Remington Ilion factory
Remington's Ilion, New York factory, the oldest gun manufacturing facility in America. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)
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Earlier today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order requiring workers in all “non-essential” businesses in the state to stay at home.

As CNN reports,

The executive order takes effect Sunday evening, Cuomo said, and comes a day after California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered the state’s nearly 40 million residents to stay home. The two states have a combined population of nearly 59 million people, meaning the two orders affect nearly 1 in 5 Americans.

Cuomo acknowledged that his actions “will cause disruption. They will cause businesses to close. They’ll cause employees to stay at home. I understand that. They will cause much unhappiness. I understand that also.”

The Governor is using the force of law to ensure compliance.

“These provisions will be enforced,” he said. “These are not helpful hints. This is not if you really want to be a great citizen. These are legal provisions. They will be enforced. There will be a civil fine and mandatory closure for any business that is not in compliance. Again, your actions can affect my health. That’s where we are.”

We’ve talked to individuals at Remington’s Ilion, New York plant who have told us they’ve been informed that the plant will be closed as non-essential under the order. So in the midst of the biggest gun buying boom in history, Remington will be losing a significant part of their manufacturing capacity.

Remington isn’t completely shut down, however. The company also has manufacturing operations in Huntsville, Alabama where some of their firearms are produced including handguns and AAC suppressors. Their ammunition is manufactured in Lonoke, Arkansas. Remington also operates Barnes in Mona, Utah and Dakota Arms in Sturgis, South Dakota.

We’ve reached out to Remington for comment, but have not received a response yet.

UPDATE: from a post the Remington plant will be closed at least until the end of April . . .

[Herkimer County Legislature chairman] Vincent Bono says this is a huge hit for the county financially, “We are certainly concerned on how this will greatly effect the economic impact of Herkimer County while cognizant of the health concerns to workers.  We know that Remington Arms is about 1/7th of the total economy of Herkimer County.  This will be devastating to those workers and their families.”

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  1. Your actions can affect his health?????? By all means people keep going out!!!!!!! Fucking clown. Not worried about anyone else’s health, just his own.

    • “Your actions can affect his health??????”

      Straight out of the Leftist playbook, that is. The same (lack of) mentality that drives gun-grabbers. Your gun (could) harm me, therefore, you can’t have one.

      (If the government hands me a 1,000 dollar check, should I upgrade the gun I’m considering building?)

    • Yeah, now that he’s concerned about his own health, he’ll really mean business and vow to enforce it. Because Cuomo’s rights to life and liberty matter, apparently.

      How about the rest of New York State’s right to life and liberty, Fredo? You know, the little innocent ones in the womb who are counting on you to defend them, and the rest of society who just want to protect themselves from harm with their own guns.


  2. Wonder if state law limits the time an “emergency” can extend? I can see a wonderful opportunity to declare that until Corona 19 is eradicated from the state (or nation?), the “emergency” declaration will remain in force. Governments are, whether they admit it or not, testing the fabric of society. If governments can declare what business is non-essential, tryanny is the order of the day.

    Under an “emergency” the government can declare that even news outlets are non-essential. Book stores, repair centers, whole distribution networks, organiations, places of worship, pick your favorite disfavored activity, even the courts.

    Real life classroom for civil liberties.

    • Gov Soprano had his “emergency” authoritah expanded, the threshold lowered, n language loosened, all in another midnight, pass it now spasm.

      What can he do, for how long? Who can say. Just like he wants it.

  3. Perhaps Remington will learn from this and move completaly out of NY. I am sure Arkansas, Utah and South Dakota will make room for a remington plant or two!

      • We Texans are fed up with liberals. We kick their ass out of our state. some go missing. We have alot of land to hide a body.

        • “We have alot of land to hide a body.”

          So that is why the far eastern belt of the Piney Woods, and swamps near Houston stay so green and fertile.

