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UPDATE: Two firearms-related bills—including an assault weapons (and more) ban, gun range regulations and a magazine registration scheme—are now headed for committee. Click here to read the texts.

Press release:

“The ISRA has learned from a credible source that Illinois Senate President John Cullerton [above] will introduce a so called ‘assault weapons’ ban on Wednesday when the legislature returns for its ‘lame duck’ session. Cullerton hopes to ramrod the bill through and get it to Governor Quinn for signature by Friday. If he is successful at doing so, nearly every gun you currently own will be banned and will be subject to confiscation by the Illinois State Police . . .

“Based on what we know about Cullerton’s bill, firearms that would be banned include all semiautomatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Pump action shotguns would be banned as well. This would be a very comprehensive ban that would include not only so-called ‘assault weapons’ but also such classics as M1 Garands and 1911-based pistols. There would be no exemptions and no grandfathering. You would have a very short window to turn in your guns to the State Police to avoid prosecution.”

TTAG’s sources tell us there will be two bills: one for semi-automatic rifles, lever guns, shotguns and handguns with certain features (e.g., threaded barrels); and one for ammunition magazine capacity.

Mags would be limited to 10 rounds and owners of existing magazines holding more than 10 rounds would have to register them with the state police.

One [non-ISRA] gun guy on the front lines in the Land of Lincoln tells TTAG that the odds of the bills going through are 50 – 50. He advises gun owners both in and out of state to call Senate President Cullerton at 217 782 2000 and/or find another legislator to pester at

“If gun owners around the country melt the phone lines in the next three days we can push this thing back . . . that would be a tremendous morale boost ahead of federal legislation.”

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      • Anybody who complies with this obviously unconstitutional law is a slave. Any Law enforcement officer who would try to enforce it a traitor, deserving a traitor’s end.

        • Any Military that fires upon the citizens of the United States is directly in conflict with the Oath they Pledged upon induction “To protect against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC !” When the Constitution is violated the violators become ENEMIES ! Enough said !

        • As a retired Law Enforcement Officer I’d not like the assignment of ‘confiscation’ nor would I comply to that unlawful order. I suspect with all the ‘fiery rhetoric’ nationwide, the initial response may be very costly. So costly, that as in the Prohibition Era, the Unconstitutional Law will be rescinded. Power to the people! I was trained to NEVER, ever surrender my firearm.

        • Wow, it’s amazing how stupid some people actually are…you know who is a traitor, someone who keeps America from doing the best it can for their own self-interest.

          I bet you all have higher degrees and exceed in your daily tasks of work and parenting. Let me guess, you are also economists who know exactly that raising taxes on wealthy people is a job killing tactic. Or you are a nobel prize winning scientist who disproved evolution and global climate change.

          Fact of the matter is that some guns are only dangerous to the citizens, because the citizens are mostly self-obsessed morons. The average person isn’t intelligent, isn’t a genius, and isn’t safe behind the wheel, let alone behind a trigger.

          Save yourself and your kids by keeping guns out of crazy, dangerous and dumb people’s hands.

        • If you live in IL, your guns are registered. That means they know what you have, and, as always come for for them.

          Registration is confiscation, in months or years, but always.

        • A correction to the above…in Illinois, your ownership of guns is registered, not the amount, type, caliber or otherwise. Nor is the amount or caliber of ammo. But what is registered is a man’s admittance that he has firearms and ammo, and that is the first place the Federally directed State Police are going to look.

          I made 2 big mistakes in life. 1 is allowing myself to be ‘licensed’ to be married, a complete farce and a religious joke. 2 is allowing Illinois to trick me into registering my self into their confiscation scheme.

          Both of the above are entirely my fault, I take full liability. No sense in troll critics calling me out as if they were perfect, or know better. If that is you, then time to register yourself as a &*%$head.

        • have they forgot that they work for us. seems so. have they forgot we have a constitution. have they read the second amendment? seems so. john cullerton is against the contitution of this country and this state time foir him to be reminded who he works for !!!!

        • According to this ACT. Our government has been violating this law for sending national guard over seas. read the whole law. very interesting.

      • I agree with this bill. No longer will fear strike into the hearts of mothers as they whisk their children off to school. No longer will children be burdened with the thought gunmen in the classroom. No longer shall we hang our heads in sorrow for the conditional circumstance of others immoral progressions. Praise Jesus, Allah our holy ghost carry us forward in America!!

        • You, sir, are the problem. If you wish to forfeit your Constitutional rights that is your business. You cannot, however, give mine away. If you want a safe, secure, sanitized world, you are out of luck, such a place does not exist.

        • I don’t know if you’re trolling because your comment is so stupid. Do you expect criminals to follow the law? They are already involved in illegal acts… so now they will be the only ones left with guns – leaving the people defenseless against them. Let’s see how safe your children are when crazy people with guns know that no one will be able to defend themselves.

        • i agree with the mothers thing but people do have rights to bare arms like it says in the constution and i am very sorry for all the mothers losses but it also does not mean that they have to take away our fire arms it is not the peoples fault that on nut jop went crazy but i am very sad what has happen to the mothers children but it is just not fair

        • The Right to Bear Arms is a freedom we have in America, just like fredom of religion. Maybe we should start banning religions, like the Muslim religion.

        • First I’ll say I’m not American – I found this page through reddit. But I just have to comment. Coming from a country where even the police don’t carry guns on their person, I fully agree with Abdul. We have access to guns (but only certain kinds) and have no history of the mass shootings you have in the USA. I have family there and can’t help but be concerned for them. How about you all actually read the article above? It’s not against your ‘rights’ as its not banning your access to your beloved guns – just restricting the types of guns you can own, like they do where I live. How many more people have to be murdered before you stop and think about how beneficial your guns really are? and ‘citizen’ – there’s really no need to attack another for their religion, aren’t you meant to be living on a land of ‘freedom’ especially in regards to religion? You are just showing your idiocy, ignorance and intolerance.

        • You sir just dont get it do you? whether this law passes or not, it will not stop people from buying semi automatic guns or even fully automatic guns for that matter. how do you think criminals get guns? not legally
          so pretty much all this bill will do is make personal safety even harder to obtain.

        • To Marisa, assuming you are from the UK, excuse me??? No mass shootings in your country??? How about the Cumbria shooting in 2010, the Hungerford massacre 1987, and the Dunblane school shooting (yeah it’s Scotland, but you rule there) in 1996? Of course, you seem to forget those when trying to make a anti-gun point. Even with your draconian gun laws, those those are disturbed or criminal will always find a way to get them. And those law abiding folks end up as victims. The difference between us and the UK? We’re citizens with rights, you are subjects.

        • FLAME DELETED.. only criminals will have the guns with this law and the killings and crime will only increase…


        • you are a fool to think that would stop someone from killing anyone and people would be safe if it passes and someone still say goes to you fam school and kills them you will wish you had a gun lol good luck and shotguns what about the hunters in ill that is not cool

        • Wow you are dumb, this bill will totally prevent bad guys from getting their hands on guns, are you an idiot.

        • So, you agree with violating people’s rights, confiscating property without due process or compensation, and creating felons where non exist?

          Guess what? You’re why the founders wanted us to have guns. ESAD and GFY.

        • Abdul…you are an enemy of this country, it’s people and the true meaning of being an American…and an idiot….besides probably being a paid shill for the gun control movement…you’d better hope your neighbors do not learn of your existence and address…


          RJ O’Guillory
          Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

        • OH MY WORD….Do some Americans actually think that these horrible people who shot innocent people are actually not going to be able to find weapons to kill with when a thirst for killing people comes upon them? Guns do not kill people….PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE…we have the right to bear arms period!

        • On the same day as the Sandy Hook incident, a man in China attacked 22 children with a knife. In 1927, a man used dynamite to kill 58 people in a Michigan school. Recently, I don’t recall where, someone used a car to charge at 20-some children waiting in line for their bus.
          Guns aren’t the issue. The common element in each of the incidents was a person wielding the tool chosen to cause death. If guns aren’t available, bad guys will always find something else they can use to accomplish the deed.
          Perhaps it is again time to teach children right from wrong–and that right has its foundations not in what they “feel” is right, but in God.

        • There is nothing illegal, or degrading about this post. In fact I am exercising my FIRST amendment right which we ONLY have because we give it teeth with our SECOND amendment right. If this post is deleted I will inform a minimum of 20,000 Americans of the intentions of the moderators of this website. Deleting and/or Flagging this post shows you are Anti- American and should be considered along with the following. ANYONE trying to take away our rights, our guns, or our constitution is a TERRORIST! This country was founded on these rights and our 2nd amendment is NOT about HUNTING, and it is NOT about sporting or even SELF DEFENSE! It is about CITIZENS being able to match ARMS for ARMS against ANY MILITARY FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC! Our Government is NOT suppose to have the reach or power that they are claiming to have over the citizens. Our forefathers made this VERY clear and WARNED us that the American people may need to take up arms to protect our rights, Liberty, and Country. They also said it was not only our RIGHT to bear arms but our DUTY and not just ONE GUN but “AS MANY AS YOU CAN AFFORD” The 2nd amendment doesn’t talk about hunting or sporting IT IS ABOUT MILITARY GRADE WEAPONS! PLAIN AND SIMPLE. If you let them take the so called “Assault” weapons, then you have allowed them to take away our 2nd amendment of the CONSTITUTION, any other weapons they could then take at will! Even by force! As the 2nd amendment DOES NOT PROTECT HUNTING, SPORTING, OR SELF DEFENSE! ANYONE UNKNOWING OF THIS NEEDS TO TAKE A SHORT HISTORY LESSON! YALE HISTORY PROFESSORS HAVE SAID THIS! LOOK UP “MAN VS. US”… The Supreme Court ruled that it is so! RECENTLY! Everyone Please also sign the Petition to the white house to have Feinstein tried for TREASON! it is on the actual “we the people” web site.

        • Who says this bill will take guns out of the hands of the people whose only reason for having a gun is to take away from you and your family? Either by taking your money and goods, or by taking your life.

        • I get it there are some crazy people out there, like that dumb ass woman who killed those three guys from SURE up here on the North Side a few years ago. Blazing down Gross Point road at around 100mph killed three guys going to lunch all because she wanted to kill herself. Point is crazy people will use whatever that have available to do as much damage as possible. Taking my guns away from me that I have the right to have is not going to stop any of the random gun violence that people who illegally obtain the weapons do. We have laws against illegal drugs and look how well stopping or getting that off the street. Look at how probation went did nothing but prevent the average citizen from having alcohol but you bet that criminals didn’t have issues with the law. Knowing the history of illegal drugs and probation do you really think it’s going to solve the issue of criminals having illegal weapons.

        • Abdul – as we have seen the people who commit these acts are already committing crimes so adding the crime of possessing a weapon illegally will have no affect.

          Marrisa – let’s take the UK as an example. There have been several incidents of violence not the least of which involving the IRA. Gun laws really subdued their activities. Now there is a push to regulate the ownership of cooking knives. Apparently there are some knives that only professionals in professional kitchens need access to. This goes far to establish that if one wants to break the law and kill someone (against the law by the way) the weapon can be obtained even if it is bare hands. Will we become enlightened enough to outlaw and confiscate hands at some point?

        • Abdul,

          Your ignorance is the exact reason that I am fearful for my children to be raised in a society where idiots are allowed to even speak FLAME DELETED.

          A gun does NOT kill anyone, people kill people. You just as easily hurt someone with a knife, a bat, a club, a car, or even simply your hands. By the ridiculous notion that this corrupt man gets this unlawful bill passed, guns will still be sold and guns will still be purchased, and innocent lives will still be at risk BUT, the only difference is that the innocent bystanders will have no means to defend themselves.

          Tell me how this is fair??

        • if you are affraid to live where the public has guns, you need to move to europe, there you can enjoy the high home entrusion rate

        • Rights come from God, preexisting at birth. When we create safe workplaces for perps to carry out these massacres, by declaring gun free zones, unfortunately,
          this is to be expected.

      • San Antonio Theater Shooting

        On Sunday December 17, 2012, 2 days after the CT shooting, a man went to a restaurant in San Antonio to kill his X-girlfriend. After he shot her, most of the people in the restaurant fled next door to a theater. The gunman followed them and entered the theater so he could shoot more people. He started shooting and people in the theater started running and screaming. It’s like the Aurora, CO theater story plus a restaurant!

        Now aren’t you wondering why this isn’t a lead story in the national media along with the school shooting?

        There was an off duty county deputy at the theater. SHE pulled out her gun and shot the man 4 times before he had a chance to kill anyone. So since this story makes the point that the best thing to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun, the media is treating it like it never happened.

        Only the local media covered it. The city is giving her a medal next week.

        Just thought you’d like to know.

        I remain disgusted with the media’s deliberate attempt to whitewash news while at the same time creating their own narrative for whatever sinister reasons.

      • run for sheriff and change the laws of your county.
        sheriffs can overrule federal law…
        correct me if i am wrong…..

    • So you are trying to disarm noncriminals? That is smart because it is not gonna stop criminals from having them! This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of! What happen to our rights! I have served my country for 12 years and 4 over seas deployment! I think I deserve the right to own guns and protect my family if need be from the idiots here in the United States!

      I have an idea for you! How about you give buisness owners and the general public the opportunity to prove ourselfs. Offer safety coarses and teach people how and when to use weapons and how to lock you guns away.

      I like to target practice myself, to stay profiscent at shooting. Looking to getting into hunting and would really like to know that if there was an emergencey situation where i need a gun that I would beable to have one there. There are 15 plus people that are surrounding the President to protect him are u gonna take their guns too?

      • “What happen to our rights.”

        Easy….the wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God…its called Psalm 9:17. The USA dumped God about 100 years ago with the advent of all modern Bibles (Westcott and Hort garbage). You either elevate the King James Bible or you perish. America chose to perish. It s a choice and we did not make the right one.

        What happens when nations abandon God is the God will raise up men and chastise those nations with a rod of men to destroy them. The Old Testament is how God deals with nations. It aint gonna be pretty…

        • When the pilgrims arrived on the shores of North America, they used the Geneva Bible and shunned that “newfangled King James Bible.”

        • Your “god” is a fairytail. The idea that anybody lets an entirely fictional storybook dictate their lives is ridiculous. Is god passing these laws? Is god part of congress? Keep that banter away from here.

        • @Matt, ever heard of Freedom of Religion? You dont like it, go somewhere else. Who are you to tell someone to keep religion out of the conversation? Your atheistic values are the fairy tale here.

          You asshole.

        • “What happen to our rights.”

          leaving religion out of the argument (im a agnostic), empires eventually transform into societies without rights, which are eventually traded as the said empire’s elite becomes more desperate for power and influence due to the laws of diminishing marginal returns.

          every great nation runs into a parallel in their life where they have to make a decision: give up the empire to maintain rights, or give up rights to maintain empires. Most nations in history chose to keep their empire, resulting in collapse (as in loss of complexity) and future irrelevancy.

          i too have served my country and have forever walked away from the military and government because i learned that they dont give a shit about those that serve and only coerce (though socio-economical means and nationalism) young men and women into service to fight for corporate profit.

          its not like we werent warned **cough*cough*General Smedley Butler*cough*Eisenhower*cough

        • @Nick, ever heard of Freedom of Speech? You dont like it, go somewhere else. Who are you to tell someone what they can and cannot write?

          You hypocrite.

        • So, let’s believe a work of fiction.
          Let us ALL believe in the this book,
          and profess it’s acclaim. Mate, please
          check a more modern, or more ancient
          concordance. The KJB is quite flawed.

        • funny, dont seem to see much Allah or Koran bashing here. wonder why? you are free to speak, go ahead

        • FLAME DELETED our ‘God’ has no place in the writting of laws that effect everybody.

          In regards to the article I really hope Illinois isn’t foolish enough to do this to themselves. Is is completely asinine to ban weapons that can easily be bought in the state right next door. Only helps those who buy and sell on the black market. Gun control will need to come down from the federal level and perhaps not so extreme as this bill in Illinois is suggesting. There is a level of commonsense that seems to be thrown out the window whenever the issue of guns is on the table…

        • The King James version was edited by King Henry and changed from the one true Bible because the Pope wouldn’t grant him his excuses of breaking Bible law which was mostly followed in the UK at the time.

      • >>>>So you are trying to disarm noncriminals?

        No Bratt, no..! It is much simpler:
        They make a new law which makes YOU a criminal if you keep your guns.
        If you do not hand over your guns they will also TREAT you like a criminal.
        If you think that armed citizens will begin a rebellion, you will be surprised: the majority won’t since nobody will put his comfortable life in jeopardy.

        End of the story.
        (Do some history lessons come to your mind???)

        • You might want to rethink what you said as swipe. There’s plenty who will fight. We’re not all pansies like you claim mr gringito. Why did every firearm leave the shelf in America? Because we are all ready to defend our right!

        • Gringito,

          Surely you must be some sort of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. If you dont like to follow the Constitution and bill of rights here in the good ol USA, Then GTFOH!!!

        • @ Vinnman … Just because someone’s online name is Gringito, they must be an illegal immigrant? There’s no hope… I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

        • This majority your talking about, what do you think their lives would be worth, if they gave up any and all means of defending themselves and their families, against government tyranny?

          Maybe you think it couldn’t happen here, but our government is now controlled by ideological Communists, and National Socialists. This doesn’t do anything to make me trust them. We need to remember that in the 20th century alone, 170 million citizens of countries that registered and confiscated their guns, were slaughtered by their government. If you do a search, you can find this information and how many were slaughtered in each country.

      • Yes Brett they are trying to disarm law abiding citizens and all police states do it prior to killing off millions of their own citizens. Our government is massively infiltrated with communists, globalists and New World Order scum. These devils have hijacked our country. Veterans like you and I are considered terrorists. And so is anyone who believes the Constitution to be the law of the land. This is just their short list of terrorists. Start watching Alex Jones if you don’t already and bookmark the SGT REPORT website. A great site that almost daily has important Alex Jones videos and and other news of interest to patriots.

        • SGTreport is awesome. I have cited them multiple times on here. I recommend everybody follow their articles about the CT Shooting because we are being
          f–king hoodwinked and the sniveling little cowards are ready to sell out our rights to our “benefactors”.

          I also recommend Paul Craig Roberts, the youtube channel “thegreatesttruthnevertold” (i recommend EVERYBODY watch all of the videos), works by Michael Ruppert, and im sure im forgetting many more.

        • Viet Nam Vet,

          When you said, “Start watching Alex Jones if you don’t already…” You lost ALL credibility. He is the biggest nutjob moonbrained conspiracy IDIOT on the planet.
          Seriously. He thinks that the Earth is hollow and that lizard people live there and control all human governments. I never heard of the SGTreport site, but I went there to check it out and read a few things and listened to a few videos… No more credible than the crap you find on Coast to Coast AM.

        • cg-23, You lost all credibility here when you lied about Alex Jones with that made up sht of hollow earth and lizard people.

          Fact is, Alex has been speaking the truth for a very long time as have I. Its Idiots like you who choose not to believe that their beloved country can do harm especially against its own citizens that we find ourselves in this mess. One day you will wake up wondering with your brainwashed mind..”thats weird, I could swear I once heard of the term Constitution and Bill of Rights as you go on marching happily to the local government office to get your Global I.D..

