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President Joe Biden is shifting blame for his party’s unwillingness to tackle spiraling crime straight to the firearm industry. His administration released his Presidential budget request, which outlines his priorities for the coming year. At the top of the list are plans to target the firearm industry for the failures of his administration to support law enforcement.

President Biden proposes to spend $20.6 billion for the Justice Department for federal law enforcement, crime prevention and intervention. Tucked into that spending proposal includes plans for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to hire 140 special agents and another 160 Industry Operations Inspectors (IOIs).

Politics Over Policing

This shows the Biden administration puts the blame for rising crime at the feet of the firearm industry. This is what NSSF predicted when President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were on the campaign trail. It was also why NSSF worked to defeat the nomination of David Chipman to become ATF director. The administration’s vision has always been to use the ATF as a tool not to regulate the firearm industry, but to dismantle it.

The White House posted a Briefing Room blog to explain its gun control plans. In it, officials explain that they know criminals are responsible for surging crime, yet myopically focus only on zeroing in on firearm manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

“Just as he did in his State of the Union Address, he will continue to call on Congress to takes [sic] steps that cannot be achieved through executive action and do not violate the Second Amendment – like universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons with high-capacity magazines, and repeal of the liability shield for gun manufacturers and dealers,” The White House wrote.

Joe Biden surprised confused
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The administration’s intent to hire more ATF inspectors than special agents signals that it is more interested in punishing the industry than actually going after criminals. The White House actually lays out where it believes the crimes are happening.

It talks about firearms being illegally trafficked up the East Coast, destined for criminals in Baltimore and New York City. Instead of focusing on arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning those criminals misusing firearms, Biden administration officials choose to instead wage a campaign to nullify federal firearm licensees (FFLs). They use “zero-tolerance” inspections to revoke licenses of retailers who are working diligently to adhere to laws and regulations.

Targeting Industry

The White House’s recent actions demonstrate this. At the direction of The White House, ATF inspections of FFLs have become increasingly punitive versus cooperative. That plan was announced by The White House nearly a year ago in an effort to target what it called “rogue dealers.” Minor clerical errors were once listed as “findings” that retailers could correct. That’s turning into a policy to find reasons to revoke licenses for firearm retailers for simple clerical errors in records.

Reports are now pouring in that ATF is reopening long-closed compliance inspections and threatening to revoke licenses for mistakes that did not threaten public safety.

ATF agents
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The ATF released a letter to FFLs that “forced reset triggers” are now considered to be “machineguns,” but didn’t specify brands of models of these triggers that would run afoul of the National Firearms Act (NFA) and Gun Control Act (GCA). Little more is known about what would be considered illegal – including makes and models.

NSSF is urging the ATF to provide better guidance to the industry to enable FFLs to comply and inform their customers. Rather than provide that guidance, ATF’s answer was to tell industry members – in an era of “zero tolerance” – to call ATF.

Rare Breed forced reset trigger
Courtesy Rare Breed

Two proposed rules, one to redefine frames and receivers and another to ban pistol arm braces, are in the works, too. Both are problematic. The definition of a firearm frame and receiver is set by Congress, yet The White House is pushing the rule changes through the Justice Department and ATF. That sets up a legal showdown over the separation of powers and whether or not the Executive Branch can unilaterally rewrite laws without the consent of the Legislative Branch.

SB Tactical pistol brace arm
Courtesy SB Tactical

Beyond that, there are still unanswered questions on the Proposed Rule to redefine frames and receivers. The White House contends the rule change is targeted at home-built firearms, but hasn’t offered guidance as to how it would handle multiple or reprinted serial numbers on guns, manufacturing overhauls and implementation guidance.

The administration continues to press for the repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which prevents frivolous lawsuits against members of the firearm industry for the criminal misuse of a lawfully sold firearm by a remote third party.

