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Now that the Toomey/Manchin amendment has failed, the other amendments are having their time on the Senate floor. There’s a ton of these things, so rather than posting a new article for each one I’m just going to start one post and keep it updated with the latest news. We’ll probably post a small celebratory story when the AWB is finally beaten down, but for everything else Senate related this is your stop. Hit your “F5” button to see the latest results.

DEBATE IS CLOSED for the day, continuing tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Lautenberg / Blumenthal Amendment FAILS, 46/54

Bans “high capacity” magazines

Burr Amendment FAILS, 56/44

Requires judicial decision for Veterans Affairs to place someone on the NICS denial list.

Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban Amendment FAILS, 40/60

LOL “large velocity guns,” another wonderful example of Senator Feinstein playing Bingo with firearms-related vocabulary and rolling with whatever she can think up no matter if it actually makes sense. Also, where can I get my hands on these 100+ round clips she’s talking about? That’s got to be one large piece of aluminum . . .

Cornyn National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Amendment FAILS 57/43

By the way, I LOVE how Chuck Schumer’s argument about national reciprocity was that states should be able to set their own policies about guns, that what works in one state might not work in others. Which begs the question: why then is he pushing so hard to expand New York’s values about gun control on all of the other states?

Leahy/Collins Amendment FAILS 58/42More info on proposed provisions here.

Grassley/Cruz Amendment  FAILS 52/48More info on proposed provisions here.

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    • Of all the ones that should of passed it should of been that one. Sorry if they really cared about peoples safety and the rights of people they should of been more supportive of that.

    • Didn’t care for the bit about funding with asset forfeiture. Too many abuses of that scheme already.

    • I’m wondering if all these amendments are failing on purpose, to make the final bill unpalatable

  1. Thanks for all of the work that everyone at TTAG has done today. You’ve kept all of us up to date on whats happening in the Senate today, and I am grateful for that.

  2. Thanks also to every TTAG reader who got involved and lobbied for these results. Without our participation in the political process this would not have been possible.

    • I have been watching the last hour and I can’t stop. Which is really bad because I have lots to do this evening.

  3. conceal carry reciprocity up now, oh how we can dream 🙂

    and lmao, now the 2nd time schumer has come up and says we can’t let the country hicks in to the big city with guns. Apparently it’s just a life-style choice to carry weapons, and not a right XD

  4. Did you hear Schumer talk about the reciprocity amendment and just OUTRIGHT LIE about what it means and what police officers think about CCW? I threw up in my mouth

    • I’m confused, how exactly could a felon, a person whom even the mere possession of a single round of ammunition is illegal, be able to “legally” carry a handgun with a FL CWP. Discounting the fact that the background check would disqualify him from receiving one, how again is he not in illegal possession of a firearm?

    • …and that FL gives permits to felons, and people will be carrying in the LA Coluseum, right after Cornyn explained how it really works.

    • Hey, outright lying has put EVERY politician in office. With lazy citizens, who do not their homework, plus those that blindly vote down party lines (that is nothing but a con game), and those that are just flat out stupid, that is what you get.

      Heck, each and everyone of them makes an oath to support the Constitution. That SHOULD mean you support the WHOLE document, including the parts you do not like.

      In our case, 98 out of 100 are willing to violate one or more provisions of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  5. Schumer just makes stuff up…. He seriously just said 100% of police officers will tell you concealed carry is a bad idea in Times Square?!?!?!? Absolutely baffling

    • Perhaps that question is on the NYPD job application and a wrong answer is disqualifying.

  6. It’s great hearing Sen. Schumer explain how absolutely every single police or law enforcement officer in the United States is against concealed carry in places like times square as the reason for voting against national reciprocity. That big police survey the other day must have been a huge mistake.

  7. I wonder if using “states’ rights” as a reason to oppose CCW reciprocity will come back to haunt Schumer. Not a phrase that plays well with the Yanks, usually.

    • All I can think of when he argues about Times Square and how something might be acceptable in Wyoming but not for Times Square is when did the entire state of New York become Times Square?

  8. We Are The Second Amendment. You anti-gunners may enjoy small victories here and there, but this Nation will never be under your fascist and draconian control. Ever.

    Now then, send sympathy notes to all those folks you flew into DC from Sandy Hook and apologize to them for using them like political pawns. And let us move on as a Nation. You lost. Suck it up.

  9. The POS-OTUS is going to speak at 5:30 eastern. They said he will address the gun control bills.

  10. Wow, Feinstein rambling and ignoring the rules of the floor. Though her look of near rage at the interruption was priceless.

    I am curious though what a 100 bullet high velocity clip is… any thoughts?

  11. We should start pushing for national carry as hard as we’ve been pushing against all the BS that we’ve slain today. I think if we pushed just as hard, it could be done!

  12. I think Reid just said the final vote on the bill won’t be till tomorrow, only three more amendments will be heard tonight.

  13. Such a joy to see POS-POTUS unconstitutional agenda go down the tubes and watching that b1tch DiFi ringing her hands and rending her garments because the AWB is going down too.

