

    • I usually vote GOP, but this election there’s too much at stake so I’m voting Libertarian.

      Looks like I cancel you out. Enjoy President Hillary.

      • That makes no sense whatsoever. There’s too much at stake so I plan to vote for the person who is certain to lose. You need to go back to school and retake logic 101.

        Are you sure you aren’t a paid poster working for the HRC people? Because if you had an argument you would have stated it, hence we have to assume you do not have an argument, only message of demoralization and woe-is-me.

        Thanks for nothing, this is the last things we need. In the future here is a clue, if you have a statement to make it becomes much more powerful if you actually back it up with logic, reason and facts. When you have none of these things you just look like a complainer.

        We are sick of complainers.

        Vote Trump Hard.

  11. I only need one reason to support Trump for President: He is fighting harder than anyone on this board to defeat Hillary Clinton.

    • Say what you will about Trump, but you cannot deny this. Recall the weak sauce that was the pathetic Romney campaign? Never really spoke up on anything serious, didn’t talk about the IRS, Obamacare, nothing but bland speeches and lackluster talking points.

      Oh and remember that debate that went so overwhelmingly for Romney, and then what… crickets. How can that happen when we all know Obama’s clock should have been cleaned on the subsequent debates. Romney then vs Trump now is like night and day.

      How can you people can sit back and say no to Trump knowing what the alternative is? There is no perfect candidate, and there never will be.

      • >There is no perfect candidate, and there never will be.

        Until people make their voices heard about the options being shit, they will continue to be fed shit.

        • >>Until people make their voices heard about the options being shit, they will continue to be fed shit.<<

          This is absolutely it.

        • “make their voices heard”

          Are you kidding? How are you going to make your voices heard, the media ignores you – not even that, they don’t just ignore you they work directly against you, and nothing you can do will change that.

          Show me a plan to ‘make your voices heard’, if you cannot do that… well what else have you got then?

      • Vote for a third party that represents you better. With enough people, the main two parties will realize that the need to change their platform to get those people back on board or they will lose elections. If you’re worried about there being “too much at stake,” there will always be “too much at stake,” people told me the same thing 8 years ago but now the choices are even shittier than they were 8 years ago and in 8 more years I have no doubt that they will be even shittier than the choices now unless things change. This “vote for the less shitty candidate” idea simply isn’t sustainable when your less shitty choice would have been a significantly more shitty choice years prior.

    • Quoting Trump at one of his rallies,”Bye bye, get ’em out”. It’s OK to have a hissy fit and take your marbles and go home, maybe Hillary will invite to the WH to play.

      • Apparently “having a hissy fit” is Trumpkin for “not voting for a fascist to the left of Hillary Clinton.”

        Enjoy the Clinton Presidency!

        • Looks like a lot of paid shills around all the Trump related posts.

          You can tell because all they do is come in and say ‘XYZ is a bad thing, I am voting Libertarian’ or something similar. With no argument or reasoning at all.

          Like they are working off a script, and only trying to rack up posts. What do you get, like a penny a post?

          Go on, prove me wrong, present an argument. Bet you can’t do that.

    • Good. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. In sure you’ll be much happier in the Democratic Party. Everything you say comes off as quite statist so you’ll fit right in.

    • NRA has been the National Republican Association for a while now, and I mean that in the worst way possible – they didn’t just sign up to the party platform, they are basically ready to promote any platform so long as they get 2A promises. Meaning that they’ll happily crap all over 1A etc if that means no new gun laws. Remember how LaPierre was frothing at the mouth about “violent media” after Newtown? This is the inevitable endgame: “fuck everything, my guns are all that matter”.

      • “This is the inevitable endgame: “fuck everything, my guns are all that matter”.”

        *NOT* just the guns.

        The *entire* constitution, slanted left for at least a generation.

        Why is this not obvious to you?

        Is it because your personal politics lean left, and the whole of the Progressive political policies outweigh the 2A?

  12. Look at what just happened In CA. All along party lines.

    If you don’t like Trump that’s fine. If you vote for anyone else you are voting your own rights away.

    If you refuse to vote, you are allowing others to vote your rights away. You are to blame.