        • I never heard of the SGTreport site, but I went there to check it out and read a few things and listened to a few videos… No more credible than the crap you find on Coast to Coast AM.”

          you obviously know f–k all about both SGTreport and coast to coast AM.

          Its more refreshing than the BS you find on MSN. let me guess, youre a Fox news follower.

    • WOW, Lies just more lies, As long as your guns are registered u can keep them. They will be regulated as they should be. If your a psycho or have a record of violence or abuse u can’t own them. Red flags will arise if u purchase 500 rounds and a bullet proof vest at the same time. Come on people stop falling for these attempts at profiteering off ignorance. Our kids need protected from being murdered and all people care about is their guns being taken. Common sense, If u drive around with your customized AR/15 in the car and get stopped it better be registered or u will lose it. If ur legal there will be no problem unless u threatened to kill someone. If u just beat up your wife, you’ll go to jail. Fear makes these gun manufacturers and sellers richer. Stop lining their pockets with rumors.

      • Elana, If your customized AR isn’t registered you’ll lose the gun. And face a felony charge for having what is legally protected by the second amendment. And if I surrender my gun the schools will not be any safer. I’ve never shot at any kids. Under our system I can only be punished if I break the law. Collective punishment is not allowed.

        I don’t explain to people why I wish to vote and I don’t ask permission to do so. I don’t ask permission to speak my mind.

        I will exercise all my rights, including the right to keep and bear arms, without needing to get approval. They ain’t really a right if you have to ask first.

      • (@ Elana) Ugh. Basic grammar is your friend. I’m going to go kick my own ass for trying to read that whole thing.

      • I’m glad there’s some other truth seer reading this post.

        How can you people not see this? What the FUCK kind of use do you have for all of your guns anyway? Let me tell you what you’re NOT doing, and never have done. You’re not running around in your woods and “hunting” with fully automatic assault rifles.

        You’re not gallivanting around in shining silver armor “PROTECTING against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.” When’s the last time you shot a domestic terrorist, hmm? When’s the last time you had any other use for your rifles other than measuring your dicks at the range?

        You need to get over your fucking selves. If this passes through the right majority votes, then guess fucking what? IT’S PASSED. It’s called Democracy and ” ‘Murica” , fuckers.

        And there’s my hate for the day. xoxo, john

        • It is banning pump action shotguns and pistols…pump action shotguns are a staple in the hunting community. AR-15 is a competition gun but is used by some for hunting bigger game like deer.

          The point isn’t what do you use them for…it is a direct violation of your rights. The purpose of the 2nd amendment is to be able to form an armed militia and protect yourself against a tyrannical government. That is our right as an american. You can say it wasn’t the intention of the amendment but then you have to disregaurd Thomas Jefferson when he said exactly that….

          You can say that the gov’t won’t ever be that way…but then I would say you haven’t been paying attention to the news…and should read or watch something other than the daily bs on fox and cbs or your local paper.

        • There is nothing illegal, or degrading about this post. In fact I am exercising my FIRST amendment right which we ONLY have because we give it teeth with our SECOND amendment right. If this post is deleted I will inform a minimum of 20,000 Americans of the intentions of the moderators of this website. Deleting and/or Flagging this post shows you are Anti- American and should be considered along with the following. ANYONE trying to take away our rights, our guns, or our constitution is a TERRORIST! This country was founded on these rights and our 2nd amendment is NOT about HUNTING, and it is NOT about sporting or even SELF DEFENSE! It is about CITIZENS being able to match ARMS for ARMS against ANY MILITARY FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC! Our Government is NOT suppose to have the reach or power that they are claiming to have over the citizens. Our forefathers made this VERY clear and WARNED us that the American people may need to take up arms to protect our rights, Liberty, and Country. They also said it was not only our RIGHT to bear arms but our DUTY and not just ONE GUN but “AS MANY AS YOU CAN AFFORD” The 2nd amendment doesn’t talk about hunting or sporting IT IS ABOUT MILITARY GRADE WEAPONS! PLAIN AND SIMPLE. If you let them take the so called “Assault” weapons, then you have allowed them to take away our 2nd amendment of the CONSTITUTION, any other weapons they could then take at will! Even by force! As the 2nd amendment DOES NOT PROTECT HUNTING, SPORTING, OR SELF DEFENSE! ANYONE UNKNOWING OF THIS NEEDS TO TAKE A SHORT HISTORY LESSON! YALE HISTORY PROFESSORS HAVE SAID THIS! LOOK UP “MAN VS. US”… The Supreme Court ruled that it is so! RECENTLY! Everyone Please also sign the Petition to the white house to have Feinstein tried for TREASON! it is on the actual “we the people” web site. AGAIN THESE ARE RIGHTS, NOT VOTED ON LEGISLATION!!! NO VOTES, REGARDLESS WHAT % CAN INVALIDATE OUR CONSTITUTION! ANYONE WHO TRIES IS A TERRORIST!

        • Well John,
          If you were smart enough to do your research you would know that they are not fully automatic weapons they are semi automatic weapons. There are only a handful of people LEGALLY authorized to have fully automatic weapons, unfortunately the thugs do not care if they are legal or not, they just grab them from the black market, usually from Mexico. The legal semi automatic weapons are the same weapons that your military and law enforcement carry on a daily basis to defend your freedoms. Oh, by the way, when was the last time you had a police officer around when you needed one. You are completely foolish to think that there are no domestic terrorists, hence the mass shootings. The next time you are at a gas station just think to yourself, someone could pull a gun, one that was probably purchased off the black market, and point it at someone you love and you could do something about it, but the state of IL took that right away. I would like the comfort that if someone broke into my house miles out in the country that I would at least have the chance to defend MY home and MY family.

        • John. You are quite the little commie cretin, aren’t you. Your belief in ‘Big Gov’ and its potential future ‘tender mercies’ (think Nazi Germany, China, USSR, etc…) is sickeningly naive….and dangerous.
          Who watches the watcher?

      • Registration is the first step towards confiscation. New Zealand used registration to assist in confiscation, so did Australia, the UK, Russia and the Nazis.

        • @Chris – thanks for comparing 4 countries to the nazis. Cheers, what a point. Coming from someone living in New Zealand – do you know how nice it is not having to worry about being shot by guns? Try look up how few gun deaths there are in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

        • Comparing us to the Nazis is just plain ignorant. As the other replier said, living in a country where guns are illegal is blissful. In 2011 there were over 9,000 murders by firearms in the US. Here in the UK, there were 46. It’s pretty reassuring being able to walk around knowing almost no one around me is carrying a gun.

        • SWITZERLAND has the LEAST amount of deaths by firearm PERIOD in the WORLD including lower then UK, or New Zealand could ever DREAM OF. They also have the HIGHEST gun to citizen ratio. Their government MANDATES that every house have at least ONE GUN! there are about two guns for every one adult citizen in Switzerland and they are also THE SAFEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!! So all these guns cause death bullshit needs to stop.. all it does is show how IGNORANT or plain STUPID you are when you say that shit. If you think your life is going to be this blissful little fairytale if they outlaw guns, YOU ARE DELUSIONAL!

      • Elana it seems to me the only way to protect our children in schools is to arm the teachers. Taking law abiding citizens guns of any type only allows the criminals and crazies the freedom to carry out their “mission” without fear of bein stopped. Tell me if you were a criminal with a gun would you stand at the door of someones house debating if you should kick the door in if you knew they had no guns? Taking our guns only lets criminals have all the power. Guns are not the problem here. People are the problem.If you take guns people will find other ways to carry out their ill intentions. How many guns did Timothy McVeigh have when he attacked the Federal building? Taking guns only allows idiots with no common sense to feel a false sense of security.

      • @Elana

        What exactly is that AR going to do against a Remington semi auto deer rifle? Yeah, the AR is an “assault rifle”, but come the FUCK on! Get some knowledge before come blowing it out your ass here.
        For starters, the AR has a maximum effective range of 550 yards against a point target. Point target meaning INDIVIDUAL. The Remington can take down a deer at over 600-650 yards. The AR fires a 5.56mm round, that being about .223 caliber. Again, the round is affected by wind after 300 yards, so not very good for long distance shooting. 223 caliber rounds are in use by the military TO WOUND ENEMIES (ie. wound one enemy combatant, you take two additional combatants off the field to carry out the wounded soldier.) The remington deer rifle fires a 30-06 round that will KILL you if it hits you. As for your other statement, the guy violated 41 standing laws committing what he did. Do you really think that having ADDITIONAL laws on the books would have done anything? Also, the guy had no prior criminal record. And wouldn’t the 500 rounds of ammo and purchasing a BPV be a red flag also be an invasion of privacy? We aren’t the Communists after all. Evil exists in the world, good will constantly have to be reactive to its encroaches. This is a way of life. Its terrible, we can’t perceive these kind of actions because we have been conditioned to think in its opposite.

      • Mam, exactly how is registering my firearm going to prevent me from using it to commit a murder or a mass murder?
        I hear a lot of “for the children” BS! a registered weapon does not magically loose its ability to be used to commit a heinous act. I wish that mass shootings would never happen, but right behind that, I wish that every time someone tried to commit one, that there was someone there with a concealed firearm to end the bastards life. If every time one of these disfunctionals tried it, they failed and died, maybe the rest of them could see how futile it is to try, and it would stop. But before that can happen, you need an armed and trained society. Unfortunately we no longer have that, because guns are evil tools used by evil people and have no place in our enlightened politically correct gun free zoned society. My gun is not a threat to anyone who is not a threat to me or the people around me. The fact that these gun grabbing politicians still draw breath is proof that we are not the people that they think we are.

      • Most Americans are responsible and mature when it comes to handling guns. I am 66 yrs old and know how to shoot. I also live in Illinois and think it is BS that we have to have a Foid card and do not have concealed carry. As has been said, when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. That includes our government, both state and federal. I for one support the 2nd amendment.

    • I am enjoying this actually. At last the American people get to see the gun grabbers true colors, total disarmament. They have successfully stirred up the hornets nest. A sherriffs group is forming lead by (former Sherriff Mack), to fight this seeing as how they have ultimate authority over their respective counties to include arrest of federal agents attempting to enter said counties. The FBI just announced December set a new record of over 2.5 million background checks, gun manufacturers are reporting new records in sales being set across the board, and have you tried to buy an AR-15 mag lately? I bought PMAGs a few months back for $14 at a local pawn shop, now they are going for $40! Lastly I will state that I served ten years in the Military as an Airborne Infantry Sergeant, whatever poor bastard is picked to come and take my guns may god have mercy on him and his family because he will damn sure have earned them

      Subject only to the police power, the right of the
      individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be
      (Source: Illinois Constitution.)

    • Except that blue states pay for red states, but let’s ignore that fact seeing how it has nothing to do with the issue.

      • No, the producers in the red and blue states pay for the slackers (i.e. Obamaphone owners, Lefties, bums) in the red and blue states .

        • The “Obamaphone” myth needs to DIAF. Reagen got the subsidized phones started, then Bush II expanded it to include very no frills cell phones.

          There are tons of policies to criticize Obama for; why resort to made up ones? That’s just frigging dumb.

        • I believe Barry is referring to the mentality that the Obama phone represents ( i.e. free shit).

        • I don’t have a free phone. I don’t get food stamps SS or Medicare and I pay my own way but you’re not putting guns in my area schools. I value the life of our people, especially the innocent children. What about their rights? Stop the selfish ignorance! Judge and he shall be judged in the same way. Live by the sword and u will die by the sword. I believe in the second amendment and believe my neighbor has the right to see his kids come home from school alive at the end of the day. Just like mine do. Something has to be done and our president will do what he has to for all people not just gun owners.

        • blinkypete, I’ll grab the bucket and mop. I don’t think it’ll help though. She’s capable of pouring stupid out faster than we can clean it up.

        • Just so you understand…the producers are the middle class to lower middle class you actually work and produce..who , just so you understand, some have to take benefits to get by because the corporate business scene now sees giving a fair wage to these people as economically unsound.

        • In general, blue states send more money to the federal government than they pay in and red states get more money from the federal government than they pay in.

          You can argue what that means (very little) and the relevancy (even less), but it is an absolute fact.

        • If you think sending federal funds used in Texas to enforce a 1400 mile plus border with a nation run by drug lords is charity you are mistaken. It might cost less if the same feds werent supplying the drug lords with AR-15s, Barrett .50s and other such trinkets.

          Almost sure guarding international borders is something the feds are actually supposed to do.

        • It’s primarily a function of cost-of-living combined with higher union membership. Companies pay more in blue states (aka “OMG living here is $#$@ expensive!”) and therefore they pay more in taxes under our progressive tax code. As “Ol’ Me” said, don’t read too much into it – and to paraphrase Inigo Montoya, “it doesn’t mean what the lefties think it means”. It’s localized inflation, basically. You’d probably have to make $60k/year in NY, maybe $80k in NYC, to have the same lifestyle $40k/yr buys you in Texas.

        • Actually, no it’s not! Of the top ten states that get back more of their federal dollars than they send in, eight are red states. Most are in the south, and it is not a myth.

        • The deep south gets substantially more federal dollars for various forms of welfare than the rest of the country. I’m not sure how much it actually means, but it is a fact. The deep south also has a higher rate of poverty, obesity, etc. And I say this as a Southerner who loves the south; it isn’t some sort of mythical paradise for all. We have our problems, and they’ve been consistent across political changes (both state and federal level).

        • Wow, so 8 whole states out of 50 are Red and get more in government money than they pay in taxes and that’s “proof” of something. Apparently 16% is a “majority” these days.

        • That is only because they include highway money and agricultural subsidies in the calculations. Obviously the least populace states would pay less in than the over-populated liberal snake pits. Fact is, most of the states going bankrupt are blue states. The states with the highest crime rates are also blue states. The most corrupt states are all blue.

        • It was not out of all fifty states, just the top ten I was referring to. And most of the federal money they receive is from disaster relief, like hurricanes, tornados, droughts and flooding, although the majority is for hurricanes! You know folks, there is an easy way to check this stuff out, instead of going on the defensive all the time!

          Some of the biggest recipients are TX, LA, MS, AL, GA and SC, Fl is in there but who knows if they are red or blue anymore!

      • The reason that the red states get more federal dollars is because of the location of military installations and defense contractors. For example, virtually every military installation and defense oriented manufacture in California has been shut down since the Cold War ended. Most of closures have been at desire of California’s Democratic congressional delegation.

        Another major reason for the “net flow” is that people retire from cold weather deep blue states and move south to red states bringing their social security payments with them. While blue states could improve the business climate there is not much they can do about the weather.

        The other major myth about this flow is that everybody in a blue state is a taker and everybody in a red state is a maker. They are a mix. While it is true that deep blue states have fewer makers, the makers often have red state voting patterns. Same thing in red states. They have fewer number of takers but the takers still vote like blue staters.

        • I live in SD which is a red state and there are several reasons why we receive alot of federal funding. We have several very large National Parks, a number of Indian Reservations, a great deal of agriculture which the feds have chosen to subsidize and Interstate highways.

        • Considering that all those figures include military and military retiree pay in them, I take any of those numbers with a grain of salt.

      • you entirely missed the point.

        illinois is another bankrupt blue state. there is more than one.

        whether youre blue or red, both parties are responsible for bankrupting everyone.

      • Texas is a red state that pays its own way, so you are clearly talking out of your rear. I am beginning to be embarassed to admit I am from Illinois. Between the corruption at the governor level and now the anti-gun sentiment throughout the state government, what right will they take away next?

      • working as a stock broker, and only having clients out side of NY… you’re a complete idiot. ALL THE MONEY IS IN THE RED STATES. everyone in the blue states are broke minus a FEW elite individuals.

      • I suspect that much of the disparity is from major corporations having headquarters in a blue state (NY, NJ, CA, IL, DE, MA) and the taxes paid by the company are credited to that state with no regard for where the money was actually earned. (I have not tried to check and won’t waste my time doing so.)

      • thats funny because in Obama’s America hundreds of thousands of people from “Blue” states have flocked to “Red” states (Texas being the largest) in record numbers for work! there are no decent job in your “Blue” states, so get a damn clue. last I checked California was broke and Chicago, mainly Detroit, went belly up! but lets ignore that too!

      • What a crock of shit. Mythology has been debunked ad nauseum. 13 of the Top 15 welfare states are BLUE. Seniors getting Social Security in Arizona or Florida doesnt mean those red states are getting paid by blue states. You moron.

        Not to mention… those red states have 40% Democrats in them, most of them blacks and latinos. Any link to your “study” that says WHO is getting the federal tax dollars in those red states, and who is paying the majority of income taxes in those blue states, which still have 40% Republicans as well??

        I thought all the greedy rich Republican CEO’s lived in Manhattan?

      • My wonderful state of Texas has an 8.1 billion dollar rainy day fund. It is set to hit the 14 billion dollar cap sometime this year so we are going to be “forced” to spend money. Got to love how having a low corporate income tax rate stirs businesses to move here and create wealth. My ex wifes company in California just up and moved their whole operation here. Dont see how people cant understand this, smh

    • I’m sure you guys will definitely comply. Here is what I would like to hear “I WILL NO LONGER OBEY THE STATE’S STUPID LAWS.” Until then, the only impression I’ll have of you guys is: YAWN!

      • If that is what you believe, you believe wrong. I will NOT comply with a ban such as this. I will happily die with my firearms in hand while trying to stop anyone who tries to confiscate them by all means necessary. I am an AMERICAN. I will NOT hand over my rights that are granted in the Constitution of the United States of America. I am not fond of restrictions on full-auto firearms, but I can live with it. To completely disarm the populous is beyond legality. I would fight with my last dollar to take this as far up the court system as needed to get it deemed unconstitutional and thrown out. I am sure several other owners would join me in this action. I will NOT back down. If they deem it constitutional, I will still refuse to comply with it. If that is the case, we are back to me defending my firearms until I am dead. I have no fear of dying, as it is something inevitable, anyway. Dying for what I believe in is something I am more than willing to take a risk of.

        • Unfortunately, in IL resisters just might have to “give all” – what with the FOID card, they know what doors to kick in and what persons to apprehend or shoot. Peaceful, civil disobedience by refusing to “turn ’em in” and staying under the radar is not an option, unfortunately. Case study on not giving an inch on registration requirements.

        • Please be a troll. Please be a troll. Please be a troll.

          Bob criticized the partisan nature of the US.

          You agreed with him, then used the phrase “divisive liberal attitude.”

          Please tell me you see the absurdity of your comment.

      • The anti’s are a lost cause anyway. The people who would actually be watching are the moderates. Chicago is quickly making itself the best argument against gun control to anyone watching. Most folks haven’t put the facts together, but watch their face when you tell them about all the restrictions in Illinois and Chicago then ask them what the murder rate was this year.

      • what they will do, like NYC does, is blame the other states for selling weapons to residents of the state that bans them.

    • All political posturing – the courts would strike down a law allowing the confiscation of personal property without just compensation in about 5 seconds. Plus, the federal appeals court’s decision that Illinois’ flat ban on carrying concealed weapons was unconstitutional makes it highly unlikely that such a sweeping ban would ever be allowed to go into effect.

