FireTail weapon light activation switch
FireTail weapon light activation switch

From Posi-Lum:

Posi-Lūm, a Reno-based firearm accessory company has formed a partnership with D4 Advanced Media in developing innovative products in the tactical weapon lighting industry including the recently announced FireTail product.

FireTail weapon light activation switch

The new product enhances and solves problems related to the reliability, functionality and ergonomics of firearm-mounted flashlights and other weapon lighting. By omitting antiquated pressure and tape switches the Firetail changes the direction of pressure and input required for activation of a tactical flashlight from a forward push to a lateral squeeze. The patent-pending product solves a decades old problem that military and law enforcement have been faced with.


By attaching a FireTail to the tailcap of a rifle-mounted tactical flashlight, users gain the ability to activate a flashlight less awkwardly with a more ergonomic and natural motion. A FireTail consists of only three moving parts and is designed to give users several mounting options and an easier, simpler way to use flashlight attachments on firearms

FireTail weapon light activation switch

Because its rugged and 100 percent mechanical, users don’t need to worry about snagged, broken or melted electronic wires from other products currently available on the market.

FireTail weapon light activation switch

Posi-Lūm’s Firetail is set to launch to market on March 1, 2020 and has been operating out of D4’s new state of the art facility that incubates local startups. The new facility contains D4’s staff of designers, marketers and a team of product development specialists to help get new products ready for an initial launch and brand development.

“We’re excited to announce this partnership with Posi-Lum and continue to work with Reno start-up companies as an incubator to develop new, innovative products,” said John Dunlap, founder of D4. “Our product design and development services compliment other cutting-edge entities who are looking for creative solutions and opportunities to innovate and become leaders in their industries.”

Price = $54.99


  1. Will there be different sized inserts to fit various diameters of flashlight tailcaps/bodies… Or possibly an adjustable mounting base? Or would one have to buy the device knowing which exact light it was to be installed upon?
    Either way, I would like to get one when available.

    • A band-clamp style attachment base would seem ideal. I won’t say having a literal hook hanging off your flashlight won’t end up causing other problems, but options are better than no options, and quite honestly this setup is much simpler than a tape swtich (just much less adaptable)

      • Yeah, looks like just a clamp holding the lever.
        So, the flashlight(s) it will likely fit, are round only with a push button tail cap?
        Only 1” flashlights? Obviously not the oval types?
        Too many unanswered questions.

        • Their website says 1″ round flashlights without prominent bezels, and you need to move the clamp back and forth to find the right amount of push the level bump puts on the button.. Their site recommends Protac HL-X, Surefire G2X Tactical, 6PX, Fenix PD-35, and ThruNite TN12. You also have to make sure the mount has enough clearance to fit the extra diameter of the lever clamp. It’s a neat idea, but I wouldn’t get it without touching it first to see if the ergonomics work for me and the rail/mount I’m using. The vids show a bottom grip, and I use thumb over top. I’m also concerned that the lever could flip around to the storage position at an inopportune moment. I think I’d rather push on the lever with my thumb in flashlight mode.

  2. With many new lights on the market this product may be close to obsolete before it makes it to market. Older lights are becoming obsolete faster every day due to the bulbs and batteries used. But we will see how it does.

  3. They would be much better off with a single popular design and/or a prepriotory light, to make sure it actually fits and works as designed – do the tweeking later.

    Even trying to mount a site system is hard because of all the little differences in the mountings and lengths of barrels. I am thinking about a handgun scope/laser system, since even expensive iron sights have so much trouble.

    I am thinking that just a bead sight(like old shotguns) might be the ticket.

    Should I attach it with superglue or some stickyweld product and use Kentucky windage?

  4. I use a light rail on my Grip-Pod to mount my Streamlight TLR-1HPL which I consider the ultimate weaponlight for carbines.

    Wouldn’t want a carbine without my Grip-Pod OR a weaponlight.

    This thing looks like it is well made and well conceived. Could be excellent for AR pistols as you cannot use a foregrip of any kind without making it into what the GOVT pussies at BATFE consider an SBR.

  5. And why in the H E Double Toothpicks is this site featuring all these men as advertisements with blackheads? Maybe they need girls to squeeze their pores.

  6. Great…. if you default support hand position is always near the back of the light. And the light is now mounting restricted to a position near your support hand index finger tip.


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