        • You are continuing to receive more libtards from Commiefornia every day, especially around the Austin area.

        • Sure you are, Tex. Two people I’ve known for years – a husband and wife – who are born-and-bred CA liberals retired from their careers as attorneys last year and moved to Houston. I’m sure they brought their liberal voting habits with them.

    • We have lots of room for Remington and it’s workers here in North Carolina. Lots of New Yorkers have moved here (including me).

      • Why would Remington want to leave one liberal state and move to another one? North Carolina has had a sane thought the last three elections

  4. SOSO.Cuomo should have been impeached/disbarred/imprisoned/fined/deported[to NYC or Russia]long ago.
    Any guess why I’m looking to permanently exit NYState this year??

  5. No matter what job or who you are unemployment hurts , the virus thing hurts , just have to stop contamination best can , stay safe , stay alert and stay home if can . Best of luck , God Bless All
    God Bless America

    • The whole point of not gathering in large crowds is to reduce the massive wave of infections that could cause the hospitals to fill. The virus is here. You will be exposed to it eventually. You either live or you die. That’s how this works. Most people will survive. The virus isn’t an enemy the government can defeat, it’s up to your body.

      • The whole point of having National borders and enforcing them prevents diseases from coming to the United States. If you don’t believe me then why are the Democrats and the Libertarians continuing to support open borders??? And allow infected people to come to the United States???

        What sense does it make to deprive American citizens of their life liberty and pursuit of happiness. Destroy their ability to make a living to work as they please . And then allow an infected person to travel to the United States and infect healthy people?

        • America is open to the world. Even North Korea allows people in. There was no way America would go old school Japan and not allow any outsider onto their land.

          Trump didn’t care to test and screen for the virus until it was already infecting thousands and killed a bunch of people in Washington.

          I know some people that came to the U.S. to escape Asia because of the corona virus. They thought it was safe in America. Then they started to see the violence and panic. They decided to get the fuck out before America does some stupid shit. They went back to Asia were the situation is under control and there are not as many cases as the U.S. has now.

        • Who said Libertarians are for open borders? That is bullshit. There are rules for entering the US. Once you are legally here, I will defend your rights, but until then you have no rights in this country. I think you are conflating Libertarians with libertines. NOT the same thing. Most of the founding fathers were classical liberals, which translates to modern Libertarians. Modern “liberals” are more closely in line with the National Socialists of WWII Germany (Nazis). Be careful with the labels you apply to people and get it right.

        • “They went back to Asia were the situation is under control and there are not as many cases as the U.S. has now.”

          Under control, eh? Like that lie China has gone 2 days without a new infection?

          That doesn’t match the reports coming out, like how a Chinese cell phone provider lost over 8 million customers last month, and how there are lines are outside ‘fever clinics’ :

          “Beijing’s Claim Of No New Infections Contradicts Reality On The Ground”

          “Latest figures released by China Mobile show that they have lost 8.116 million users in Jan and Feb. Where are these users now? Switched to other carriers? Or, they couldn’t carry their phone to the nether world?
          Chinese report at: #CCPVirus #COVID2019″

          “Expanding greatly on this notion is the Epoch Times, which confirmed video evidence of people lining up outside a fever clinic in Wuhan – along with the March construction of a new, makeshift hospital and other facilities. Continue reading below.

          Authored by Nicole Hao via the Epoch Times

          Chinese citizens report long lines outside of hospitals, new makeshift hospitals, and forced quarantines”

        • And to re-enforce what you said, remember that there were some Border Patrol agents that we catching TB from the illegals.

        • “….Modern “liberals” are more closely in line with the National Socialists of WWII Germany (Nazis)…..”
          I’m amazed some libtard didn’t respond to that by stating “but we want “DEMOCRATIC Socialism””.
          They refuse to accept that Socialism is bad regardless of what word is placed before it.

