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In a press conference, Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed that the shooter, identified as 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, used a shotgun and a .38 caliber revolver to murder ten people and wound ten more at Santa Fe High School. Both guns were owned by the shooter’s father.

As CNN reports,

Two school resource officers were on the campus and confronted the shooter “early on in the process,” Abbott said.

He said the investigators have found journals on a computer and cell phone owned by the suspect. The boy indicated he wanted to take his own life after the shooting, the governor said at a news conference.

In addition to the firearms, explosives were found in the school and have been deactivated.

Pagourtzis was currently in the custody of the Santa Fe Police Department, according to Abbott. Authorities also had warrants to search two residences and a vehicle allegedly used by the suspect.

Abbott did not give a confirmation on the amount of explosives that were located at the school, but said the devices were made by “the shooter.”


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    • Oh he has… He doesn’t want to kick out the illegals who only come here to scam the welfare system, and rape, rob, and murder Americans; but he wants to take your guns away.

      Maybe he needs that wheelchair because he’s nothing more than a spineless prick.

      • What are you talking about? Abbot tripled the number of National Guard troops Trump sent to the border, and this is the third time he’s sent NG troops to the border. He’s sued the Federal Government over immigration policy in the past.

        And where did he cave on gun rights? He proposed no legislation there at all, and has encouraged and signed every pro-gun bill that has ever reached his desk.

        Is there another press conference that I missed? If that one was it, there’s nothing concerning in his statements at all.

        • If he signs a Constitutional Carry bill into law I will eat crow, but I’m pretty sure that I won’t have to.

        • There is no constitutional carry bill in front of him. Nor will there be until, at best, a year from now.

        • No position on Abbott, but another Texas Bush-wacker sent the National Guard to the border…to do paper work.

      • Fairly obvious that you have a very limited knowledge of Texas and Governor Abbott. He said nothing in this clip indicating he is caving or catering to the anti gun crowd.

        • Greg Abbott is a fucking rino. He only cares about his big belt buckle cronies. When it comes to furthering the cause of liberty, he can’t be bothered.

          He’ll sign any gun control that comes across his desk. Try getting a Constitutional Carry Bill across his desk. I’ll bet you he’ll veto it.

        • Doomguy above you implied he would not sign constitutional carry law. do yo known governors don’t write laws and none has actually come from the legislature on constitutional carry to his desk.

          So WTF are you on about??

      • Neither of you has any idea what the hell you’re talking about. Just shut up. Go pollute some other gun site with your nonsensical bilge.

      • Are you guys drinking draino? Abbott has done nothing to ‘rino-ish’ to my knowledge so far.

        One of the things that Libs do alot lately is the, “if your not 100% with our agenda, your 100% the enemy”.

        Lets not follow them down that path eh?

  1. So we have another shooting right before summer break to keep it in the news. And to boot, using two types of firearms that aren’t in the anti’s crosshairs. I hate to do the conspiracy theory thing but…..

    • This one will not stay in the news. In two weeks Parkland will still be getting more attention than this one. A few reasons for this: the types of weapons used, the kids here are more pro gun and won’t become CNN puppets, and the LEOs in the area blame the individual not the gun.
      It is easy to predict which ones will get months of coverage as opposed to a week or so. The Texas church shooting left 26 dead and it got brushed away very quickly for obvious reasons.

      • moreover not one of the proposed draconian laws on the Parkland and Childens crusade manifesto would have affected this mass killing.
        And are they going to demand that Dicks stop selling pump shotguns or that revolvers be banned?

        It is the same reason they bury the the Virginia Tech shooting — the biggest school shooting ever– with pistol, with background check — it goes against their narrative

      • And moreover not one of the proposed draconian laws on the Parkland and Childens crusade manifesto would have affected this mass killing.
        And are they going to demand that Dicks stop selling pump shotguns or that revolvers be banned?

        It is the same reason they bury the the Virginia Tech shooting — the biggest school shooting ever– with pistol, with background check — it goes against their narrative

    • Well, don’t know about the shotgun yet but the 38 is almost a semi auto and a very deadly new invention used as a mass casualty war weapon. The 38 is what, a hundred years old.

  2. Well, they won’t say “gee, I guess you were right, an AWB ban is stupid, sorry we ever asked for it.” Instead they will spin it as “at least he didn’t have semi automatic bump stock machine guns and hi call mags, he would have killed 10,000 people!”

