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Colorado House passes HB1224 banning standard capacity magazines that hold more than 15 rounds (courtesy

“After an epic debate, Colorado Democrats advanced stricter gun-control measures Friday, ensuring that the state will be held up as an example in a national fight over tougher firearm laws,” reports. Late last night, the Colorado House passed HB 1224 (limiting magazine capacity to 15 rounds) and three other bills (after the jump) by voice vote. After a roll call on Monday, the package will sail through the Democratically-controlled Senate and land on Governor Hicklooper’s desk for signature. The bills passed with Tailgunner Joe’s help. “Vice President Joe Biden [on vacation in the Rocky Mountain State] called four House Democrats to get their take on the debate and to note Colorado’s importance in a national discussion on gun control.” Magazine manufacturer Magpul is now certain to up-stakes and take 700 jobs with them. Also passed . . .

House Bill 1226
Sponsor:Rep. Claire Levy, D-Boulder
What it would do:Outlaw concealed-weapon permit holders to pack heat in college campus buildings
Status:Received initial approval

House Bill 1228
Sponsor:Rep. Lois Court, D-Denver
What it would do:Require gun customers to pay the costs of their criminal background checks by the Bureau of Investigation (a.k.a., firearms poll tax)

Status:Received initial approval
House Bill 1229
Sponsor:Fields and Rep. Beth McCann, D-Denver
What it would do:Require universal background checks for gun sales or transfers (a.k.a., universal registration)

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  1. Wow…just….whoa….I didn’t actually think this would pass. I’ll be danged if I hunt in Colorado now.
    On the bright side, maybe Magpul will come to Texas…

    • Wow…just….whoa….I didn’t actually think this would pass.

      …..why? The Democrats control the House, the Senate, and the Governor’s mansion. What did you think was going to happen? Colorado is getting exactly what they asked for at election time.

      • Yep – legalize weed and civil disarmament. Gotta love liberals – turning citizens into brain dead druggies with no rights or wants for personal responsibility one state at a time.

        • Forgive me, but allowing someone to choose what to put in their body (and live with the consequences) is no different from allowing someone to choose what rifle to own or what size mag to purchase. If we’re going to demand personal liberty, we really ought to be consistent about it.

        • “If we’re going to demand personal liberty, we really ought to be consistent about it.”


        • Excuse me, but mixing metaphors…
          Comparing the (non constitutionally guaranteed)right to put reality-altering recreational chemicals into your MIND (that’s where they work, not your body) with the right to defend yourself, your family and your country with arms that IS consitutionally guaranteed, and requires a VERY clear and consistant perception of reality, is just a little disingenuous and self-serving. These two “rights” are in no way on the same plain and should never be confused.

        • The right to self-determination includes the right to do as you wish to yourself, so long as you do not expect someone else to suffer the consequences. Whether or not the right to self-determination is constitutionally protected is immaterial to the argument; try to restrict my personal choices, and we’re going to have issues.

        • You’re not only out of line, you’re IGNORANT, too.

          And as a point of information, drugs (y’know, pot, caffeine, etc.) do NOT “alter reality”. The reality remains unchanged; the perception of it changes.

        • It may not be constitutionally guaranteed, however the 10th amendment does not allow Federal Regulation of it. Only by interpreting the Commerce Clause as a “make any law you want regarding anything that can be potentially sold clause” are they able to criminalize the sale and possession of mild-altering substances.

        • +1 to Moonshine, well said. There’s nothing I lothe more than people who are fanatic about their pet liberty of choice, but couldn’t care less about rights that don’t apply to them.

          Apparently Cliff is unaware that the Tenth Amendment exists.

        • WRONG. You don’t get to cherry pick civil liberties there chief. I speak as a resident of CO who strongly favors both the 2nd Amendment AND the legalization of marijuana. This “one and not the other” B.S. is symptomatic of the plutocratic duopoly idiocy that we currently have. Consistency, or nothing.

      • Used to be a popular bumper sticker in the Denver area:
        “Don’t Californicate Colorado”
        In spite of that it sure looks like they got pregnant somehow.