  6. Either way. There will be hell to pay. His illegal actions again are not coded by Federal Law which has the right to declare Marshal Law if needed. So eff you Ayatollah Cuomo and all you’re traitor Democrats.

  7. guess we need a definition of non-essential. Just a backdoor approach to kill firearms. Why anyone would want to live in NY is beyond me.

    • Beautiful country side, and my job (which I love) building and assembling firetruck bodies. Everything else sucks.

  8. Time for Remington to get the hell out of NY state. I know that their location is historic, but they would be better off in KY, GA, TX, or SC!

    • If they leave their liberal views behind they will survive in Texas if not we have been hiding liberals under a lot of dirt. FACT

      • Yeah, well we all know San Antonio and Austin are bluer than blue bonnets. And the rest of the state is just a matter of time.

        • Hunt – agreed about Austin – SA is too blue but not nearly as bad as Houston or the DFW Metroplex. We actually still have a chance to save the Alamo City.

  9. Why is Remington still in New York, the biggest anti-gun state in the country along with California.I’m sure there are states who still appreciate our 2nd Amendment that would welcome their company. Just doesn’t make sense to stay in a state that has put a bullseye on your company.

  10. I have little sympathy for gun companies that continue to operate in NY, CT, NJ, CA, MD, etc. For decades, these states have shown they’ll do anything they can to attack guns and owners. Yet, these companies continue to give their tax dollars to their enemies. When CO put in their restrictions, Magpul left for WY and TX, even though the CO law had a cutout to allow them to continue to operate.

    • All the firearms manufacturer’s are still in those states because believe it or not, most states were not anti American many years ago, when those companies started….
      Our government is KOMPROMISED, and there’s not a lot anyone can do about it when the ruling class allows it…. too far gone

      • “All the firearms manufacturer’s are still in those states because believe it or not, most states were not anti American many years ago,”

        Then the added fact that it takes 12 -24 months to prove to NY that you no longer live in NY, or operate from there.

      • The New England Gun Valley has been the home of famed gun makers for centuries. I’m not saying that the moves are easy or instantaneous, but the writing has been on the wall for decades. Any new product line should be started in a new state. When a line closes, offer relocation packages to those workers. There are states that would love their business and give tax breaks for making the move. Colt’s historic century old factory is already being redeveloped into apartments with commercial and retail. Lots of states have open land and even huge dormant factories. Remington’s bankruptcy gives them the opportunity to shed the old and start new elsewhere.

  11. Wow that sux Vito…meanwhile Andrew Betts on “The Chopping Block” just unleashed a diatribe against anyone who “thinks” there is such a thing as “price gouging”. Yer stupid,retarded and clueless is his gist. He also jabbers on the video’s. And now a wider audience know he supports scum like CTD…no wonder your “personal” YouTube channel is going nowhere😏 I wonder if begging for Patreon support really works?😋

  12. Why do y’all need a billion clips of ammo for your ar14’s they are useless against gattling guns, and pepperbox revolvers, all you need for home dee-fence is a stagecoach shotgun.
    No Malarkey!

    • “Why do y’all need a billion clips of ammo for your ar14’s…all you need for home dee-fence is a stagecoach shotgun.”

      And a billion rounds of yer favorite gauge.

  13. I will never understand how firearm manufactures remain in gun hating states like NY and Connecticut…

    • “I will never understand how firearm manufactures remain in gun hating states like NY and Connecticut…”

      Because, in government speak, moving a factory is a non-trivial undertaking.

      • “Because, in government speak, moving a factory is a non-trivial undertaking.”

        And in practical-speak, the people who know how to manufacture quality firearms may not be eager to leave the place they have called home for multiple generations to go to a strange place where they know very few people.