    Note some orgs are saying he had a rifle/assault rifle/MSR. But time will tell. Either way, get those marching shoes on!

  3. The father bears full responsibility for allowing easy access to his firearms to his kid.
    This kid should be placed on a death row, get rid of the scum and menace of society.

      • Funny how antis always want to discuss constitutional changes but not law and order make 17 an adult and make it retroactive then fry him!!

    • I would say a fair trial followed by a fair hanging.

      But this douche wants to die.

      How about life in the general prison population.

    • If he used his father’s truck to plow through crowd of kids would you say the same?

      The murderer holds full responsibility for the murders he committed. The tool doesn’t matter. Where he got it doesn’t matter. What matters is the evil intent.

  4. Would have been nice if his dad wasn’t such a dumb ass and kept his weapons locked up, not to mention not being aware that his son was fucked up. (sigh)

    • We don’t know at all what happened with guns and how they were secured.

      in many cases the kid has cut open the safe. if you go on Youtube you can see an <$1,000 safe can be opened with an angle grinder, which is a very very common tool, about $40 at home depot.

    • Mark,

      If all the firearms at home are locked and unaccessible, how is a 17 year-old child who lives at that home supposed to protect him/herself and younger siblings from home invaders when mom and dad are away???

      • If my kid is wearing an overcoat in Houston in the summer, wearing both Nazi and Soviet memorabilia, a big fan of storm front and neo Nazi music? Yeah, I lock up my guns, give him swift kick in the ass, or out the door.

        Its easier to run away from a loon with a knife or a stick, than an armed loon, so yeah, his dad screwed up, but for years not just today.

        • Loon attacking people with knife or stick IS armed.
          It is easier and safer to defend against armed loon with a gun than with bare hands, knife or stick. Some of us can’t run too fast. Some of us are not willing to run away and leave others to murdering armed loon’s mercy.

        • wearing both Nazi and Soviet memorabilia

          Yeah, I saw that image on CNN, except they were describing it as “Nazi and fascist symbols”. A gold hammer and sickle on a red background is apparently a “fascist” symbol, at least when used by a school shooter.

        • It is not easier to defend yourself against a person with a gun, than a person with a stick. Guns are more effective in every way, the primary being range, but killing 1 person with a knive or stick takes much more effort, so killing 10 and wounding 10 others is really hard, unless you’re Deadpool, which is fiction, so that’s a silly argument.

    • “…Abbott said he’d been planning to roll out several proposals for new gun laws in Texas, including “speeding up background checks” and keeping guns out of hands of those “who pose immediate danger.” ”

      That’s what you call selling out?

      • Let’s see what happens if/when say… a Constitutional Carry bill were to hit his desk versus a gun control bill.

        Dollars to donuts that the one that’ll get vetoed is not the gun control bill.

        • Dude – you’re absolutely insane. Greg Abbott is the best governor in the union. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, you don’t know Texas, and you don’t know Greg Abbott.

        • Sooooo……your whole argument is predicated upon what? Future facts? Seriously?

          Dude, that’s worse than fake news.

          What exactly is your objection to speeding uo background checks? You prefer…slower checks? Zero checks is not an option, since this is federal law.

          What exactly is your objection to keeping guns out of the wrong people’s hands? I get itbthat the specific means of doing so could be fraught with peril, fair enough, but means are different from ends. You’ve heard nothing as to how he would go about doing that. So why are you objecting and calling for his trouncing (by an Hispanic lesbian sheriff the Democrats are running? Seriously, that’s your preferred course?) ehen you don’t even know his plan?

          I don’t think YOU should have so much as a slingshot, let alone a firearm. You seem strikingly off balance.

      • I’m with you, JWT. I think Scott Walker is a pretty good governor as well. Jerry Brown? Not so much. Your reasonable arguments with Doom are….doomed!


      • If the alleged posing of immediate danger is ERPO-style stuff, i.e. in the form of ex-parte law with the 6A being damned, it would be objectionable.

        Any Texans have any info?

        • No, there is a history to this proposal, assuming it is the same one that Abbott pushed in the past. It is actually quite pro-gun. It would reduce the time it takes for Texans to get a license to carry, something that has been creeping back up since Abbott signed the law reducing the price to $40. As well as reduce the number of Errors requiring a 3-day waiting period for nics checks.

