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This was always a possibility. The constitutional carry bill that Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards vetoed last month had passed both the House and Senate by veto-proof majorities.

But when a first-ever veto override session became a reality last week, the pressure on every legislator who voted for the bill was ratcheted up.

The override session began today and four legislators who had voted for the original bill — three Republicans and one Democrat — changed their votes. That was enough for the override effort to fail and to keep Louisiana from becoming the 22nd constitutional carry state.

Legislators who weren’t constitutional carry fans could easily vote for the bill, knowing that Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards was virtually sure to veto it. And even then, the legislature had never before held a veto override session, so they likely calculated they’d never have cast a vote that would actually make permitless carry a reality.

And it seems that the vote-switchers were persuaded by the usual law enforcement voices predicting blood in the streets, unlike the experience of the 20 other states where constitutional carry is law (Texas’s law won’t take effect until September 1).

From WWL in New Orleans . . .

Sen. Pat Connick, who voted for the concealed carry bill during the regular session, was among three senators who said that they had changed their minds. Connick said he spoke with law enforcement in his area that were in opposition to overturning the veto. 

From WWL Radio . . .

The 23-15 vote fell three votes shy of the 26 needed to meet a two-thirds majority as required by the state constitution.

Many law enforcement officials in Louisiana testified during the debate in the regular session that they were against the bill, although lawmakers also heard from some sheriffs and chiefs of police who were in favor of permitless carry.

And so it goes. The question now will become whether Louisiana gun owners will make those who were weak-kneed when their votes were needed most pay at the polls the next time they face the voters.

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    • Time to have those cowards replaced by those that aren’t afraid or ashamed of our beloved 2A!

      • Proof positive all it takes is a breeze and two faced government gutless wonders fall like a card house. Welcome criminals to Louisiana the Soft Target State where women, children and the elderly are easy pickings. Men who obey the wishes of Rats and Rinos at the expense of freedom and family security might as well be Castratis singing for the enjoyment of their 24/7 arm guard protected democRat governor.

        Oh you can keep and bear arms as long as you keep and bear arms where you are told to keep and bear arms. You can bear arms where Big Brother can see them but if you keep an arm under a coat you might get some of what George Floyd got.

        Second by second everyone is a potential victim of crime. The odds of crime happening to you and yours does not decrease while you are waiting on those in an ivory tower with guns to approve your “concealed carry permit.” Odds of harm coming your way do not decrease while you pay and jump through waiting period barriers to exercise a Constitutional Right to defend yourself, etc.

        The choice is yours Louisiana. You can get on your knees for gutless Rats and Rinos and hope a criminal goes next door or passes you by or you can brush stupidity out of the way and be prepared to stand and fight for the lives of you and yours.

      • “The question now will become whether Louisiana gun owners will make those who were weak-kneed when their votes were needed most pay at the polls the next time they face the voters.”

        And that would have been just a little bit more probable had you bothered to name them.

  1. Maybe now the defund the police movement will take over the right and not just BLM. When cops are deciding what civil rights people have then we’re lost.

    • It’s such a shame there are ignorant/malevolent leaders in the law enforcement community that would do everything possible within their powers to violate and/or deny the very same (constitutional) rights they were sworn to protect for their citizens.

      • “ignorant/malevolent leaders in the law enforcement community”

        do you think their … clientele … drive their input on this issue?

        • NO! being a member of the “law enforcement community” what I see is a us vs. them attitude. Us the, not pubic servants, but “L.E.O.s” and them, everybody else who each and every one is a possible criminal. Forgetting or willfully ignoring the fact the the vast majority of the “them” are the teachers of their children, doctors, store clerks, mechanics……… All but a small % of whom go about their lives obeying the law and trying to get by.

  2. I’d like to believe those four will be remembered by voters. Somehow I doubt it though.

  3. “Louisiana Legislature Fails to Override Veto of Constitutional Carry Bill”

    the “right” has a long history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory (believe I first heard that phrase during reagan’s campaign ….). it appears to be an inherent characteristic.

  4. Law enforcement is pissing off the right *and* the left. I am unsympathetic to their plight. Let em get defunded.

    • “I am unsympathetic to their plight. Let em get defunded.”

      you’ll get a lot of blowback on the street from that.

      • ‘dwb’ isn’t worried. After all, he’s a decorated five star general in the Keyboard Kommando Korps 🤣🤡….

        • A lot of people here support boycotts of stores like Dicks, then jump in bed with police who are anti-2A.

          Funny thing will happen once Republicans stop being scared of the police union: The police union, finding itself lacking friends on either side, will change.

          The (former) head of the NYPD is so anti gun I want to vomit every time hes on Fox. eff him

          Ultimately its in law enforcement best interest to stop spouting nonsense about blood in the streets with con carry.