        (Currently) free states need to invest in creating regional “Gun Valleys” skilled in gun manufacturing…

        • “…people who know how to manufacture quality firearms may not be eager to leave the place they have called home for multiple generations to go to a strange place where they know very few people…”

          I know this from personal experience. During a massive layoff, one of my cohorts was told that under no circumstances would the family be uprooted from their comfort zone (family of generations in place) just to find a job to keep paying the bills. Better to remain in place, even at half-pay. Another restriction was that the travel time to a new job could not be longer than the drive to the current job.

          Had nothing of encouragement or advice to offer. When you life as a military brat and military member is one move after another, it is difficult to relate to people who are firmly tied to a single street/neighborhood.

        • I grew up in that life, my dad was in the USAF.

          At the same time, I’ve lived here more than half my life, and have developed *some* roots, so I’m empathetic…

  14. Make a new plant with actual QI DEPT.
    Or just assemble the “high dollar” 870 DM.
    BARRELS should as least be test fitted, is that asking to much?

  15. I wonder when Mass. will shut down Springfield Armory, that state is just as bad as N Y & Calif.

    • I’m always amazed when I see this. The current Springfield Armory Inc. has absolutely nothing to do with Springfield Armory the US Arsenal. The Springfield Armory in MA is now a museum, while Springfield Inc is a gun company in IL.

      It’s the same for the current Armalite. They didn’t invent the AR15 or the AR10, they bought a defunct trademark.

  16. It’s important to note that aggressive quarantine policies in China, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan effectively slowed and then ended the jumps in new cases. The US has until recently had limited testing with reported cases likely well below actual infections. As of 3/17 SK had tested 11X as many people as the US while having just 15% of the population. All of the big 3 auto makers have shut down their factories and Honda, Toyota, and Nissan are planning to do so as well. It’s safe to assume their suppliers have as well.This is epidemiologists’ dream experiment as they’ll be to test the disease spread in highly quarantined areas versus less so, which will determine the effectiveness of the measures.

  17. It’s not like this order is specifically aimed at the firearms industry. It’s a story but not the story that article implies.

    • Somewhat true, but there are those that would say manufacture of firearms and ammunition IS essential.

      • If you had to run for guns and ammo over the last two weeks then I would say you weren’t prepared. I bought 500 rounds of 10mm because I was to 100 ball plus some self defense ammo but my 10mm is a field gun, not a self defense gun.

    • There is no implication that the order was directed at Remington or gun makers.

      It states clearly that the order applies to the entire state of New York. All non-essential businesses.

      We’re a gun blog, hence we wrote about the order’s effect on the oldest gun factory in America that’s located there.

      • Well Dan, a less inflammatory headline might be in order. Something like “New York orders all nonessential businesses shut closing down Remington’s Illion NY factory.”

        Reading through the comments your readership thinks this was specifically aimed at Remington.

        • It is what is known precisely wrong. It gives the impression that it was direct specifically at Remington and many people took it that way.

    • If you look at the restriction, it’s aimed at businesses … I speculate subconsciously, but the “disparate impact” is blatant.

      – Business, or more generally people doing what they want, is optional. Ban all the autonomous things … none of that’s useful, anyway.

      – People doing what they’re told is essential.

      – State controllex workers — teachers, say — have their pay continued n they know it. Have a stand-alone business, n first nobody can come in, then they can’t get to you, n B T W, “regionally” they’re stepping on the trucking network. Gotta make those shortages hurt … n last.

      “Everything within the state. Nothing outside the state. Nothing against the state.” Who said that, again?

      As a thought experiment, name other interventions w similar or better impact. I have one. Maybe get more tests out there. “Quarantine” infected folk, and “isolate” the most vunerable. “Ban everybody doing anything.” seems a bit broad … unless that’s the point.

  18. I was born, raised and lived in N.Y.C. for some years, departed a long time ago. That said, how many times has this clown run for and been elected to significant public office?

  19. Non-essential; How much money did you give to me and my fellow Dumbocrats, comrade citizens I am here to protect you, trust me , I wouldn’t lie to you. I am the great one; Adolf Cuomo Oz, I, I will lead you to the promised land, step into this room for a quick shower !!