          To be clear, that is purely an assumption. If it is something different than what he proposed earlier in the year, I have not seen it.

    • Vermont has a similar problem with it’s RINO governor,who finds himself not long for the office,as he’s going to face a challenger in the primary.
      Gov. Scott has already been forced to put his amateur racing career on hold because of the disgust of the people that are race/NASCAR fans,what’s a RINO to do.

      Betrayal,from one of Vermont’s Leftist propaganda fish wrappers

    • Go ahead, insult me; just don’t bitch whenever he calls for and signs a GVRO bill which only requirement is an “anonymous tip”, or a safe storage law that completely eviscerates the 4th amendment, or a background check law that completely violates HIPAA, or an 18-20 year old firearm confiscation law. From what I’ve seen in the past, couple of years, the laws that are likely to be enacted are just like those.

      But hey, this is Texas and it can’t happen here, or something…

  5. This is flat stupid, now are you going to arm the teachers in the schools?? They could have saved more people. The cops did not get there soon enough but it helped out. Make schools have to be armed this is stupid to have a school as a gun free zone, that is why there are so many shootings. You don’t see a shooting where guns are allowed do you??

  6. FL’s Governor, and every other governmental foreskin out there ought to be compelled, at gun-point to sign and conspicuously post in a public venue, and read on nightly news every day for 90 days (every year for the first 8 years in office, then every day thereafter) a statement that professes their sworn knowledge and belief that they cannot, and do not, protect anyone on an individual level. If you don’t sign and swear to the statements, you don’t get the cushy gov’t job.

    Then they wouldn’t have to do these intolerable pussy-hurts interviews on t.v.

  7. I read that the amount of narcissism in modern kids is through the roof. Combine that with violent nihilism and you get a real piece of work. Let’s hope that the other deranged freaks don’t drawn inspiration from this shooter and attempt to blow up every kid in their school cafeteria. This is the second attempted school bomber in a year, the little shits are learning from one another.

  8. Hate to be that guy, but 10 dead, 10 wounded is considerably less dead and wounded than previous lass shootings with AR-15s. Pro Gun activists will have to be careful about how they frame this one.

    • The biggest difference here was the presence of an armed school resource officer who, unlike the Cowards of Broward in the Parkland shooting, actually did his job and stopped the goblin from shooting more helpless victims.

      The pro-gun message still stands: armed defense saves lives. It’s not a magically perfect solution, but it works.

    • What on earth are you talking about? The BIGGEST school shooting EVER, by far, in the US was with pistols.
      Pistol is much more lethal. The Va Tech shooter shoot up rooms and then strode by security right in the middle of his spree easily concealing his pistols, moved to different rooms, and killed more.

  9. Okay, I’m done being sympathetic to these victims. They want a safe school, it should be an armed school. Does anybody remember the armed response the last school shooter met? Maybe who the resource officer was who brought down the shooter before anybody was even hurt? Of course not. It doesn’t fit the media’s civilian disarmerment agenda. This new one should be a call to arms, yet it will be spun as a call to take them away. Worse still, the very teachers who should be teaching math, English, science, and most importantly HISTORY, are busy teaching the kids to throw tantrums and shout slogans if they don’t understand something. Don’t listen to reason or logic, when you can let your emotions shout it down. Well screw them. I said in a previous article that I would go in and take down a shooter, should I hear one at the nearby school. Now, I’ve changed my mind. Why should I be an example of the good guy with a gun, when it will be glossed over by the media who could care more about what burger Trump eats or the latest fashion in torn jeans, than an example of a crisis being averted? If someone wants to think guns are bad, they don’t have to buy one. When they say I shouldn’t be able to buy them for defense or fun, then they cross the line and become enemies to my freedom. Screw them.

    • Other than the part where you wouldn’t rush in if there was a shooting at a nearby school (my daughter goes to high school only 6 blocks away from where I’m sitting now), I’m with you.

      I have every sympathy with the families of those who were killed. The “victims” who act like mere proximity to tragedy gives them the moral authority to demand removal of America’s constitutionally protected rights and freedoms? None. They can all take a long walk off a short pier. And their adult enablers can do the same…while wearing concrete shoes.

