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With today’s announcement that only one of three Louisville Metro police officers involved in the raid at Breonna’s Taylor’s home will face charges, it seems as though unrest in Louisville tonight was a foregone conclusion. Right on cue, it didn’t even take until sunset for the assembled crowds of “peaceful protestersᵀᴹ” to start causing mayhem and chaos.

Protests have already broken out in multiple locations in the city.

America will watch tonight to see if the Louisville police take a hands-off approach to the mayhem or if they make an effort to enforce the rule of law.  As of now, however, they look serious about nipping chaos in the bud.

The potential for trouble doesn’t exist for just the commercial areas of the largest city in Kentucky.  They Black Lives Matter radicals have launched “marches” in the residential neighborhoods as well.

From the many feeds from Louisville, it surely looks like police are ready to share some hickory shampoo with those who wish to cause chaos.

Here is a gent who has an aggregate of a number of live feeds of violence across America.  And here’s another from KekSec.

As of now, the “peaceful protestersᵀᴹ” are shooting at police.   And one officer has been shot.

In short, it will be a long night for police and law-abiding Americans.

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  1. Handle it like a RIOT for God’s sake! Enough is enough. Water cannons, CS gas, dogs, rubber bullets, real bullets! Quit letting the animals destroy this country!!!

    • The more the politicians refuse to let the police act, the more the protesters are emboldened to commit more violence. There is never “enough” for the protesters as they will always have something else to protest about.

  2. If they want to protest peaceably, fine. But riot, NFW! Water cannons to dampen enthusiasm, bean bags, pepper spray and if the police are attacked, they should be the ones to escalate. Nip this stuff in the bud, do not make the same mistake as CS mayors have in other parts of the country.

    • What a bunch of assholes. Lets just shout the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and….

      They are just walking away from the blockades in circles at this point. Ridiculous. Use force. Send them packing. DOJ gonna fuck those cities up for allowing this stuff to happen.

      • I was LOLing at how quick the cops dismantled the barriers the protesters put up.

        Like three guys dismount, move a few chairs. 10 seconds tops. Hilarious.

    • “Man, the livestreams will be hopping tonight.”

      These are warm-ups. A ‘probe’ of sorts, so they can learn the tactics of how the cities would react.

      Just wait until the new Justice is sworn in…

      • All of it’s just a probe for what happens when the economy “restarts” and people finally realize the extent of what’s happened while we’ve been in “stasis”.

        The economy is mainly driven by the 99.7% of it which is small businesses. At this point 50%+ of them are gone forever. Some estimates from last week say 60% at this point. The IRS forecasts 80%+ by November. Think we’re gonna “reopen” before then? We’re not. This isn’t about science it’s about politics and power.

        If we’re smart maybe we avoid the worst by being the tallest midget in the international field but at this point I doubt it because as a country I don’t think we’re capable of playing five hands of poker correctly in a row without some asshole in the background screaming “He’s got a King high straight!” right after we bet and before anyone else does.

        So when the country “restarts” and the courts reopen you’ll find out how bad it is, probably nearly all in one quarter. Say “Hello” to The Greatest Depression. And the Keynesian response will be to try to avoid deflation by “priming the pump” to “get money moving through the pipes”. The problem is that the actual pipes are gone, so that’s a disaster that causes inflation. Done wrong, which it likely will be because of the screaming Karens who don’t know a C-note from their own C-hairs, we’re Fucked (note the capital F). Pensions and retirements wiped out, markets crash, credit freezes world-wide, shipping stops and we’ve got food and medical shortages with no production, no shipping and no way to pay for it regardless because we’ve killed the Golden Goose that generates the resources to buy stuff and we don’t make anything any more. Oh, and no way to value real property either thanks to a worthless currency… so that real estate you own free-and-clear? LOL. You can’t move it but guess who can? Uncle Sam still needs something to “keep the lights on” and if your cash is worthless, well, like a crack-dealer “What else ya got?”.

        And it’s not just us either. So, say hello to the borders being rushed by the people currently stuck in “less fortunate” countries.

        I’ve said before it’s possible that the Boomers get fed into the woodchipper feet first. Not because they’re bad people but because they’re late enough in life to not be able to recover. This is how it happens. “I hAz MoNieS!” will be the famous last words of an entire generation at that point. The more Bearish turn in the Au market suggests that even the “bugs” are seeing the writing on the wall and shitting themselves.

        Sad thing is that it’s like a car accident. Probably still avoidable but with a point of no return. Even if we pass the point of no return hitting the brakes lessens the impact and makes the event more survivable. But no one wants to talk about that because it’s scary, they don’t understand it or they’re so arrogant they think it can’t happen. So it’s full steam-ahead to an economic wasteland probably followed by a police state that 90% of people just embrace out of fear and ignorance.

        Even if you think Trump gets reelected we have to fix this shit quick or when things don’t improve fast enough desperate people will inevitably turn to the false promises of someone like Kamala.

        I’m not endorsing it or celebrating it. I’d like, more than anything, to avoid this but a whole shitload of people need to wake-the-fuck-up really damn fast or we’re headed full speed off a cliff in the dark.

        • But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by BREAD alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

    • After the election.

      These riots, with Democrats falling all over themselves to express support for arsonists and looters and shooting at police, are the best campaign materials any Republican could hope for. There isn’t enough money in the world to buy ads that powerful.

  3. all depends on how the police handle the situation and if the rioters think the city gov’t is going to cover for them. might not go anywhere in L-ville yet burning stuff down elsewhere.

  4. Antifa seems to be out of the game, could be because they don’t think they are going to get away with it here, or some big players got popped in Portland the last week or 2 and out of the picture, or other Antifa’s are afraid of getting popped like their buddies last week. and there is Operation Legend going on which might have put a chill on it.

    • I heard that the State Patrol in Oregon has been working with the Feds the last couple-three weeks. The black bloc terrorists they arrest STAY arrested because they’re in on federal charges and the corrupt DA can’t do his revolving-door trick.

      Plus, now that the “protests” have moved out into the rest of the city instead of concentrating on the courthouse, the police have room to maneuver — and I’ve seen videos of them outflanking shield lines and pincering the commie bastards in the back lines that have been organizing things.

  5. Time to take out the Communist Insurgent command and control structure, cut funding lines, and rendition, or simply eliminate their foreign handlers permanently.

    We (the US) know how to do this. Let’s do it.

  6. Good.
    Burn it all down.
    This decisions sent a clear message – the jobs of white police officers are more valuable than the lives of black women.

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