      • Yup. I hope any of the stupid libtards on this forum who voted for democrats and Barry learned something and wont be so stupid next time.
        Elections matter and have consequences.
        Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      • Mike, the Second isn’t primarily about hunting. Deer generally don’t shoot back, so five rounds is enough. However, for self defense, the more the better, especially if there’s more than one bad guy.

    • It’s time to send the democrats in Colorado home to New York and LA where they belong. As our elected officials, they have failed. Worse yet they have commited an act of treason. I will dedicate every waking moment of my future to defeating these traitors. They as I, swore allegence to the US Constitution… To protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic. What Colorado Democrats have done us expose themselves as traitors of the United States and should be delt with accordingly. Which of our Civil Rights is next to go? Deside where your line in the sand is…….

      • You are quite correct. When liberalism infects and destroys a state, the infecting organism looks for another host to infect. Be advised, Texas and other conservative locales.

  2. RF – It’s “Hickenlooper”. Not “Hicklooper”.

    The best work John’s ever done was as a cameo in cousin George’s Casino Jack.

  3. “ensuring that the state will be held up as an example in a national fight over tougher firearm laws”

    Hate to break it to ya Denver Post, but in the race to the bottom California and New York have a massive head start (even more of a head start than other anit-freedom states).

    edit– wasn’t Colorado the state where campus carry went to the state supreme court and won?

    • I think that just applied to one state school that banned it.

      It is obvious now that the anti-gunners don’t care about illegal guns, just gun owners. Why else would they attack CCW?

    • ” … wasn’t Colorado the state where campus carry went to the state supreme court and won?”

      Yes … and it applied to all public colleges and universities. (While the lawsuit was over a particular university campus, the ruling applies to all public colleges and universities.)

      • Which since campus carry was decided by the State Supreme Court, the law has no basis and will be stricken almost instantly.

        • Depends on what the state court used as the basis to allow concealed carry. If they used a state law as a basis that has now changed, then it won’t be stricken. If they used a Federal law or something else that has not changed, then I agree with your analysis.

        • That’s a negative ghost rider.

          The Colorado Supreme court case involved an administrative rule/ordinance at a public university that conflicted with state law regarding statewide preemption and concealed carry. The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the public university had to abide by state law.

          Colorado state law will now simply criminalize concealed carry licensees for carrying into college buildings. The only potential conflict at this point is with the Colorado State Constitution. However, no one has brought suite to challenge this type of law in Colorado on that basis as far as I know.

          Cue the Second Amendment Foundation press release in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

      • except utah is doing the exact opposite of colorado, we can open carry, carry concealed in public schools, and classes are now being provided for teachers. We have a second amendment protection act intrduced and our sherrifs association wrote a letter to obama where they said they would trade their lives in the defense of the second ammendment. So Magpul, were right next door

        • Well I would lik for Mag Pul to come to Mississippi so We can get our mags direct from the factory an our state government seems to fill the same as Utah.
          The one thing though is with the type of government Colorado has they do need to find another place to. operating out

  4. Come to Florida, we have plenty of inexpensive empty buildings and housing on the Treasure Coast and will give tax incentives to companies looking for a new home! Plus we are very Firearms friendly and have lots of people looking for jobs!

  5. My Advice to Magpul would be to find a die Hard Firearm Friendly State that has been hit hard by the Recession and find a Vacant or nearly Vacant Town and Buy whole shebang (or at least most of it), not only will they help a Friendly States economy immensely, but if they buy an entire town they can move any/all of their willing existing employees with them and set their own local laws and they could Minimize any impact the move would have on their Production.

    It would be a “WIN WIN” situation All the way Around.

    • Maybe Kansas since it’s one state over ? A bill is up for committee here (that’s looking very likely to pass) on Tuesday called The Second Amendment Protection Act which “declares that firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition that is owned or manufactured commercially or privately in Kansas and remains within the borders of Kansas is not subject to any federal firearm or ammunition law, treaty, regulation, federal executive action or registration program. It declares that any act, law, treaty, order, rule or regulation of the federal government which violates the Second Amendment is null, void and unenforceable in the State of Kansas.”

      also have a very low cost of living as compared to Colorado. And we’re one state over. Come on Magpul !