By Larry Keane President Joe Biden traveled to New York City for a media event to try and show America he’s doing something about rampant crime. Instead, he blamed the Second Amendment and lawful gun owners, said nothing about holding criminals to account and repeated the same tired lies about the firearm industry he keeps at the ready – lies “fact-checked” as being false each time he’s previously recited them. It makes no difference to the president. He’s not even trying anymore. To President Biden and national gun control groups the problem is always the gun and the law-abiding members of the industry. It’s never the criminal. Blaming the ‘Resistance’ President Biden was joined by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams for a “Gun Violence Strategies Partnership” meeting to talk about how to solve the crime surge, particularly those involving firearms. Instead of real solutions, the focus devolved into blaming law-abiding gun owners and again pushing a gun control agenda. “Enough is enough,” President Biden said. “Because we know we can do things about this, but for the resistance, we’re getting from some sectors of the government and the Congress and the state legislatures, and the organizational structures out there.” That “resistance” the president spoke of is the American people. Over the past two years they’ve become fed up with police defunding policies and soft-on-crime prosecutors, like Manhattan’s Democratic District Attorney Alvin Bragg. They’ve invested in their own safety. The “resistance” is the 21 million lawful gun buyers in 2020, including more than 8.4 million first-time buyers, and the 18.5 million gun buyers in 2021, with more than 5.4 million first-timers. The ”resistance” has backstopped Congress from passing federal gun control that don’t address crime. It also stopped President Biden’s nominations of paid gun control lobbyist David Chipman to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and banking activist Saule Omarova as Comptroller of the Currency because not even all U.S. Senate Democrats could support them. They would have turned those agencies into bludgeons to hammer the firearm industry to achieve a special interest, gun control agenda. Favorite Falsehoods The president turned his aim from lawful gun owners towards the firearm industry and repeated a lie he’s rehearsed several times before. “Imagine had we had a liabil… [sic] they’re the only industry in America that is exempted from being able to be sued by the public. Only one,” the president protested. “Why the gun manufacturers?… It’s got to end. They’ve got to be held responsible for the things they do that are irresponsible.” He repeated the claim for emphasis. “And I find that outrageous.” This is flatly false. The president knows by now, or his speechwriters do and they don’t bother with the facts. CNN, Politicfact and Washington Post have all checked President Biden on his remark, including after he said it in the White House Rose Garden. CNN cleanly rebuked it. “This is false. Gun manufacturers are not entirely exempt from being sued, nor are they only industry with some liability protections.” Politifact rated it “false.” Washington Post wasn’t kinder, saying, “Biden is wrong to claim the gun industry is totally immune.” The firearm industry has liability protections under the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), bipartisan legislation enacted under former President George W. Bush. The firearm industry cannot be held liable when unaffiliated third-parties, in this case criminals, misuse a legal, lawfully sold product. It’s fundamental tort law and is similar to an individual attempting to hold Ford and Budweiser responsible for drunk driving deaths. The law was passed in direct response to lawsuits filed against the industry by control groups and municipalities like the city of New York and the state of New York. These type of lawsuit continue to be filed, now even by foreign governments represented by the same gun control group, the Brady Center. Colonial-Era Error President Biden continued to ignore facts on the Second Amendment and its history. He even erred when speaking about the Revolution-era days and why the right to keep and bear arms was so sacrosanct. “When the amendment was passed, it didn’t say anybody could own a gun and any kind of gun and any kind of weapon,” President Biden remarked. “You couldn’t buy a cannon, and when – the – when this, uh, this amendment was passed.” It did, and does, say the right of the People “shall not be infringed.” Even The Washington Post was brutal in their assignment of “Four Pinocchio’s” to this statement. “Biden has already been fact-checked on this claim — and it’s been deemed false. We have no idea where he conjured up this notion about a ban on cannon ownership in the early days of the Republic, but he needs to stop making this claim.” In fact, the Constitution of early America – before the Bill of Rights, and Second Amendment, was even ratified – granted and encouraged “special waivers” to American merchants and sailors, “allowing private individuals to act as pirates on behalf of the United States against countries engaged in war with it.” Americans given waivers and who owned warships obviously also obtained cannons for use in battle. In fact, it is still perfectly legal to buy a cannon today. It is the presidents’ fundamental misunderstanding and blatant lying about the Second Amendment that informs his gun control agenda and misguided approach to solving the crime problem. Millions of law-abiding Americans took ownership of their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves, understanding the president won’t. Instead of mangling the meaning of the right and pushing for more gun control on law-abiding Americans, the president should keep it simple. Take on the criminals and punish them for breaking the law.