      • Will I get blowback? You mean there is a city that will get so sick of crime they might elect Republicans?

        Haha, no. BidenHarris will go on teevee wielding an AR14 long before there is blowback sufficient to change governments in urban cesspools like Chicago.

        • dude. you don’t get it. to them, you’re the enemy. if biden is pushed on tv with an ar14, he’ll be waving it at you.

          “You mean there is a city that will get so sick of crime they might
          elect Republicans?”

          no, I mean that that increasing crime will be steered to your neighborhood. “the left” isn’t sick of crime, it’s one of their primary tools. “let whitey america see what it’s like down in the hood!”

    • “no, I mean that that increasing crime will be steered to your neighborhood. ”

      People being afraid of criminals rather than the other way around is problem #1.

      Next time your robbed, ask the thief to hold on while you call 911.

  5. I’m not from Louisiana so I’m unaware if the is a recall provision in your Constitution. If so, that would be a good place to start. Begin circulating petitions for their recall. Do this for the four legislative traitors and your commie governor. Give ’em that headache to deal with which will get them a lot of negative media attention. Even if it fails, a lot of voters will be less likely to vote them in their next run for office when it’s shown how wishy washy they are.

  6. Uh, somebody help me out here. Does the text below taken verbatim from the article not say “veto proof majority”, or am I suddenly illiterate?

    “The constitutional carry bill that Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards vetoed last month had passed both the House and Senate by veto-proof majorities.”

    What am I missing here?


    • “What am I missing here?”

      the fact that the phrase “veto proof” is inaccurate. the process is that the legislature votes for something, the governor vetoes it, and then the legislature votes for that thing a second time. what the people saying “veto proof” mean to say is that if the same people who voted for the legislation the first time vote for it again the second time, the veto will be over-ridden and the legislation will be enacted. however that didn’t happen here, some people changed their votes, and thus the second vote did not have enough in favor to override the veto.

      • ‘Cuz with so many pols, it’s never about doing the right thing, it is about doing what is good for them like abou the rest.

        There was a man walking along the top of a tall fence. Wobbling and lurching, trying to keep from falling to the rocks on one side and the broken concrete pavement on the other. A passerby asked if he needed help getting off the fence. He said “No thank you. I am practicing to be a congressman”.

  7. I get why people don’t learn from history. It’s far away and long ago and of course: “this time it’ll be different.”

    But why don’t people learn from today? Where’s the blood in the streets in other Constitutional carry states they can point to to justify their hyperbolic fears?

    • “But why don’t people learn from today?”

      (I assume you mean why don’t the opponents of “constitutional carry” see that when it’s enacted everything continues to be ok and so drop their objections to it)

      because the opponents of “constitutional carry” don’t care about crime or violence or law enforcement – none of that means anything to them. what they care about is making you as disarmed as possible so you are unable to resist them so they can finally overtly overthrow the government and assume direct personal control over you. that’s why.

  8. Postal mail to legislators counts orders of magnitude more than email. They figure anyone who went through all that effort must really mean it. Fill their postal mail boxes. Deluge them with paper. Stamps aren’t cheap, but the can be powerful when attached to the right content.

    When my daughter was an infant, she had such a high-pitched scream that sometimes we thought it was an ambulance passing by. Be like her, but on paper.

    • “Postal mail to legislators counts orders of magnitude more than email. They figure anyone who went through all that effort must really mean it.”

      if legislators get most of their funding from outside sources and most of their votes from dominion, they don’t care what the herds think so long as they don’t stampede.

      • Ant7,

        Yup. But, concern about the herd is why Joe Manchin does not always vote with his party. Postal stampede.

    • They just have a spreadsheet with all of the issues and a “for” column, and an “against” column. Any correspondence they get about any issue just gets read by a staffer and added to the appropriate column for the appropriate issue. Doesn’t matter if it’s snail mail, email, fax, phone call, or carrier pigeon. When a vote is coming the legislator just asks a staffer “What are the numbers on issue X” You can affect the numbers by sending more stuff, but the type of stuff doesn’t matter.

  9. Time to “Huey Long”the govner?!? Speaking of slimy Dims fat boy in ILLinois is running(over) again🙁

  10. Who are the traitors? List their names in BOLD letters at the beginning of the story, so the word can spread and they will never be voted for again.

  11. Just do like I do and carry without a license. Been doing it for 15 years and never had a problem. A concealed weapons charge is a misdemeanor in my state so I accept the risk. I’m not paying the government or asking permission to be able to protect myself. If I get caught, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

    • “I’ll cross that bridge when I get there”

      I always say I’ll cross that bridge when it falls on me.

      is it a misdemeanor that involves parole with “no guns at all” stipulations? got somebody who can take care of your house for six-twelve months you’re in jail? etc. or is it a misdemeanor like in california where if you steal < $950 worth of goods/services no-one does anything?

      and don't forget federal facilities, like the post office and va and other such where illegal carry is a federal issue with federal penalties.

