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Message From Mike Corbat [Citigroup CEO]

Dear Colleagues,

Over the last several weeks, I have had many conversations with clients, colleagues and friends who hold a range of opinions on the regulation of firearms in the U.S. It is clear to me that most people believe there are areas of agreement and practical changes we can make to find common ground.

Citi is ready to do our part to help our country move in that direction. Today, I am proud to announce a new U.S. Commercial Firearms Policy that promotes the adoption of current best practices regarding the sale of firearms. The policy was designed to respect the rights of responsible gun owners while helping to keep firearms out of the wrong hands.

This policy will apply across the firm, including to small business, commercial and institutional clients, as well as credit card partners, whether co-brand or private label. Under the policy, we will require new retail sector clients or partners to adhere to these current best practices: (1) they don’t sell firearms to someone who hasn’t passed a background check, (2) they restrict the sale of firearms for individuals under 21 years of age, and (3) they don’t sell bump stocks or high-capacity magazines.

It is clear our current clients care about these issues as well, and we believe we can make meaningful progress together. We have already begun to engage with them in the hope that they will adopt these best practices over the coming months. If they opt not to, we will respect their decision and work with them to transition their business away from Citi.

We have few relationships with companies that manufacture firearms. For those that do, we will be initiating due diligence conversations to better understand the products they make, what markets and retailers they sell to, and the sales practices of those retailers to ensure adherence with the best practices outlined above. We will apply the same due diligence screening to potential clients going forward.

We know that our efforts cannot lead to real change unless we work with others. To that end, we are initiating a dialogue within the financial services industry and with other stakeholders to understand whether there are additional technology solutions or voluntary standards that can be enacted. We know a solution may not come quickly, but we are committed to the conversation.

As an avid outdoorsman and responsible gun owner, I know that some will find our policy too strict while others will find it too lenient. We don’t have the perfect solution to supporting our Constitution while keeping our children and grandchildren safe. Best practices are going to continue to change, and we understand the limitations of our efforts. But we shouldn’t let that stop us from doing our part.

– Mike

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      • “We have few relationships with companies that manufacture firearms.”

        So it will likely cost you little while gaining virtue signaling. I think this is actually worse and a straight-up 2A grab. If it means that much to you and your company (and shareholders), be willing to lose some actual money. Also, put up AND SHUT UP. Virtue signalling is for wusses.

      • I hope that every gun owning American Patriot that has an account with Citibank closes that account and the bank goes right down the shitter. I’ve had just about all I can stand with these brain dead liberals !!!!!! You don’t like our Constitution, MOVE !!!!!!

    • I can imagine this political action is prohibited by their contract(s) to provide travel cards to the Government and military. I for one will be cutting my Government travel card up and asking for a full return of the excess balance I have on the card

    • CitiBank sends me applications for their many cards always weekly.

      They each come with a prepaid return envelope.

      My new policy is to put a copy of CitiBank’s new firearms policy in their return envelope and let them pay the expense of finding out why they aren’t getting my business–at least someone’s business.

      I’m not going to include the application form that includes my name and address so that they can play Wells Fargo and open accounts that their customers don’t want.

      Imagine if CitiBank starts to gets thousands of the return envelops containing their own policies thrown back into their faces.

    • How is regulating privately owned businesses “doing their part”? They need to mind their own business, which is money and nothing more.

      • And how is refusing to sell bumpstocks or any firearms to those under 21 doing what they claim? “The policy was designed to respect the rights of responsible gun owners while helping to keep firearms out of the wrong hands.” It is not respecting gun owners’ rights nor is it keeping guns out of the wrong hands. As for the background check point, no company can legally sell a gun to someone without passing a background check. It is already how things work! But I guess they just care about signaling their virtue to the ignorant gun control public who believe any criminal can go into a gun shop & walk out with an automatic weapon in 5 minutes. Fucking imbeciles. How is it the people deciding policy on firearms have no fucking clue what they’re talking about? Is it too much to ask for them to exercise due diligence in actually learning about what they seek to regulate?

    • This guy Mike is not a gun owner , if he was , he would know that no one can buy a gun without passing a baskground check. That was all false propaganda put out by the fake news media scum bags. Citi is just another company that I will never do any kind of business with. I don’t think these people actually think these things through with any clarity, because not only will I not do any business with these scum bag companies , but I will never do any business with them ever again, even if they claim to be gun lovers in the future they already burnt the firearms bridge to me, so goodbye to all of these gun control freaks and their companies !!!!!!

    • This is the problem. When a business is acting within the confines of the law and completely following the law in its transactions with its customers, where does a bank have the moral high ground to determine that they can discriminate against this business in its lending practices? The point being that if a business is following the law. That is the issue. I cannot support a company who strong arms a business for any reason into conformity when they are following the law regardless of which business.

  1. This current client will be ending his business relationship with these anti-constitutional mother fuckers.

    • Amen, brother!

      I don’t do business with them but now they are on my list of companies that I will never do business with.

