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BREAKING: ‘Deranged’ 15-Year-Old Suspect Arrested in Wisconsin Mall Shooting

Wauwatosa mayfair mall shooting

Police investigate a shooting at the Mayfair Mall, Friday, Nov. 20, 2020, in Wauwatosa, Wis. Multiple people were shot Friday afternoon at the mall. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Law enforcement in Wisconsin announced that they’ve arrested a 15-year-old suspect related to the Wauwatosa area Mayfair Mall shooting that took place on Friday. reports:

A 15-year-old boy was arrested in connection a shooting at a suburban Milwaukee mall that injured eight people authorities said Sunday.

Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber said the shooting happened during a dispute Friday afternoon between two groups. He said four “innocent bystanders” suffered what were believed to be non-life-threatening injuries. Investigators said the suspect ran out of the mall alongside other people.

“We do know there was some sort of altercation, and that’s when the bullets started flying,” Weber said during a press conference Sunday.

Police didn’t release a name which isn’t surprising considering the suspect is a minor, but did say they recovered a gun during the arrest. They did not discuss charges yet.

For a bit of a contrast here’s how the “journalists” over at Your Content – and a few other websites – reported the arrest:

A deranged 15-year-old boy has been charged in connection to the shooting at Mayfair Mall that left eight people injured, Your Content News has learned.

Details are few at this time and authorities haven’t released specifics of how the teen was arrested. Throwing in “deranged” to describe the suspect has been done by more than one news site.

Milwaukee has a high crime rate. During my blessedly short time living in Wisconsin I had to make the trip to Milwaukee on a few occasions and let’s just say it’s an area you’d better keep your car doors locked (and be alert…and have your EDC available).

When the news alert of the shooting itself came across my feed on Friday I wasn’t surprised one bit at the location. As for the boy who has been arrested, let’s wait and see what comes of it.





  1. avatar Dennis Sumner says:

    We know the I.D. wont be divulged, so I’ll take a wild guess. Juvenile gang Banger, with a rap sheet, possibly from a single parent non white household! Too bad you dont believe in the PO lice!!!

    1. avatar Ragnar says:

      Some sources identifying suspect as Hispanic.

      1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

        Yes there really are white Hispanics. Just as there are black and brown Hispanics. And there are even Japanese (yellow) Hispanics.

        1. avatar FedUp says:

          Hispanic is a modifier to white/black/whatever.

          But I disagree with the notion that George Zimmerman is White Hispanic, considering his dad is Semitic and his mom’s a Latina immigrant from South America.

        2. avatar tdiinva says:

          False there Naziboi. George Zimmerman’s father was not Jewish. I will give you even worse news. The Master Race is so intermixed with Jews that if the Nuremberg Laws were rigidly enforced the Wehrmacht would have lost a significant number of senior officers including Generalfeldmarschall Erhard Milch, Inspector General of the Luftwaffe and Fat Herman’s best bud from the Flying Circus. He was originally thought to be only half Jewish but recent genealogical research indicates his mother was also what was known as a Mischlinge.

        3. avatar Tdinvaa the tdumbas says:

          Tdunvaa or whatever the fk your stupid name is…..
          You have no clue what those talking about…. you make that obvious everytime you post
          … moron

        4. avatar tdiinva says:

          Moron, There is a well documented book written called Hitler’s Jewiah Soldiers” about the 150k Mischlinge who served in Werhmacht but you didn’t know that because, well, you are a moron.

          A George Zimmerman’s father is not Jewish. You can look that up.

      2. avatar MAGA says:

        His skin was a dark white.

    2. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      “We know the ID won’t be divulged…”

      Last night it was reported the suspect is Hispanic :

      “Police had said Friday that witnesses described the shooter as a white man in his 20s or 30s. But Weber described the suspect as a 15-year-old Hispanic boy. His firearm was recovered during the arrest.”

    3. avatar frank speak says:

      “deranged” only applies to white people…..

  2. avatar eagle10 says:

    ‘Deranged’ – aka Gangbanger

    1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      “‘Deranged’ – aka Gangbanger”

      No, ‘Deranged’ is a Leftist whistle-word for ‘Right-Wing White Supremacist’…

      1. avatar Phil Wilson says:

        All that aside, for me if someone starts shooting people in a mall at random, that pretty much qualifies as deranged behavior.

        1. avatar Angry Dad says:

          Or a waste of good ammo.

        2. avatar frank speak says:

          gangbangers employ a different philosophy…to them disrespect justifies any response…and collateral damage is immaterial….

      2. avatar frank speak says:

        “a dispute between groups”…very telling…..

    2. avatar Mark N. says:

      Isn’t it amazing that this kid has been arrested and is unidentified, but nonetheless we know that he suffers from a mental defect or disease?

      Oh wait, anyone who shoot anyone else must necessarily be “deranged.” Umm hmm. By extension, that must mean that all gun owners, killers in the wings, must be deranged as well.