President Biden, time and again, has been debunked in his claims that the firearm industry is the only industry that receives this protection. The law, however, is nothing more than codification of basic tort law, that the industry cannot be held responsible for the criminal actions committed by others.

Industry Prevention Efforts

The Biden administration is squandering decades of trust built between the firearm industry and the ATF. NSSF and the ATF have cooperative crime-prevention efforts including the Don’t Lie for the Other Guy campaign to educate the public that “straw purchasing” a firearm for someone else is crime. Another is Operation Secure Store, to help firearm retailers deter and prevent firearm burglaries and robberies.

The firearm industry – especially retailers – want to ensure that criminals don’t ever possess firearms illegally. They regularly work with ATF special agents to help solve crimes. These actions, though, threaten to chill that cooperative relationship.

don't lie for the other guy NSSF

Sadly, this was predicted. The Biden administration is scapegoating the firearm industry for its own lack of answers to address rising crime. These actions aren’t serious about anything short of the administration’s intent to dismantle the firearm industry. By doing that, they would deny the ability of law-abiding citizens to exercise their own Second Amendment rights.

That doesn’t stop crime. It only makes more potential targets for criminals.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Yeah and did you hear Biden’s communications director yesterday talking about Putins price hikes? Biden and all his garbage Democrat buddies are intent on blaming anyone else for all their many and massive screw ups.

    • And the sheep are lapping up the propaganda. They’re told it’s good that everything’s going to Shiite because it means that Putin will suffer. Oh really? You believe Putin is suffering? Meanwhile, try to look around at your fellow American citizens. Fools.

      • I don’t see it, sure the legacy media has bought into it and maybe the 15 to 20 percent who will put anything in their mouth and swallow on command, but the left has so damaged themselves that most Americans assume everything they say is a lie unless it can be verified from a trusted source. The legacy media isn’t trusted any more than the Democrats.

        • Sure they lost the “independents and swing voters” but, according to polls, nearly half of the country still (?!) agrees with them. I find that terrifying. I know some MSM consumers. They’re unaware of what is happening because they believe any dissenting news is a conspiracy theory. They’re programmed to immediately dismiss it.

        • I’m pretty sure that means you were likely to have previously displayed a black square and then a mask emoji. What will the next virtue signalling distraction be?

      • Rusty,
        She may be in the minority, but a relative of mine recently said she didn’t mind paying more in gas because she wanted to stick it to Putin. I love her, but that was idiotic. The same will probably be said about food in the future.

    • RE: “The ATF released a letter to FFLs that “forced reset triggers” are now considered to be “machineguns,” but didn’t specify brands of models of these triggers that would run afoul of the National Firearms Act (NFA) and Gun Control Act (GCA). Little more is known about what would be considered illegal – including makes and models.”

      Never mind well armed bureaucrats and their high and mighty head scratching decisions…

      Apparently racism and genocide is not considered “illegal” for if it were the Gun Control Act would be shreaded and thrown in the crapper alongside slave shacks, nooses, cross burnings, concentration camps, gas chambers, swastikas and other such filth that comes with Gun Control wherever it has been or wherever it goes.

      There they all were in era if Civil Rights crackers were running to get away from the kkk and smack dab in the middle of it all the sneaky ratbassturds put Gun Control which is one of the largest symbols ever behind racism and genocide in America’s lawbooks.

      All while fools and useful idiots have a cow over concrete statues and monuments…pathetic.

  2. These losers approved 2 trillion in “Covid relief” with 1 trillion in “Covid relief” still unspent, all with looming inflation that they pretended wasn’t going to happen. Then they had the gall to use “Covid relief” money to import as many illegal immigrants as possible, all while American citizens are suffering from stupid government policy. The game is to get as much new spending approved as possible. They’re getting while the gettin’s good. Screw the American citizen’s well-being. Bigger budgets mean more power.

    • The real agenda behind COVID spending, as with all government largeness, is the more money in play, the easier to skim, scam, squander, launder and pocket, and buy the votes of the Non-productive Government Plantation Dwellers using We The Little Peeps Productive Citizens’ money.

      • I agree. They took billions set aside for border wall construction and spent it on something else. Remember when they said we couldn’t afford border wall construction? Why didn’t they just return the money? They’re a sick joke.