      Thanks for making it easy for me, Citibank.

  2. GOFY Citi. Sorry I was rather abrasive with that statement. Allow me to reword my response.

    Sir, please consume the defecate of your choosing and cease all bodily functions up to and including respiration.

  3. I support the 2nd Amendment but, nevermind legal commerce, we are going to extort our clients to get what we and some of our other clients think is best.

    Go pound sand up your collective a$$ess Citibank.

  4. I smell me some lawsuit.

    The pricks are currency.

    Imagine saying you cant use it to buy alcohol or cigarettes.

    Citi has always been anti gun…. this is worse.

    • I think this is spot on. Deciding what forms of legal commerce will be supported by a bank appears unethical. This has NOTHING to do with the 2nd Amendment. It’s called an unfair business practice, and it is NO different from any other form of discrimination. Makes me want to actually GET a Citibank charge card and buy nothing but ‘high capacity’ magazines and bumpfire stocks with it.

    • I believe he’s talking about retailers who use them as a bank. If an 18 year old buys a bumpstock with a Citibank Visa, they’re not going to decline the transaction. They’d have no way of even knowing.

      • That is correct, but in a big box store you could absolutely tell with the metadata on a transaction, for the end customer,

        I’m sure that this was tracked to the nickel before the announcement. I don’t know of any Firearm’s retailer that uses a branded Citi card, so this basically costs them nothing.

        • I take it that they will stop doing business with retailers who do not “voluntarily” follow their standards. Retailers take out loans, you know, and do not just process credit card transactions. As someone above said, it is voluntary Choke Point, banks choking off financing for gun related industries.

    • The DOJ tried that, it was called Operation Chokepoint. They pressured banks and credit card processors to not work with those who sold tobacco, alcohol, firearms and ammo, and to those who operated pawn shops, bars, nude dancing/adult entertainment establishments and in many cases, corner stores in “redlined” zip codes.

  5. Citibank is one of the worst in the business for customer service. Once ended up with them after my bank was acquired by the twits. Soon dumped them. See also the other megabanks. Dump them.

    Hopefully some shyster gets a class action together.

        • Thanks to Dodd-Frank, local banks are being bought up by regional banks and regional banks are being bought up by the likes of BOA, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, etc.

          I had accounts with a local bank for 30 years. In the last 5 years they merged with another local bank, with the resulting local bank being bought by a regional bank. After 30 years, my account number was changed.

          This regional bank just recently posted no guns signs. They don’t carry the force of law so I ignore them but will change banks as soon as I can unwind my dealings.

          Soon our only choices will be Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BOA, Citibank, Walmart, JP Morgan, etc. These companies are not on our side.

        • The NRA should start their own credit unions. Serving members, dealers, buyers.

          Next up would be a NRA credit card – I don’t mean a NRA-branded Mastercard or Visa, but a card and payment network all their own. Long term project.

          We need to cut ourselves free from the anti-American corporate net we’re trapped in.

        • Credit union. Yep, that’s what I was thinkin’. And following Nanashi’s suggestion on to AC and his idea of the NRA initiating an NRA credit card, how about the NRA also starting a version of Youtube strictly for firearms videos? How to do this, how to do that, reviews, Hickock .45 stuff, etc. They could put the videos on their website.

        • Worth noting: last time I was in OKC, all the Tinker Federal Credit Union branches had no-guns signs. In the middle of Oklahoma! Sometimes credit unions are your friends and sometimes they’re not.

          What I want to know is, how does Citibank define “high capacity”?

  6. Exercising the only power you think you have as a business.

    They aren’t alone, Paypal refuses to do business with any type of firearm transaction. If they know its a part or has anything to do with firearms, they will not allow their service, which is stupid because Visa credit cards don’t care and my Paypal is a Visa extension. So….. Ride that high horse….

    Free country, Who am I to say whats a good business practice and what isn’t?

  7. 50-some years ago, the people behind this movement were shouting:

    “Marx, Mao and Marcuse”

    Now, well-heeled, they are putting their ideals to action

  8. I get how free speech, 2A, etc, doesn’t apply to private business, and restrictive policies can be implemented, but this is a topic that needs to be addressed in our day and age when a few big tech and big banks can make attempts to force cultural and political changes. I wouldn’t be surprised if silicon valley corps, big banks, etc, were all colluding with each other for political ends.

    I think its time we either smash the companies up into smaller ones, or make all rights re-affirmed in the COTUS apply to “privately owned, but intended for public use podiums and platforms.” Banking should not have strings attached to it. A payment processor should not get to pick and choose which payments it accepts and denies.

    If we can force cake makers to violate their religion of all things, we can certainly force banks to transmit payments. Corporations like Google, amount to a privatized branch of the feds, and that shouldn’t be. Its subversion of rights via proxy.

    Just my $5.99, inflation is a bitch.

    • Rather than rely on the government to enforce our wills onto companies that want to enforce their wills on us through their monopoly status (which will be a sucky precedent to have set when President West takes office), I’d like to suggest the libertarian argument where the government gets out of banking, baking, and a lot of other industries so that competition could actually happen.