      Illinois Concealed Carry Ban Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Appellate Court (Huffington Post, December 11, 2012)
      Gun-rights advocates claimed a major victory on Tuesday when a federal appeals court in Illinois struck down the state’s ban on carrying concealed firearms, in a ruling that may have national repercussions if appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

      Before the 2-1 ruling, Illinois stood as the last state in the country maintaining an absolute prohibition on the carrying of concealed firearms by private citizens. The majority opinion, by Richard A. Posner of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, found the ban on concealed weapons was unconstitutional under a 2008 Supreme Court decision overturning a sweeping handgun ban by the District of Columbia.

      I’d guess that if this proposed legislation isn’t pure rumor, it’s just another PR stunt by a headline-grabbing politician.

      • The problem with our ‘checks and balances’ system is that it must become law before the courts will look at it. Rather absurd, I’d say because then peoples rights must already have been violated and THEN they have to come up with enough money to get the court to listen in order to shut down an unconstitutional law.

      • The courts would not do a thing about the confiscation of personal property without just compensation. Just look at all the “OMG, THE CHILDRENZ IS GONNA DIE” bans on various substances.

      • It is not rumor unfortunately. Here is the link to the bill in the Senate. I already read it. Basically it says after Jan, 2014 if you own an assault weapon, or even those god-awful “evil features” you have two options, transfer to an heir out of state through an FFL and report back to their masters in ten days or less to prove they did their bidding. Or option 2, prove you owned it prior to then enactment date, to include evil features, via reciept

      • There will be a lot more dead than that as any cop that would be stupide enough to try to take someone’s right away!!

      • No of course not, we should all strive to see the inherent good in people, even if they seek to disarm us and strip us of our God given rights. See, you see Hitler, who killed 6 million jews, I see a man who loved his dog!

      • Now, don’t get all righteous on us.

        Let’s use a little analogy. Say that you as an abolitionist were arguing with a Southerner in 1860 about slavery; That Southerner sat quietly while you stated all of the facts, moralities, and ethical reasons against human chattel slavery, and then your Southern friend replied, ‘Well, that’s nice, but you are wrong and I am right–so, come and take away my slaves if you dare. I will defend my right to own slaves with my life; What are you willing to do?’
        There are times when there is no grey area between right and wrong; There are also times when the only way to change someone’s intense will to do wrong is to kill them. I give you the period 1861-1865 as an example.

        • Except that the war was fought over Lincoln’s unconstitutional invasion of a sovereign nation.

        • The Confederate States of America was not a sovereign nation…and they also started the war by firing first

      • anybody that moves against a constitutional amendment will get my prayers for a lightning strike or hailstorm.

        i pray every night to the lightning gods with the bush’s in mind…

        • Well I guess it’s a good thing that prayer doesn’t yield results. Source: God doesn’t exist

      • Or is it he wishes that the man is dead because he’s trying to strip people of their constitutional rights? Wake up anti.

      • He’s not talking about his favorite color or flavor of potato chip. State Sen Cullerton is actively trying to implement tyranny in it’s most naked and blatant form. Sic semper tyrannis

  1. Maybe I’m missing something, but how can one ban all semi-automatic rifles, handguns and shotguns with no grandfathering but still allow magazines less than 10 rounds and require registration for magazines over 10?

  2. Even if this bill were to pass would it not immediately face a legal challenge in court? Would the provisions of the bill be stayed until the legal wranglings could be sorted out?

    Someone with legal experience in such matters please enlighten me.

    • Even if this bill were to pass would it not immediately face a legal challenge in court?

      Certainly. Which doesn’t mean that the challenges would be successful.

    • Heck, yeah – Illinois’ blanket ban on carrying concealed weapons was recently struck down as unconstitutional by the federal appeals court. Plus, seizing personal property without just compensation would cause some problems as well.

      This is just headline-grabbing by some idiot politician – or possibly a probe to see how much outrage/support gets generated.

      • “Plus, seizing personal property without just compensation would cause some problems as well.”

        Just like it does when they ban various “designer” drugs? They make a formula illegal then arrest anyone who has it.

  3. I’m not sure how that bill would pass Constitutional muster in light of the Heller and McDonald decisions, especially given that a federal court just told Illinois that they have to institute a system to issue CCW licenses

    • Agreed. I think Illinois would get its ass handed to it in court on this one. The Heller decision was pretty clear about the right of Americans to own commonly used firearms, and McDonald made it clear that this right was incorporated against the states.

      I am not a lawyer, but my guess is that if the bill passes, it immediately gets litigated.

      • Sorry, guys, Heller won’t help you with regards to an AWB or high-cap mag ban. In fact, dicta in Heller seems to give a green light to concepts such as this.

      • It will certainly be litigated. But keep in mind that Heller and McDonald were about handguns in the home. The five judges approved of handguns for home-defense, and the Heller case almost certainly involved a semiautomatic pistol. I’m not so sure how SCOTUS feels about semiautomatic rifles.

        • The Heller opinion also cited Miller:

          Miller said, as we have explained, that the sorts of weapons protected were those “in common use at the time.”

          Since their invention, have semiautomatic rifles been manufactured (and sold to civilians) in sufficient numbers such that they can be considered to be “in common use”?

        • Well Ralph, I believe you wrote quite a while back that our RKBA would be reduced to single shot .22s….
          This bill is very close to that.

        • Litigation wont do the thousands of gun owners who have their firearms illegally taken while the courts play this out.

          If the ISP wants my guns good luck finding them.

  4. Ban pump and semi auto shotguns? Of any length? hahahahahahahaha. Well, that’ll get every single hunter in the state pretty riled up.

    • No, what they are doing is divide and conquer. They (the idiots in Ill) will give in at the last minute about hunting rifles, and the hunters will turn on the rest of us, because they were left alone. I know we all have a hunting buddy or two who can’t understand the AR thing!

      • Unless they have changed the law, Illinois didn’t used to allow rifles for hunting. Shotguns were all they allowed for deer season. That might be outdated now, I am too lazy to look it up.

        • Illinois allows only shotguns with deer slug, handguns, or muzzle loaders during the firearm deer season. NO rifles allowed for deer.

      • Rifles are used to hunt in Illinois people! Have you ever heard of coyotes? There again it is another stupid unthought law by Illinois law makers. This state has so many laws that are just down right ridiculous. The kicker is we elect the morons that write these laws.

    • Has anyone actually read the proposed legislation? I agree wholeheartedly that the entire thing is unconstitutional, but they specifically list shotguns and rifles the feed from a tube where the rounds are stacked end to end, as being exempt.

  5. Pure insanity, I will be shocked if that passes, literally making every gun owner a criminal overnight, how does this even pass Constitutional muster?

    Also, why bother having a magazine ban, all magazine fed firearms would be made illegal anyway, and no grandfathering, am I missing something here? Also, aside from completely ignoring the 2nd Amendment, wouldent this also mess with the 14th ? This just sounds like it has totally thrown the Constitution out the window.

      • I think the magazine ban is plan A. They know that the other is a no go. They throw an “off the wall” bill up there and one that the majority supports. They suicide, or worse compromise, the “off the wall bill” and let the other one pass. Both sides can say we won. Even though it is a loss for the second amendment. If the modern gun bill does get passed it will go to court, the same court that just told IL to pass a carry law in 6 months or it is “carry for everyone”.

    • Once again, no one actually read it. As I said before I wholeheartedly believe that the proposed legislation is unconstitutional, but they allow grandfathering. You would be able to keep what you have ( for now ) you would only be able to transfer ownership to an heir, or to someone out of state. They want registration of the weapons and any high cap magazines. How they plan to register magazines I have no idea.

  6. The best part of the bill though is criminals can’t own guns. They were very sorry but they needed to put their foot down on this. Illinois is saved,lol, Randy

    • Chicago banned all handguns and their murder rate shot through the roof. How is banning guns from legal owners going to help? I doubt very much if the criminals have a Foid card or register anything.

        • I agree Illinois is even worse than California we wont have a pot to piss in as a state soon. No way they can come up with the money for a buy back. Either way all of my guns expect two for SD would be taking a vacation to the family property in WI

        • It’s not like they will just melt them down. They will give pennies on the dollar then sell them to either gun brokers in other states or to the Feds ( who will sell them to the cartels).

        • It’s not like they will just melt them down. They will give pennies on the dollar then sell them to either gun brokers in other states or to the Feds who will sell them to the cartels

      • ~640,000 according to every source I read for the 1996 first wave. Plus another 50K on their second round in 2003.

        Interestingly, almost no reported data on types. But the one state that did keep track, it was less than 3% ‘assault weapons’.

        • What if they issue “gun buy back bonds”? They monetized the federal debt, why not this? There is defiantly trouble brewing. The antis get more irrational by the minute.

        • Over 50% of the 640K in firearms handed in were not on the banned list, A huge number (the smart ones) of Australian gun owners hid their guns. Up to 1993 one could still buy machine guns in Tasmania on a firearms license, had friends who took advantage of this…….. the M16’s in question were not handed in.

        • True, true. It’s just rather complex as to what “banned” meant. It came in like 5 different ‘types’ from single-shots through .22s holding over 10 rounds, through pistols, and auto weapons. Some things you could (and can) get permission for, but it’s onerous at most generous. Different classifications, and different restrictions. The whole thing is easier for you to look up somewhere than it is for me to try to regurgitate from memory.

          But yeah, even the official numbers show that very little was turned in compared to what was known to be owned.

      • But Australia didn’t buy the guns, they stole them! If someone steals some other property of yours at gunpoint or under threat of violence, but gives you $50 for it, is it magically not theft, then?

        • I heard the government is giving guns and ammo to Afghanistan and teaching them how to use them and building THEIR army!! How and WHY is this beneficial to us as a country? Haven’t we learned from this before?

          And with the economy getting as bad as it is getting… I at the time do not have a gun,However; it has been in my mind to GET ONE ASAP!! I think some people are going waaaaay overboard on the gun ban law!! I guarantee if the table were turned, and someone was robbing them or killing THEIR children..they’d have a change of mind and heart!!
          And why is it ok to send these killing weapons to deranged terrorist that have a history of killing and threatening US?

        • the whole problem is NOT GUNS!!! it is the PEOPLE that are using them!! and no matter what you do and at who’s expense…THOSE kind of PEOPLE that want to KILL someone WIIIIILLLL!! Whether it is a gun,knife, car,bomb,chemicals,drugs….you name it…they will FIND a WAY!!! The issue is that OUR Government does NOT have the right to take away our constitutional rights!! SIMPLE AS THAT!!
          If some delusional person decided to kill a bunch of people by poisoning pizzas….would that give the gov’t the right to ban pizzas all over?? I know it is the poison… I am simply trying to make a point!! Because if WE LET the gov’t KEEP making LAWS that are DEMANDING over us….THEY WON’t STOP!! For ex.. the 32oz sodas in New York…. I think our Government was built to PROTECT us not to DEMAND us! Besides, our Gov’t has enough they NEED to be doing that they are not(fiscal cliff), without adding more to their plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ban lever guns? WTF? That attitude is why there is no hesitation on my part to support those gun owners who have chosen to own semi-autos. I know full well the gun-grabbers will eventually want to ban my lever action and double-action revolvers. We are all targets. Gun Control is ultimately about people control and oppressing the common people by the elites.

    • They really are making it hard not to despise them.

      I’m generally a bit-left-of-center moderate and even I want to give this asshole a good, solid kick in the giblets.

    • I bet some jackass in the IL legislature had his or her assistants doing research on the Interwebs and they came across the phrase “cowboy assault rifle”. Possibly even a video of people using “high capacity” reloading tubes to quickly refill the magazine on a lever gun.

      It never ends.

  8. Illinois has just been slammed by the federal court because of their gun laws. The party machine is just trying to panic gun owners into accepting a “common sense compromise.” Don’t buy into it.

    • Exactly right, jwm. Just a few weeks ago we were all giddy with excitement because Illinois was well on its way to getting the Constitutional b!tch slap it’s had coming for decades. This bill was put forth in an effort to “ride the wave” of recent anti gun sentiment. All waves crash and quietly recede back into the ocean, but not without trying to take some sand and rocks with them. Make no mistake, some of the antis know these bills sound preposterous and they will try to lull us all, especially the fence sitters and hunters, into a “compromise”. We can’t let this happen so keep your reps’ phone lines hot and mail boxes full.

      • I completely concur. The total ban is a red flag for gunners to charge at while he slips the mag ban in behind it. I think DiFi’s bill is the same manoever–as for the world knowing you won’t get it, but in order to claim the “moral high ground,” and then reluctantly “compromise” for what you were after in the first place.

  9. Wait… brian.z poses a question that has not yet been answered. If all semi-auto firearms are outlawed, then what is the point of allowing 10-round mags with registration? For decoration? This bill sounds like someone with absolutely no firearms knowledge wrote it.

    (Which would be no surprise whatsoever.)

  10. Remember that in Illinois you are required to have a firearm owners I.d. to legally possess a firearm. You have already been registered. Prepare for 3 a.m. searches with no knock warrants. When it is time to bury them=it is time to use them.

    • Yeah, UNTIL Obama replaces 2 of the SCOTUS justices this term. You know he is itching to do it. Ginsberg and Kennedy will likely retire before the One is out of office.

  11. How many ISP troopers will volunteer to be on weapon collection duty? When they come for my guns they are going to get my ammo first. I hate this state.

  12. I triple-dog dare you. *popcorn*

    FYI- IL reps = 66 demo. 52 repu
    IL sens = 35 demo. 24 repu
    gov. Pat Quinn (d)

      • most of the Dems from S Il are pro-gun. the chicago mafia controls both houses, but their grip on power is slipping. I cannot believe that this moron would even think of trying this given there were only 3 votes needed to get concealed carry passed earlier in the year. Moreover, given the recent ruling by the 7th circuit, it is almost like he enjoys litigation and the weeekly status reports from the lawyers.

        • The Illinois legislature is made up of a bunch of morons. I worked for the state for over 17 yrs. They were stupid then and are stupid now. Chicago and upstate just keep electing these idiots.

  13. Here is a good reason not to write your elected representatives. If they are draconian enough to tread on the constitution, natural law, & their neighbors then there is a very good chance they would save those letters & names and then hand them over to the gestapo should the bill pass.

    • That is one of the worst suggestions I’ve read today.

      Yes, by all means stand silent while your rights are dissolved in legislature. That sounds like a GREAT plan. /sarc

      • If my rights are given by my Creator and unalienable (which they are) then no legislature can dissolve them. I am not saying to vote or not – the point is those who are supposed to be on you side “guardians” may very well end up being your worst enemy. Despots are known to keep long and detailed lists. If our society is seriously debating this level of gun grabbing then the ship is sunk its just a question of time.

      • theyre not going to listen to you anyways.

        if voting and letter writing made a difference they would be rendered illegal and you know it.

        our country works like this: a psychopath politician contrives something that f–ks with you, you write him/her a letter telling him/her to behave themselves, they tell you to f–k off, you do nothing because you legally cant, and the cycle repeats itself. Wait, the news gets worse: our society has normalized psychopathic behavior; expect increased concentrations of psychopaths in political offices.

    • Texas is too hot. Alaska is looking better by the day, though. If Washington’s great gun laws get trashed by the Seattle politicians, maybe that’s a place to go.

  14. They just tried passing an AWB last month and it failed so nothing like trying to ride the emotional tidal wave to get it to pass now. Way to use the blood of children to pass your political agenda…I hate this state…

  15. Seriously, did this guy even read the decision from the appellate court? This is wilfully violating a court ruling while spitting on the Constitution. Someone arrest this guy and try him with treason.

  16. Notify Your State Reps!

    Heres a form to use

    Dear Senator _______________,

    I’ve been informed that Senate President John Cullerton will attempt to pass a Semi-Auto Firearm Ban and a Magazine Ban when the Senate reconvenes for their lame-duck session on the 2nd of January.

    As a safe and conscientious gun owner, I ask you to please oppose any anti-firearm legislation put forth.

    Thank you for your time and have a safe and prosperous New Year,

    • you need to P:S in that letter “any passing of this bill will cost you and whoever voted for it your vote in the next election”

      • If this bill is as bad as reported then I would think you are way passed “it will cost you your seat” and the issue of Treason needs to be brought up…………..

  17. Heller says “the right applies to those used by the militia, i.e., those in common use for lawful purposes. Pp. 47–54”.

    In other words, guns such as the AR-15 and the 20-30 round magazines around which it was designed are not only in common use, but are the arms most suitable for use by the militia, and if anything, are uniquely protected by the second amendment.

  18. Chicago just eclipsed 500 murders for 2012.
    Chicago has some of the “toughest gun laws” in the nation.
    Everyone should totally change their laws to be at the level, if not stronger, than Chicago so we can all live like Chicago.

    Makes plenty of sense.

  19. Here is a question for Ralph:

    I travel from Virginia to Colorado several times a year by car. All three routes take me through Illinois. How does law effect travelers who do not stop in the state. Is FOPA going to help or will I be required to avoid the state.

    This leads to a second question given that any traffic going from the Mid-Atlantic states north requires travel through Illinois could this law be challenged on interstate commerce grounds if they intend to enforce their ban on out of state travelers?

    • tdiinva,

      Although I’m not Ralph, maybe I can help a little. Currently, if you’re traveling from VA to CO and passing through IL, I’m guessing you’re taking I-64. Southern IL is nothing like northern IL (specifically crook county) and practically speaking, you should be fine as long as the weapon is locked and stored in the trunk. However, if an ISP trooper pulls you over and searches your vehicle for whatever reason, you could have problems. If you want to avoid this, don’t drive through IL. Yes, it may be inconvenient, but it will save you any potential problems. If this law happens to pass (which is highly doubtful), things probably won’t be much different for out-of-state residents, but I would still recommend avoiding IL.

      If you’re carrying a concealed weapon, then you’ll definitely want to avoid IL if you aren’t willing to lock and store your carry as mentioned above (that is, until the law changes and allows for CCW permits and reciprocity). If you have a CCW permit, I’d recommend reviewing a reciprocity map (such as the detailed one in the member’s area of the guntap website, free to sign up) to see where you can safely travel with your carry.

      • To clear things up. I am an Illinois expat (Chicago native) so I know about the climate up there. I always travel carrying and I just before I enter the state the pistol gets locked in TSA rated case with the magazines in a seperate place.

        I typically travel using I-80 because with the exception of 90 minutes in Maryland and of course the Land of Lincoln, I can either conceal or open carry all the way Larimer County..

    • Under FOPA, notwithstanding any state or local law, a person is entitled to transport a firearm from any place where he or she may lawfully possess and carry such firearm to any other place where he or she may lawfully possess and carry it, if the firearm is unloaded and locked out of reach. In vehicles without a trunk, the unloaded firearm must be in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console. Ammunition that is either locked out of reach in the trunk or in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console is also covered.
      Travelers should be aware that some state and local governments treat this federal provision as an “affirmative defense” that may only be raised after an arrest. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has also recently held that FOPA’s protections only apply while the firearm is not readily accessible to the traveler, and that a firearm is readily accessible during a hotel stay.