      • Exactly. hogg and Gonzales claiming they are victims is despicable. My neighbor was raped and murdered a few years ago by a man who was found not guilty on a prior egregious assault charge six months before due to a Dem judge throwing out the core evidence on a warrant technicality.

        Am I victim of the ACLU and a “survivor” of archaic and anachronistic Fourth amendment protections causing mayhem and violence?

    • How about “greek boy”…at least the cowardly s##t used a (reported 38 and a shottie). They will get little traction banning those. Daddy is an idiot and should face something bad…

    • Agree 100%. There’s far too much notoriety being gained by each new school shooter, who learned way too much from the media coverage of the last one.
      It will never happen, but if the media REALLY wanted to contribute to making the world a better place, they’d black this crap out and deny these bastards their 15 minutes, and send the message that NOBODY will EVER know their name.

  10. This is a classic example of why 18 year olds should not be allowed to buy AR-15s with bumpstocks.
    Yeah, I know….

  11. I don’t think a parent is at fault here. I had access to firearms all the time while in high school, I harmed no one. Should he know his kid has problems, yes but that is different.

    The fault is with the one single little sh*t that did this.

    Let’s face it the problem is there are lots of screwed up kids and our society is doing it to them. This kid needs fried as soon as he’s found guilty to make a strong statement that it won’t be tolerated. Then social media and kids habits of being either vicious bullies or emotionally weak little snowflakes needs to end. Parents need to raise kids to pay no attention to other little shits or be plugged in enough into their kids life to come down hard on their kids if they are being little shits to others.

    Liberalism and the internet is going to ruin this country. Mark my words.

    Rant over

  12. So 10 killed and 10 wounded without a semiautomatic handgun or long gun, or “high capacity magazines”. Anyone holding their breath that gun control advocates will acknowledge that and it didn’t stop the body count? I’m not.

  13. A revolver and a shotgun. Not exactly mass shooting weapons. Not saying they’re not as effective just saying by my own experience you need some practice before using them to any effect. Unless he was getting close and personal with all 10.

  14. Ban shotguns, revolvers and any knives over 1/2 inch long.

    Oh, also ban rental trucks and fists. Oh and drug manufacturers. Oh and liquor manufacturers. Oh and Teslas. Oh and flooding.

    There, fixed that!

  15. The question in my mind is what changed in our society that teenagers do this?

    Obviously previous generations of students did not, including mine from the 60s and 70s.

    Current students are preying on each other. Why?

    • Our older generation didn’t stay all night playing violent and super realistic video games like these kids do! Their young and fragile minds get this evil poured in 24/7 and naturally they want to “try it out” in the real world. Anti-gunners should root this cause out if they want less violence, but they choose to attack law abiding firearm owners instead….

      • To borrow a pro-gun argument, how many millions of video game owners will never kill anyone? I’d also wonder how many pro-gun people were started on the path by video games. My first pistol looked an awful lot like the PP7 i remembered from playing Goldeneye on N64 as a kid…

    • You do realize US gun murder is way down, not up? when I was a high school senior in 1993, US gun murder rate was more than double what it is today, and murder of school age youth 5-22 years old was 300% higher than it is today.

      Kids have never been safer.

        • Yup, this is the safest this country’s been since the late 40’s. The 70’s and 80’s were the absolute worst in terms of murder and violent crime. It’s fallen off a cliff since the mid 90’s.

        • One of my grad students did a survey of 300 undergrads in a set of classes for which he was TA last fall. Over 70%, 203 students, replied affirmatively to the the proportion that US gun murder rate was up in the past generation. Supporters of additional gun control answered in the affirmative (ie incorrectly, in fact an inversion of the trend) over 90% of the time.

          Essentially there is a major media fed cognitive dissonance causing people to invert the central and core metric on the issue. The further politically left you go, and disturbingly, the more new media you consume, the more likely you are to think gun murder rate is up, when it has plunged.

        • TT its not just the left, Trump went on and on about how we have the worst murder rate, terrible crime, etc, on the campaign trail.

          Everyone wants to run on the “I will fix the crime problem” even if the crime problem is ridiculously tiny and getting smaller.

          Politicians are full of crap, who knew.

  16. So when do we find out the kid had history with the police and school authorities and was taking anti-depressant meds?