      • There is no legal carry at the post orifice, VA, etc. ALL carry there is illegal.

  12. This betrayal was the result of a collaboration between the two most corrupt groups in Louisiana (and the US) — politicians and cops.

  13. But they did over-ride the Gov’s veto of a bill banning transgender players. So I guess we know what the LA Senate’s priorities are. Can’t conceal one gun, but you can flaunt the other one.

    • The transgender bill, SB156, during the regular session received 29 yea votes and today it only received 26 which is the minimum. No telling what will happen in the house where it has a margin of 8 votes.
      I hope “We the People” don’t forget the 4, who illustrated today that their oath of office is meaningless to them.

  14. Am I going to have to be the first to mention that it only takes one *overly zealous* constitutional carry proponent to make at least one of these three….

  15. I’ve been saying for years… Republicans are as anti-gun as Democrats, just not as rude about it. Here’s another perfect example.

  16. Well sht, that sux. I was hoping for one more state that partially upheld the Constitution

  17. Why I don’t bother to vote. The Dems and the GOP will both shoot you in the back every chance they get. Screw them. I don’t vote for crooks and both these parties are as crooked as they come.

  18. Remember their names and vote them out at the earliest possible time.
    Honestly three votes isn’t much. That says a lot.
    Bring it back again next session. Ratchet up the pressure.

  19. There you go.,. Just like I’ve known for a long time,,,
    Republicans are traitors, Mitch can’t keep the R I N O’S from screwing the party. Democrats are worse but at least they seem to stick together.
    Glad I don’t belong to either.

    • Not sure why TTAG won’t report this but it’s a matter of public record.

      The GOP traitors are:

      Patrick Connick (who apparently sold us out for a project in his district)
      Louie Bernard
      Franklin Foil
      Dishonorable mention: Ronnie Johns, who apparently wants to be State Gaming Commissioner, and used the excuse of putting elective surgery ahead of the public interest to miss the vote. Hopefully, his political career ends now.

      The turncoats Dems who you now know are not to be trusted (but I repeat myselfj:

      Gary Carter, Jr.
      Gary Smith, Jr.

      Remember these names. Support their primary opponents. Shun them from polite society. But don’t do anything stupid.

      • And democrat Gary L Smith Jr from district 19 of Norco, La who voted for SB118 during the regular session. He bragged about being a supporter of the 2nd amendment and about being a big gun collector, but when the rubber hit the road he ran the other direction.

      • Note that “elective surgery” does not necessarily mean “unimportant” or “easily rescheduled”. Without knowing the details (which are legitimately private) I don’t think it’s appropriate to slam someone over that point.

  20. I think they are getting the message loud an clear, but what do you expect from politicians . We will see what happens next election. Time to clean house.

  21. Of course! The Rino’s voted for it when they knew it wouldn’t pass, but when it had a chance to pass they changed their vote.

    • Exactly right, It’s easy to be a hero when you don’t have to worry that something will really be done.

  22. Who’s gonna get shot first: The Rappin’ Hoes who took a knee in Tokyo or these sellout RINOs?

    • One could interpret your retort as an endorsement for executing anyone who expresses an opinion that you disagree with. Even a “squinty-eyed”, far-stretched explanation/excuse/justification for such a comment categorically has no honorable defense.

      Despotism such as yours has no place among freedom-loving, liberty-defending people.

      Be smarter.

      • The smarter thing to do would be to protest, organize, and vote them out of office.
        But Libertarians aren’t interested in that.

        “Why It’s OK Not To Vote – Katherine Mangu-Ward” video 1 hr long

  23. “And so it goes. The question now will become whether Louisiana gun owners will make those who were weak-kneed when their votes were needed most pay at the polls the next time they face the voters.”

    Don’t count on it. RINOs being RINOs. And the “sheep”, aka, voters, will return to the polls when the time comes and robotically vote to return the incumbents back into office – again and again. No price to pay for their betrayal.

  24. Every person who voted against Constitutional carry should be held accountable for every injury or death that results from someone not having a gun on them when they need help the most. Plus they need to stop voting what they think is best for the people. They were elected to REPRESENT THE PEOPLE. If they are not doing this they need to be removed from office.

  25. Alabama has been working on a constitutional carry law for years. Every time it comes up, the Dementiacrats cry about crime and shootouts in the streets, and the Sherriff’s Association comes out on how horrible it would be. Horrible for the Sherriff’s because they would lose the $25.00 a year per head for the permit. We just did get pushed through lifetime permits. Not sure on the cost.

  26. No one. I don’t care where you live. You should never give up on fighting or your rights.

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