      1. avatar Angry Dad says:

        Well that’s one branch of the pseudo- psychological leftist analysis against guns, the other being whether you’re deranged or sane The gun made you do it, the mere presence of the gun made you do it, the gun spoke to you and made you do it, The gun represented an irresistible temptation which compelled you to do it, whatever. The first branch is actually the weaker argument, as regards comprehensive gun control or confiscation, because it implies if you’re not deranged then all would be well. The second branch is a strong argument for prohibition, but it’s based on an entire absurdity, that inanimate objects make people do things, so spoons made Rosie O’Donnell fat, axes made Lizzie Borden give her family 40 whacks, etc. Obviously, both branches of this poisonous tree are twisted, gnarled, and pointless and should be pruned away and ignored forever, like most other leftist nonsense.

        1. avatar Southern Cross says:

          According to gun control experts, including expert journalists and entertainment script writers, guns have a miasma of evil that infects the user and compels them to commit violent acts. It is always the gun’s fault. The person was under the thrall of gun’s evil influence.

    3. avatar Hank says:

      Taking the media at their word, we have a mentally incompetent minor carrying a handgun into a “gun free zone.” Nothing fails like gun control.

      1. avatar c says:

        Yeah I sat and watched 20 or so deer parade in front of me last weekend and decided not to shoot a one. My ass was sore from how many times my rifle kicked me and told me to start killing them. If the freezer was empty the rifle would have won. It still felt good having it on me in case something came out that wanted to hurt me.

  3. avatar ME says:

    Lets guess, he’s a member of the preferred pigmentation clan of gang bangers… hence no pictures because he’s a minor, but 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse has his picture all over the internet and called a racist white supremacist. The media is so dishonest.

    1. avatar Gerald says:

      Exactly. A 15 year old, violent, white skinned, Hispanic murderer in a mall gets better press than a white kid defending himself from multiple armed attackers during a Leftist riot. This throws the entire “white privilege” racist story out the window!

    2. avatar Jon in CO says:

      Rittenhouse kind of was on film out in public, doing the deed. Kinda hard to cover his stuff up since it hit the web long before he was arrested.

      However, his mug shot should’ve been kept private as a minor.

  4. avatar President Elect LifeSavor says:

    Glad no one was killed, this time.

    Remember Schlitz? Their slogan: “The beer that made Milwaukee famous”.

    Sound like a revision of that slogan might be in order: “The bier that made Milwaukee famous”.
    Dark humor, I know.

    1. avatar John in FL says:

      Thanks for teaching me a new word!

      1. avatar ChoseDeath says:

        Seconded. Much appreciated!

  5. avatar Roger J says:

    I demand to see his 6th grade graduation photo. Proof positive he is a good boy just turning his life around.

  6. avatar A-Argh15 says:

    *he was turning his life around

    *he had plans to go to college

    *he attended church and helped old ladies across the street

    *he volunteered at a local food bank

    *he was defending himself from white supremacists

    *he found the gun while playing outside somewhere

    okay that’s it; I’ve run out of bullshit excuses for a feral POS thug who needs to be put down like a rabid dog.

    1. avatar Phil Wilson says:

      This could be a genuine case of mental illness. Or not. Need some more info.

      1. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

        …or, it could be a simple case of “de-ganged” behavior.

        1. avatar Phil Wilson says:

          Also entirely possible given the current lack of publicly available info.

        2. avatar Joel says:

          Definitely a case of mental illness. This type of reporting reinforces the notion that most reporters are bat $hit crazy, and will twist any story to fit their deranged world view.

          In a mentally challenged reporters view, a gang shootout becomes “another mass shooting” and self defense becomes “a white privileged hate crime” I’ll term it TDS. TRUTH Derangement Syndrome….

    2. avatar NegligentDischarge says:

      Yep, another dumbsh*&t teenager. For all we know it was a Kopy Kat Kyle playing mall cop. Same thing as deranged with lightened sentence for good intentions. Maybe they can all bunk together in prison.

  7. avatar Manse Jolly says:


    That describes these young ne’er-do-wells perfectly.


  8. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    Once again, we see the result of the propaganda front of the media and the police combined: a hispanic youth becomes a “20 to 30 year old white male.”

    At some point, we all need to just laugh at the media.

    1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      “At some point, we all need to just laugh at the media.”

      The kind of laugh that hurts, unfortunately.

      After the Trayvon Martin incident, we were introduced to a new ethnic identity – The “White Hispanic”.

      By that logic, Obama was not the first president who was Black , he was a “White African-American”…

      1. avatar Angry Dad says:

        Excellent re 0bama (Kamala H. ditto). I lay the source of the “white Hispanic” BS for George Zimmerman at the New York Times, and then I noticed of course because it was the Times’ attempting to remove the privileged status of minority Hispanic from Zimmermann so as to deny him any sympathy and allow all minority privilege to flow to Treyvon. I also observed that had Treyvon had been Yiddische lad Zvi Goldberg, the NYT would have described George Zimmerman as a Hispanic German, you know, just to hint at the Nazi sort of thing. The media sucks.