  17. Just give them the bump stock. Let them have it. Then they will leave is alone. I’m sure they won’t demand are other guns?????

    • “I don’t care about a stupid piece of plastic, go ahead and ban it”

      (AKA make ridiculously vague laws based on factually incorrect assertions about how guns work and call it a “bump stock ban” so the low-info folks won’t notice or care until it’s too late)

    • The evidence is, and there is science on this, that it is the massive news coverage that motivates the shooters. the kids and adults who commit these mass shootings all have one constant: deep rooted feelings of insignificance.

      A properly adjusted person does not confuse and conflate infamy with fame. But it is a country of 350,000,000 and even a tiny fraction of people who do, and you have a problem. Look at social media. There are people who will profoundly embarrass and shame themselves to get notice. It is an iteration of certain reality TV shows where some otherwise utterly insignificant people on them will behave like complete fools making a mockery of themselves for attention.

      We know the progression of this phenomena with mass school shootings:
      1) In 1977 (and republished in 1985) Stephen King writes a very popular novel about a kid bullied in school who then exacts revenge with a gun. King lionizes this kid as an insignificant bullying victim who strikes back (like he did with “Carrie”).
      2) There are five early school shootings where the shooter had the book on them, in their locker, or at home. The media give extensive coverage to the shootings and shooters.
      3) The evidence is so clear stephen King withdraws the book.
      4) The columbine shooters, referring both the book and the media coverage of the actual school shootings vow to do one even larger.
      5) Other future shooters reference and fixate on the prior shootings and the media coverage of them.

      The problem is not guns. More than half of households have guns. 200,000,000 Americans have access to guns. Yet our lethal violence (suicide+homicide by all means) is way lower than many developed democracies with no guns.

      The problem is clearly not AR-15 or “assault weapons” since the largest US school shooting — by far –was by pistol. Pistol/s are WAY more lethal in a school environment since the shooter can move within a school or campus undetected by security as the shooter, as Cho did at Va-Tech to increase killing.

      The problem IS the gun control lobby. They are to blame. As with blaming guns on suicide rates (when the evidence shows removing guns may increase suicide rates because it creates way more non-gun suicide, initially undetected and classified as accident), blaming guns for mas shootings DIVERTS from he root cause: mental illness. In fact the gun control lobby has blocked mental health funding and school guards funding by poison pilling legislation that WILL help, by holding it up if it does not include gun bans on their agenda.

      The gun control lobby also works to keep these shootings and shooters in the news. maintaining news coverage is a stated strategy of the gun control lobby. This rewards school shooters.

      The ACLU is also at fault. They have filed and fought over 40 major cases in the US, creating national legal precedents, since the 1970’s, exactly coincident with beginning with of these shootings, making it harder in the US than any and every developed democracy to detain, hold, evaluate and order people for mandatory mental health treatment. The EU, Canada, Australia and others have between 50% more to 200% more persons mandatory treated.

    • The government run public school system is not a place to send my kids. The wife and I decided long ago that, if we had children, they would have either gone to parochial or private school and we would have paid whatever it took. The schools around here in Birmingham are nothing more than thug and thugette training grounds.

  18. Now are we going to get serious about securing schools and other soft targets? Until you start placing some REAL security measures in these areas you will continue to see this kind of shit happen on a shockingly regular basis. Now what is REAL security? Well for me that would be armed resistance at the location in numbers sufficient enough to stop or dissuade an active shooter before major loss of life (>3) can occur along with tightly controlled access to the building (I.e. scan your student ID for entry it can be either R.F. or barcode). Armed resistance can take the form of police, deputies, crusty old veterans with free time, teachers, JROTC, or the fucking PTA for all I care just so long as they are present and willing to actually defend the kids. We’ve tried gun free zone signs, we’ve tried gun bans, we’ve tried longer waiting periods, we’ve tried every damn thing else but we haven’t tried actually physically securing the schools. How bout we give that a shot before we attempt yet another gun control law that punishes everyone for one fucked up pickle smoocher shooting up a school? Worst that can happen is it actually fucking works and we see school shootings stop in the coming months.

  19. I look forward to the press conference where DiFi explains how an “assault weapons ban” would have “stopped” this.

    (Maybe if they hadn’t banned “assault weapons” right out of the defenders’ hands, the BGs would have been warned off, or stopped.)


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