      While this decision is only binding in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and the U.S. Virgin Islands, all travelers in areas with restrictive laws would be well advised to have copies of any applicable firearm licenses or permits, as well as copies or printouts from the relevant jurisdictions’ official publications or websites documenting pertinent provisions of law (including FOPA itself) or reciprocity information. In the event of an unexpected or extended delay, travelers should make every effort not to handle any luggage containing firearms unnecessarily and to secure it in a location where they do not have ready access to it.

      • Uh, maybe since the Second Amendment says “The Right of The People to Keep And Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed” one could simply politely hand the cop a copy of the constitution, remind him of his oath, and ask if you are free to go?

        Did not the court of appeals indicate the second amendment to be “incorporated” to all states? So, what part of “shall not be infringed” am I missing here? Oh, these laws, they are so complicated. They say one thing but mean another.

        Hehehe. You have the right. They are infringing. The politicians that are introducing this legislation are seditious and are violating their oaths. I don’t know how this is lawfully punished but ropes and trap doors come to mind.

  20. How is the Illinois leg look like? Does it have a pro gun majority in either house pls any one who unfortunately lives there let me know. Otherwise I do say the bill so radical it might not pass anyway.

  21. Just called the number listed in the article and was transferred to the good Senator’s office, where I left a message stating that although I am not a resident of Illinois, as someone who like to visit Illinois in the future I do not support any new or proposed gun control measures and am very concerned about the legislation he is proposing. I agree with RF, let’s make some noise people! Light up their phones. Although I’m in CT and we have our own draconian legislation being proposed here after Newtown, we all need to help each other out. Even if it’s a two minute phone call it’s the least we can do.

    • Just watched St Louis news. Gun bill was not brought up for vote due to lack of attendance by legislators. Expected to be brought up again this spring. Opinion seems to be that something will pass by May. Downstate legislators are fighting against it. Upstate legislators are the ones fighting for the ban.

  22. I’m confused about how it says no grandfathering, but then says you have to register your existing 10+ round mags. How does that work? And even if you keep the mag, what the hell are you going to do with it if they take your gun?

    • Here’s how it works. It’s a damn hoax! It was put out there to watch gun owners get all excited and to show how stupid they are. Unfortunately it seems to be working.

      Maybe I should put a rumor out in Mother Jones that the NRA is pushing to legalize RPGs and see if the anti crowd gets as excited as the pro gun crowd about this.

      Am I the only one that sees this? Really?

  23. Just wondering how many Illinoisians would move out of state if Cullerton’s gun ban passed and it became a law? I think a lot of retiree’s, myself included would make a move. I would immediately transport every gun I had to relatives in other gun friendly states and the wife and I would move.

    Is this Cullerton’s knee jerk reaction to the Black Swan event in Conn?? As a dem leader is he responsible for taking advantage of the Conn event?

    What is Cullerton attempting to gain for himself or for Illinoisians by introducing this incredible piece of bad legistration.

    • Terry,

      On behalf of gun friendly Hoosiers in West Central Indiana, come on over!

      In Indiana did you know that

      – we have private, documentless transfers. Yes! You see a guy on the street with a gun. Hey! Nice gun. Wanna sell? Sure. $350. Here you go! OK! Thanks! Been there. Done that.

      – if you’re an Illinois resident and I don’t know it, you can come over to Indiana and buy a gun from an individual, no questions asked. If, however, I get an idea that you’re an Illinois resident (or a felon or under 18 or 21) I can’t sell to you.

      Come on over! We’d love to have you.

      BTW, in Indiana, the law specifically states that we are allowed to “use deadly force” on police officers if they are doing unlawful acts.

      Second Amendment = law.
      Confiscating weapons = unlawful act.

      Now do you understand why the crime rate is so low and cops are respectful of our rights?

      What is really telling is that the percentage of homocides that are gun related.

      Illinois: Out of 100 homocides, 75 will be done with a gunshot. This, in a state with draconian gun laws, FOID cards and no one allowed to carry weapons, every gun is supposedly registered.

      Right next door:

      Indiana: Out of 100 homocides, 70 with a gunshot. At first glance, thats not much difference, right? But, if you look at the county by county statistics, you find that the gun homocides mostly occur up in the northeast, near Chicago, where, GUESS WHAT??? They grandfathered in local gun rights infringement!!!! Take that away, the rate drops to around an estimated 60/100. This is a state that handles guns like expensive shovels. No registration. Everyone has them. (Myself, I conceal carry a Ruger LC9 about 70% and open carry a S&W 5906 30%)

      (Source: FBI Crime Statistics)

      I mean, get real people! Indiana’s laws only mildly differentiate between shovels and guns, yet the gun crime rate is 5% LESS and would be a huge measure LESS if our dumbasses to the north and east would drop their unconstitutional city bans.

      But, honestly, as I look over the data, nearly ever state that has draconian gun laws (and has had for years and years and years) has a much higher percentage of gun homocides.

      Don’t bullshit us! Banning guns makes ANY AREA less safe. Just ask the Sandy Hook elementary students’ parents. GUN FREE ZONES KILL PEOPLE. You will find, with VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS that all mass shootings occured in gun free zones. Yet, the gun grabbers continue to scream, stomp their feet and lie. “Ban guns for the children! For our safety!” when, in reality, the opposite is true. YOU ARE BEING LIED TO!

      Can someone please remind me the definition of insanity? Isn’t it doing the same thing (banning guns) over and over expecting different results even when you don’t get them (Sandy Hook).

      Wake The Flock Up! Gun grabbers are insane. Its doesn’t work. The killing is the culture. Until the culture changes, I need my gun.


  24. As a Wisconsinite – I am all for this. Let all the criminals and terrorists group hang in IL. We will defend the border.

  25. Weren’t we warned by the founders against rule by “vain and aspiring men?” This law is pure oppression, written to appeal to a naive portion of the population in order to further the political aspirations of a vain politician.

  26. Don’t look like they care about the money hunters bring to the state how will he offset the loss in license fees. Sales taxes from sales of all firearm related items. Gas food hotel and other items that hunters bring to the table. Are they that blind that they have no sense of what we bring. Guns are not violent people are that simple. A gun can’t think feel or talk so how is it they blame a gun for crimes.

  27. Any legislator who votes for this ought to be responsible for collecting all the firearms…we wouldn’t want a police officer with a wife and kids to get killed serving a no knock warrant in the process of confiscating a citizen’s personal property.

    It’s for the children.

  28. Re-read The Declaration of Independence (especially the indictment). Then read the gun confiscation orders issued by the NSDAP-DNVP party, when Hitler came to power. Then read Lenin’s, Stalin’s, and Mao’s words on gun confiscation.

    Understand human nature NEVER changes. And history only repeats.

    Remember how things were so very different in our country a decade ago.

    Strange days indeed.

      • Even if I were to believe that “study”–I’d still disagree vehemently with your philosophy/ignorance.

        History has meaning–and our Founders knew better than any.

        “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

        • Your info is not from the Australian government. Go to the home page of that link, and at the bottom left you’ll see:
          ” About Us

          The National Center for Policy Analysis is a public policy research organization that develops and promotes private alternatives to government regulation and control.”

          They promote an anti-regulation agenda, and the data on that link is cherry-picked to support that agenda.

        • Correction: The NCPA is not the Australian government. Their two offices are in Washington, DC and Dallas, TX. In their own words, they are:
          “a public policy research organization that develops and promotes private alternatives to government regulation and control.” They cherry-pick their data to promote their anti-regulation agenda.

        • …but of course the Autralian government does not “Cherry Pick” its data, right?

          Sure, firearms deaths went down. What about home invasions? Burglaries and violent crime in general?

          Lets do this, lets get some reals statistics. Nobody ever mentions this: how many more people are killed by “law enforcement” (I use the term loosely) before the ban and then after? How much more state crime takes place before and after? I bet you won’t find those studies. Do you know why?

          Because, before the ban people could protect themselves from a tyrannical state and it couldn’t just do what it wanted. So, it included the statistics of violence sponsored by the state to inflate the impression of “those bad guns!”

          But, after the ban, those are all taken out. They HAVE TO REMOVE THEM because if they didn’t you would see right through their hoaxes and their lies.

          I didn’t realize that herding sheep in Australia was so popular. …as in “to the slaughter”.

          Have fun believing your statistic. I’m sure the government ones are not cherry picked. No, they’d never do that, would they? …to cover their own butts? …to garner support from unsuspecting sheep? No, no, never.

  29. If this actually passed I hope there is violence. All IL gunowners who get a kill I could honestly “thank you for your service” unlike those who go overseas to kill innocent brown people.

  30. My family has lived in this liberal wasteland called Illinios since the 1870s this is just more momentum for me to pack up and move me and my company to Indiana. Cullerton and Madigan are the one two punch of Chicago corruption in this state. Madiagan wants to bankrupt us by shifting Billions of pension obligations directly to local school boards which will double the home owners property tax. Meanwhile Cullerton wants to disarm us in a state with the strictist gun regulations in the nation and the highest crime rate. The weapons I bought I choose because I thought there was no way they could be considered “assault” weapons. A 38 special revolver, a lever action rifle and side by side coach gun. Now who knows what is and what is not an assault weapon. The biggest reflection in Illinois is these clowns voted for these people. Tomorrow I contact realtors in Indiana and move in with the sane people.

    • Al,

      You are welcome to join us in Indiana. Portage, Chesterton and Valpo are not that far from the city on the toll way, if you must go for business. I recently moved here for work and my wife wanted to live in Illinois. The more I learn about that wacko state the happier I am that we decided to live east of the border.
      Good luck to you sir

  31. ignorant ignorant ignorant that’s what you are by trying to push this bill through about banning guns. you do that and you might as well shoot your own family because you won’t have any protection to protect them when ciminals that dont care about your bann and do carry guns and don’t care about your life come to your house .you’re stupid for doing this and you’re putting your own family in harms way and you’re putting the innocent in harms way!your house is not exempt from criminals with guns that want to kill your family to get money and get things out of your house so you might wanna think twice about banning something that may be your only way to protect your own family against criminals.

    • I wish what you said were true but unfortunately Wendy this law would only apply to us. He would still have armed security and would probably even have his own guns at his house, which is why no politician would worry about banning guns. They know they will still be protected.

      • They will exempt themselves for life. Some of the biggest gun rights infringers have CCW licenses (Schumer and Feinstein). Yes! They do. Feinstein is even able to CARRY ON PUBLIC AIRLINES!!! Isn’t that the absolute cake?

        These people see themselves as deserving and we are nothing but useless eaters. This is crap! If guns are bad why to *THEY* carry them? If guns are bad, why do *THEY* have *ARMED* guards?

        This is all just absolute crap to get you to hand them over. I recommend barrel first and make sure you unload them as you’re handing them over.

  32. You can go and file a claim on their bond.

    Depending on the situation, one claim, or perhaps a few to a hundred could have them removed from office. They lose their job, pension and most likely will never work in the de facto government again.

    If they have an oath they have a bond.

    They might be individually bonded, or covered under a blanket bond.

    These bonds are most likely private.

    Find the office of Risk Management on your county. They set up insurance policies for the county. This is where you file your claim. Ask who handles the blanket bond insurance policies. Honest negligence is the reason for bonding. They don’t bond for fraud and felonies. Wilful negligence is under frauds and felonies.

    See how they wrote the bond and who created it.

    What we are going for is a violation of their oath of office, in other words, a breach of fiduciary duty to be a little more specific.

    One can find out what laws and, or statutes they violated. Risk Management will probably ask that your claim be attached in affidavit form under oath and notarized with certified evidence regarding their constitutional violations. The insurance company should help you file the claim form.

    Going after their bonds usually stops things in their tracks. Ask/demand for a certified copy of their oath or affirmation of office…..most likely, you’ll never hear from them again.

    One is looking to make a claim on the bond for damages.

    I think the county clerk has the book of records that contains the bond. The oath and the bond are to be recorded on the same day, yet both may be recorded in separate files. This is how you file the bond. It could also be called the Book of Oath of Bonds.

    File a direct claim on their bond. Affidavit style. Go to the bond holder.

    Sometimes the head of the department holds the blanket bonds. One should go after the elected people’s bond.

    This information is for educational purposes only.

    all rights reserved.

      • He may or may not be, Eric, but you are. You’ve been lied to all your life about it. We’re all born sovereigns, you just have been lied to and told you’re not. Just more lies, much like the lies about guns and safety.

        Government never saw a lie it didn’t love.

    • All rights reserved? Please post your legal name and address. To respect your legal rights, of course.

  33. No, no, this is good. Let them do it and in the down time while groups like the SAF take it to court and work their way up to the Supreme Court, we’ll see crime skyrocket in Illinois giving us further ammunition against the anti-gun agenda. Then, when the Supreme Court bitchslaps them and makes them repeal it, we’ll have yet another good Supreme Court decision on our hands to use on the national level.

    • Courts wont do the Gun owners of Illinois any good when ISP swat teams break down their doors,shoot their dogs and then illegally confiscate their guns.

      We need to stop this cold right now

      • And you won’t, not in Illinois. Go ahead, yell, scream, do whatever you want, but Illinois has shown that it will always push for violating the Constitution and Federal court orders are the only way to change that (as shown with the recent case regarding concealed carry).

      • i agree. waiting for something to get passed in order to use it in your own political rhetoric to prove a point is the wrong answer. and these glory-seeking SWAT teams WILL kill somebody, most likely by accident. i dont want anybody to get killed needlessly.

        • It won’t be by accident. Thugs with badges are just looking for the chance to kill citizens.

    • Totenglocke, please, be real!

      Ban guns, crime skyrockets.

      Now what do they say? “OMG! Its a good thing we banned those guns because if we had not, think of HOW BAD IT WOULD HAVE BEEN with all those guns still legal!!!!”

      Gun rights infringement agents are pushing an insane agenda. What part of “shall not be infringed” am I mistaken about?

  34. Can someone link the bill? I can’t find it on google (new years hangover/fuzzy headedness may contribute to tthat!)

    I want to link it on Facebook to show WHY we’re so leery of anti gunners. FFS, they’re tlaking about banning century old designs here–a lever gun? WTH?

  35. If anyone has a link to this bill, that would be great.

    If the bill is posted on Cullerton’s website, print it out, for that is the Prima Facie evidence to file a claim on his bond.

  36. I know my State Senator Chris Lauzen is solidly pro second amendment along with Tim Schmitz my house rep. Many of the downstate Illinois politicians are hunters be them Republican or Democrat so I can not see them supporting this garbage. It’s mainly the brain dead Chicago Liberals pushing this. The fact it comes up in the lame duck session is good, when the new “gang” takes over that gives Cullerton and Madigan a Super majority in both Senate and house. At that stage it’s all over, they can pass anything they want and it’s all veto proof. Not that it makes any difference now with their yes man Pat Quinn in the Governors seat.

  37. The citizens of United States of America will never be disarmed. If attempted through force, the bloodshed will be prohibitive. Once they attempt disarmament in one area, the word will spread as relatives and friends are slaughtered at the hands of Obama’s henchmen. A good majority will fight back. The USA as we know it will end, We will be broken up into separate countries, and I plan to go where the 2nd amendment is alive and well. I’m sure by then, the world as we know it will have changed forever in the most negative way. The only thing that might change all of this is if all Police and US military active and retired jump in and help us citizens out. That’s why it is so important that those of us that have taken the oath to defend the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic keep that promise. That is our only hope. Defenseless is no kind of life to live. I’d rather die firing a weapon at my aggressors than die from starvation and lack of medical care in a fema camp.

    • and that future certainly awaits america. amerikas future, going at its present impending train wreck, is death.

      “The USA as we know it will end, We will be broken up into separate countries,”

      which is what always happens to collapsing empires. its a law as fundamental as gravity.

  38. Australia since gun ban went into effect

    I thought you all would like to see the real figures from Down Under.
    It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by a new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by our own government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more than $500 million dollars.
    The first year results are now in:
    Australia-wide, homicides are up 6.2 percent,
    Australia-wide, assaults are up 9.6 percent;
    Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)!
    In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent. (Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the criminals did not and criminals still possess their guns!)
    While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past 12 months, since the criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed.
    There has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the elderly, while the resident is at home.
    Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public safety has decreased, after such monumental effort and expense was expended in ‘successfully ridding Australian society of guns….’ You won’t see this on the American evening news or hear your governor or members of the State Assembly disseminating this information.
    The Australian experience speaks for itself. Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws affect only the law-abiding citizens.
    Take note Americans, before it’s too late!
    Will you be one of the sheep to turn yours in?

    • I did not mean to imply that the figures were incorrect, and hope that my comment did not read that way.

      Thank you for the links! I’ll be sure to read them and share them with anyone who thinks gun bans/confiscation is a legitimate solution. Hopefully emperical evidence can sway some who retain a shred of rationality.

    (217) 782-2728

    LIKE this page on Facebook to show defiance to The Assault Weapons Ban and Gun Control-

    We have rep contacts, petition links, and the bill summary on the page so everyone can see. WE MUST STOP ANY GUN CONTROL MEASURES.


      Gun Control is holding your firearm properly, squeezing the trigger properly and hitting your target.

      What we have here is not gun control. What we have here is Gun Rights Infringement, Constitutional Subversion and Sedition against the people of Illinois and their government. The founders recognized your rights. Now, force these public money sponges to do the same.

      Pitch forks and torches… (…or maybe some of those guns they’re planning on banning) might change minds.

      • Violent protest will not work.

        Look at the civil rights from the past – and from modern day. Gay rights succeeded (or are succeeding) by demanding as much attention as possible and flooding the media. Black rights succeeded after occupation and making as much noise as possible.

        The second amendment protected the first when it was at risk – let the first amendment return the favor.

        • I would really love to believe that it could, however, I don’t believe that it can. We don’t want violent protests, but, without the threat of them, do you really think they won’t wipe their hairy white butts with your letters?

          Sorry, we’ve given up on that. 69% didn’t want Obamacare. We got it. 79% didn’t want the bailouts. They did them anyway. Do you think they would have done the same if we said no from the rooftops?

          Look, to rob the bank you have to disarm the guards. We are the peoples’ liberty guards. They want to take all the liberties but they guards are still armed.

          By definition, this is sedition. It is a “run” against the people. I don’t really think it will go anywhere, but, if it does, the Red Cross better get its ducks in a row because I have a feeling that the people in the Land of Lincoln are just about fed up with this BS.

  40. Charges of treason and death by hanging (not by firing squad, so as to honor his anti-gun sensibilities). Any less is unAmerican.

  41. I am very anti gun but this may bring about a revolution as there are so many gun nuts out there. God help our law enforcers.

    • I do not feel sorry for the officers as much as the families who have such a moronic member that he or she would be willing to essentially commit suicide in attempting to disarm the populous. That would be the only sad thing that comes of it. Those poor families should not have to deal with a member of their family dying simply because of sheer stupidity. Unfortunately, they should have seen this stupidity before they got involved as a family.

    • If your anti gun why are you on this forum. You are no student of history. I hope you have children to bear the consequences of your wishes. Damn you and those of your ilk.