      • The problem with Kansas is, if they want to set up shop here they’d have to do it in Wichita, or in the middle of nowhere. The KC area is an elitist-liberal hell-hole compared to anywhere else in the state.

        • There are lots of great people here but the Kansas City Star is a liberal rag and there are lots of sick & twisted “progressives” in this town.

        • The problem with Kansas is IT’S TOO DAMN WIDE. Took me from sundown to sunup to get through it on a train.

      • WV is a cool state. And a good PA neighbor too.

        What MP or any of these (rightfully so) butthurt gun businesses should do is move their company to a place where the local government will give them a huge tax break or other incentives for relocating into their county. I live in a depressed county in Pennsylvania. The county commissioners would make it attractive for the right businesses to move here.

        I wrote contracts for our local government for a while and I watched some new business owners get damn sweet deals to relocate into our county. I’m reasonably sure that still is going on.

      • I think KY would be a better move than OH. Friendlier gun laws, solidly red state and will be for the next 200 or so years, and lower taxes than OH. Also there are a lot of people with factory and skilled labor experience, and land is CHEAP. Just ask Toyota, they’ll back up a KY move as a great decision

        • oklahoma….very pro-2A, low cost of living, centrally located, both oklahoma city and tulsa are pro-gun (police chiefs, not), oklahoma city has a lot of aviation, aviation technician and machinist type jobs, so finding employees from the local population would be easy.

        • Yes indeed, 120 counties in Kentucky and 117 voted against Obama. The only real city, Louisville, is Democrat controlled but is too small to be the tail that wags the dog.

  6. Here’s hoping some Texas reps get on that and write another open letter to these companies whose home states no longer want. The bidding war is on!

    • I can only wish they’d come to WA state. Regulatory climate isn’t as bad as NY, CA, CO but it could still be better.

    • Hey, can’t think about much in Washington that IS too bad. Get used to the weather (Western Washington) and this place turns into a paradise.

      If Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, and Bungie all live here, then it can’t be too bad of a home for companies, amirite?

  7. Another day, another clutch of traitors revealed in our “public service.” In any other morally and logically secure time in this country, the sun wouldn’t have set before these sub-human politicians were swinging from the lamp posts.

    F— modern Americans. This country truly is no longer worth defending nor living in. Of course, it really hasn’t been since 1994.

    We’re a nation so pathetic and weak-willed that one murderer can cause the utter destruction of our founding and sacred principles. We’re a nation of cowards, idiots, and scum that don’t deserve the freedoms we’ve been entrusted with. I hope after leftists are done taking away all they want, someone else comes along and takes away everything they hold dear.

  8. I emailed every single member of the CO general assembly and the governor telling them to shoot this down because it’s ineffective, it prevents good people from defending themselves, because magpul will leave the state and take jobs with them, because people will move out of CO, and because people will protest CO by not visiting the state ever. I know only two of them and the governor care about my vote but hopefully they’ll at least realize that this will have serious unintended consequences.

    I wish I would have thought to add something about the growing movement within the firearms industry to boycott LE agencies within anti-gun states.

    • You miss the point, democrates like terrorists, like to destroy symbols. They do not give a crap who they run over as long as the agenda is met. The ideology and the dogma of the party is more important than what is wrong or right. It is symbolic.

  9. I’ve been saying, Gun/ammo/accessory Manufacturers should start Banning sales to LEO’s/Gov’t. The ones that need work is the bigger ones Freedom group/Federal/Smith wesson/Beretta/Glock, That hold a huge sway in the Agencies that is services.

    More states that have prohibited sales and companies that come forward to protest what’s going on gives more credibility to the movement.

    • The problem is that companies that aren’t privately owned are highly unlikely to ever do anything to jeopardize profits for principles.

  10. I love this buzz phrase “national discussion on gun control.” Yeah, they mean that in the same way Hitler wanted to have a “national discussion on what to do with Jews.”

  11. I see a rise in violent crime in Colorado’s future. More gun control=bolder criminals. It always happens every time it’s tried.

  12. I hope Magpul moves to TX, or another gun-friendly state. I don’t see them making 15 round mags to appease politicians. I feel for CO, and wonder how much worse things will be getting for CA, NY, and the rest of the nation.