  20. The Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment requires just compensation when the state meaningfully interferes with an owner’s chosen lawful use of his property.

    • “The Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment requires just compensation…”

      If the succinctly worded Second Amendment is not absolute, a clause buried in a complex amendment has no hope.

      Besides….”compelling government interest”.

      Note: The “takings clause” permits government annexation of property for the public, even if the property is never used to serve the public.

      • Just one suggestion @Sam, if you are going to misquote the constitution, at least learn which article you are misquoting.

        • “Just one suggestion @Sam, if you are going to misquote the constitution, at least learn which article you are misquoting.”

          Provide the article you think I misquoted, and the misquote of the constitution.

    • The “Taking Clause” is related to eminent domain, i.e. the taking of private property for public use, which requires compensation for the property owner. That’s not at all what’s happening when you temporarily close factories, restaurants, day care centers, theme parks, movie theaters or other facilities to address a public health emergency.

  21. People I know were told/ordered to stop working, go home and stay there. They were told they could come back in about a month.

    This is straight up China level totalitarianism. Forcing everyone to stop working and ordering people to stay home though not infected. Staying this is going to be the new normal for now on. People are even calling for Trump to declare martial law.

    Trump wants to hand out trillions of dollars because he decided to pretend for months that it wasn’t an issue. He didn’t want to test for the virus. Then he said America doesn’t have enough masks, but he didn’t order for medical supplies to be produced, though he said he has the power to do so. He is now locking Americans in by banning travel. He declared himself a wartime president.

    This is all intentional so the government, bankers and corporations can steal Americans’ money via a “bail out” and printing money. It’s not only a money grab, it’s a power grab.

    Ilhan Omar, Andrew Yang, Bernie Sanders, etc, are all happy about Trump’s contrived socialist wealth transfer.

    • “Trump want to hand out trillions of dollars…”
      Typical “Never Trumper”. Let’s hear your great ideas Einstein. I’m sure you can quickly solve this mess from the basement. How about laying blame dead center on where it’s due…CHINA!

      • Do you think China released a bio weapon on purpose to ruin America’s economy?

        Didn’t you and Trump say it’s not big deal, it’s just the flu, the regular flu kills more than the Kung Flu.

        Look at Japan and Korea. They aren’t going as far as Trump, but they are doing a better job.

        • Even with politics, and communists take politics over reality, why would you want to harm the economy of your largest purchaser of your products. The rest of the world is going into economic downturn.

          Congratulations China. You not only started a global pandemic, you have also started a global recession! May you live in interesting times! I hope the “face” you saved in January was worth the price.

        • Censor,
          You must be coming down with one, cuz I never said anything about a flu. Although a bit confused, I’m sure you’re an ok person. However, your comments certainly do not lend themselves to let one believe that you are more right than left. To me, it looks like you’re quite a bit more like Bern or Joey B.

        • China has little to gain from this…and much to lose…don’t ignore the obvious…they just fucked-up…

    • Just imagine what it would be like with hilliary at the helm.
      Many businesses looked at the situation and shut down on their own without any mandates. The POTUS is no slacker and he is doing a great job. He was ahead of the curve shutting down entry from China for which he was vilified by democRats. He has zeroed in on production of medical supplies, etc. Right now a whole bunch of folks are unemployed with limited resources. Those keeping care of a relative etc. will need help during a time when a Will Work For Food Sign isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

      • Businesses were ordered to shut down. People want to work.

        Trump said he knew about the virus last year. This is how he lead the country in January.

        • “Trump said he knew about the virus last year. This is how he lead led the country in January.”

          “led” (verb) derives from “to lead”

          “lead” (verb) is to lead

          “lead” (substance) is a chemical element

          English is a sloppy language.