    • To hell with the enforcers, most are headed there anyways. What about the Red Cross? Imagine the pinch THEY will be in! I wonder is recycling of used blood is allowed? Just a thought.

  42. This is a gigantic test!! The new world order ran government wants to see who will comply and who will be willing to give up their guns. And it won’t work!! There should be a massive response that will show the whole world what Americans are made of. And those who are testing the resolve of the American people will be very very mistakingly found out to be very wrong!!

    • Oh boy! This one got the conspiracy kooks out! Take a hint, “credible source.” Ban magazines with over ten round capacity but semi-autos are already banned! What would you use your 30 round magazine in? Your Model 70?

      It’s total BS. However conspiracy buffs will believe anything. According to them George Bush should have declared martial law years ago and half of us should be in FEMA concentration camps. Didn’t happen? No problem! On to the next New World Order conspiracy. Now they are going to take guns away from people in Illinois without compensation. Sure thing.

      Yeah, it’s all a conspiracy. It’s all a hoax. Yeah, he is going to get a bill taking nearly all guns away signed by Friday! You people will believe anything.

      I wonder about the editors of this site that would pass on such an obvious hoax. It certainly shows a lack of something which I will not mention.

      • Again: confirmed by the NRA. What’s in the bill may change due to the blowback. Or not. We’ll see tomorrow.

        • confirmed by the NRA…

          LOL, the same people who think that the problem with guns is that not enough people have them when there are over 300 million registered firearms in the USA alone.

          The NRA who blamed the Sandy Hook shootings on video games…

          The NRA is as credible of a source as my rabbit.

        • Your name says it all. Ask the teachers at Sandy Hook if they would have been better off or worse off if a few of them had their CCW license or if they were better off the way they were disarmed?

          The state is complicit in the murders of children when it prevents otherwise legitimate means of defense from being used in “zones” such as schools, etc.

          You people that believe that Gun Free Zones are Safe Zones are a bunch of fvcking idiots. …or liars. …or insanely ignorant. …or politically motivated. …or all four.

          Come back and talk to us when you have the ability to think on your own and have some knowledge to work with.

  43. God, I can’t believe how many gullible people there are in the world! How do you think that such a bill is possible when the the Supreme Court ruled that the right to arms is an individual right? Personally, I think it is a hoax to see how excited you all get. It seems to have worked. If it happens to be real, which I highly doubt, it isn’t going anywhere.

    • Jim B you sound like you have a serious case of normalcy bias. I suspect you have lived a relatively sheltered life and have little or no experience with the gritty, and violent world that most of humanity has experienced throughout most of it’s history. I am just one of those conspiracy kooks that you mock but I predict it won’t be long before your safe and predictable world is turned upside down. The powers that will not stop their assault on the Constitution and they will do everything in their power to disarm the American people. They will use ever increasing levels of violence and intimidation. They will use austerity measures to bring our faltering economy to it’s knees. The fear, deprivation and chaos will be breathtaking. There will be a worldwide depression that will eclipse the great depression of the 1930’s. And there will be hundreds of millions of
      Americans like you who have been accoustomed to the good life who will be totally unprepared. This generation, with some notable exceptions, is very different from the generation that endured the great depression and the bloodbath of the second world war. Life was much more of a struggle and there were no safety nets. They had survival skills and coping mechanisms that this generation by and large does not possess. That generation had a much stronger sense of community. They depended on each other and very little on the government. They had a much stronger sense of morality. And the government was not in debt. The America of today is the greatest debtor nation in the history of the world with a quadrillion dollar derivitive time bomb that could explode anytime with unimaginable consequences. And yes Jim B. the New World Order is for real and it’s going to rock your world. Mine too but at least I see it coming and won’t be caught totally flatfooted.

      • Yeah, you guys have been saying it is going to happen any day now for the last 40 years. As far as my so called shelter life goes, I have traveled the world and have gone to some pretty nasty places on this earth during trying times. Right now I am writing from a boat on the Bering Sea. What exactly have you done that is so damn exciting.

        Yeah, there going declare martial law and put us in FEMA concentration camps…any day now. You are the one that should get back to reality.

  44. The majority of the people will not fight back and risk their comfort. The majority are happy with their ballgames, beer, a roof over their heads, and a pay check with maybe some money in the bank or a pension they are or will draw.

    Well Well Well

    No gun banning government would crash life as we know it before banning guns. You take the guns first then cause a crash a year or so later then impose rule with an iron fist.

    • Dear Ill-Annoys Citizens,

      I have a giant gun vault. Don’t bury or hide your guns, just allow me to come pick them up. For a small fee each year I will store each firearm in a low humidity environment where you can, at any time, come, inspect and even shoot your guns. Indiana respects your guns and your property.

      …just over the line near Terre Haute, Indiana!

  45. They are saying same in NY. Complying is slavery, the Hill and the Governors are power crazy, they will try to dismantle the bill of rights completely, almost there, the 2nd is the last barrier.

  46. UNCONSTITUTIONAL. What part of “Right to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed” IS CONFUSING YOU?

    Nonviolent resistance MLK style. Let pictures of you get taken and uploaded to Facebook of you holding onto your guns as police try to pry them out of your hands. P.S. Don’t ever let go.

    • Except that its referring to militias and they only had muskets and flintlocks as weapons. The constitution needs an update, which includes restricting guns just as ownership of the destructive cannon and artillery was in the second amendment.

      • The constitution needs an update, which includes restricting guns just as ownership of the destructive cannon and artillery was in the second amendment.

        You can legally own cannons and artillery pieces under 2A, there are no constitutional restrictions on them.

      • @Intel indivdual (Pffft)……

        Those simple (to you) muskets and flintlocks that the FF’s allowed the citizens to posses were state of the art weapons that were used on the current day battlefields. Since the FF’s were brilliant and inventive in so many ways do you somehow think that did not understand that technology would continue to evolve just as it did during their lifetimes? I would happily settle for the right to own all the weapons that a modern infantry man carries around today.

        And don’t buy into the silly leftist mindset that those allowed weapons were for hunting. Heck if you didn’t hunt in the 1700’s you starved to death. Nope, the populace were allowed those weapons just for the days like now that a tyrannical force my try to strip the citizen of their right for survival.

      • The Bill of Rights is an merely articulation of rights, it does not grant them. An “update”, i.e. a repeal of the Second Amendment is what you really mean, does not change the fact that responsible people are allowed to own weapons.

  47. Another reason not to live in the People’s Republic of Illinois. No doubt if it passes, all the brothers in the hood will turn their guns in and Chicago will be a land of peace and love.

  48. I’m thinking they will have a hard time getting volunteers to collect these weapons.
    That’s a job I wouldn’t want!

  49. I just called guys and here’s what the switchboard operator, a really nice lady told me…

    Senate President Cullerton’s Springfield voicemail is full, shockingly, so you MUST call his Chicago number at (773)883-0770.

    She also advised calling Mike Madigan at (773)581-8000.

  50. Yea GOOOOOOD luck with coming and taking my firearms or anyone else’s. not going to happen and whoever is responsible for even trying to pass this is a traitor and should be taken behind a shed and put out of this world.

  51. I can see that almost all bird, duck & goose hunting will be reduced back to revolutionary days – one shot will basically be all you get. You can kiss the Illinois tourist market for Deer hunting in the butt. And brace for really, really high crime rates – that’s what has followed all such plans in the past.

    PS – you will still legally be able to access all the psych meds you can get your doctor to prescribe.

    • Deer hunters in Illinois can’t use rifles now.

      Deer Hunting

      Legal Firearms

      Shotguns, loaded with slugs only, of not larger than 10 gauge nor smaller than 20 gauge, not capable of firing more than 3 consecutive slugs; or
      Single or double barreled muzzleloading rifles of at least .45 caliber shooting a single projectile through a barrel of at least sixteen inches in length; or
      Centerfire revolvers or centerfire single-shot handguns of .30 caliber or larger with a minimum barrel length of 4 inches.

  52. Knock, Knock, yes may I help you. Hi we are here to collect your guns………..hahahahaahaha BANG!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lol….. you are aware they have body armor and will bust in as a 4 man stack! And wont ask questions……you may wound or kill the first man in, but the other 3 will put a few new holes in you.

      • So semi-automatic rifles should be banned so you can laugh while a bunch of jack-booted thugs kill people for owning an inanimate object you have an irrational fear of? Why that’s not sadistic at all.

  53. I hate that it has come to this but this is wht it may come down to. Dear elected representative. You are reminded of your duty and oath to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. You will be considered to be a traitor to the Republic if you take any legislative action that has the effect of infringing on my Constitutional Rights and Liberties. Finally, failure to due your duty and honor your oath will result in charges of treason being levied against you and your family members.

    • This law is more in keeping with what the constitution intended, remember it was written in the 1700’s where the most destructive personnel gun was a musket, if they had semi automatics and such they may have likely have outlawed them as well. And this is not even counting that the second amendment was referring mainly to the state militias.

      • After reading your posts, I’m sure they would reconsider the first as well.

        You know, the First Amendment? The one that, using your logic, only applies to your voice, quill pens, parchment, and handbills?

      • You make it sound like you was there when it was written, DAMN your OLD, point being you have no clue what it intended, and back when it was written ther WAS NO State Militias either. The So called Militas where farmers, blacksmiths, Barbers, Butchers, yep you guessed it the Citizens…….


  54. Actually this article is fake. It’s run by a right-wing nutjob attempting to spread fear among lawful gun owners. Illinois is going to finally be allowing concealed carry soon though so looking forward to that!

  55. Most of the “politicians” that come up with this nonsense are from the Chicago area. In the past Governor election, Gov. Pat Quinn only won 2 counties in the entire state; Cook (Chicago) and St. Claire (E. St. Louis) because of populous votes. The state legislature could care less about how the rest of the state feels regarding liberal or conservative views. Unfortunately, we HAVE to deal with Chicago and its rediculous laws that their politicians push for down in the Springfield. It has been requested multiple times that Chicago be seperated from the rest of the state or even better, everything north of I-80 and east of I-39 just be given to Michigan; they are both huge union supporters regardless of Michigan’s recent move to revoke the collective bargaining rights and made it a right-to-work state. Ask those that are from the downstate area away from Chicago about gun control and most of us will say to keep a firm grip and bend your knees slightly so the gun doesn’t control you.

  56. I’m so glad my family left “Chicagoland.” I grew up in Southern Arizona, around firearms- mostly sidearms and semi-auto rifles. In Arizona, we have liberal (the old meaning of the word) firearms laws. There is no registration, no permit required for carry or ownership, and no waiting period. By the way, I know lefties who are horrified by the 2013 AWB. The process of criminalizing law abiding citizens by the stroke of the pen isn’t an American value.

    • The second amendment was written when a hand held gun was just a flintlock or musket. in reality this is keeping in turn with what the second amendment intended which was that a armed militia can be maintained and a citizen can bear a gun like those that existed at the time, which means one can not own a semi automatic, just as one could not own artillery under the second amendment.

  57. READ Dick Act of 1902.The Second Amendment garantees me,the right to keep and Bare Arms.I will not give up my right to have any weapon .Because,We have People with our Government that want to destroy America ,and our right the Constitution gives me.I will Exercise my rights.I will not let it be taken away from me.

  58. You can still own guns. You can still bear arms if this passes. What’s unconstitutional about being able to bear arms?

    • The second amendment was back when you had muskets and flintlocks that one would have a hard time killing or causing destruction with. This law is more in turn with what the Second amendment intended, allowance to bear arms but not very destructive weapons like cannons, artillery, etc.

      • The second amendment was back when you had muskets and flintlocks that one would have a hard time killing or causing destruction with.
        25k people were killed in the revolutionary war, most of which with muskets. And if they’re hard to kill with, are you voluntering to get shot with one?

        This law is more in turn with what the Second amendment intended, allowance to bear arms but not very destructive weapons like cannons
        Why were cannons not intended by 2A? They were around during the revolutionary war…

        • I think he meant, doing mass killings with, as you can’t put a 30 round clip into a musket and go gun down 20 people single handedly…..I can bet if cannons were handheld they would be too

    • then you are in possession of illegal property and will be fined and the weapon (because thats what it is) will be confiscated and destroyed, you want to hunt get a hunting rifle, you don’t NEED a semi auto for any worthwhile use. And it removes another potential murder weapon from the pool.

        • A intelligent Individual is not very intellegent if he thinks you cant murder someone with a single action relover, or that there are not folks that can reload one as fast if not faster than a semi auto with a mag.

      • have you evern read a history book to see what happens with a goverment bands the right to defended themselfs?? How about Hitlers Germany, Wake up and smell the roses…

        • Sammy,
          Do you even know the definition of a semi automatic weapon? A semi automatic weapon is the same weapon carried by your local law enforcement, that protects you. It has nothing to do with the fact that I enjoy hunting, which is an American tradition, its the fact that you NEED the ability to defend yourself and your family against criminals who carry semi automatic weapons. Read the Constitution, it is for your protection as well as overthrowing a CORRUPT government which we have, and in order to keep the fight fair, you can NOT have citizens fighting a well equipped military with fucking muskets. Which is what the State of Illinois wants to bring us down to. I would enjoy having you as my neighbor…because i would put a sign in my front yard stating that my neighbor doesnt believe in the second amendment right so therefore please feel free to take what he has, including his life.

  59. Forget for a moment about the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, What ever happened to the Illinois State Constitution??????? I quote:

    Illinois Constitution: “Subject only to the police power, the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Art. I.22

    Come on Sheriffs, where you at?

  60. Good. The only way to reduce gun violence is to remove the problem since America has such a love of items created and designed to make mass killing easier. If one thinks otherwise they need to read the second amendment again (hint: its referring to militias not you owning a gun rack for fun) and think about it, when you have a poison you don’t let it continue to enter your system or remain there. you let your body purge it over time and avoid adding more, at least with no guns there are fewer options for easy mass killing. knives and bombs are much more skill based weapons which make large scale death with them more difficult, see the Chinese slashing for example.

    • I think you are intelligent in your own mind. It implies both the right to form a militia and the individual right to bear arms. It is unfortunate that they did not make it two distinct sentences, but they over estimated the intelligence of future generations.

        • Dear “intelligent” individual. We do not have a gun problem. We seem to have a people problem. As for your flintlock musket rumbling: Just try to get shot with muzzle loader. I think it will get you just as dead as the scary black gun of today. According your reasoning the 1st ammendment only protects printed and spoken word. They did not have tv, phones and internet then did they?

        • Scout, to be fair, even the 1st amendment has restrictions for individuals. why not the 2nd as well??

    • “A intelligent Individual” [sic] –

      You are incorrect in your understanding of three disparate things:
      1)The Second Amendment
      3)Biological systems

      Ultimately, you seem content with the congnitively dissonant notion that mass killings will continue, even if guns are somehow abolished in-toto (a clear case of wishful thinking), with both *more* effective tools and *less* effective tools taking their place. Your justification seems to be that they would be more difficult to employ, yet you seem to forget the the most horrific of all mass killings in United States history have been perpetrated with the entirely unskillful application of explosive force.

      I believe you might be beyond reach, however. The poison you so detest is the very foundation of your liberties. The Bill of Rights did not grant them to you, it simply prevents the government from taking them from you.

      Finally, I think you need to be reminded of something Bejamin Franklin was scrawled on a piece of paper: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

      It’s not poison. It’s medicine. You’ll need to suck it up and forego the spoonfull of sugar.

  61. Guys you need to call the Senate President Cullertons office in Chicago – 773-883-0770 and demand your 2nd amendment rights not be usurped!!!

    • No, if this is even remotely true (we shall see tomorrow) you need to call your State Representative and State Senator don’t bother calling Cullerton’s office will do nothing but make him feel important…..

      And remember this has to get past the house as well as the senate…..

      If he is proposing this bill nothing will change his liberal hack mind, he is already in the pocket of Mike Madigan and the Joyce foundation…..

      Call you local reps and let them know “not one thin dime” and be even headed, and polite, if this is just a wack-a-mole rumor, getting all riled up accomplished nothing, just remind them of the power of the purse strings….


  62. Not a hoax. Look up for forums on it.

    Amendments to House bills sitting inthe senate maybe filed tommorow.

    the Threat is real.

    they have dropped the lever guns but included pump action rifles

    They have also added range regulation to run them out of business

    • How can you possibly know the specifics, when you just said…

      Amendments to House bills sitting in the senate maybe filed tomorrow.

      the Threat is real.

      they have dropped the lever guns but included pump action rifles

      They have also added range regulation to run them out of business

      This is all noise, till the bills show up in the roster, stop stirring the pot, call your state rep and senator tomorrow when these bills show up in the roster and remind them……

      NOT ONE THIN DIME!!!! if they are returning to the senate/house, Not one vote…..

  63. Guess Illinois gun owners need to unearth some blackpowder muskets and relearn how to make lead balls then. this is ridiculous.

    • What I want to know is how Illinois winds up on the short end of the “right to bear arms” when most of the killing of children has been in other states according to the media. I don’t see any legislature or state “representative” wanting to push a ban on guns in those states! Do you? Why does our state have to pay for the mistakes and stupidity of the idiots carrying guns and killing innocent children in other states???? Can someone explain (SENATOR CULLERTON) that?

      • “when most of the killing of children has been in other states according to the media”

        Stop watching TV. The number of people shot at Sandy Hook is comparable to a summer weekend in Chicago, and quite often the people shot in Chicago are under 18.

  64. I’m not sorry at all for what I’m going to say,you PEOPLE are STUPID,we are good people with kids,wifes ,husbands,and grandchildren that we have to protect, half the the world is crazy,you and Obama are always going to either have a gun or somebody with one watching after you at all times.So what about us the ones that pay your wages,we want protection from people that could break into our house kill our family,rape our little girls and in some cases boys,high jack our cars,we are afraid to go on a trip without a gun,stay in a motel.we should not have to live in fear because you want to take good peoples guns,bad people will always have guns but what about us,think about it,leave us alone do something to help crazy people.

    • Why will bad people always have guns? From the research I have done, it seems most illegally purchased guns are first bought by a person with a clean record and then sold to a “bad person”. If we limit the guns for everyone, won’t it be harder for the bad people to get guns?

    • leave it to a conservative to make sure Obama, rape, and fear are all put together in one rant. Learn to DEBATE, not argue.

  65. Just because a douchebag writes an article and cites a *credible source, it does not mean that you have to believe it. How about naming your source. The Supreme Court just ruled that Illinois has to pass legislation that covers the same semi automatic guns you are reporting about are going to be illegal. I hope journalism is not your full time profession. Unfortunately, I can easily see assault weapons and high capacity magazines being targeted but your story is pretty far fetched.

      • ….”A intelligent individual”……I kind of wondered about that myself…it sounds like a name chosen to imply that all others who may be commenting on the gun issue are not so “intelligent” ….know what I mean..?



        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  66. Wont happen! They cant just ban something in this state when our state constitution protects that right!