    The NRA has it right – the pols, wealthy and “important” people get protection from standard capacity mags and CCW permits. Criminals can get mags on the black market. Police are militarizing. Meanwhile, John Q. Voter gets 7, 10, or 15 round mags, until they decide for us that we *need* even less in the future.

    • Don’t fool yourself for a second. Magpul WILL make 15-round mags if enough states do something stupid like this. They’re in business to make money. Yeah, they’ll have to move if they want to keep making 30-round mags, but they can also retool to modify their 20 rounders to not accept more than 15.

    • Only in the US would the “black market” consist of driving to the nearest free state and buying standard capacity magazines off the shelf.

      Or it would be if there were any magazines left to buy…

    • Yes, it would be nice for Magpul to move to Iowa. Unfortunately, the Liberals in this state are going to put forth restrictive gun legislation here, too.

      I will never step foot in Colorado again.

  13. It is time to stop doing business w/ all Colorado business. Dish Network is the biggest. Call them and change your provider. The only way to make the irrational listen is to fight them w/ the pocket book.

  14. One person unable to grasp or comprehend reality I could understand, but an entire group large enough to pass these kind of COMEPLETLY ineffective laws for the stated purpose of reducing murder is a clear case of the inmates running the asylum.

    Liberalism is not just a mental disorder, it is outright insanity.

    • This ineptitude is happening all the time, R- and D- alike. We’re just now watching more closely. These groups aren’t suffering from rapid-onset idiocy, we’re only now starting to notice.

  15. Although moving a business is expensive, Magpul’s decision for a move to TX makes sense . . . . friendly gun climate, friendly business climate, and most importantly, TX is central in the country which means reduced shipping costs (for Magpul) for sending their product to able buyers. Memphis makes sense too because of the FEDEX hub being there.

    – Brad

  16. This is going to have a large impact on Colorado tourism. The Rocky Mountains in Wyoming are just as nice as in Colorado. And the Black Hills area of South Dakota are fantastic in their own right. My family will not be visiting Colorado again.

    • Impact on tourism? Yeah… No. Not really. The vast middle ranks of American citizenry really doesn’t care about this stuff enough for it to be a consideration when planning their vacations.

  17. any state that is unconstitutional should lose all gun business and all gun business and manufactures should move out to gun friendly states let that be a lesson to the stupid Democrats! Move to gun friendly state who will not infringe the constitution in any way. Boycott any state that is not Gun Friendly, boycott the government sales of any kind of arms to the Government. Let them swallow the hook. Its there fault. Also think all gun owners should move there businesses and leave to a gun friendly state.

  18. I’m sure all the criminals in CO are saying, oh crap, I was going to be a bank robber but now I need to hand in my magazines. I guess I’ll see if they are hiring at Lowes.

    This seriously sucks as I live in CO. This makes me want to move.

  19. Agenda 21 is on your Door steps Colorado residence Beware! Your Guns then your Freedom! Agenda 21 is real and they can’t do it tell they take are Guns!

    • I would never fire my weapon at anyone who is not directly threatening me or my family with harm. If I were fired I would go find another job. So no, we are not BBQ Dorner.

      • I’m sure that “Law Enforcement” will be every bit as conscientious as that. After all, they NEVER shot anybody but Dorner when they were pursuing him. And I’m certain that “Law Enforcement” will make sure they do not harm any innocent people when they go house-to-house to confiscate your weapons.

        The only good pig is a dead pig. And that stands for Puerile Idiot Goons. Not that Pride Integrity Guts bullship. They haven’t had any of THOSE for quite some time.

      • we are all ex-cops that kill non-legit personnel? sorry, he was a murderer..& nothing I have read from washington or jefferson makes me think they would approve….watering the old tree of liberty is fine for combatants, not the ones he killed.

        Now, is LAPD corrupt? hell yes, so is chicago, NYPD, and many others in varying degrees, as are most larger urban mayors, city councils and aldermen (whatever that is)….

  20. I’m sad for the employees of Magpul that will now lose their jobs because of the elected officials that do not care about them. The lunatics are running the asylum for sure. I would love to see Magpul come to Alabama but I’m sure Texas will likely be the new home for them.