  13. When I started seeing Trump’s picture on the NRA website, I knew the decision had already been made.

  14. I don’t like Trump, I didn’t vote for him in the primary and he might screw us over, but with Hillary it is certain she will screw us over. I will hold my nose and vote for Trump. Trump plays to ratings and the crowd so we have to be louder than the other crowd so that he caters to our side instead of theirs. It starts by holding him to his campaign stances instead of making excuses for him when he starts waffling like most of his supporters have been doing.

  15. I saw donnie live being endorsed. Fine with the NRA nod. AS I flipped the channel to CNN some black caucus gal was bitterly whining about donnie lyin’ about Hildebeast. About abolishing the 2A. I’d a’ thought she’d embrace that hard left BS. I’m no fan of donnie but compared to the clintons he’s George freakin’ Washington. Hope for the best-expect the worst.

  16. To all those considering voting 3rd party, learn from my fail. I voted for Ross Perot in my younger days. It felt like the principled thing to do, then. Looking back now, however, I realize I helped get Bill Clinton elected. I hang my principled head in shame… This year, principle tells me to vote Libertarian – I’ll vote for Trump. One Clinton was quite enough.

  17. Here is my theory- Hillary and the DNC are behind the scenes funders of the Trump campaign. Trump has a long history of being buddy-buddy with the Clintons and is on record for saying Republicans are idiots. The campaign strategy is to get Trump out there as a GOP candidate, disrupt the party, and prevent the party from unifying for a legit candidate. All Hillary has to do is campaign enough to beat Bernie and secure the Democratic nomination. After that it is the big campaign Hillary vs. Trump. The GOP has shown over the last few elections that their voting base has dwindled enough that they cannot win. They have alienated too many groups (black, Latino, LGBT, women, etc). In short Hillary’s plan – disrupt the enemy, ensure the nomination, sit back and win the election. Karl Rove wishes he had come up with strategy. I cannot stand Hillary but give her (them) credit as tacticians.

    • I have to admit, this is not outside the bounds of the possible. Yes, it is possible that they thought their real enemy was Cruz, and Trump was a way to keep Cruz out of the nomination.

      But look, it is done. We can second guess things all day long, based on information we do not have access to. You cannot change things now. It’s also possible that Trump will be a good force in office. You have to pick from the choices presented, and a vote for anyone but Trump is a certain vote for HRC.

      So you can complain, or make a choice. Or complain and make a choice.

      My point is we only have one choice, lets hold Trumps feet to the fire and back him. It is what it is.

  18. To anybody who thinks Trump isn’t pro 2A, you need to give a listen to his son Don Jr. His son is a real deal gun enthusiast (and even a reloader). The level of detail you hear him talk about the sport in general lets you know he isn’t just spouting buzzwords garner support. Trump’s sons have played a huge part in reshaping their fathers view on guns. Here is an example:

  19. My prediction: He’ll F us over as soon as it’s convenient.

    And he won’t so long as executive-ing our way lets him make someone else look small.

    Maybe we’ve learned. You really shouldn’t count on the strength of their convictions. Rather stay engaged and count on the strength of their self-interest.

  20. Why are we not supposed to trust Trump but are supposed to trust creeps like Televangelist Ted, Pool Boy Marco, Yeb “Amnesty” Bush (Bush folk are always honest), and Lispy Graham?

    • Because Cruz, Rubio, Jindal, etc. all have long histories of support for conservative issues, gun rights, etc. You can trust their words because their past actions have been consistent with what they say now.

      Pro tip, stop with the juvenile name calling, act like an adult.

  21. I will vote for Trump, no holding my nose. He supports the cops, the military, the veterans, the free market, the churches (which he probably sees as a business but is he wrong?) and his sons give him credibility on 2a. He’s a master salesman because he’s a genuine capitalist. And his stance on immigration proves he’s a nationalist.

    As a master showman his attacks on Hillary are already proving effective. The Trump train rolls on, ALL ABOOOOARD!

  22. I mean… yeah, on the topic of guns, he’s gotta be better than hillary. If you only look at the two.

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