    From the Illinois Constitution!
    Subject only to the police power, the right of the
    individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be

    • “Subject only to the police power” pretty much means we don’t have that right at the state level if they dont want us to

  67. let me tell ya something….this won’t pass!! calm down…this is just a ploy for some political negotiation to do away with ccw or just a rumor. this would be a blatent infringement on your 2nd. no way this can be true. if it is… just wait to see how many people leave that sh!thole. you think they’re broke now…wait until they lose more taxpayers. that place is communist….that’s why i left e few years back. i moved to texas. i own and carry guns….ALOT of guns….big, long, high caliber, semi-auto, high capacity, loud, three foot flame throwing out the end of the barrel guns….down here….in texas….where we can have guns and work and pay taxes to support the bums that don’t work and the ungodly number of illegal immigrants that are just sponges on society but we also have oil…..lots of it…and jobs….lots of jobs!!! want to get back to living? come down here!

    • You also have an extremely high gun homicide rate. As does your neighbor Lousiniana….and I wonder where they get all of their guns from..

  68. “Since mankind’s dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We’ve seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse.”
    Only good people with guns can stop bad people with guns. Weapons bans only put guns in the hands of criminals. You Know, Criminals? The people who kill innocent children. Notice it wasn’t the gun that woke up and decided to kill anyone. It is pure insanity for people to hate an inanimate object. If you’re mad at guns why not be mad at knives? swords? particularly sharp pencils? Let’s just stop this now, before we hand over ALL the power to the criminals. Illinois is a weakened state anyways for no conceal carry. Lets not lose the right to defend out own homes!

    • “Only good people with guns can stop bad people with guns” – illogical.

      “Notice it wasn’t the gun that woke up and decided to kill anyone.” – if you are saying this is a reason we cannot limit high powered weapons – illogical.

      “It is pure insanity for people to hate an inanimate object” – Not as insane as loving an inanimate object, especially when it can kill you.

      “If you’re mad at guns why not be mad at knives? swords? particularly sharp pencils?” – These weapons don’t kill bystanders, nor 22 people at one time

      My point is…don’t just say shit.

      • Ok jwm, tell me where I make poor points and why they are poor. Or were you simply being an ass with nothing to contribute?

        • Hmmmmmjob, this comment section has gotten so long I’ve forgotten what my exact reply to your comment was. How about we just agree to disagree. You think I’m an ass and I think you’re a troll. Fair enough.

          And 5 years from now when we’re having this same argument and nothing has substantially changed you’ll still think I’m an ass and I’ll still think your a troll. We kind of cancel each other out.

  69. Wow, Illinois. Just wow… So I guess you’re so fucking high and mighty sitting on your high horses in Illinois you gutless politician bastards, that you can choose to outright ignore rulings from the Supreme Court of the United States in District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago.

  70. this is so lame its we can do this if the police give there guns upand te state reps make sure there boy guards give theres up to

  71. Lemme get this straight. Chicago, Illinois has arguably the most stringent gun control laws in the country but after they passed, the result was an astronomical rise in the murder rate. So….now state officials want to conform the whole state to those same laws..and they believe…what…that the results will be different? Someone here is either very naive or downright stupid.

  72. When the shit hits the fan, intelligent individuals may find it difficult to find a place of safety. AI folks….not so much.

  73. The Chicago cops can’t event get guns off the streets that are currently illegal. When will these politicians look at the crime statistics in Chicago and realize that gun bans only take the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens and do NOTHING to prevent access to criminals?

  74. Propose it to the legislation, Mr. Cullerton, and you also will have YOUR Ruby Ridge.
    Also you better start asking for teddy bears too, HUNDREDS OF THEM.

  75. Think about it people, cops aren’t stupid. They know if they are told to go to your homes to collect your guns you’re going to shoot them. They all have families that they care more about than their jobs. My husband is a cop and he and his coworkers have all made it very clear if it comes down to this they’ll leave and go protect their families and guns. We have a right to protect ourselves!

  76. Allah in his infinite and holy greatness has allowed this bill to be written. Praise be unto him and smite the white devils who cling to the weaponry of man, it will do you no good against the might of Allah.

  77. This is an amazing step forward for Illinois and America. Since I live in Illinois I am calling in support of this bill.

  78. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t “give” us the right to bear arms, it simply codifies that we have a God given right to bear them, and no government can take that away. Senate President John Cullerton is a fascist.

    • No one has a ‘god given right’ to do anything. The only reason you can bear arms legally is because it was written as an amendment to the Constitution; if it had not been written in, as the 2nd or any other Amendment, it wouldn’t be legal. And also, one amendment can be used to overturn another one…so, there you go.

      Do you even know the definition of fascism or communism? If you did, you wouldn’t even be on this computer right now.

      • “No one has a ‘god given right’ to do anything. The only reason you can bear arms legally is because it was written as an amendment to the Constitution; if it had not been written in, as the 2nd or any other Amendment, it wouldn’t be legal. And also, one amendment can be used to overturn another one…so, there you go.”

        Wrong. The Bill of Rights is an articulation of natural rights; it does not grant them. The rights underlying the Bill of Rights are beyond the authority of any government to repeal or dismiss.
        You are confusing natural rights with legal rights.

  79. This proposed law is so draconian that it would be your patriotic duty to water the liberty tree……generously, if the bill were to pass and corrupt officials came for your liberty (liberty = guns).

  80. Do all these gun haters on here not realize how many millions of guns are in this country. even if they tried to start confiscation of guns they will never get all the guns that are in this country which means if a bad guy wants a gun he will find one and have one while your just standing there defenseless while he robbs or kills you.

  81. Can we have a rational discussion about this?

    I’m so fucking sick and tired of seeing every political debate turning into a god damn circle jerk where everyone parrots the same fucking scripted bull shit.

    It’s either:
    “It is my right to own a gun and anyone who says otherwise is freedom hating communist scumbag.”
    “OMG guns are bad and kill people. Our children aren’t safe because people own guns. Look at those progressive European countries with strict gun laws, they’re obviously better than us.”

    Fuckin’ a. Can we please try to be rational?

    Why can’t law abiding citizens, who have never broken a law, show no signs of mental disorder, and take the proper safety precautions to ensure the gun is properly handled do everything humanly possible to prevent accidents, own a gun? To be honest, I don’t have a desire to own a gun at this point in my life. I have no reason to believe I need a deadly weapon to protect my life. On the other hand, if I ever end up in a situation where I feel my life is in danger and don’t believe state institutions are doing enough to ensure my safety, I’d feel safer having a means to protect myself. Think about it. Let’s say you, or your significant other, are being stalked. You have no clue what the intentions of this stalker are, but they won’t leave you alone. All attempts made by the police to stop this have failed, things haven’t escalated and they’re sick of dealing with you so they slack off on patrolling your house. Would you want a gun in this situation? Would it make you feel safer?

    If you want a gun for personal protection, why do you need anything stronger than a small handgun? Why do you need high capacity mags? Why do you need a shotgun or an assault weapon? If not all guns are banned, how does banning assault weapons, high capacity mags, and other mods that make guns deadlier and increase the potential to harm numerous people infringe on your right to bear arms? Guns with this large a potential for carnage did not exist at the time the Constitution was written, how can you assert the Founding Fathers intended for them to be legal?

    How would stricter regulations infringe on your rights if law-abiding citizens were still able to acquire them? I don’t know about you, but I want to keep guns out of the hands of people with a history of violence or severe mental illness that could lead them to harm someone. Yes, I know they can still obtain guns illegally, but it’s harder.

    Can we please try to discuss this like adults rather than bickering like middle-schoolers?

    This issue, like every other, is not black and white. Try and look at it from both sides and understand the viewpoint of the people who oppose you. If you’re going to rant about the constitution think about why we have a democracy and freedom of speech. If you’re unaware, it’s so we can discuss issues like this. On the other side, just because some psycho with a gun goes on a rampage, does not prove guns should be banned. What if there was someone at the school armed and trained to deal with situations like this? What if while firing at the shooter he misses and kills a child?

    • Hello – live and learn a? Since you are rational, this for you.

      Were you fortunate enough to be educated in this country BEFORE the government began “dumbing down” our children ?

      You wont hear this on the 6:00 news.

      See how evil, gun control is (viewer discretion advised)
      Do you know what steps are taken to create a foundation of genocide?
      Do you know how dictatorships come into power?
      Do you know why people fear their government?
      Are you concerned about the preservation of life?
      Are you concerned about your personal safety and your family?
      Gun advocates should also watch this HISTORY OF GUN CONTROL
      Do you support OUR troops on foreign soil defending the people who have been disarmed and left defenseless by THEIR government?
      We can help prevent the horrors that happen to defenseless people by self educating.
      Want to donate to “humanitarian” groups? Better find out what their stand is concerning “gun control”.. the U.N. would not help out with supplying photos for this documentary once they found out this is a “pro gun” documentary. (should make you think).
      Its time we self educate. If we want to stop a criminal we have to speak to criminals in a language a criminal understands!

      Watch, learn, and please share this documentary.

    • Q1) If you want a gun for personal protection, why do you need anything stronger than a small handgun?

      A1) Because I don’t want the fight to be fair between the innocent GOOD GUY (me) and the criminal BAD GUY. I want superior firepower just like our professional fighting men. Also the 2nd Ammend affords me that right.

      Q2) Why do you need high capacity mags?
      A2) Life isn’t like the movies. Most normal people miss A LOT shooting under stress. If the bad guys warrants being shot at once, he warrants being shot at 30 times, especially if he has bad guy friends.

      Q3)Why do you need a shotgun or an assault weapon?
      A3) See #2 plus a shotgun just allows me to increase my GOOD GUY odds against the BAD GUY.

      Q4) If not all guns are banned, how does banning assault weapons, high capacity mags, and other mods that make guns deadlier and increase the potential to harm numerous people infringe on your right to bear arms?
      A4) Because banning those rifles violates the 2nd amendment which should be the end of the story. Also, in my case it’s only going to increase the potential harm unleashed onto criminal BAD GUYS. Once again, I don’t want it to be a fair fight between GOOD and EVIL.

      Q5)Guns with this large a potential for carnage did not exist at the time the Constitution was written, how can you assert the Founding Fathers intended for them to be legal?
      A5)Those simple (to you) muskets and flintlocks that the FF’s allowed the citizens to posses were state of the art weapons that were used on the current day battlefields. Since the FF’s were brilliant and inventive in so many ways do you somehow think that did not understand that technology would continue to evolve just as it did during their lifetimes? I would happily settle for the right to own all the weapons that a modern infantry man carries around today.

      Mr. Tightrope, it’s apparent you haven’t really thought through your questions. Your compromise solution is that the citizens have the right for maybe a 22 pea shooter. Nope, that ain’t gonna fly.

  82. There are millions of gun in serculation along withe millions of 30 round magazines. Does any body really think Americans are going turn them in when the police don’t even who owns ones? And this turning in $1500 guns for the $100 buy back program is insane too!

  83. There are millions of gun in serculation along with millions of 30 round magazines. Does any body really think Americans are going turn them in when the police don’t even who owns ones? And this turning in $1500 guns for the $100 buy back program is insane too!

  84. I find it funny how the people on here are screaming that the anti-assault weapons folks are getting more rabid by the minute but it’s the pro-assault weapons folks who are hollering stuff like ‘dying with gun in hand’ and ‘I want the liberals dead’ and other stupid things

  85. I can appreciate the 2nd amendment but in the same way that lobbyist can manipulate the definition so can others. It doesn’t once say the right to bear any kind of gun you want. It says the right to bear arms but doesn’t define the type so in essences it’s not unethical to limit the sale or distribution of arms to certain types.

    • The 2A doesn’t specify the type of arms a citizen can use to exercise his or her Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Why would it?

  86. Gun control does one thing: it TAKES guns out of the hands of criminals and violent people and DOES NOT TAKE them from law abiding citizens, you morons. It’s like a driver’s license, nothing more. Responsible people get to have and keep them, morons don’t. Really, a lot of people here should be ashamed to open their mouths in public forever more. American exceptionalism is just American ignorance and American stupidity by another name.

    • Proof sir that you speak from an uneducated orifice. Take the 57 minutes and “self educate” before replying. (I know learning can be so difficult and time consuming and require so much… sheesh!)

      Were you fortunate enough to be educated in this country BEFORE the government began “dumbing down” our children ?

      You wont hear this on the 6:00 news.

      See how evil, gun control is (viewer discretion advised)
      Do you know what steps are taken to create a foundation of genocide?
      Do you know how dictatorships come into power?
      Do you know why people fear their government?
      Are you concerned about the preservation of life?
      Are you concerned about your personal safety and your family?
      Gun advocates should also watch this HISTORY OF GUN CONTROL
      Do you support OUR troops on foreign soil defending the people who have been disarmed and left defenseless by THEIR government?
      We can help prevent the horrors that happen to defenseless people by self educating.
      Want to donate to “humanitarian” groups? Better find out what their stand is concerning “gun control”.. the U.N. would not help out with supplying photos for this documentary once they found out this is a “pro gun” documentary. (should make you think).
      Its time we self educate. If we want to stop a criminal we have to speak to criminals in a language a criminal understands!

      Watch, learn, and please share this documentary.

    • @S. Ben Price
      Are you serious? So tell me how the control measures placed on pseudoephedrine stopped the criminals from making crystal-meth? Sure seems as though the law abiding were affected and treated as if they were committing a crime instead.

      Where is Thomas Paine when you need him? … because it surely looks like common sense is at a short supply here in this nation. Any gun ban will serve to break two very well stated principles.

      As John Locke stated this will be “maintained only for the benefit of robbers and oppressors. Who would not think it an admirable peace betwix the mighty and the mean, when the lamb, without resistance, yielded his throat to be torn by the imperious wolf?”

      Likewise, it also satisfies Thomas Jefferson’s quote of Cesare Beccaria in that it disarms “only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one.”

      For all of the talk about the crazy NRA members … they tend to be the least likely to perpetuate any crime. They respect the very purpose of the 2nd Amendment and are most likely to try to maintain peace, but just as John Locke and the Framer’s of our nation before laid out. This issue is a matter that can be seen as breaking the very basis of this society. We are all being forced into a state of war, whether or not any of us believe it or wish it to happen. I pray to God that common sense will come back into good favor.



  89. The “there are too many guns” argument doesn’t hold water either. It simply takes time, 5 to 10 years. Remember that this – as well as many other things – is not the first instance of something like this happening in the world or in history. We don’t live in a vacuum of information where you have to just make stuff up and believe it, there is wealth of information for those who care to look. What does it have to say about this? Lots of guns will stay out there for a long time, but the ammunition won’t be available in the long term. And there is a diminishing return on making your own ammunition from spent ammunition as many people do.

  90. Wow, just wow. How can so many people be so ignorant?
    I mean, every damn time someone shoots a couple of kids you cry out that you need more guns to defend yourself. Well, how has that helped you so far? There are more gun-related deaths in the US than in most of Europe combined, all because you refuse to let go of something written in a different time, in a different situation.

    Grow up, America. Grow the fuck up.

    • Pyso… even if somehow gangs and murderers can’t get guns, you won’t hear “Childeren murdered walking home from school in shootout.”, Of course, but you will see ” Childeren stabbed to death by a man with a combat knife.”. Or maybe “Four kids murdered by sharp sticks and a rock” a helluva lot more. Maybe even ” Woman gets clubbed to death by a lead pipe.”. See how it goes?

  91. Talk about over kill, This Cullerton is some sort of idiot. I have a list of names that would fit, none printable….

  92. Good luck starting the second Civil war… The Illinois river will run red with the blood of corrupt government officials…

  93. When the Bill of Rights was written, a musket was the assault rifle of the day. Was their any question that people had the right to own one? If they had not wanted people to own ‘military style’ weapons, they would have only allowed clubs and knives. Honest citizens owning any kind of weapon is only a threat to criminals and over-reaching politicians. Would someone actually turn in a firearm? That’s too bizarre to imagine.

  94. Just a heads up Britain’s strict gun laws were bought in after Dunblane. The Cumbria Shooting was 12 people over an entire day, if he had access to an assault rifle or self reloading weapon with a 20 round clip rather than at most a double barreled shotgun. On a side note your more likely to be shot with your own gun than kill another person with it, they are highly ineffective for self defense (I can’t think of many cases where guns have been used in successful self defense, in the case of the Columbine Massacre there was an armed police officer at the school who had no impact on the outcome of the shootings).

    Another known issue is that they result in arguments escalating very quickly as someone when angry can pull out a gun and shoot it, where as if they didn’t have it they would just throw punches. Secondly someone is much more likely to shoot someone else in an argument as they are scared of getting shot themselves, a kill or be killed situation in their head, causing a likely escalation in violence.

    If guns do cause such a reduction in Crime why does London 3 times the size of Chicago have a 1/3 of the murders.

    Before you comment on how the UK has higher Gun Crime per capita relative to US homicides by shooting and went up after the new laws restricting guns. Remember that in the UK any accident where a firearm is found on the person or at the scene becomes a firearm offense even if not used (i.e. if you were speeding and an illegal firearm was found in the car it would become a firearm offense) same with knives, at the same time if you make more firearms illegal you are going to see an increase in the number of illegal firearms offenses initially as people are more likely to have an illegal firearm (as people have said here people don’t always hand them in).

    This last point is not however a a reason to argue that guns should be kept legal as they can’t be taken off the streets, if guns and ammunition are made illegal two things happen one people run out of ammunition for that gun therefore they become ineffective, secondly the guns themselves stop working so eventually there is a massive reduction in the numbers of weapons available to the public.

    Finally to the point made about your constitutional rights that was written at a time when the Continental army was incredibly small there was a risk of invasion by Britain, and there was a true risk of dictators rising (the painting of Washington on the ceiling of the capital is similar to paintings European tyrants had and while not officially being offered the crown of America, Washington was offered the crown of a new proposed state to the west of the current area controlled by the continental congress). Firstly invasion is no longer necessary America has one if not the most powerful armed force in the world, there is no threat of invasion, secondly America is a democracy if you don’t like what ever authority you come under policy then in the next elections for that authority vote for the candidate or candidates who propose policies which you do like and are representative of what you want. Then if your candidate constantly gets beaten and this is so difficult to accept then move to under a different authority which you do like be it a new county, state, or nation. Before you come back with the argument that it is your country you shouldn’t have to move and they should do what you want, remember they don’t just represent you but a constituency, said constituency has voted them into power because they feel it represents their constituencies view. The basic premise of state politics is you give up some freedom for greater security, if you really don’t want to give up said freedom feel free to move to Mexico or Afghanistan, if you go to the right parts there is essentially no government and you can do what you want, including keeping your gun.

    • Quite the ode to the authoritarian collectivist control freak philosophy there, bootlicker. Several hundred words that boils down to the “Love it or leave it” logical fallacy. Why don’t you say what you really mean which is that you advocate using state sanctioned violence against individuals who’ve committed no crime?