    • “The game is to get as much new spending approved as possible.”

      I suspect that this is the goal but that it’s actually a sub-goal of the overarching strategy.

      I strongly suspect that they’ve known for some time that they’re painted into a corner on fisical, monetary and economic policy and that this is an opportunity to blow up the room and place the blame elsewhere.

      What caused TGR was obvious to anyone paying attention, even retroactively. It’s been obvious since that they never did anything to fix the underlying problems but rather papered over them in ways that would make things worse down the line. Down the line is here and excuses must be found, as per Rule #2 of politics (Rule 2: If there is a problem that cannot be ignored then it’s always someone else’s fault).

      • And today the Puppet was saying that we need extra Covid funding now just in case we need it IN THE FUTURE! What? They want to control as much money as possible now, so they don’t have to worry about getting funds approved by a Republican controlled Congress, not that they’re much better. It’s beyond irresponsible.

        • Well, they’re looking at shot #5 already.

          IMHO, the money’s secondary to the fact that they’ve been running the biggest biology experiment in history and a huge percentage of the country are the lab animals. I’m not sure “irresponsible” even begins to cover this.

          But hey, these are the people who think that food shortages imposed on everyone is a fair price to pay because something something.

          By my count they’re now up to at least half a dozen things that, when they go sideways (and they often do), often are not something a government survives. One starts to wonder if that’s the point.

          Given the far Left’s tactics with regards to the War on Drugs, I’d think that if they don’t want a collapse they definitely want to flirt with one for political advantage.

          The whole thing makes me think of the butchered La Coka Nostra lines that popped into my head listening to an administrator talk one day.

          Who wants to smoke some embalming fluid?
          I know someone dumb enough to do it…

  3. call your congressman and senators and tell them “not one penny” to the ATF….they are past due to trap 80+ women and children in a house again…

      • Only in the Republican congressional delegations. Sure. We all know how Democrats despise sexual perversions. As a matter of fact, I may need to confiscate your Progressive Card since you’re implying there is something wrong with that.

        • “Only in the Republican congressional delegations“

          Yes, that’s correct, Madison Cawthorn was specific about his allegations of sexual perversion, “a lot of them that I’ve looked up to through my life, I’ve always paid attention to politics”.

          Do you really think Madison Cawthorn has “looked up to Democrats all his life”?

          “Then all of the sudden you get invited to, ‘Well hey, we’re going to have kind of a sexual get together at one of our homes, you should come.'”

          One could make all sorts of allegations about any party, but Madison Cawthorn is a direct eyewitness who stated publicly “Or the fact that, you know, some of the people that are leading on the movement to try and remove addiction in our country and then you watch them do, you know, a key bump of cocaine right in front of you and it’s like, wow, this is wild,”.

          I understand that the narrative is all about democratic sexual perversions, problem is there’s no proof of those allegations.

          But in this case, we have a serving United States congressional representative making public statements about the sexual perversions within the Republican congressional delegation, it’s just that simple.

          I’m guessing Matt Gaetz is heavily involved, probably Lauren Bobert and MTG as well. And I really don’t want to think about Lindsey Graham or Chuck Grassley’s involvement, but some perverts are into that sort of thing I hear, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

          Some old white guys need them some deviant sex once in a while, who am I to deny love to any of God’s creatures?

          I’m not really shocked, hypocrisy and lies are really the stock in trade of the new Republican party, it’s not surprising that the ‘party of family values’ is conducting drug-fueled sex orgies, I’m just surprised that they have the support of so many so-called ‘Christian conservatives’.

        • So instead of celebrating this revelation, you’re acting like this is something to be ashamed of? Aren’t people in the closet over their sexual perversions because it isn’t widely accepted in society? Here you are, by your own admission, acting like a Republican, and shaming them instead of pushing for a safe space of inclusion, and celebrating their sexual diversity.

          Wait a second! Are you telling me it was never about inclusion and diversity??

        • Minor be sure to hold some magnets when you spin your stories, make some electricity to power the cars no one can afford and all.

        • “Aren’t (Republicans) in the closet over their sexual perversions because it isn’t widely accepted (by their supporters)?”

          Yes, that’s it exactly.

