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A TTAG reader just texted us the above map. It’s a camera phone shot of a Walmart salesman’s computer screen at a store in Pratt, Kansas. The image shows which states’ residents are not allowed to buy long guns in Kansas Walmarts – despite the fact that you can buy long guns in any state provided it is legal to own in your state of residence. The salesman offered the map as justification for the fact that his store was removing all AR-style rifles and “high-capacity” semi-automatic shotguns from display cases. Furthermore, the salesman said that the relevant inventory in the display case had been liquidated and the stock in the backroom was returned. We’ve contacted Walmart for comment. UPDATE: TTAG readers are reporting Walmart stores around the U.S. are ending “assault rifle” sales.

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  1. I believe the chart references the local laws of the states crossed out.

    California & the Eastern Coast are self explanatory. Colorado would be due to the 15 round mag limit , MN requires a specific permit to buy an AR or CCW , don’t know why the other states are in red -but its likely due to the same reasons.

  2. I don’t go to Wal-Mart at all if I can avoid it. When I did go, I never saw a “high-capacity semi-auto shotgun”, unless they consider anything over 3 rounds total to be “high capacity”. Will be interesting to see what’s going on here.

  3. So Walmart is going to sell 50BMG ammo but stop selling .22 m4’s
    Sadly, that doesn’t suprise me.
    Why not? They stopped selling General Lee hot wheels, and cakes.
    Sounds like only the left wing stores and not the entire chain is doing this. The local Alabama store has a case full of m4 .556 colts for $1,000
    ZQI 30rd box.556 for $10. 20rd box .308 $10
    .22 no-go.

  4. I can buy guns in any state I want; I just have to wait 24 hours for long guns. WTF Walmart, failsauce.

  5. Supposedly pulled all ARs from OK Wal-Marts.
    I don’t shop at Wal-Mart, so this is hearsay.

    • It seemed like business as usual at the one nearest to me but that’s been about a week or so since I’ve been in. I’ll check it out when I’m in town tomorrow.

    • My local Walmart in East Stroudsburg, PA had their last 4 AR type rifles sold on lay-away and hidden in the back. No more coming in and can’t order them down the road. Also, no .22 LR still… again… still.

  6. Yep, WALMART stores I have personally visited in Texas and New Mexico have pulled all their “black rifles” from their stores. I didn’t ask why as I was looking at ammo prices, and just figured that there wasn’t enough profit margin at present (and) and there was a new socialist company policy. I wasn’t paying any attention to shotguns, so can’t address that. Luckily, There is a Cabella’s within easy driving distance.

    Beyond guns, they have about put all the grocery stores in my area out of business, so I have to let my wife go to one of the three WALMARTS in our area every week. She hates it from the standpoint of service, quality of produce, waiting in line, and generally dirty stores, but we are about out of choices.

    • Still seeing them in stock in the DFW area. I wonder if the ones you didn’t see were actually “pulled” or were just temporarily sold out?

      Then again, I’ve never seen anyone actually examining or purchasing an AR in a WalMart, either…

  7. Going to the range shoetly. I’ll check the Walmart in the next town also to double check. That’d be the Walmart in two cities in north bama. I’ll update around darkish when I get back from punching holes.

    Oh. 100rd box of 9mm (115gr FMJ) and .40 (165gr FMJ) ea. Around $35 Winchester value pack.

  8. Wal-Marts in SoCal don’t sell guns, so non-issue. Also never has .22LR in stock so spending my money there is pretty much a non-issue as well, save those 10,000 packs of BBs for $9 and CO2 40 pack for $15…

  9. Maybe Barry O. was over at the Walton family compound and did a little knee service over there to get ball rolling or maybe NSA has some info on those Walton family members that still have some clout with the directors of Walmart Co . Maybe it’s all a mistake , I don’t buy guns at Walmart so they can stop selling all guns as far as I’m concerned , They are just a big Harbor Freight store anyway .

  10. They did the same thing at the local Walmart right here in St Pete Florida. I got a Mossberg 930 breacher for 399 95 Down from 512. When I asked the manager why all the Black shotguns in jr were such low priced He replied we will no longer be caring AR style rifles and high capacity shotguns.