  22. “You don’t need 10 bullets to kill a deaaaarr.” So said the butt spew gun control self serving sicko democRat NY Gov.
    These gun control chumps have worn out their welcome and it’s past time for them to crawl back under the rocks from which they came.

    • yeah,..they continue to think there’s something about hunting in the second amendment…

  23. Damn idiots at Pravda About Guns want to make it sound like this one Remington plant was the only business in the entire state that was shut down.

    Get over yourselves, SNOWFLAKES. Coronavirus isn’t some leftist plot. Yes, they may take advantage of the disruption to advance their agenda — just as WE are trying (poorly) to take advantage of the disruption to advance our agenda.

    Just because a bunch of snowflakes have suddenly decided they want to buy one of those evil guns they used to hate (and will hate again) does not magically make gun factories and gun shops “essential” businesses.

    • When the government is grabbing power, and making its way to martial law, guns and ammo are essential. They already said they would make the National Guard enforce the new rules if people don’t listen.

      • “They already said they would make the National Guard enforce the new rules if people don’t listen”
        GAFC idiot!
        “New” rules?
        Sorry, those are for the sheeple and subjects to follow.
        The citizens and Patriots follow the “OLD” rules, set forth by the Constitution and BOR.
        Better outfit those National Guard “gun grabbing” squads with jackets that convert to body bags, this will do away with the logistical need of providing bags for all the fallen Guardsmen.
        Texas ain’t post Catrina New Orleans, not by a LONG shot.

    • “Get over yourselves, SNOWFLAKES.”
      Uh, we’re not the Snowflakes. You and your libby anti 2a buddies are, and always gave been. That’s the te given to YOU and your friends back you all started needing “crying rooms” and “safe places”. Now go be a good girl and yell at the sky! Troll.

      • Don’t forget about the coloring books, hot cocoa, stuffed animals, and “stress reducing” petting bunnies in those safe spaces.
        Those colleges sure prepared the snowflakes for the real world, didn’t they.

        • I NEVER got a petting bunny when I was in college, and now that I can afford one, Hugh shuts down his magazine! Life is sooooo cruel!

    • Seeing your name is all I need to know about YOUR agenda….
      I’m sorry, but this country was FOUNDED with FIREARMS….. and it may need a RE founding if we have people LIKE YOU running your mouth like a runaway lawnmower….

  24. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds through emergency executive action extended any soon to expire permits to purchase and permit to carry. Along with the suspension on numerous state taxes and regulations. Through April 16. The action will be reevaluated at that time to determine if further delay/suspension will be taken.
    Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain…

    • @Darkman
      So you need a permit to purchase and a separate permit to carry and you think the state telling you it’s OK to exercise the privilege I’ve granted you for a while without further approval is a good thing?

      • The permit to purchase is an old form used years ago but still used for people who want to buy a handgun and not carry. If you plan on carrying you get the carry permit instead of the purchase permit. Not perfect. Hell of lot better than most. Since We are a Must Issue state.

        • “Not perfect. Hell of lot better than most. Since We are a Must Issue state.”
          Darkman: This kind of thinking is precisely why were losing the 2A. We feel like it’s ok to convert the right to a privilege as long as they don’t revoke the privilege so we’re not affected too much. It isn’t liberties and rights as you indicated in your original post, you’ve already lost that, so please don’t call it that. in future posts.

  25. NY: This shit will be ENFORCED! Yeah, the Bail Reform Model they the imposed translates to catch and release often just a ticket. Like most LE, there are priorities and getting a cop on site when no blood was flowing took hours BEFORE WuFlu hit. You can bet money that the ANTI-GUN NY gov. Would love to make an example with a gun Mfr.

  26. If the Remington plant in NY produces anything for the US military, they are exempt from Cuomo’s order under Federal law. I wonder if that location has any active Federal contracts?

    My own work is in the defense industry and it has been explained to us that no local city, county or state order to close up can apply to us. Defense manufacturing is a critical industry, so it is business as usual. Well, as usual but with lots of new health and safety procedures.