          Most Democrats don’t have a problem with a person’s sexual proclivities, as long as it’s consenting adults and no one is harmed.

          But just like Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Falwell Junior, Jim Bakker, etc., the Republicans supporters (mostly conservative Christians) wish to impose their Bronze Age taboos on others without their consent, all the while engaging in the very behaviors they publicly condemn.

        • And how could we forget the Reverend Ted Haggard, he’s hilarious!

          “COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (CNN) — The Rev. Ted Haggard agreed Saturday to resign as leader of the megachurch he started in his basement more than 20 years ago after its independent investigative board said he was guilty of “sexually immoral conduct.”

          On Friday, Haggard admitted he had received a massage from a Denver man who claimed the prominent pastor had paid him for sex over three years. Haggard also admitted he had bought methamphetamine.

          Haggard, in an interview with CNN affiliate KUSA, denied having sex with Mike Jones and said he did not use the drug and threw it away.

          After the allegations were made public, Haggard resigned as president of the influential National Association of Evangelicals, an umbrella group representing more than 45,000 churches with 30 million members.

          He also temporarily stepped aside as pastor of the 14,000-member New Life Church. (Parishioners stand by Haggard)

          But on Saturday overseers of the church recommended he be permanently removed.

          “We, the Overseer Board of New Life Church, have concluded our deliberations concerning the moral failings of Pastor Ted Haggard,” a statement from the church said.“

          What I find fascinating is that Ted Haggard is still receiving money from conservative Christians who wish to support his ‘ministry’.

  4. wait, does this mean that he sucks? m, ftd!
    and now, after long last and just when i had developed some gumption, along comes these parasites to tell me that lynching is a hate crime.
    that oughta put the hooks on. pretty ok to obliterate old chinese gals still.

  5. Yeah, we all know what’s really happening, but who ya gonna call?? The DOJ, dem city leaders, congress???

  6. The Biden administration . . . lack of answers to address rising crime.”

    I respectfully disagree. The administration has a broad, deep, dynamic strategy to promote rising crime, and it’s working.

  7. Hey, Dementia Joe. If you think things are bad now, wait until people run out of fuel, food, and TP because of your sh1tty administration.

    • “people run out of fuel, food, and TP because of your sh1tty administration“

      You know, that is exactly what people were saying during Donald Trump’s toilet paper shortage in 2020.

      • I’d be willing to go back to the 2020 toilet paper shortage along with 2020 prices. Plus, I never ran out of toilet paper. The good stuff.

        • Yes those were some tough times back in 2020, glad you had some toilet paper.

          But we’ve put all that behind us, and Bidens administration has put together an economic program that is really advanced the United States, regaining the losses under the Trump administration. Of course, the increased economic activity is going to caused some shortages in goods and services as the businesses and job force ramp up to meet the increased demand of a booming economy, but that’s a first world problem I don’t mind having.

          “WASHINGTON, March 4 (Reuters) – U.S. job growth accelerated in February, pushing the unemployment rate to a two-year low of 3.8% and raising optimism that the economy could withstand mounting headwinds from geopolitical tensions, inflation and tighter monetary policy.

          The Labor Department’s closely watched employment report on Friday also showed the economy created 92,000 more jobs than initially estimated in December and January. It suggested that the labor market was moving past the COVID-19 pandemic and that the economy has weaned itself off government money.“

          You go Brandon!

        • This is what normal people refer to as folks BEGINNING to go back to work after the government paid them to stay home, intentionally put them out of business, and scared them into hiding from the China Virus. The government could have done NOTHING, and we would be better off today.

          After all of the trillions spent, we aren’t even back to where we were in 2019. It’s almost like that didn’t help us at all (it made things worse). Well, it helped some people, the ones that didn’t need it.

        • Yeah, MinorIQ, that $6 gas, the supply chain disaster, rampant inflation, absurd spending bills using money printed by the Fed, illegal aliens pouring across our southern border, skyrocketing crime, particularly in “Blue” cities run by your fellow Leftist/fascists, and Senile Joe hasn’t even made up all the jobs we lost in the (fake-ass) “pandemic”.