  21. I hope the democrats are happy about the damage they will inflict with the loss of jobs and revenue in Colorado as they celebrate their moral victory. Unfortunately the Sheeple of Colorado voted for these politicians, and will probably reelect them. The Liberal left wing faction has no clue regarding economics, nor do they care about the consequences of their decisions.

    • As I recall right wing bush did quite a bang up job too. Neither one is worth a sh.t. I will vote repub & just hold my nose though, Randy

  22. I hate to keep repeating myself but the one thing these people understand is MONEY.

    We 2A folks can speak with our wallets. Made in Colorado – fughetaboutit. No skiing vacations there either. Let them rot in the vine…. Same goes with NY and CA.

    I’ve bought tens of thousands of dollars in the past from B&H in NYC. I just closed my account with them and told them why. Same with (CA) – account closed. Ditto Optics Planet (IL). And on and on….

    • Money is power, and when you voluntarily give them your money, you are giving them power. Stop it. Stop paying to see stupid liberals in stupid movies. Stop watching NBC (all of them really, but NBC is the weak sister and needs to be brought down) and stop buying Bruce Springsteen records. Don’t give a dime to the New York Times. Cheaper Than Dirt has saw what can happen and is begging to be forgiven. Don’t. Let them go Chapter 11. Be sure and tell all of them why too. If you wish to engage in stupidity that destroys my way of life, then you will get NO help from me in the process. It’s the only way.

  23. The Mile High State has fallen to the forces of political correctness. This ideology is a cancer that is spreading nationwide. The concepts of self-reliance, self-defense, and individual responsibility is being replaced by a culture of whiners that demand entitlements.

  24. Colorado, I will never again spend a dime in your state. I would hope all other Second Amendment supporters will boycott your state and speak with their wallets and purses. What a laughable, pathetic, act on behalf of your elected officials.

  25. I hope that the politically correct gun owners in the People’s Democratic Republic of Colorado that voted for their politicians realize that these laws will also apply to them.

  26. The problem is that all the political refugees from failed states (blue) come to states that are actually free and economically healthy (red) but bring their asinine left-leaning votes with them.

    Through willful ignorance, they destroy what they came for; freedom, economic prosperity, decent schools.

    Texas will become a blue state eventually, just as Colorado has done. But hard-working, freedom loving, job creating folks will have moved to Michigan and California, which by then will be empty and much more conducive to free enterprise.

    I get all the “move here” comments, and frankly feel the same way. But realize that you’re simply hastening your own state’s downfall, and eventually you’ll be the one seeking greener pastures.

    • This is exactly what I am saying. In fact, there are already cities in Texas that have a Liberal majority. I believe Austin is one of them, but don’t quote me on that. They will take the U.S. state by state until they get it all!

      • from wiki:

        The state’s Democratic presence comes primarily from some minority groups in East Texas and South Texas as well as urban voters, particularly in Beaumont, El Paso, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston.

  27. Well, time for me to buy a *lot* of normal capacity magazines…even for firearms I don’t own yet, but plan to in the future. The bill doesn’t actually take effect until July 1st. Let’s see…I already have a bunch of normal capacity mags for my AR, but at a minimum I’ll have to buy some mags for an AK (-47 and -74), Saiga-12, FN Five Seven, AR57…

  28. If you know any gun owners who are conservatives and/or Constitutionalists, and don’t vote, punch them in the face.

    If everyone on our side actually voted, instead of just complaining, shit like this would never happen.

  29. Well it seems Colorado legislators have called Magpul’s bluff. I hope Magpul had the testicular fortitude to…. Ummmmmm…. Pull out.

  30. This ban is completely unenforceable. If you own the mag prior to 1 JUL 2013 you are grandfathered. How the f@ck are they going to prove anyone didn’t already own said illegal magazines prior to the effective date? This bill, other than as a symbol of bull$h!t leftist feel goodness, is absolutely pointless and a burden on average Joe gun owners. I mean, you could go across state lines, pay cash for a box of mags, and go back saying “Yep, had these bastards for years. Prove me wrong dick”.

