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“Daytona Beach [FL] city commissioners have given approval to an indoor shooting range that will include a restaurant that sells alcoholic beverages,” reports. “Commissioners raised safety concerns over the mix of alcohol and guns on the same property before voting on the measure on Wednesday night.” Back in June, Owner Ron Perkison [successfully] throw oil on troubled waters. “To the critics, I say, you’re right. I’m not trying to mix the two. I’m trying to give you a nice meal before you go home. If you choose to have an alcoholic beverage and go home, that’s on you. It’s no different than them leaving here and going to Outback.” To assuage the Council, Perkison agreed to create and enforce the following policies . . .

Perkinson said before shooting at the range, customers will fill out a form, asking if they have been drinking or using drugs. Workers will also look for signs of impairment. If there’s any hint of alcohol on a customer’s breath, they will not be allowed to shoot.

“If they’re renting a handgun, or if they were bringing their own, they would do the paperwork, scan their ID,” said Perkinson. “(Workers) will be trained to visually look at the person, look at their eyes (and) look at their pupils, just like an officer would.”

He’s going even further to keep customers safe:

A computer system will track who has been drinking.
If you drink, you can’t shoot for 24 hours.
If anyone in your group drinks, none can shoot.
There’s a three drink limit for all customers.

Fair enough? How about this, then: the restaurant will be a “gun-free” zone. Now what do you think?

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  1. How is this even in the news? There are literally hundreds of shooting ranges that serve alcohol and they have always existed. The policy is always the same. If you order alcohol, you can’t shoot at the range for the rest of the day. Not exactly rocket science.

    • CBS (and all others) are NOT news organizations, they are advertising sales companies. They will do whatever it takes to get eyeballs onto their “news” outlets so they can keep their advertising rates as high as possible.

      • CBS (and all others) are NOT news organizations, they are advertising sales companies /the propaganda arm of the demtard party

        Fixed it for you

      • While many of the “reporters” swing to the left and bring their biases with them, the corporations themselves only see advertising dollars. These days the bulk of those dollars are from pharmaceutical companies, who absolutely love Obamacare and by extension those who protect it. Biting the hand that feeds you and capitalism don’t mix.

  2. Seems like a reasonable set of rules. They aren’t serving drinks on the firing line.

  3. The restaurant at the gun range is a gun-free zone? What’s next — a gun-free gun range where the patrons throw bullets at reactive targets?

    • They’ve got plenty of shotgun racks in the restaurant/bar at Western Wayne County Conservation Association, the only “guntry club” I’ve been to that’s big enough for a halfway decent restaurant.

  4. Wilshire Gun in Oklahoma city has been doing this since late last year and there haven’t been any problems that I have heard of. I shoot there occasionally and haven’t had any problems.

  5. I see nothing wrong with a drink or two to complement and range trip. Responsible adults should be allowed to act as adults. This company seems to be doing this in a very mature way. They are limiting drinking areas, tracking number of drinks served, and they will probably charge ridiculous prices per beverage. Nothing wrong here.

    • “Responsible adults should be allowed to act as adults.”

      Well, right there is the error in your thinking.

      We are not responsible adults. We are subjects who are supposed to love, nay, even FIGHT FOR, someone to do our thinking for us.

      The word “responsible” is a bad word these days…

      • I’ve long since advocated having a beer or two and shooting as reasonable and responsible adults. *gasp* I even did it a few days ago!!!! Fact is, a lot of people are uncomfortable shooting around other people, especially when they are new shooters. A drink may allow them to relax a tick without losing their minds. Social anxiety is a very real thing and the instant-media world we live in increases the social pressure the average individual feels. Instant and constant social exposure isn’t healthy.

        I AM, however, against getting shitty drunk and acting like an asstard with guns as strongly as I am when/where it comes to doing the same with vehicles. The four rules don’t change after a beer, get drunk and act the fool and I’ll break my foot off in you the same as I would somebody who wasn’t drinking and acting the fool.

        Ultimately; behaving responsibly has the same results regardless of whether or not alcohol is involved. The incorrect mindset that alcohol makes it impossible for people to act responsibly irks the hell out of me.

      • I went off on a bit of a tangent in reply to you directly, JR. I wiped my initial post and posted something different, my bad!

  6. I don’t drink alcohol anymore but when I did I could drink two to three drinks and pass a sobriety test so I know I wasn’t a menace to myself or others with my pistol . I’ve carried concealed and open for over twenty years and often drank in excess and even shit faced I was aware of my firearm , even more than my lolly gag at times , thank God I knew enough not to drive drunken .
    I don’t see what the problem is having a bar at a gun range , are we going to start piss testing people before they can practice their aim ?
    You could drink before you go there too .
    Personal responsibility of oneself and general awareness of others should take care of any problems .

  7. Is the restaurant/bar area being gun free a state law thing or a company policy thing?

    I’m on my phone and dont want to look it up myself.

    • Florida State Law. Not allowed to Concealed Carry in a Bar, or any establishment that derives more than 50% of it’s income from Alcohol. Or in said portion of such establishment which primarily is for the serving of alcohol even if it’s below 50%.

      But it’s concealed? How would anyone know? Stupid… Floriduh.