          Yeah things are goin’ great . . . you pathetic, partisan loser. You remain too stupid to insult, and a brainless partisan hack. Continue lying, we see through your nonsense. Your Dimocrat Leftist/fascists are going to lose the House, lose the Senate, and two years after than, they’re going to lose the White House. And I’ll be laughing uproariously at the antics of your fellow idiot Leftists. Watching AOC and her fellow brainless idiots from “the Squad” melt down will be a laugh riot.

        • Lamp,
          You didn’t address Miner’s point about the panic- / shortage-inducing lockdowns imposed by Trump puppets like Newsom, Cuomo, and DeBlasio.

        • “The government could have done NOTHING, and we would be better off today“

          An interesting assertion, I would love to see some sort of citation to back this up. From conversations with medical professionals, I believe the death toll would’ve been much higher if we hadn’t taken many steps to prevent widespread contagion.

        • Lamprey, do you really believe that Joe Biden controls gas prices?

          You may find this video interesting, here you can watch the smooth moves of the CEO of Exxon, the Rothchild’s chief Washington banker and Donald Trump join the king of Saudi Arabia in an exciting sword dance to prove their loyalty to his highness.

          You probably aren’t aware of this dance of fealty to the Muslim fundamentalists in Saudi Arabia, performed by Donald Trump and his co-conspirators, I don’t think this video ever showed on Fox, Newsmax or OAN.

          I’m sure Donald and his capitalist cronies were thrilled to have an opportunity to show their appreciation to the Saudis, those wonderful folks who brought us 3000 dead Americans on 9/11.

  8. It is truly amazing how the Democrats can be so anti-gun and yet be responsible for putting more firearms into the hands of more people than any other aspect of human society.

  9. Targeting F.F.L. holders and the firearms industry is not the answer to fight crime but Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws are long, long overdue as every civilized country on earth has had them for decades.

    Better vetting is also necessary when Universal Background Checks are implemented as the Brady Bill has often fallen short in its checks by not having the information it needs on a persons criminal and mental health records. It is only a matter of time until the above two laws are passed as most Republicans even support them.

  10. The firearms industry is the only real industry actually flourishing in the USA and democrats want to completely destroy it. Now that they have perfected Ballot Harvest Fraud, they will likely succeed.

    • Voter ID, signature verification, etc. goes without saying. In addition, we should throw out every single ballot without chain of custody, then fire the people in charge that allowed ballots to exist without chain of custody. Drop boxes are obviously stupid. There’s a reason one political party pushes for loose voting regulations, yet they also want to overregulate everything else. How can people not notice that?

      • The overregulation party wants loose voting regulations?

        You mean the same guys who love a lengthy bureaucratic FDA process causing years of suffering and death, shat all over President Trump’s COVID vaccine shortcuts, yet now treat “emergency approval” skeptics as superstitious conspiracy theorists who should be fired?

  11. Biden is a tyrant pent upon taming away the right of the American citizens to defend themselves against tyrants like himself and the incursion of communists in the U.S. Congress.

  12. Increasing the number of police on the streets will have absolutely NO EFFECT on the incidence of GUN CRIME. In the last analyisi all, POLICING boils down to the consent of those being policed and as long as a major proportion of the population support, at the instigation of the firearms industry, as of right, the present gun control legislation that consent is missing. As I see it from the other side of the pond there is an escalation in GUN violence because that violence is inc reasingly accepted and that includes the use of firearms by the police.
    It surely cannot be right in a civilised society that the police have become so frightened for their own safety that it requires the POTENTIAL< use of weapons even for a minor traffic violation AND that is a exactly the sort of thing the MORE POLICING fraternity are askingt for.
    I've travelled the world admittedly mostly in Europe and the Middle East and the US is that only place where police u seem to use firearms as a first resort I've.
    Does it not bother Americans that the loss of life from gun crime in America in the last several decades has been TEN TIMES that of the Armed Forces.

    In Afghanistan and Iraq there were! What? 7000-10,000 [easy enough I suppose to get exact figures US Service deaths in over 15 years? In the same period there were in the order of 200,000 deaths due to gun crime. Is that not food for thought?

  13. Shift Blame for Violence to the god damned Democrat’s who constantly try to overthrow the Constitution with their blatant disregard for their actions in the cities, towns, wherever they rule. Time to round them up and dispatch swift justice to them.

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