  27. All these posts and the REAL reason has yet to be stated.
    Remington is INTENTIONALLY being kept in NY by the anti-2nd A board members of Cerberus Group.
    It has slowly been stripped and bled out for years now. Almost NO “new” products or “innovative” designs, just BS like the R51 (the reissue of a 70 year old design), or the R1 (R purchased Para Ord, and got the designs and tooling handed to them).
    Remington is dead, bury it in NY. Texas doesn’t want Remington, because all the legacy talent was shown the door when Cerberus Group cut the check for purchae, then all the “big thinkers” infiltrated the operation.
    When Rem purchased Para Ord, I purchased a NOS P.O. 1911/Caspian 14.45 Expert (still in my safe in unfired condition), knowing Remington was going to do one of two things.
    1) Destroy the Para 1911 wideframe concept/design.
    2) Get killed off by the anti-gunners who control Cerberus.
    Seems I was right on both counts.

    • I dunno, I have a remington R1 doublestack that shoots perfectly. I do agree that the quality of their rifles, shotguns and pistols fell way off after Cerberus bought them, but from the firearms I’ve seen from them recently, the quality is coming back.

      • Many unhappy owners of the double stack R1s. Many will not cycle properly with a full mag.
        The R1s were TOTAL disasters, had to recall all the early production gun to fix problems, and they STILL don’t work.
        My neighbor sent his R1 back to Remington THREE times before selling it for less then half of what he paid.
        You can’t expect to survive (IF Cerberus Group wanted that) producing firearms that don’t work.
        If there was a Hi-Point and and Remington handgun (new in box and untested) sitting on a table in front of me, and my life depended on a functional firearm, I would grab the Hi-Point.

        • “The R1s were TOTAL disasters,…”
          Correction, should have been “R51s”, not “R1s”
          Let’s not even bring the Remington pump action shotguns that fail to operate after a few 100s of shells.
          A firearm companys reputation is no better then the worst gun they make.
          No new Rs in my future.

  28. I Lived in N Y 10 YRS Ago , I have retired and relocated to TX , Thank God
    God Bless TEXAS !

    Tell that idiot he can keep it ! .

  29. Take a moment to consider that gun manufacturers are ordered to close, because they’re deemed “non-essential”, yet bars and pot dispensaries are kept open and operational.
    Anyone care to guess what the reason might be?

  30. Essential to whom? My job is essential to me, so I guess I’m free to go to work then, right?

    Mass noncompliance is the only answer to this bullshit.

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  32. Why is Remington still in New York?
    I understand that it is difficult and expensive to move a factory, but the writing has been on the wall for years.
    Here in Florida we have a program to entice out-of-state businesses, including firearms companies to relocate to the state with a system of tax breaks, expedited permits, and help finding land and factory buildings.
    There are already plenty of other firearms companies here along with a pool of skilled workers and an excellent transportation system.
    As others have commented, plenty of other states would offer similar enticements.
    I hope this is the straw that breaks the camels back and all the major firearms companies will leave the anti-gun states.

  33. Remington should just abandon NY and move everything and everybody to another State that is gun friendly.

  34. Can really feel the love in here,,,

    Think I will snuggle with my CZ, and read a book now.

  35. Perhaps Remington and all gun manufacturers should consider moving out of NY altogether since they are considered “non-essential”. I know that suggestion won’t be popular to employees, but I assure you that you would be welcome in Ohio. One thing this ex-Pennsylvanian can attest to, the weather in SW Ohio is warmer then Llion, NY in the winter, and has lower taxes and cost of living too. Besides, you’d be far more welcome here given your governors action.

  36. I wish we could get rid of all the CHICKEN LITTLE’s of this world and conniving Democrats.

  37. This all comes because of Gov. Andrew Cuomo D-NY over 1200 jobs going to Alabama he has been after Remington for a long time.

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