    • @jimbob
      First off, the UK is seriously discussing the ban of those really long chef’s knives. If everything was as hunky dory as you are implying, why would they need to target a common, everyday cooking utensil? You say that the Cumbria shooting should be over looked because it took place of the course of a day. Well, what safeguards will really stop that from occurring with a knife? You know, like the ones the gun free utopia that is the UK is currently looking at banning? What this discussion is falling to take into account is the modern phenomenon of mass shooters is a media driven monster. Prior to the media frenzy, these types of individuals got off on a long drawn out path to infamy. Considering England’s link to the most notorious slasher of all time I think they should have gone after their knife problem first … By the way, London and the UK as a whole has seen a rise in violent crime after the gun ban went into effect. If I recall correctly, a woman is four to five times more likely to be raped in the UK than in the united States. Awesome, they cut down on gun murders but have left their women in a ‘peaceful’ society “which consists only in violence and rapine” … that John Locke was a pretty smart dude.

      As far as the escalation goes – there are reportedly 300,000,000+ guns in the united States. If this was really as big of an issue as you seem to believe it is, shouldn’t we expect far more than 8,000-15,000 shooting deaths a year? Again, shouldn’t we also be concerned with baseball bat escalations, as well as the previously mentioned knives? If an escalation is going to occur it normally involves other factors.

      Now for you last section, the largest and strongest military in the world is the VERY reason the Second Amendment must be protected. If the government attempts to disarm the law abiding they will effectively end the bond that gave them authority. It would be an act of war …

  95. The constitution should be interpreted as it was written, right? Not adapted for modern time, right? Ok then, all citizens should be allowed to bear arms. but not the arms invented since the constitution was written. Every US Citizen should be allowed to carry a muzzle loading musket.

  96. If one city decides to aggressively ban guns, let them. It is the right of voters, just like you claim it’s your right to bare arms. We will then see whether gun violence decreases, which few would say is a bad thing. Nay, it might even be appealing to some people. I would move to this aggressively legislated city where guns are rare and gun violence rarer. Of course, gun violence might go up. But this seems much less likely. No one said crime will go away, but criminals would have to use other means, like a knife, and I’d much rather be threatened with a knife than with a gun. but again, perhaps that’s just me and I’m mad for thinking that. Kind of doubt that, though.

    • Justin, if you lived in Chicago or Washington DC, you would live where weapon ownership is severely limited to law abiding citizens and they have some of the highest violent crime rates in America.

  97. Subject only to the police power, the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    Section 22, Article I of the Illinois Bill of Rights.4

  98. that is the only way that Illinois doesn’t have to worry about the conceal carry. of course they will still have the conceal carry law, however with no person owning a firearm legally they do not have to worry about anyone in state conceal carrying legally.

  99. I’m glad I got out of Illinois when I did! Time to make self righteous elitists “get out” instead of us moving away!

    Were you fortunate enough to be educated in this country BEFORE the government began “dumbing down” our children ?

    You wont hear this on the 6:00 news.

    See how evil, gun control is (viewer discretion advised)
    Do you know what steps are taken to create a foundation of genocide?
    Do you know how dictatorships come into power?
    Do you know why people fear their government?
    Are you concerned about the preservation of life?
    Are you concerned about your personal safety and your family?
    Gun advocates should also watch this HISTORY OF GUN CONTROL
    Do you support OUR troops on foreign soil defending the people who have been disarmed and left defenseless by THEIR government?
    We can help prevent the horrors that happen to defenseless people by self educating.
    Want to donate to “humanitarian” groups? Better find out what their stand is concerning “gun control”.. the U.N. would not help out with supplying photos for this documentary once they found out this is a “pro gun” documentary. (should make you think).
    Its time we self educate. If we want to stop a criminal we have to speak to criminals in a language a criminal understands!

    Watch, learn, and please share this documentary.

  100. What part of the word inalienable is it that the liberals posting here do not understand? I mean I know it is a rather long word for their vocabulary and not much used these days but it’s definition as used by our founders was pretty much black and white. It meant and still means “that which cannot be taken away or transferred”. They used this word to define our basic rights so there was no misunderstanding that they are not granted by our government but are due each human being by virtue of birth and therefore not available for denial by men. One of those rights as defined by our founders specifically dealt with the right of self-defense by stating that all Americans are allowed to keep and bear arms. They did not specify for hunting or sport or any other arbitrary limitation. And please spare me the glib remarks about tanks grenades and atomic bombs. We long ago defined those as specific implements of mass destruction not tools for individual self-defense and no rational person debates that distinction. But to vilify a semiautomatic firearm as an evil device is ludicrous. They have been around for many decades and only recently because of media hype have they been deemed to be evil. My semi-automatic weapons are no more of a threat to public safety in my possession than my car parked at the curb is a threat to drive off on its own and kill someone. I and I alone am responsible for the actions that occur when either of those devices are used. I keep my vehicle locked when not in use and I do the same with my weapons as any responsible user does. Do I have a problem with screening people for mental instability or criminal background before allowing them to purchase any weapon, no, but I do have a problem with taking weapons away from law-abiding owners just because a nut job used one like the ones they own in the commission of a monstrous act. If we allow that to happen we might as well outlaw any implement that can be picked up sharpened or swung since they have all been used at some time to do harm to someone. Weapons of any kind are barred in prisons where the inmates are under constant surveilance and they still manage to devise ways to kill one another because they are determined to do so and by their very nature could care less about the regulations. I on the other hand have owned and used some of the most modern weapons available since the age it was legal for me to do so and have never used any of them for an illegal purpose in those 40 + years. But I am the one who loses that right because of these proposed new laws, not those who care nothing for the laws on the books now. That course of action is insanity!

  101. FLAME DELETED The text of the second amendment reads as such:

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    It doesn’t specify the arms the people may keep and bear. The first amendment grantees freedom of speech but does not allow all speech ie the screaming fire in a crowded theater example. The second amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, not the right to bear guns, or assault weapons. It’s totally illegal to keep and bear a hand grenade, or a RPG or 105mm howitzer. So if we the people make it illegal to own hi-capacity magazines or military style assault weapons than you will be forced to comply. Anyone who says they will resist this with force is full of it. The fact is the majority of people who own more than three weapons or own military style assault weapons or high capacity mags are insecure. In my experience people who have been in the military and truly understand the pain and death that guns can bring upon others don’t find guns “cool” like the people on this website and are not “gun collectors.” We see guns as necessary tools and own perhaps one or two. I am a decorated former battlefield airman who used weapons on a daily basis view them simply as tools. I can guarantee that if any of you had ever been on the receiving end of a 7.62x39mm round you wouldn’t think guns were nearly as cool. The fact is that the reasons people own a lot of assault style weapons or high cap mags is because 1. They are crazy and think they need the weapons to protect themselves when the liberals come after them. 2. The lack the self confidence and skill to protect their families and homes with a handgun or a shotgun. 3. They were picked on as kids. 4. They’re just plain pu$$ie$. I’m thinking most of you on here fit int to category 2 and 4.

    • Your assumptions are a flawed, You are a descrace to any armed forces you are a part of. You are now a “domestic threat” to the constituion and will be veiwed as such in the future. We will not protect you and yours, you will be turned away from gates. That is all.

    • Little Mr. Paveman…..your response has to be one of the most uninformed, uneducated essays that I have ever encountered….if you read the Articles of Confederation…the founders of this country were very clear with regard to the second amendment, and the fact that “arms” be made available to everyone for the express purpose of fighting against a corrupt government…and that the same “arms” available to the military and government…should be available to defend against that same government…and those who think the American people will give up that right….I don’t think you know how corrupt your government is…I worked for them for over two decades as a “federally protected whistle-blower”…and they are war criminals and corrupt beyond imagination…the second amendment is to help in our fight against that corruption…or do you agree with kidnapping and torturing people? How about Obama’s little death panel meetings where they are now targeting American Citizens and killing them with drone strikes…thus denying them of their Constitutional Rights?….and you want to give up your guns to these people?


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  102. The claim that removing guns from the hands of citizens will decrease gun violence is 100% correct, unfortunately that’s where most people stop with the comparison. Nobody ever goes on to say, well assaults with knives and other dangerous weapons go up, as well as assault and battery cases. Bans like this allow a very small portion of the population to control the rights of the majority. As of 1990 (sorry the most up to date ones I could find with a five minute search on (,000 people in the united states died due to firearms. Wow that sounds like a lot, until you put it into perspective. 400,000 died from smoking, 300,000 died from poor health and lifestyle habits, 100,000 died from alcohol, 90,000 died from disease (microbial infection) and 60,000 died from toxic substances. By the same logic being used here to ban firearms we should also ban smoking, fast food, alcohol, and any substance labeled as toxic as well as institute mandatory physical fitness programs. Even with all these causes of death combined we’re talking about less than 1% of America given a population of 200,000,000. Are we starting to get the picture? Sandy Hook was a national tragedy, however it should not be a basis for a political campaign to remove firearms from the hands of Americans.
    Firearm registration, while I disagree with it, is acceptable as it gives authorities a starting point for an investigation, mandatory training is acceptable and a great idea, and metal evaluations would be acceptable but all of these safeguards can be bypassed. I can build a reasonable quality AR-15 in my garage, and if I take time and pride in my work can build a weapon far more accurate than most manufactures. I can also build AR-15 magazines that hold in excess of 30 rounds with very rudimentary Internet searches and very little in the way of additional equipment beyond the tools in my garage. I noticed the theater shooting in Texas that happened three days after sandy hook got much less coverage, mostly due to the fact that the shooter was killed by an off duty police officer with a concealed weapon before he could cause the type of mayhem and mass causalities that the average American tends to feed on. Finally to address this issue, anyone who states they’d rather deal with a mugger who has a knife is either A.) grossly over estimating their competence with melee weapons or B.) trained in some type of martial arts or military hand-to-hand combat and/or C.) has never ever been stabbed before, seriously it feels like that part of your body was lit on fire. Taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens is not going to solve the issue, come up with something new and even gun owners will be willing to give it a try, but this is the same old mantra that has been shouted for years and is akin to, make the smoking age 18 and kids won’t smoke. Yeah, because that worked. Make the drinking age 21 and less kids will drink, yep resounding success on that. I’m agreeing with this at face value because I can’t detect the sarcasm, yep you’re an idiot.

    Most importantly this would be a slam dunk case of constitutional violations especially given the supreme court’s recent interpretation of the constitution places special emphasis on the right to possess and bear arms. As quoted from J. D. Heyes of Natural News, “The Supreme Court has decided that the amendment confers a right to bear arms for self-defense, which is as important outside the home as inside. The theoretical and empirical evidence (which overall is inconclusive) is consistent with concluding that a right to carry firearms in public may promote self-defense,” he continued.” ( In short, even if this bill somehow makes it into law, it’ll be struck down before the required turn in period would even take effect.

  103. I still haven’t seen anyone post a House Bill or Senate number. All I’ve seen is “confirmed by NRA” which means nothing. Even the ISRA, referred to in the bogus story”, doesn’t have anything on their website. We’re gonna lose our gun rights, not because of liberals. But because of a bunch of paranoid nutjobs who believe only what they want. Just like the far left believing anything they are told and want to hear. Rumors travel fast. Truth takes time.

    • I get your point regarding “truth takes time”…we certainly wish to separate fact from BS…however…I would advise against the calm approach you imply through your “time” comment…as it has been decades that we “conspiracy theorists” have been warning you folks…time is running out…they, the people who are “the government” are war criminals and a criminal class of gangsters …I worked for them for over two decades as a federally protected whistle-blower…take my word for it…criminals…they are all criminals…


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  104. gun control is an excellent idea. all guns confiscated from all people, including cops and military. no more guns for anyone anywhere. anyone caught with one…the penalty is death.

  105. INCONVENIENT FACT: According to no less an authority than the peer-reviewed Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, countries with stringent gun control laws have higher murder and suicide rates than those without.

    DOCUMENTATION: “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?” A Review of International and Some Domestic Evidence by Don B. Kates and Gary Mauser, Volume 30, Number 2 of the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, pages 649-694. (To download a PDF copy of the journal article, simply Google the title. It is available on the web free of charge.)

    QUOTE FROM ARTICLE: “If you are surprised by our findings, so are we. We did not begin this research with any intent to “exonerate” handguns, but there it is — a negative finding, to be sure, but a negative finding is nevertheless a positive contribution. It directs us where not to aim public health resources.”

    INDIRECTION: The trick hoplophobes always use is to say that America has higher gun-murder rates than other countries, but many of those “murders” are criminals killed in the act of committing violent crimes. Compare absolute murder rates, and the result is “more guns, less murder.” (Source:;

    SECOND INCONVENIENT FACT: According to DOJ crime statistics, guns are used by US citizens 2.5 million times per year to prevent violent crimes like rape, robbery, home-invasion and carjacking, 99% of the time without a shot being fired. (Source:

    THIRD INCONVENIENT FACT: “Assault weapons” (AKA semiautomatic rifles) are used in less than 1% of gun crimes. (Source:

    QUESTION: If gun-free zones make people safe, then why don’t we declare the immediate vicinity of the President and Vice-President to be gun-free zones and send the Secret Service home? Or are gun-free zones good enough for our kids, but not good enough for our overlords?

    METAPHOR: America has more private gun ownership than most other countries, so naturally there are more gun murders. America also has more hospitals than most other countries, so naturally we have more people dying in hospitals. Does that mean we should outlaw hospitals?

  106. You guys in Illinois are toast. Better pack your bags.

    What if all of the law abiding, tax paying conservatives in Illinois moved to say…Wisconsin or Iowa or both?
    It would:
    1. It would certainly bankrupt the state. Most of the producers would be gone and only lefties and dirt bags would be left standing there with their hands out.
    2. It would saturate the relatively small population of the neighboring states with right thinking voters guaranteeing that these states would swing right in every future election.
    3. It would turn these states even more gun friendly and produce representation in DC that would be more sympathetic to the 2nd Amendment.

    I would just like to extend my hand from Wisconsin and welcome any right wing gun nuts who might chose to make the move…just lock the door behind you.

    • You know, I’m tired of ‘liberals’ being blamed for every ridiculous gun control measure being presented, particularly in Illinois. I spent 12 years in the military, own multiple firearms, shoot competitively, and I am actively fighting to make sure this insane legislation doesn’t pass. (And, I’m pretty likely to move to another state if it does.) However, as an feminist who supports gay rights, I also don’t think I can be mistaken for anything but a moderate liberal.

      We need to stop making our constitutional rights a matter of one party or another. It simply makes it easier for us to lose fights like this, because the people who consider themselves ‘liberal’ or ‘democrats’ only see the party line and the propaganda against firearms, and are biased by every other unrelated issue that gets drawn into the argument. When that involves Democratic senators and representatives who don’t understand firearms, we’re in even more trouble. Every man and woman should learn how a firearm operates and how to use it in self defense, regardless of what other social issues they support or do not support. We should be making an effort as responsible gun owners to ensure they can.

      • Tisi, while you may be a cool dude, its always the Libtards who are going after our guns (and freedom). This is a unique problem almost exclusively occuring in the liberal sphere.

  107. Uhm i dont really understand what most of the “protect my weapon guys” are up to. It may be that im not from the US that i cant understand it. As i see it, from my limited point of view, the US have a very serious problem with attitude and the pure number regarding weapons. In my country its a privileg to own a weapon you have to prove yourself worthy and responsible enough to own one everything else is illegal ownership.
    i served in the German Forces and understand how mighty one can feel and how protected by fireing a weapon (automatic/semi/manually) but on the otherhand if everyone has a weapon, just one, you dont need a bunch, one is enough to kill someone who owns a weapon and doesnt consider an attack possible because he owns a weapon. Now you have two possible choices, to get paranoid and kill every approatching human to prevent to get shot or you start to think if disarming and limmiting the acces drastically is the better choice.
    I cant believe that you US citizens are living in a country which is threatening you which works against you to justify the ownership of semiautomatic weapons. imaginge if the last amokguy hadnt had acces to semiautomatic weaponary. I mean comeon who needs such weaponary except armys?
    i understand that your constitution is kind of sacret because its part of your short history but change is needed to keep those rights and restirctions up-to-date.
    I just hope that something like that humantragedy which one of your elementryschools had to face will never happen again. On the other hand its sadly amusing to see the inhabitants of the world largest economy to be to occupied with themselfes to change anything in their country.

    my highest reagrds to everyone

    • Please spare us the lectures from an impotent European and especially from a clan that triggered two world wars and multiple genocides. After WW2 the Europeans have now been brain washed by the left to hate WAR. The problem is not WAR but rather EVIL. Europeans hate WAR while the Americans hate EVIL. That’s why for the past 60 years, whenever EVIL rises its head, the Europeans come crying to us primitive Americans, and you Europeans hold our coats while we stand up and defeat the evils of the world. Just make no mistake about it, you’re not the GOOD standing up to the EVIL, but rather it’s us. Suck on that for awhile.

      Lastly, I am kinda awaiting the day that radical Islam takes over complacent metro-sexual Europe, and when the last vestige of Europe asks for our help, hopefully we’ll give you the big finger.

    • @David
      Our nation was born out of the spirit of revolution and was meant to be a nation that stood for liberty. Over the last 100 years our politics has been corrupted and the manipulation of our masses has increased. So much so that the very principle and understanding for the stance against ‘no standing army’ is scoffed at even by most within the pro-gun arena.

      The very reason our nation protects the right to bear arms is for the fulfillment of John Locke’s understanding of the dissolution of government, as outlined in his Second Treatise. Removing guns for the greater good to create a world that support the oppressors and criminals should never be accepted by a civil society (even in a master/subject society). Considering the rate at which our government, led by both Democrats and Republicans, has removed, restricted, and trampled on our rights – accelerated all that more since 9/11 – John Locke’s principles become even more important to protect us.

      As a German, many of your ancestors gladly followed the government into two wars … had some of them stood up against your government, maybe our nation wouldn’t have become the imperialistic monster that it has become. It is the duty of our citizens to put our leaders back in check and there are many patriots in this nation that still believe in the principles that forged this nation – including the idea that we shouldn’t be the dictress of the world and should remain impartial, steering clear of foreign entanglement.

      If we win out, the world will be for the better while we retain the very revolutionary spirit that brought many people from across the world to the melting pot we call the united States of America.

  108. The funny thing is that no matter what incident may happen, the answer is always ban firearms. NEWS FLASH… This just in, for those of you who did not get the memo, If you ban firearms and confiscate them… then you leave good people without defense, you open a door for wide spread crime and corruption, you might as well create pure capitalism and total anarchy while your at it, you might as well put the mobsters and tommy guns back out on the street, you think just because you ban them that it will rid the U. S. of its murdering sprees?? I can see it now, Gangster walks into a bar with a bat and a beer bottle 4 dead dozens injured, its not going to solve the criminal issue, its only going to fuel them for they know they can’t get shot doing what they do. You want to solve the criminal issue at hand, go the other direction, allow every ABLE person to carry on their side in plain view, and instead of filling the prison systems with those who do the worst a person can think of, grab a nice thick rope, take them out to the old oak tree, and when your done put a sign on them, this individual done this. Take it back to the old days where there was no red tape for self defense and if a person was clearly wrong for then they needed to pay! Oh you raped someone, you will hang! Oh you murdered kids, yep you too. Oh you beat an elderly person, you go too. Instill what the parents did not, FEAR AND RESPECT!! Guns don’t kill people, the ones behind it with the finger on the trigger do. All this talk about banning firearms, ignorant, if you don’t like firearms, don’t own one it’s a rather simple concept, some people don’t like cars, but you dont hear them saying ban automobiles, some people don’t like alcohol, but you don’t hear them saying ban alcohol, however both have been known to kill people.