  11. Support local small business owners, buy your guns, ammo, parts, and accessories from your LGS. Having a good rapport with them is helpful as well. My LGS owner will always let me know when he gets in the latest cool thing, whether it’s a new type of ammo, a rail mounted thingamajig, a new gun, or a really cool old one.

    I don’t want to talk to the FUDD at my local WalMart sporting goods section.

    • This right here. LGS has everything I need, at reasonable non-gouging prices. The only things I buy at Walmart are back to school supplies for the kids.

      • not always true. there are several gun stores my area that have an interesting sort of attitude when you walk through their door for a purchase that doesn’t suit them.
        one in particular comes to mind in my area. the place is set up more like a WWII museum than a functioning gun store. and the staff could give a shit less if you wanted to make a purchase. they are obviously there to shoot the breeze, not make a sale. and yes, you’re bothering them.
        then there’s the local surplus, whose manager seems to think all customers are from the Pentagon
        mis-appropriation squad and can afford $100-$150 for an old rusty frame backpack.
        or our local gun store/range that finds it acceptable to bar their customers from carrying the product they sell into the store!
        i support local business when i can, and i do have a preferred LGS. but his ammo selection is limited to old hunting loads pawned with Grandpa’s 30-06 and sketchy hand-loads. Walmart is/was? a stopping point on the way out of town for range day.

  12. Walmart in Decatur, AL – clerk told me they were removing all AR’s. Walmart in Prattville, AL – having “close-out sale” on ALL firearms. I only went in when I saw the sign…

  13. I haven’t seen a gun for sale in a Walmart since 1996 between CT and NH. Granted I haven’t been in that many.

  14. I’m courious, but does anyone know who or what currently has the controlling interest in the Walmart/SAMs Club cooperation and directs their corporate policy and direction?
    This seems to be a further extension of policies concerning how they do business that goes back to their earliest roots but has become more saficated and focused.
    I’m researching this but additional input and eyes on is always helpful.

  15. Sounds like they are going left and out of the firearm business. Another Socialist move.

    Why else would a Company this size stop selling the most popular top-selling rifle in the USA?

    This Country needs a major fix, and fast.

    • Walmart is a private business and the only thing that matters is profit. Walmart hasn’t been doing very well lately and I would bet that firearms arn’t pulling their weight on the bottom line. Given that most of their customers like guns I would be surprised if this is an anti gun move. Walmart is in no position to puss off their customer base.

      • I tend to agree. They tend to drop marginally profitable items if they aren’t moving an inventory that makes it worthwhile to dedicate the space. I wouldn’t be surprised if they dropped firearms all together, not because of politics or pressure but just sales and overhead. It doesn’t take any experience or know how to open the ammo case and sell ammo. Having someone do NICS takes a little training. There aren’t many Wallys in my area that sell guns, so to be honest, I don’t think I know anyone personally that’s bought one there.

        But then again, you never know these days…

      • I disagree, My local walmart stopped selling black guns, and ammo, several years ago. The gun cases, and ammo shelves, are all still in place. There is undisturbed dust throughout. They sold out to obama, that is all there is to it. Papa Walton is rolling over in his grave. His kids have ruined the whole corporation.

  16. This is the second time I’ve heard of such a thing in as many weeks, so there may be some substance. Guy I know just got a 930 tactical Mossberg for $250.

  17. my circle noticed something was afoot when our local Wally-worlds said they no londer carry or stock 7.62×39.
    was the cheapest shelf price around here in N’Idaho.

    • 7.62 x 39 recently disappeared at the Walmart I occasionally go to in VA, at the same time as they have filled the cabinet with .223, .308, and every other caliber except for small pistol ammunition. They even had CCI .22 hollow points the last time I was there. Annoying about the 7.62 x 39 as they were convenient although they were not particularly inexpensive. Nor is the local alternative. Guess I will have to yet again search out the cheapest price by web site. This may be unwillingness to stock what may be a slow mover in an AR-dominated market. Note: This store has not stocked “black rifles” in at least 3 years.

      • they do seem to have a tailored inventory.
        if you travel an hour up the road into the mountains, the Walkmart there has an ample supply of reloading gear and archery gear that our stores in town do not carry.
        they don’t have very many country wide store standards except for the rule that after 11:30pm, the staff and patrons must all look like they rode the same bus from the same halfway house.

