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courtesy Baltimore Sun

Various reports are coming in of a workplace shooting at a RiteAid Distribution center in Maryland. The latest information — which frequently changes in these situations — is three people have been killed.

From the CNN:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives sent agents from Baltimore to the scene. The FBI’s Baltimore office is also assisting in the investigation.

“We are closely monitoring the horrific shooting,” Gov. Larry Hogan tweeted. “Our prayers are with all those impacted, including our first responders. The State stands ready to offer any support.”

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  1. How did this happen in Maryland where they banned “assault rifles”, private firearms sales, “high capacity” magazines, and they have a 10 day waiting period for hand guns? This is impossible, why aren’t the shooters abiding by the laws against murder and firearm violence?

      • No, they’ll say those restrictions were a good step, but we need more restrictions to prevent events like this in the future.

        Government is the only organization in human history that sees failure and decides to keep going.

        • “No, they’ll say those restrictions were a good step, but we need more restrictions to prevent events like this in the future.”

          Don’t forget that without those restrictions “this shooting [could have been] far worse”.

    • Man are you stoopid. It’s only because of those lax infringements you listed off…

      9 rounds should be the max, and a 20 day waiting period, and an all semi auto ban is what will keep us safe!

    • no ban on assault weapons (just certain long guns by name or statute), no ban on hi cap mags (they just cant be sold, traded, or rented in MD), can sell long guns through second hand and the wait for handguns is 7 days, long guns is up to 6.

    • What about…… The shooter probably waited 10 days before he carried out his spree. sarc ! Remember at one time this was called a ” cooling off time”. Sarc. If the others at work would have been armed maybe the shooter would have decided it was too risky to try. ” If it would only save one life “………

      • Las Vegas guy bought guns over many months before he carried out his attack…so the only answer is infinite waiting periods! Get rid of the 3 day NICS limit!

  2. “ATF is on the scene!”

    Oh, I feel better already.

    Maybe they were there to begin with… maybe start your manhunt there.

      • I carry because a typical cop can only give a flesh wound to the perp with a 17 rd mag, the other 16 rds are imbedded in the surrounding cars & building if nobody else is walking around.

    • I’ve often wondered what exactly BATFERBF actually does after arriving on a scene like this, once local police has everything secure.

      “Yup, this was done with a gun. Definitely a firearm of some type. Or possibly alcohol or tobacco. But probably a firearm.”

      • What makes em so good are the balaclavas. Didn’t help them in Waco much but dang if it doesn’t give them the edge at crime scenes.

    • Yeah I heard that too…as my son and grandkids live in Maryland I’m more than a bit concerned. Ban women shooter’s?!?

  3. Don’t worry folks. Surrender your guns, certainly don’t carry any. And when you die, we your protectors, why we’ll just come stand around the surrounding neighborhood all pimped out in our tac and military gear and two point slings looking oh so badass and mass-shooting deterring while they wheel your body out on a gurney.

    • Now you’re just being a presumptuous bigot. Just because it may have been born with a vagina, DOES NOT MEAN IT IDENTIFIED AS A WOMAN. I’m so sick and tired of straight white men (and yes, I’m making a presumption here, because that is the only acceptable bigotry in today’s society) mansplaining. Stop it!!!! s/

      • What about those high capacity genders with more than 26 types of identification? Does anybody really need more than one gender? Shouldn’t you have to register your gender and wait at least 10 days to change your gender? What if your gender gets into the wrong hands? Sorry, the answer to that last question was answered by Cody Wilson.

        • Sure, he/she/it killed people and now is a murderer, but we’d be just as bad as he/she/it if we hurt his/her/its feelings. (Maybe, probably WORSE)!!!

        • Actually….

          The (latest) correct term calculated so as not to offend the transformers among us is “they,” even if referring to a single person.


          So when relating the story of this woman shooting these poor people you must say “THEY struck a blow against the Patriarchy.”

  4. Maybe if one of the Rite Aid employees had had a gun on them….

    NO, screeches Baby Emma, protecting themselves or others is not in a pharmacist’s “job description!”

  5. Golly gee another GFZ shooting. Whodaguessed?
    “Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler confirmed the lone shooter is in custody and is in critical condition at a local hospital. Gahler said the suspect used an handgun in the shooting. He confirmed than multiple people were dead and injured.

    Gahler also thanked the local and federal agencies that responded.

    “You can’t have enough police; you can’t have them fast enough,” he said.

    It took police only five minutes to respond to the scene and he credited their training. ”
    WTH. They got all those fantastic anti-gun laws that are guaranteed to “save at least one life”, right?

    Get a freaking clue Maryland!!

    • So kudos to the cops for getting there only just after everyone was dead because no one is allowed to defend themselves?

      Wow. So glad for us to have cops this fast. Medals all around.