    Mayor Bloomb1tch, you can’t buy America.

    POS-POTUS, you blew your political wad on socialized medicine.

    RINOs, we won’t forget.

    Dems who stood against Obama and for your constituents, we won’t forget you either.

    • Ralph,
      This question actually went through my head when I looked at the vote count. What should those of us who normally vote Republican do when our Dem Senator votes the right way? I’m just worried that as soon as they don’t think anyone is paying attention, they will sell us down a river. For example, had this vote happened in 2012, I doubt Tester would have voted yes.

  14. Harry Reid voted ‘Aye’ for the Feinstein ban. Shocking, no. Career ending, it should be.

  15. What do you know Feinstein was right, it is a majority body. AWB got voted down 60 against and only 40 for.

      • C-SPAN3 is showing Obama, lying about the defeated background check bill.

        He claimed that it would only affect sales a) at gun shows and b) over the Internet.

        • He’s basically saying that the Senate just voted against 90% of the population because the pro gun crowd is much more organized, focused, and funded.

    • I’m starting to be very happy the filibuster didn’t happen, the gaffs and egregious statements have been worth the risk.

    • Did he just say they were all incompetent? I wasn’t paying attention at the time, so I lost his actual wording. It sounded like he said they were all incompetent or in some way deficient?

  16. Schumer’s little speech was kinda terrifying. The way he kept hopping up and down. All that fake outrage. Ick.

  17. you could almost see the steam coming off of Feinstein’s when she got up there begging for support.

    • I’d love to but I simply can’t or my blood pressure would skyrocket. What are the highlights?

      • Basically, he was pissing and moaning that the vote [he demanded] didn’t go his way. Somehow, he’s all upset that a) “90% of Americans” wanted it to pass but b) only 46% of Senators voted for it.

        Seems to me that’s between the Senators and their constituents; the POTUS has no say in the matter.

  18. The POTUS 5:30 pm speech in response to the Manchin-Toomey failure is appalling. He is scolding everyone. I thought he just wanted a vote. Well he got it.

  19. While it’s heartening to see things like the AWB go down, still…being reminded that we have 40 traitors/domestic terrorists in the Senate is woeful. I wish I could go back to my youth in the 80s when I still thought this was a free country.

    • Yes, it was.

      It’s somewhat curious that he demanded a vote and, when he got it, he threw a tantrum because it didn’t go his way.

  20. Any time Obama is upset, you know something good just happened. His anger is our celebration, his pain our joy.

  21. Did they vote on the magazine capacity amendment yet? I am still worried about that one – that is very high on Obama’s wishlist.

    I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet, but this is a good start. Let’s all make sure and call and write our senators tomorrow as well – we can’t get comfortable just yet.

  22. In regards to Cornyn National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Amendment , as much as I want it, I would rather have the states come to an agreement with one another on an individual bases than have it forced top down. It’s come to a point where the more the Feds gets involved in Constitutional issues, (without proper amendment procedures and/or the use of Constitutional convention) even with the “best” attention, it becomes a mess. Regardless as good as a sign this is, we still have to maintain vigilance for Liberty. No doubt Reid will continue to try to push this through once more. Oh and look, there’s the president up there again, using those poor parents of Sandy Hook as a political weapon. Shameful.

  23. The fact that we were so close on National Reciprocity is really encouraging. Maybe in the next session!

  24. Really? So they gave a giant middle finger to Vets!

    Burr Amendment FAILS, 56/44
    Requires judicial decision for Veterans Affairs to place someone on the NICS denial list.

  25. I wonder if they plan to try to hammer out another compromise overnight or in the coming days to draw some more votes towards the background checks. If they do, one can only hope that it is clear to the pro-gun control camp now that compromise is not when you get only half of what you want, but when both sides get what they want.

  26. The “NO” votes by most of the Republicans from pro-gun states were expected, but how awesome it is that you have even Democratic senators voting “NO” on the Feinstein’s AWB? 40-60 is a pretty strong smackdown.

    On the flipside, only 3 more votes for NATIONAL reciprocity conceal carry! That’s was almost a HUGE win for the gun community.

    Great job everybody who wrote e-mails, called, etc. The struggle for our rights continues, but I think everyone ought to treat themselves to a cold beverage (or 2) tonight. =D

  27. Standard capacity vote:
    A separate amendment introduced by Sens. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) to limit the size of magazines to 10 rounds failed with a vote of 46-54. Kirk was again the only Republican to vote for the measure.
    Among the Democrat senators who opposed an assault weapons ban, five showed support for a ban on high-capacity magazines: Bennet, Heinrich, Johnson, Mark Udall and Tom Udall. So did King. Ten voted against it: Baucus, Begich, Donnelly, Hagan, Heitkamp, Landrieu, Manchin, Pryor, Tester and Warner.

    • Dead on arrival. The amendments were the only way to make it anything resembling palatable, so we can expect the actual bill to do as well as the AWB.

  28. Like how both mag and gun bans failed w/o need for a filibuster 60 against Di Fi’s idiocy and 54 against Jerk wad from CT’s mags ban a good day indeed.

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