    • not sure if you realize our society has degraded to guilty until proven innocent. The burden of proof will be on you to prove that your scary bullet box existed before July 1st.

      • HB13-1224 page 3 lines 23-27 state burden of proof falls on the prosecution. Again, completely unenforceable. Without a credit card trail and out of state purchases there is no way they can prove you didn’t own it…unless they just start making up evidence.

    • That’s the point in its entirety. It’s just a shot across the bow to the constituents of the “other” team. This whole thing will backfire very badly for elected Democrats all across the country, and if it does not translate into losses at the ballot box (i.e. California), then they will keep doing this stuff until the Supreme Court knocks them back. Given the way Roberts is rumored to have jumped ship on Obamacare (he apparently changed his vote), I wouldn’t count on them too much either.

  31. This hasn’t been signed into law just yet. This needs to be fought to the very end. And regardless of whether this bill get put into law, we all need to pressure more gun manufacturers to boycott any state that infringes upon our rights.

  32. This is what happens when you take a perfectly good state like Colorado and allow the ship-jumpers from California to plant their own politics everywhere for half a century. The loonies have been running that state for decades and I’m not at all surprised this passed. I sincerely hope Magpul figures out what to do.

  33. I guess the pharmaceutical companies are paying the Dems more than the gun companies are. It seems that way. They are totally ignoring the real problem of the day; nut control. The shooter in Aurora had left numerous signs that he was going to whack people. Why are we NOT talking about that. Oh no, I have to be limited as to my guns, which are not assaulting anyone, while these nut jobs are free to do this at any time

  34. I a hearing they are making exceptions to the bill to keep magpul here. So they would be able to make their mags here, but not sell them! As a Colorado resident I would like to see nothing more than to see them move to a friendlier gun state. I may not buy magpul products if they stay.

  35. Silver: “F— modern Americans. This country truly is no longer worth defending nor living in. Of course, it really hasn’t been since 1994.”

    Yeah, I find that I really can’t say the Pledge of Allegiance any more. How does one pledge allegiance to a non-existent entity, i.e. “The Republic for which it stands?” So when the Pledge is recited by the group, I stand and place my hand over my heart to show respect for the Flag while remaining silent. On those occasions when display of the Flag is de rigueur we fly the Gadsden Flag.

  36. I don’t care about the ban because I can always drive up 130 miles north to Wyoming and get high capacity mags all day the biggest problem is the Magpul manufacture and 700 hard working Americans that will loose their jobs because of libtard ignorance and anti gun propaganda.

  37. Governor Hicklooper you are treasonous Person if you sign any bill that presumes to justify a ban of any amount of bullets that can be put into a weapons magazine. Every Colorado American has the right to defend its country from tyrants with as many bullets as they see fit to use. Any attack on the 2nd Amendment is an attack on America and it’s citizens. You sir will be drummed from office and never again will you be allowed to inflict your unbalanced moral compass on true Americans. You sir are nothing more than a puppet of the tyrannical Administration now in Washington. Because when the winds blow ill in the coming dark days. All tyrants, Traitors & Treasonous People Better Find a deep hole to hide in! Because when the dark days do come it will be to late to say I made a mistake! ( STOP YOUR TYRANNY OF AMERICA AND IT’S PEOPLE BEFORE IT’S TO LATE )

  38. I’d like to see Magpul relocate to Oregon yet my state overall votes Blue and is undeserving of a company like Magpul. Red states such as Texas, Idaho, Montana, and Utah will offer long-term stability for Magpul.

  39. MAGPUL. Dont bend the knee to these whack jobs. STAY in Colorado halt ALL production of everything EXCEPT polymer magazines higher than 15 rounds, and tell the state to stick it where the sun don’t shine! If CO tries to shut you down? Take it to the courts… and if you have to all the way to the top. Make these liberal pansies waisted pot smoking tree hugging retards eat their own poop and die. If all ese fails take it underground. Sell/ give the rights to mfg PMAGS to the citizens we’ll make em in our basements on tabletopped 3D printers. Revolution 2013 baby!

  40. I hope Magpul comes to Indiana, and brings those jobs with them! I also suppose i will be finding a new state to make my snowboarding trips to from now on…sorry CO, get your crap together.