      Marylanders can shuffle off their mortal coils happy in the knowledge that the police will get there while their lifeless bodies aren’t quite room temperature yet.

      • Everything will be ok as long as you run, hide, and as a last resort, fight. But only by throwing staplers and desk plants at them. Please don’t bring guns to work, knives, or body armor. It will just make it harder on the responding police to tell who the good guys are. This way, they will know who the good guys are by following the blood trails. If you die, at least you will die a corporate martyr, they might even put a plaque up in your honor!

        • Nice.

          Don’t forget to add that if people had guns to shoot back at the people who are shooting at them, imagine how much more dangerous that would be to the other people in the office! Y’all should just lay down on the ground spread eagle to make sure the killer doesn’t fire any more rounds in the city limits than he needs to in order to kill you—it’s your solemn duty to reduce the net amount of rounds being fired, no matter what it costs you.

  6. Does a rise in workplace shootings mean that more workplaces stress out employees and they snap? Is it really just the media reporting every instance over and over? Is it that mood altering drugs are being over-prescribed by doctors?

    I think it is a little of all 3. The post office has backed down on workplace stress – maybe other workplaces could learn something here

  7. Completely off topic, but looking at those pictures…

    Whatever happened to uniforms? If those dudes kicked in my door, I’d never believe for a second they were Law Enforcement and I’d waste ’em all.

    • Yup. That’s what spirited Texans did at Waco. Took down four of the thugs. Then we all stood by and let Clinton order their extermination. They’re sore losers, those feds. Can’t take a licking fair and square.

      But yeah, I’m so tired of seeing local deputies, Bureau of Land Management SWAT, all competing to outdo each other in treating Main Street USA like downtown Fallujah, so they can wear the military gear and tilt their wrists over their downturns M4’s all “operator-like.”

      But I have a question. Look at the pictures here. M4’s and AR’s everywhere hanging from wanna be Blackwater dudes. What’s the message? “WE need these to look cool after you’re dead, but YOU don’t need them not to get dead.”

      • Same thing at Ruby Ridge… it just wasn’t time yet, until now. Now that the “look” is mainstream the average citizen won’t bother to pay attention, until it’s too late. It’s probably too late.

        • Like a frog in a pot. Now we’re just about transformed into sheeple. We’ve got the standing army the founders warned us about. But they’re cowards. They don’t want a fair fight when they come to seize our guns.

          They say that their battle cry for gun control is “no more Columbine’s!!” But we know that it’s really, “No more Waco’s!!”

    • Warlocc,

      Yes sir. Those ATF employees are wearing jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes — and one of them is even wearing a baseball cap backwards.

      Having said all that, they are at least wearing their pants high-up (properly) around their waist rather than riding half-way down around their @ss with their underwear showing.

  8. I didn’t read all of the comments. I do think we are all on the same side but perhaps the sarcastic, tongue in cheek comments could wait until the victims are buried? I understand and agree with everything you say but this post with comments could be read by many as coming from people who are a bit callous about the deaths of people while making jokes about gun laws and the anti-gunners.
    I’m going to the range…

    • George,

      Your comment is true that our callousness at this time is deplorable.

      At the same time, please note that gun-grabbers will paint us as uncaring monsters who eat babies no matter what we say or do.

    • I appreciate the sentiment, but as a practical matter that would exclude all criticisms on this site of the deadly policies that result in such deaths regularly. That’s because between now and when(ever) these latest victims of these policies are buried this event will be have vanished somewhere behind a few news cycles and no one will bother to update us anyway. I think we’re forced to talk about these events as they happen, or just never talk about such issues as these on the web at all. Still, I think your comment is still worth weighing because perhaps the sarcasm is the wrong note to send in such cases. Difficult not to heap scorn on those deadly policies we increasingly feel powerless to change no matter how senseless they are. The sarcasm is of course directed at the moral degenerates and mental dwarfs whose policies kill such fellow citizens, and were all in the crosshairs of these social reengineers—does that change things?

      • When you’re in a gunfight ( and we are in a gunfight), you can mourn later. The objective is to win the fight. Keep shooting or you’ll end up buried next to your buddies.

  9. Its past time for Liberal gun owners to prove they are worth being included in the gun community. You folks voted for these leaders in Maryland to California. What is your plan to take back civil rights in these states???

      • You are avoiding the issue. Let me help you refocus.

        Tom Ammiano, calif senate president, wrote the law making California rape/ stalking victims, and everyone else, wait up to ten extra days to get a gun. Why would a proud homosexual white man and law maker think a woman should wait to get a gun????

        I know they cheer him at gay pride parades. So I ask again. What are Liberals gun owners doing??? Since they voted for people like Tom Ammiano.

  10. This is NOT a federal crime. ATF should not be involved. Not sure why we even have states anymore. Federals jump into everything now. States are states mostly in name only.


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