Kyle Rittenhouse
(Adam Rogan/The Journal Times via AP)
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Lake County, Illinois prosecutor Michael Nerheim announced this evening that Kyle Rittenhouse will not face weapons charges relating to the August shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The rifle was apparently never in the state of Illinois.

From the Chicago Tribune:

An Antioch police investigation found that the Smith & Wesson .223 caliber rifle “was purchased, stored and used in Wisconsin” and turned up no evidence the 17-year-old “physically possessed” the weapon in Illinois, according to a news release from the office of Lake County State’s Attorney Mike Nerheim. The news release does not reveal who is believed to have bought or held the gun before the shooting.

Rittenhouse still faces a number of charges in Wisconsin including first degree intentional homicide, first degree reckless homicide and first degree reckless endangerment, not to mention possession of a weapon under 18 years of age.

Prosecutors and Rittenhouse’s lawyers are currently battling over whether he’ll be returned to Wisconsin to face those charges. His attorneys argued against his extradition in a petition last week, contending in part that sending the teen to adult jail in Kenosha County would endanger him. Lake County prosecutors are due to file their counterarguments this week and Judge Paul Novak has scheduled a hearing on the matter for Oct. 30.

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  1. Not much of a story here. We heard the day after the shooting that the rifle had never left Wisconsin; why would there be weapons charges in Illinois?

  2. We knew the rifle didn’t cross state lines. If I remember correctly, it was his friend’s gun, the friend he called after shooting someone with the rifle.

    • Not just “someone”. Three known thugs.
      The comment sounds a lot like something that Ilhan Omar ingrate would say.
      He took out physical abusers, vandals, and one convicted diddler of little boys. Let’s not mention their illegal possession of weapons due to priors while Kyle had none. Kyle was doing a public service and unfortunately his contribution isn’t appreciated by those of dubious moral character.

  3. Cool. Factually it’s a 556 rifle which also shoots 223. I got one. Seeing young Klye turn a righty into a lefty(wait what?) was inspiring😏 I’d like to know his ammo…free KYLE! BTW I just saw this on FB and clicked on this late addition.

  4. Why would he charged with anything in Illinois? The alleged (I said alleged) incident took place in the State of Wisconsin.

    His rationale for being out of Illinois and in Wisconsin at that late hour could be called into question, but that in itself is not chargeable.

    Looking at the tapes, I could not see a clearer example for self defense.

    If he plays his cards right and listens to his Lawyers he is walking out of that courtroom a free man. No doubt about it.

    • IF he had possessed the rifle in Illinois, he would be facing illegal gun possession charges in Illinois. Since the investigation failed to turn up evidence that the rifle ever entered Illinois, there was no probable cause to charge him. He could not be charged in Illinois for what occurred in Wisconsin.

      • IL legislators will have to get busy, make it illegal for anyone who ever held an AR to enter IL, then they could prosecute him if they didn’t like him, otherwise just forget it. Particularly if he paid them. Doesn’t anyone care about such obvious corruption any more? I mean, I know this is IL, but even then …

  5. Wow! Nothing like a quick and speedy investigation. I guess all the other investigators were checking on violent rioters, which of course haven’t been charged either from what I’ve read.

    A clear case of self defense vs. Democrat a@@hat politicians. I hope this kid sues the pants off of Wisconsin when he’s aquitted.

    • There cannot be a civil rights violation unless 1) the charges are dismissed or he is found not guilty, AND 2) it is established that he was charged without probable cause. That will be an interesting argument

      • Well, the videos prove he shot folks, but simultaneously that he was justified in doing so, I don’t see any justification for prosecution. Or even for arrest. I think somebody is gonna pay the boy.

  6. Not that i dont think he shouldnt be prosecuted but who bought it and who gave it to him and who took it back in wisconsin? Werent there facebook pictures of him holding it? Were those taken in illinois? Again, kyle should be freed but what are the facts?

      • Thank you Hannibal for stating what should be obvious to everyone but obviously is not. 👍

    • “Werent there facebook pictures of him holding it?”

      I’ve seen those photos of Kyle holding an AR, very similar to the one he carried when he was attacked. I can’t vouch that it is the same weapon. A lot of those “scary black guns” look just alike. The pictures on Facebook may have been taken in Ill, or in Wisconsin, or in Michigan or Florida – who knows?

    • Can someone actually be THAT slow?…. Are you even reading the whole article? Or are you just now learning about this happening? :^[]

  7. By all means mr. mike nyfong prosecutor it appears Kyle was forced to use deadly force to defend himself. Case Closed.

  8. The process is the punishment someone said here…I call it being forced to take the ride.

    Surly there is some way to put pressure on the Prosecutor to drop all charges, given the amount of evidence.

    Maybe a email campaign? I don’t know what would be most effective to turn the heat up.

    Perhaps I’m being naive….just hate to see someone rotting in a cell when all evidence points to self defense.

    • Email campaign? It’s time for a torchlight parade and people with ropes. To cage a young man who was clearly defending himself, like he’s some kind of rabid dog, is nothing less than tyranny. Huntmaster

  9. They were worried about more rioting if he wasn’t charged. We see clearly the elected authorities are at the mercy of the mob and it’s desires.

    • Shoot, if that’s the problem, just give him back his rifle and have him stand out front. Hell, announce a contest for drawing Muhammed cartoons right beside him.

  10. The charges against Kyle R. in Wisconsin are part of the Democrat agenda to discourage the American people from daring to continue to think we have a right to self-defense in public, first, then later in our dwelling places. The McCloskey’s case in St. Louis also exemplifies this current effort to nullify our individual rights.

  11. Let me get this straight. So you’re telling me that the cable news pundits as well as the resident commies here on TTAG that were carrying on about “crossing states lines!!” were just pushing a fake news narrative?

    • Now dude, you know that the facts about the matter are just now being revealed.

      And there are still questions about what rifle he’s pictured with.

      Let the investigation continue and the evidence and witnesses be heard.

      • I look forward to hearing the Communist rioters’ explain why they lit a trash dumpster on fire. And then push it toward a gasoline station.

      • First, no, those facts were revealed within just 3 days of him hiring counsel.

        And second, NOW you want to wait for facts to come out?

        Why didn’t you wait for the facts when you wrote “He is going to prison as an adult.”

        It doesn’t matter. You have no ability to recognize the facts in the first place. You are completely unable to see the truth, much less speak it.

    • Can’t be. They would never do that. Our communists are the homest communists.

      Doubt I need this but /s just in case.

  12. Leftist mobs: a bunch of rapists and other criminals: burn buildings, vandalize cars and properties, attack children.

    Leftist media and their sheep: “did you see that someone being attacked fought back? Let’s only focus on that. We need to make up lies and slander that person. We cannot allow people to think about, talk about, or criticize our immoral criminal brethren!!!”

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