  41. Wonder if the tube fed 15 rnd 22 rifles are included in this stupid bill. Hope other states don’t take their lead.

  42. Stand and fight Colorado, if you dont there will be more rights taken as they can get away with doing so. It starts with one. We need a web site that will publish the names of the senators that vote against the US Constitution and those are the next people to be voted out.

    • Looks like all the Dem’s but one voted for all the Gun bills. Some voted party line and not by what the people in there District told them.

  43. Five to one says Magpul is all mouth and never leaves Colorado. If Magpul wants to, it can make all the parts exactly where they make them now, ship em to an assembly operation in Utah or whatever, and be done with it. Talk is cheap. Action costs money.

    • Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too.

      Even if Magpul moves their ~200 employees and infrastructure to another state, I bet the 700-900 supplier jobs indirectly created by Magpul will stay in Colorado.

  44. Well here’s hoping Colorado votes every one of them out of office. No more Cadillac health care, armed security, huge salaries, bottomless pensions. All, out! I hope Magpul moves as well, even with the 15 round limit… cut out all that revenue.

  45. It’s the Denver Metro area, and Boulder, dictating what the rest of Colorado does. The majority of this state still opposes these unconstitutional bans and laws, and a lot of us stuck in Denver do as well. I completely understand the boycott that you out of towners will do, and fully support it. I don’t want to see Magpul leave, but I definitely don’t want to see them cave either. Here is a huge problem though…. They are doing this state by state because they haven’t successfully been able to take all of our 2A Rights at once. Your state will be affected, even if it takes a awhile. Look up what the Dems in Missouri, and now Minnesota are now doing. They are proposing confiscation bills, and if they pass, which they have a chance in a blue state, it gives all legal gun owners 90 days to turn in all rifles. This is mandatory. These people no longer feel that we are a threat to them any longer, and as long as this continues, we will all go down in flames, and end up with no freedoms or Rights at all.

  46. ok, now which one of you stupid fools who voted for this ban really think criminals are going to obey it? last time i checked, they didn’t obey the ones that was out before this. once again, you just made it harder for lawful citizens to protect themselves. how about the next time you gun-ban supporters find yourselves in trouble, don’t call nobody with a gun, call on your picket signs and gun free zone signs you dumba**es!!

  47. Final votes on HB 1226, HB 1229, HB 1224, and HB 1228 are scheduled for Monday Feb. 18, 2013 in the House at 10:00AM. After the roll call has been completed, we will know which of the so called “public servants” in the Colorado House are traitors and which are not. Colorado, once a free state, is now the California of the Rocky Mountain region, along with New Mexico. Polluted with progressive garbage.

  48. Those of you in other states take note on what is happening here in Colorado. Years ago we were a Red State. Liberal Politicians from East and west Came here for the easy living, low taxes and affordability. Then they took over the politics and crammed down our throats their views and life styles. The State house leader is from NY. It goes on and on.A lot of good Companies left here because of taxes and affordability. We will now loose more Companies and those hard to find jobs for the middle class. I dont see any improvement on this until there are Changes here. I worn you, it will happen in your State, this is Class warfare.

    The next killing with any Semi-auto will lead to Ammo and Gun restrictions. I see the wars coming in our State and Country.

  49. The law is actually a 10 round limit not 15 as stated above. The text of the proposed law is copied below and easily verified by following the link to the bill.

    “The bill prohibits the sale, transfer, or possession of an
    ammunition feeding device that is capable of accepting, or that can be
    readily converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition or more
    than 5 shotgun shells (large-capacity magazine).”

  50. I lost all my 10+ mags. While hiking they must have fallen out of my backpack.
    I also dropped my rifles and handguns while fishing. They are now at the bottom of a lake. Darn my clumsy hands.

  51. *#$& Colorado.
    “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution, are null and void.” Chief Justice Marshall, Marbury v. Madison, 5, U.S. (Cranch) 137, 174,176

  52. Real smart democrats do it again. Let it be know that the schools are gun free zones. The nuts will thank you for open house.