    2. avatar Gerald says:

      Yup. The press is bullshit and totally against conservative white males.

  9. avatar Elmer Fudd says:

    If President Obama had a bastard son with a Latin Lady, he might be identified as a Hispanic.

    If the suspect were White or a light skinned, Hispanic, maybe with an African American grandfather like George Zimmerman, he would have his photo plastered all over the news.

  10. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

    It appears that the Media defaults to an identical hard-wired response in almost every shooting incident…from the initial description of “a White male, 20 – 30 years old” to a “15-year old Hispanic male” is quite a leap….even for a hostile, racist media. I guess it’s harder to keep the rabble roused if they publish their stories with verified facts.

    1. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

      They default to that because they got the trope from FBI “profilers” – who have about as much ‘science’ or validity behind them as witch doctors and ghost hunters.

      At some point, this country needs to sack the FBI – the entire agency – to improve the credibility of law enforcement.

      1. avatar Elmer Fudd says:


        The FBI profilers enabled the DC Snipers to keep racking up kills. I confess that I was expecting the shooter to be white because they could actually got their intended targets.

        1. avatar Angry Dad says:

          Speaking of media corruption, do you remember when the two black DC snipers were finally caught, after endless media speculation that they would be angry white guys who wore camo and had red necks, how the media went entirely radio silent? They couldn’t proceed with their preferred BS narrative at all, and they simply didn’t know what to do or say. It was pathetic and very revelatory.

        2. avatar tdiinva says:

          Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose used the FBI profile but not profilers. When FBI analyst Linda Franklin got shot the Bureau went to work and within days identified Mohammed as a suspect.

  11. avatar former water walker says:

    If Odumbo had a son…or any chillen. Ya can’t have a baby if you’re a dood Michael. This story will be buried in a memory hole. Deranged media indeed😕

    1. avatar Miner49er says:

      Do you really think Michelle Obama is biologically male?

      It’s easy to see why Donald Trump’s campaign to the uneducated has been so successful.

      Glad that’s all over now.

  12. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    This kind of thing is off the chain nation wide and will only get worse if Biden is sworn in. A friend was in Atlanta this past weekend for his daughter’s cheerleading competition. He said there were two mall shootings at separate malls. The mother of another competitor was shopping when one occurred. She, and other customers, were pushed from the store by employees who then locked it down for their own safety. Casey said the homeless and gang bangers were everywhere. Many businesses close at sundown, regardless of the time, because of crime. This is the Democrat’s vision for America. Jesus wept.

    1. avatar Gerald says:

      Jesus did not weep for this bullshit, he predicted it and taught us how to avoid it and deal with it.

    2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Gadsden Flag,

      This sort of thing is probably going to get worse no matter who ultimately assumes the role of President of the United States.

      The simple fact of the matter is that destruction of the nuclear family and absentee mothers/fathers continue to accelerate in our nation — which will lead to ever more disregard for human life.

  13. avatar Ralph says:

    It takes a couple of days for the police to find and capture a punk who shot up a mall.

    If he had gone to the mall without a mask as part of a church group buying presents for orphans he would have been arrested immediately.

  14. avatar Debbie W. says:

    Since there was an arrest and no need for a BOLO why all the concern about what skin color the perp was born with?

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      Because the BOLO was for a 20-30 year old Caucasian man, and we now know that was nonsense, especially in light of the fact that the shooting erupted in the middle of a teen brawl?

      BTW, does anybody remember if Kyle Rittenhouse was “deranged”?

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        Absolutely NOT! Kyle was a White Racist who was intent on spreading
        DEATH and mayhem! He went to Kenosha in order to KILL, KILL, KILL Antifa and BLM members!!! Hang him from the nearest tree!

        1. avatar Gerald says:

          You are a liar and a nutcase. You were probably there burning and looting shit. Kyle’s shot most likely missed your anarchist ass by just tiny hair!

        2. avatar Angry Dad says:

          My sense is that Gerald below missed your intended irony, alas.

        3. avatar tdiinva says:

          And the worst white supremacist ever. He shot a bunch of white dudes.

        4. avatar MLee says:

          He went to Kenosha in order to KILL, KILL, KILL Antifa and BLM members
          You say that as if it’s a bad thing!

  15. avatar . says:

    The parents should be held accountable.

  16. avatar Marcus Aurelius Tarkus says:

    Q: What’s the difference between a deranged 15-yo mass shooter and a 15-yo?

    A: Only one uses a gun.

  17. avatar Guy Tuten says:

    who cares what race he is all that matters is that this kid of the modern school system we have and dang computer games and the lake of respect for human life and he needs to be dealt with like a grown person

  18. avatar Tom Worthington says:

    Anyone want to wager that the firearm used was NOT one of those evil black rifles? If it were, it would have been included in the headlines.

    1. avatar MLee says:

      Well besides that, there wasn’t any dead. More people than not survive handgun shots. Not so with high velocity rifle rounds.

  19. avatar MLee says:

    At least he was deranged! I’d hate to think a normal acting 15 year old did that!

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