  18. It’s been known for days Walmart is dumping their ARs. They were selling them at deep 50%+ discounts. Some places sold out within 24 hrs.

  19. WalMart used to be an all-nighter proposition, and that is where they found a niche market with me. Other than that, I mostly only enjoy photos of their shoppers on the interwebbings.

    Around here, several WalMart ‘Super Centers’ have made the move to close at midnight to pre-empt “theft” and “crime”.

    Looks like they needed to offset their positive moves by decreasing their usefulness.

  20. Apparently folks in Florida & West Virginia are also seeing Walmart selling & closing out their “black scary rifles.”

    Have yet to check my local Wallyworld, but wouldn’t surprise this is some poorly disguised bow down to the libtards gun-control screechings.

  21. I have seen something pop up on discussing this. It looks like Walmart is liquidating their inventory of “tactical” guns and catering to hunters and skeet shooters. From what others have been said in the thread linked below, you can still order an AR/tactical shot gun from the sporting goods section of Walmart, but they will not carry them in stores.

    • I should point out that the two Walmart stores near my house that I have visited within the last couple of weeks have not had anything tactical in the gun cases.

  22. Surefire flag lights were half off, went to 2 walmart stores looking for a scout. Both stores did not have any ar-15 in the display. This is in TN and I thought it was odd.

  23. Mine in Eastern Iowa had a fire sale on anything black or tactical (including a Stoeger O/U that happened to have black, synthetic furniture). The guys before me got most of the good deals. Even at under $500, the Widham ARs didn’t seem to be selling, so they might have got sent back. The case is now full of “hunting” rifles, pump shotguns, and various 22s. The closest thing to high capacity they had was a wood furniture Mini 14. I really wish I had been an hour earlier and got a Versa Max for $550.

  24. Brought a nice Mossberg 20 gauge youth model shotgun at Academy Sports a couple of years ago. Buy most of my ammo there. Can’t be bothered by Walmart, never have what I need.

  25. Oh well I never considered buying a gun at Walmart since guns & ammo are not sold in Cookco.IL. Btw I can buy what I want in almost anything in nearby Indiana…1 and 3 day wait with transfer…and there are plenty of gun shops that don’t care if I have the stupid FOID card for ammo…

  26. Sounds about right. Was surprised to only see bolt guns and a couple shotties in the local Wally World.

  27. From what I have seen when visiting Nevada that map is total bullshit. You can pretty much purchase whatever you want or need there. Even a machine gun is fine as long as you pay the BATF tax.

  28. Have not a rifle from Walmart in over 2 years. I build my ARs now. Not that hard. And cheaper.
    .22LR in Walmart? Not in South Carolina, not for 3 years now.

  29. Walmart in Bartlett, Tn. stopped selling guns, and ammo long ago. I was always told that they just could not get anything sent in , but it was ordered. My response was “bullshit”. Walmart sold out to obama, plain and simple.

  30. I’m wondering why they have Michigan crossed out. There are no special laws or classifications for ARs in Michigan.
    It doesn`t matter to me in any case, where I am we have two Gander Mountains, a Cabelas, two Dunham Sports, and two Dicks Sporting Goods, within an hour drive, along with a whole lot of FFLs and smaller gun stores. So Walmart is about last on my list of places to look for guns. Or shop period, as we have an excellent grocery store chain that provides everything you would find at Walmart for comparable prices.

  31. I quit bothering with Wally World when they stopped having .22lr on the shelves. No other reason to go to that hole.

  32. As a Walmart associate, (day shift) i will obtain further direct inside information on this subject and report back from behind enemy lines. Considering Walmart doesnt allow its associates to carry firearms or even pocket knives for “insurance purposes” i wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Can’t carry pocket knives?!? But box cutters are ok… That’s one company rule I’d absolutely violate. I’ve carried a knife of some kind since my first was given to me when I learned to sharpen it. Before Boy Scouts.

  33. I went there tonight before coming home and reading this article and I noticed this. I also have been noticing that they’ve been clearancing accessories for the same and not restocking most of the better selling ammo types.

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