  53. I guess I will have to carry two concealed carries in colorado with six extra mags. It only takes me 1.5 seconds to reload my semi automatic handgun. Of course I am a law abiding citizen and the criminal will cheat and carry a high cap mag but I will be ready to take him out.

  54. “Comparing the (non constitutionally guaranteed)right to put reality-altering recreational chemicals into your MIND . . . ”

    Uh, Cliff…. read the 9th Amendment lately?

  55. These illegal and unconstitutional law will only work if law abiding citizens will roll over and accept these infringements on the 2nd Amendement to the United States. There are not enough law enforcement officers in Colorado that will support and enforce these illegal laws. There are not enough jails or prisons to house those who will refuse to comply with these illegal laws. There are millions of past and present armed and trained military and law enforcement personnel that will refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of these illegal and unconstitutional laws. Democrats in Colorado and other states and the federal government are pushing for a war and all out revolt in America.

  56. Congratulations Colorado. This is just the first nail in your ‘democratic’ coffin.

    How many more rights will you give up?

  57. This was crammed down our throats, so all of you thinking you’re all safe you are not. Committee hearing attendance was 80:1 pro-gun, letters/emails/calls were 100:1. Magpul, sheriffs, people who have actually protected themselves and their businesses testified at the hearings. It did not matter, they couldn’t care less to hear from us.

    The marching orders came down from above and absolutely nothing was going to change the outcome. It sailed through the House in a week. We went on vacation about 10 days ago, I’d written a few generic “protect my 2A rights” letters to my reps (all Republican). We come back to find we were just a couple steps away from being criminals. It happens that fast, people.

    I’ve been in Colorado 2 decades now and the place morphed within 2 election cycles from uniquely weird but basically conservative to an irrational liberal craphole. The media is controlled, the propaganda is thick and obvious to anyone with a functioning brain.

    It was Denver/Aurora and Aspen. So you people in Utah, the elite have Park City (who’s mayor is already part of MAIG) and you guys in Wyoming they are working on Jackson Hole. They get a few swings in SLC and Cheyenne (although unlikely for sure) and you’re done. New Mexico is going to be close behind us in the fall, they are debating even worse laws that would make it crime to even transfer banned objects out of the state. They are floating what seem like ridiculous laws in Missouri, but we thought when they floating them a month ago they had zero chance of success. They were literally foaming at the mouth emotional about them, it was disgusting.

  58. Resist Colorado, tell them to kiss your Red, White and Blue Asses ! Don’t comply and prostest ! Do as New York State is doing, give them hell !

  59. We the people allow these Politicians to fill the Political offices, but The Constitution is the Law, and we DO NOT Grant them Power Over US… These Laws are Unconstitutional, and are to Not be Obeyed. The Citizens of Colorado should Go Up to the Office of these People, and Remove them. Show them the Door.. The People are the Boss, not some Liberal Politician. Now, if the people Voted for that law, that’s different, but if a Politician just signed a piece of paper for his own purpose, then it is Treason… Throw them Out.. A few thousand Citizens ought to be enough.. They cannot just abolish the Constitution (2nd Amendment), by the stroke of a Pen. Come on People.. WAKE UP!!!

  60. You would think an intelligent politician would ponder about 700 jobs going out of
    state and not sign this. Oops, its over, guess not. Its the economy stupid. Rich people understand hard work, but they don’t really know what its like to struggle your whole
    life. Jobs are leaving my county and state because of taxes and over regulation. At a Tea Party rally here they’re was only 300 people, there should have been 5000! I have often felt under the surface of things there is something really wrong with America, now I’m actually seeing it, Camera red lights?! Wow.

  61. Hey I am coming to Colorado with my M4. After checking that the mag can only be 15 max i bought 2- 10 round clips.Since i will be in bear country it sure is self assuring that i will have 2 – 10 round clips!! i hope the bear goes down before my wife and i are not mauled to death,Jesus thanks Colorado legislators for everything!!!Thanks for voilating my second amendments rights and telling me what i can and cant carry for mags…leaving the 30’s and 45 rounders here in az….

  62. They are prepared in capsules and have now become a popular protective barrier from the signs of aging.
    When these tots are playing with toys, adults model to them how language is used to label objects or describe an event.
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