  109. Do they think the criminals are going to give up their guns with a ban.The government forgets they work for us AND WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BARE ARMS.


  111. Militia or irregular army, is commonly used today to refer to a military force composed of ordinary citizens to provide defense, emergency law enforcement, or paramilitary service, in times of emergency without being paid a regular salary or committed to a fixed term of service such as; the Army Reserve, National Guard, or state defense forces.

  112. Government seems to sweep aside the fact that we have illegal possessors of weapons that we cannot eradicate. Stickers, the rarely seen commercial, and billboards about Fed prison time as your consequence for illegal possession of a firearm does not seem to draw out the masses of criminal illegal firearm owners to turn in or destroy their weapons. The cash for weapons drives offer something that appeals to people – $$$. Hopefully the weapons we recoup are working ones that need to be off the streets.

    Take away the guns from everybody, did we not see what that got the good people of Germany in the late 1930’s a few years after that. Oh my friends from everywhere else in the world – you tell me that you do not have organized crime and illegal firearms and crimes that are committed? Try using Google, yahoo or ask Jeeves (LOL) to get up to speed on your facts. Isn’t one murder by a gun one too many?

    Public display or televised hash punishment of illegal acts of things that we cannot seem to weed out that lurks in the shadows of society is needed. The strictest of countries has no problem publicizing the execution or punishment of rapists and murderers. What better to way to show someone what can happen when you do wrong.

    People do not seem to understand beyond Hollywood what a jail sentence can mean and the life thereof and some benefit from being there and have no problem going in or back.

    So here we have the classic ‘criminals have weapons and we do not’ How can we stop what is concealed in gangland or criminal worlds? To do anything to find these illegally owned weapons would be invasive would be a loss of our right to privacy (like x-ray or similar type see-through the walls technology), but when a perpetrator surfaces and is caught and the grave consequences are not prison time where we feed, provide health care, and educate murderers often times incapable of rehabilitation, but instead a brutal fear by consequence demonstration of punishment, I think we’d see a reduction in these urban crimes.

    Couple effective illustration of real punishment happening to real people with better screening processes of perspective gun owners before they can legally buy a weapon will help as well. Oh how about training? I think that we don’t let people off the street operate a garbage truck, a train or other complex hazard devices without this. A firearm possesses the dangers deepest and should be a requirement.

    After the criminals become afraid of illegal ownership of a firearm, how do we stop or solve the mental illness owner or access? I think that one is not going to be easy. Did prohibition stop alcohol or the fatalities from that? It made it lethal (illegal/poisonously made blends) and in the hands of criminals – chalk another one down for looser moves on behalf of a government and what happened then – oh a repeal and a tail between the legs.

    Let’s see once we’re done with the above, what should we tackle next that we’ve done a lousy job on…
    Screening for getting bad drivers off the road? Oh wait something that is helpful costs money and it will take time – I guess we don’t need that or charge a bunch for it or just forget about it because some new garbage on the news will obsess the masses with a new chase. Oh wait what about safe sex practices, responsible drinking, teaching people values, morals, the value of making money and conduct, what is the meaning of right and wrong/good and bad…. Ugh it goes on and on…

    Cool heads prevail. Knee jerking isn’t going to wave some stupid make believe magic wand and make this all go away overnight. Change takes time, anything good take time, it takes work, good planning… not constituent appeal will make the right or as right as can be response. Even then it will need to be examined and shaped to reflect its outcome.

  113. The nice lady who answered the phone at Sen. Cullerton’s office is probably sorry she asked for my opinion about the issue. I wasn’t nasty, but I was firm.

  114. Sent to: [email protected]

    The views expressed herein are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Department of Defense, the United States Government or its third party service providers

    I oppose any bill that tries to limit my Rights. Support of any Bill that infringes on my constitutionally protected rights is punishable under Title 18 U.S.C., Section 241.

    From Norton Vs Shelby county: “An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”

    I am not of the mind to give up any of my freedoms afforded to me by the Constitution. Others may choose to, that is fine. But they must realize that they have that ability because there are good people with guns ready to do whatever is necessary to protect their rights whether they agree with it or not. That is true love and true patriotism. If there were not a long line of like minded people standing at the ready, I fear that many people would not have the ability to publicly profess their beliefs in the manner in which we do today. That to me is sad. As they say a freedom not exercised, is a freedom lost.

    Banning guns will never solve the issue. There will never be any ‘gun buyback schemes” that will work. Criminals will never give them up willfully. There is only one thing these predators understand and that is power. I believe that we should give good honest law abiding people whatever tools necessary to defend their own lives and those of their families and loved ones.

    I am also of the opinion that “Gun free zones” must be abolished as they are a safe haven for predators to carry out their atrocious acts unchallenged.

    Constitutionally speaking, the militia and the citizenry are synonymous.
    They are one in the same, because the militia was and is made up of ALL able bodied men. As you know, the primary purpose for the 2nd amendment is to defend a member state and the citizens therein against an out of control, tyrannical federal government. Therefore the 2nd amendment is just as important now as it ever has been considering the direction our federal government is going.

    As far as “assault weapons” are concerned, as long as those in power have them, so will I. As long as those who have the power and resolve to oppress me, I will be equally as armed as they are. Period.

    An assault rifle has three distinct characteristics according to the United States military.
    1. The firearm must be chambered to an intermediate cartridge.
    2. The firearm must have a detachable box magazine.
    3. The firearm must be capable of selective fire.

    It must have all three to be an Assault Weapon and #3 is already an NFA item.

    The United States of America is the greatest military power in the world. Our military capabilities far surpass those of any other nation on earth. The reality is: Take just two states of the union for this example we’ll choose Pennsylvania & Michigan; If only the portion of Michigan & Pennsylvania’s population which had hunting licenses took up arms which is roughly 1,005,000 & 1,299,372 people (total 2,304,372), you would have the LARGEST STANDING ARMY IN THE WORLD by over nearly 1 million bodies. That doesn’t include non-hunters who are armed, sport & competitive shooters, recreational shooters prior military and law enforcement in those states. Add people the other states and the number grows to nearly incomprehensible size.

    This was part of the original thinking behind the 2nd amendment. Our system was designed to operate behind a system of checks and balances, and being equally armed as those who have the power is one of those checks and balances.

    The 2nd amendment HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HUNTING. Think about it. Back then, people hunted for their food. It was the ONLY way to survive and feed one’s family. There were no grocery stores. Because hunting was a common and everyday activity, why in the world would the founders feel it necessary to guarantee the right to hunt in a bill of rights whose power is derived from God? They didn’t. Therefore, the primary purpose for the 2nd amendment is as I stated above.

    The moral of the story here is:

    We the People have loaned out power to you, the Government and ultimately have the ability to govern the Government through the constitutionally protected democratic process.

    Federal Statute in 10 U.S.C. § 502
    Enlistment oath:

    “I, (YOUR NAME HERE), do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

    See the Order?

    0. solemnly swear(to God)
    1. support and defend the Constitution
    2. bear true faith and allegiance to the (same) Constitution
    3. orders of the President of the United States
    4. orders of the officers appointed over me
    5. regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice
    6. So help me God

    As long as 3, 4 or 5 do not contradict 0, 1, 2 and 6.

    Declaration of Orders I Will NOT Obey because they contradict 0, 1, 2 and 6.

    Recognizing that I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and affirming that I am a guardian of the Republic, of the principles in our Declaration of Independence, and of the rights of our people, I affirm and declare the following:

    1. I will NOT obey any order to disarm the American people.

    2. I will NOT obey any order to conduct warrantless searches of the American people, their homes, vehicles, papers, or effects — such as warrantless house-to house searches for weapons or persons.

    3. I will NOT obey any order to detain American citizens as “unlawful enemy combatants” or to subject them to trial by military tribunal.

    4. I will NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a “state of emergency” on a state, or to enter with force into a state, without the express consent and invitation of that state’s legislature and governor.

    5. I will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty and declares the national government to be in violation of the compact by which that state entered the Union.

    6. I will NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps.

    7. I will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.

    8. I will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to “keep the peace” or to “maintain control” during any emergency, or under any other pretext. I will consider such use of foreign troops against our people to be an invasion and an act of war.

    9. I will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies, under any emergency pretext whatsoever.

    10. I will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

    USC › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 13 › § 241
    Conspiracy against rights

    If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or

    They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

    Feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to give you a primer on the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and what the term Freedom means.

    SSG Ryan Sexton
    United States Army

    The views expressed herein are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Department of Defense, the United States Government or its third party service providers

  115. We Americans are NOT going to give up our rights…period. Whether you like firearms or not the Constitution is the Constitution and we have those rights set in stone, the right to bear arms. If you don’t like it then leave this Country. You can choose not to have guns around your family if you want, but you are NOT deciding that for all Americans…
    It’s called Freedom and people like this are taking it away. So do some research on your own Country and the principles it was founded upon before making these idiotic judgement calls that you have no say in.
    I bet so many of you have never even read the Constitution…and it is sad.


  117. Alan Gura meet Constitution FOR The United States Of America, As Lawfully amended… NO EX POST FACTO LAW (federal or state)

    Second Amendment VS NO EX POST FACTO LAW BAN

    also “shall not be infringed”

  118. If the government is going to outlaw guns because “they kill people”, they might as well outlaw knives, lead pipes, baseball bats, HUMAN HANDS, scissors, and anything else that could be used as a weapon. GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, THE IDIOT BEHIND IT KILLS PEOPLE!!! Guns are tools utilized for a certain purpose. “Assault rifles” are just another form of a tool. For those of us that participate in coyote hunting, an AR-15 is a useful tool to complete this task. Just as there are many forms of knives, each one has a specific function/application. Guns are no different. Shotguns can be used for small upland game, deer slug, military operations urban terrain (MOUT), non-lethal (rubber bullets), etc. Rifles in certain states can be used for competition, hunting large/medium game, etc and same with pistols. Disarming honest law-abiding citizens won’t rid this nation of illegal arms dealing or the “Black Market”. Criminals will still find ways to get ahold of guns and more specifically, the more “lethal” ones/fully auto. Enacting more restrictive laws will just keep the honest Americans that were raised to respect the law and had good morals and values instilled in them from protecting themselves and their families.

  119. The current gun control debate needs to center on facts, not political agendas based on propaganda. As recently reported in one study 90% of all school shooters are on prescribed psychiatric medications and suffer from mental illness. Between 1988 and 2011 at least 4800 violent incidents have occurred while these persons where on “prescribed” mind altering drugs. The aforementioned report is located at Therefore, wouldn’t common sense dictate a closer look at mental healthcare, mind altering drugs and the companies who profit from the sales? Americas solutions are not found in pills but in hearts and minds.

    Did you know prescribed drugs kill about 100,000 people a year, which is the equivalent of 10 Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary shootings a day! IMO we are mislead by government officials, Hollywood and the media in part because the above statistics don’t bode well with the profit structure of the drug pushing industry. The facts also don’t mesh well with the socialist/liberal narratives being played out on the national scene either.

    Consider this; In two recent shootings violent incidents were stopped and lives saved by people who had approved concealed carry weapons. Lives were saved by one citizen merely drawing his weapon at the Clackamas Oregon Mall shooting, causing the gunman to end his own life. Another life saving event happened at a theater showing the Hobbit. An off-duty sergeant took down a deranged gunman who attempted to opened fire in a crowded movie theater lobby in San Antonio. One might ask where’s the national coverage on these stories?

    Reality is the police no matter how well intentioned cannot stop a mentally ill person before he unleashes mayhem. But a prepared and alert citizen can do something to save lives. We have the choice to either be first responders or defenseless victims. In both the aforementioned cases the death tolls were extremely low compared to the dozens slain where citizens are unarmed. Laws can’t stop criminal behavior but people living a Godly lives raising children in caring families can have tremendous impact on society at large.

    What Americans are being told by Washington DC, media and Hollywood that fewer guns will make us safer is disingenuous. We’ve had gun bans before and the shootings never stopped. I prefer real life examples to be more relevant, such as more guns can make a society safer; example Switzerland, where most every home is armed. Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates anywhere. Conversely guns removed from the population have led to stark increases in crime such as in Australia. A well armed citizenry will likely never see armed foreign invaders either as is the case with Switzerland.

    Since President Obama and Senator Feinstein want to confiscate our guns, gun sales have exploded. Ironically crime has not risen though because law abiding citizens are the ones purchasing them. Further how dare this socialist administration take America’s guns away while he has unlawfully fed hundreds of guns to Mexican drug lords which has caused the death of US citizens. Those at the top cannot be exempt from the rule of law while those at the bottom have their natural born rights and due process extinguished. This is the beginning of what is known as tyranny.

    The root causes of violence seem a little more obvious and we know guns are not the root problem nor is regulation the sole solution. America is suffering the ill effects of moral relativism (anything goes), broken hearts, broken minds, broken families, nonexistent jobs, nonexistent mental healthcare and a out of control psychiatric drug pusher industry. But the politicians solutions always seem to be taken from the same play book, page 132 take away the rights of the people. Real or contrived “Let no good crisis go to waste” Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s former Chief of Staff).

    Most tyrannical governments that use genocide on its people first have moved to incrementally remove the “right” of gun ownership from its citizens. About 170 Million have been slaughter since 1910, not by criminals but by governments. That’s the true basis for the second amendment, not hunting.

    You say it can’t happen here in America right, well ask the Indians, Blacks and the Japanese if their God given rights were trampled upon. Ask the Jews in Fascist Nazi Germany. Ask the Chinese or the Russian people what they think. Today America is at an all time high in fascist activity from both political parties.

    Our founders CLEARLY emphasized; “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both”, Benjamin Franklin. “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it:, George Santayana.

    We humans aren’t nearly as indestructible and tough as we thought we were. We need God, Moms and Dad, family security, purpose, honor, dignity, selfless courage and humility. What America really needs is good people doing good things and acting within the confines of law using common sense. But as usual, common sense is the first causality in crisis.

    No matter the challenges American’s face the solution is people becoming the “change” we want to see. No politician is going to change anything unless we are that change. Politicians as a whole do not have the fortitude nor insight to lead us to our “promise land”.

    Do I feel comfortable expressing my first amendment right, no I feel uneasy. And if you are uneasy expressing your thoughts for fear of Government monitoring that tells us all something is horribly wrong in America. We have no choice, we all have to be that change now or we forfeit our (grand) children’s futures and our republic. If you don’t understand the difference between a republic and democracy please look it up.

    Our country’s history provides the guiding principles to our future success, ignoring that wisdom will lead to inevitable failure. We have a choice.

  120. Christians lost the battle long long time ago when they decided to start judging people and telling all non Christians that they are going to hell. They stuck their nose up high and disobeyed their own bibles. And now we have generations of people who have fought against Christian teachings and done what they can to remove them from all public places because to them they are nothing more than silly bible clutching lunatics. (The consequence of judging those wrongly) And we end up with less moral values over the past decades.

    Now Christians who still continue to worship “Gad” and not “Jahovah” (im not even a Jehovahs Witness BTW) are all still guilty and will equally suffer the consequence of evil in this Nation. So untill “Christians” can understand that what they have been teaching is mostly lies and pagan tradition, Jahovah is going to continue to ignore your prayers and let bad things like this happen. And you will probably continue to teach the lies of the false prophets as more and more doom heads your way. ENJOY! We are in this together.

    As the Father in heaven told Moses on the mount. That his name is YHWH, and that will be his name FOREVER and to be a memorial unto all generations. (So why did all of a sudden his name become “Gad” (God)

  121. For those of you whom believe these sheeple from the UK; that they are living in a violence free state – they’re not:

    • VSN, you ask “How do people hunt”. Well th eidea of firearms control is to see that you not on;y don’t hunt, you also cannot defend yourself against anyone or “ANYTHING”. The 2nd amendment is NOT about hunting. The founding fathers gave us the citizen to defend ourselves against all foes, foreign or domestic. Many of us have concernes about both!

  122. I don’t see anything about guns in the actual links to the bills. Unless its my ADHD kicking in… Can anyone site the section & lines of the bills where this is showing guns???

  123. The NRA-ILA will continue to send legislative updates as details become available. However, it is of the utmost importance that you act NOW to stop this gun and magazine ban. Call your state Senator and members of the Executive Committee IMMEDIATELY and express your opposition to banning firearms or magazines.

    To reach the main line for the Illinois General Assembly, please call 217-782-2000.

    Contact information for your state legislators can be found by clicking here.

    Senate Executive Committee:

    Senator Don Harmon, Chairman, (D-39)
    (217) 782-8176

    Senator Ira Silverstein, Vice Chairman, (D-8)
    (217) 782-5500

    Senator James F. Clayborne, Jr., (D-57)
    (217) 782 5399

    Senator Maggie Crotty, (D-19)
    (217) 782-9595

    Senator John J. Cullerton, Senate President (D-6)
    (217) 782-2728

    Senator Kimberly A. Lightford, (D-4)
    (217) 782-8505

    Senator Antonio Munoz, (D-1)
    (217) 782-9415

    Senator Jeffrey M. Schoenberg, (D-9)
    (217) 782-2119

    Senator Donne E. Trotter (D-17)
    (217) 782-3201

    Senator Dale A. Righter, Minority Spokesperson, (R-55)
    (217) 782-6674

    Senator William E. Brady, (R-44)
    (217) 782-6216

    Senator John O. Jones, (R-54)
    (217) 782-0471

    Senator David S. Luechtefeld, (R-58)
    (217) 782-8137

    Senator Matt Murphy, (R-27)
    (217) 782-4471

    Senator Christine Radogno, (R-41)
    (217) 782-9407

    Reply With Quote.


  124. If you are going to remove all of those firearms from public ownership why would you need a magazine ban??? Sounds like screaming wolf to me.

  125. The I.S.P can have ALL my guns….one bullet at a time!!!! Break out the bagpipes theres gonna be a lot of Line of Duty deaths if this happens!!!!

  126. Its time to post these idiot politicians’s home addresses.. You know, stop by and say hello.. I moved out of IL 23 yrs ago, Glad I did. These people are insane.

  127. How in the world can anyone act surprised by this? This is what “traditional sportsmen” get when they play the “reasonable” game with politicians.

  128. You should ALL research to see who/why/what on this gun control issue-

    -who who is the ethnic group wanting our guns?

    -why why do they want our guns?? To allow them to take control.

    -what what will they do with us after they get our guns?

  129. all i gotta say is they will take my guns when they kill me the way i see it it aint my falt some dickhead shot some kids i am sorry for there familys and no it shouldnt have happened but if you take our guns away whats to stop other countrys from coming here and takeing your life away there taking our guns they cant take theres so ya aint taking mine and to be honest i got the right to bear arms guess what im gonna use it you take the guns away there will always be one in my hand wether i at home or in a store.

  130. thay want my guns thay will haff to kill me for all wat i have thay say thay want them but if thay wunt them thay will haff to shoot me to git the one thing i have on me at all time and it will not stop me from haveing all my toys the law can do want thay can but i no that that all the gun owner will say the same thing i am saying