      There are a few circumstances under which one can Open Carry, including going to and from a shooting range… Since this is one… I don’t think there’s any prohibition on Open Carrying while imbibing, since Concealed Carry is all that’s typically allowed, and you can’t hunt, fish, camp, or shoot targets at a bar… So the laws says concealed, specifically…

      Oh, the BS of this State gets so thick….

  8. I do this every week. The private club where I shoot has a liquor license. It’s great because it funds the maintenance of the range and other activities. My friends and I get together and shoot for an hour or two and then go to the clubhouse for something to eat and a beer or three. If people think this is bad, they would go absolutely ape$#!+ over the block shoots.

  9. Big freaking deal! I’ve been to dozens of ranges that have a bar in the clubhouse. The rule is that once you order, you’re done shooting, and it’s enforced largely on the honor system. Shockingly (or not) this works just fine!

    • Not shocking, and good to hear.

      The local range I occasion (I usually shoot on private property) won’t even allow alcohol when it’s a barbecue and fireworks night. After hours, cold facility even during hours, nothing but social time.

      I just don’t get the uniquely American aversion to guns and alcohol.

      • If someone is afraid, then a politician must step in and protect him. This is the new America (not so new actually). The government is Mom and Dad, and the rest are small children. We are a nation of small, stupid children (except for TTAG readers of course).

  10. And in related news, The Brady Organization to Prevent Gun Violence announced support for legislation in New York and California to equip all firearms with Trigger Interlock Devices. Similar to car ignition breathalyzers, TIDs prevent operation if the firearm operator’s blood alcohol level exceeds 0.01.

    “TIDs will prevent senseless deaths such as the recent Florida tragedy.”, Brady spokesman Carrie Nation claimed.

    When asked about ‘false positives’, Nation tersely replied, “Relinquishing Listerine and Nyquil is a small price to pay for public safety. Think of the children.”

    • A trigger interlock breathalyzer lock! Of all the asinine thing to put on a gun, this tops them all. I can’t even begin to tell of all the ways this wouldn’t work. What will they think of next!

    • @GunGeek: OMG, these Brady people are complete idiots. As are the lawmakers that proposed such an idiotic law. If you needed your gun in an emergency are you going to say “Wait a moment Mr. Bad Guy while I blow into my gun”. The level of stupidity of the Brady Bunch and others like them is unbelievable. Even if they don’t believe these devices will work that well and are using the proposed law to try to make guns unusable it seems they must think that the voters are really dumb to buy into this law. But, I suppose in CA and NYC they may be right. Anything anti-gun, no matter how stupid, seems to get made into a law in those areas. Guess that shows how dumb, or gullible, the average Southern CA and NYC voter really is.

    • Hehe. Watch out for hatchets.

      Ok, Ok…Carrie Nation was one of the founders of the Womens’ Temperance Movement. “lips that touch alcohol will never touch mine”. Review their photos and it’s not likely alcohol changed anything, lol. Arf. Arf.
      Anyway…Carrie was known for attacking taverns with a hatchet.

  11. Sooner or later, somebody’s gonna slip through the net, and there will be an accident, perhaps fatal.
    When I started a small business in my garage, using machine tools, I stopped drinking. Not because of the tooling, the reason was the medication I started taking. I realized later it was a good thing. If I had not stopped, I’m sure it would have shown up in my workmanship.
    I’m thinking there’s a way to tell if your OK with having a drink or two before going to the range.
    Ask yourself how many drinks would you allow the pilot on your next flight to have before takeoff.

    • The mere presence of alcohol does not equate to people getting drunk and doing dumb things. Maybe that’s what Democrats do, but I don’t.

      What stops a person from having a drink at a different restaurant and then going to the range? Or the other way around? Why does it matter that the two are under one roof when they’re no more or less accessible either way?

      Effing stupid so-called “news” outlets… Pushing their p=slanderous prejudice that anyone who owns a gun is a toothless drunken hillbilly cousin humper… Racism was never as bad as anti-gun prejudice…

  12. I have to laugh. In Massachusetts, just about every gun club has a bar inside, and has for most of a century or so. And we all know that when it comes to guns, Massachusetts ain’t Montana. If the folks behind the Codfish Curtain don’t consider this a problem, the people getting their panties all in a bunch over this should be too ashamed to appear without masks on.

    • …the people getting their panties all in a bunch over this should be too ashamed to appear without masks on.

      Agreed wholeheartedly

  13. Ran into something similar at an outdoor range in Nevada. They don’t let you drink and shoot but OK to have a drink after you shoot or a small meal. They don’t seen to have any issues with it and I think they have been doing this for a long time there.

  14. Fair enough. My concern as a business owner would be my employees’ safety and my insurance rates on this one. That is, even if I did something like this. I think he did something that’s fair enough, but my personal policy is that guns and alcohol don’t mix, period.

  15. They don’t mix. It is asking for trouble. I have seen non-alcohol ranges where idiots pointed their firearms in my direction. I have no intention or being a member of an alcohol permitting range and putting myself in greater danger than the sport already entails. Professional guides here in MT do not permit alcohol in their camps until all firearms are unloaded and put away. Then, there is the story of the wounded griz who stormed into the camp, stampeded the horses, created havoc. Luckily, the terrier mutt gave them warning in time to load, but still nothing shot that didn’t need to be.

  16. Back in the day, they used to sell beer at the Greensboro Gun Show. Never had a problem until they stopped selling beer there and that when they started having AD’s. Go figure.

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