      At the very least taxpayers money shouldn’t be going to these companies, nor should tax breaks. If you want to incentivize companies to do their jobs, stop propping them up at every turn and protecting them from unlicensed hair braiders.

      • I like libertarian theories too but how did the Libertarians do in the last election, 3-4%? And that was when Never Trump was in full swing and many were desperate for an alternative. The Republican are in power not Libertarians. I want to buy silencers off the shelf, to peacefully walk around armed, to buy 30 round magazines in States where it’s perfectly legal without discrimination. This is basic individual rights stuff that harms no one and requires LEGISLATIVE ACTION. Republicans had no problem creating protected classes and favoring special interests before, Civil Right Act anyone? Do your job Republican politicians or lose your job.

      • Citi is very far from a monopoly in branded cards, they’re a small player, the biggest win was getting Costco from AMEX.

        • Costco and Amex went there separate ways layout a year ago. Costco uses Visa through, wait for it, Citi.

        • I would think that the Citi AAdvantage card for American Airlines is a bigger player for them than Costco. Either way, I am canceling my AA and Costco card. I will not support anyone who tries to infringe on my rights.

    • Agreed, this violates quite a few amendments and fed laws too.. Citi is going to get sued big time.. They are infringing on my pursuit of happiness… Illegal bastards indeed!!! We should never do business with any corp or any entity set to undermine our culture constitution and freedom.. Its way out of control.. We have to shut them down!!!!

    • Here’s the deal ARC, I know quite a few very wealthy individuals in the world of finance. They like to fight. Just as long as it’s in the courtroom. To get where they are they played hardball and have screwed many people. If the people didn’t like it?. Well, they’re welcome to brawl with their lawyers. That is why these people don’t like guns. Any Joe Blow who doesn’t have a $100,000 dollars in legal retainers (that’s just the beginning/first round) can walk into their office and put them to their knees with a handgun. That is why the coddled rich despise 2a. It makes them equal to all men. They don’t like being equal.

      I know that sounds harsh… but it’s akin to Knights who had issues with Serfs firing blunderbusses at them. Same argument.

      • I’m aware of that but I was hoping that just maybe the USA could get back on the path of liberty before reaching the cartridge box.

  9. First comment vanished:

    The website Reddit has completely nuked a few sub reddit including gundeals, brassswap, airsoft and gunsforsale do to a new policy update. Just thought y’all would want to know.

    • I still visit reddit from time to time but they get zero add revenue from me due to anti-scriping, double ad-blockers, httpseverywhere( interferes with editing comments on TTAG ) :(!

  10. 1. Cards paid off. # 2. Cards cut up and mailed back with friendly GFY note. They act like they are doing you a favor by charging ruinous interest rates. Smug bast#@ds.

  11. I hope the DoD ceases using ShittiBank as its official business travel card service provider. Why should the Government do business with entities that do not respect the Constitution?

    • I was all set to raise that concern. As a deployed service member, I am required to use my Govt-issued Citibank travel card if I wish to be reimbursed for incurred expenses. I feel that as we are all entitled to nonpartisan and apolitical service from our government, that same guideline should apply to any business they partner with. Fortunately I have a strongly pro-gun Congressman that may be interested in severing this relationship.

  12. Wow thank goodness the utility companies are forbidden by law to cut off service from law abiding customers who may happen to hold unpopular political views. Wait a minute….🤔 forbidden by law…💡 😃

    The recent NSSF statement RE: Youtube is apropos and could apply to banks and payment processors as well.

    “Suppressing the expression of First Amendment protected political speech and of commercial speech is wrong, even if they think they are acting in the public interest. The resulting impingement of lawful commerce in firearms that brings with it the infringement of Second Amendment rights is equally wrong and it should stop.”

    • CLarson,

      This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. This is going to accelerate and get worse and worse.

      More and more entities will refuse to conduct business with people who have the “wrong” values. We have already seen all dominant social media kicking-out businesses and people with the “wrong” values. And some banks are already refusing to do business with firearms companies. At some point, banking is going to start rejecting people, not just businesses, with the “wrong” values.

      Building on that notion, I am also predicting that utilities will reject people with the “wrong” values. And most likely even businesses will soon reject anyone as an employee who has the “wrong” values.

      I am now wondering, however, whether the banks will simply be the final enforcer of Progressive Utopia. You cannot function in today’s world if no bank will take you as a customer. You cannot pay bills. (There are few/no local offices that accept cash payments of utilities or much of anything else.) And you sure-as-heck cannot get cash payments on pay-day as an employee of a business — which means employers will fire employees who they cannot pay with checks or electronic funds transfers.

      • You are preaching to the converted here, but I appreciate the sentiment. The mainstream right is slow, and this issue had to reach guns before the Right finally starting to move. I am happy they are though!
        If you want to see how far rights are really being eroded you only have to see how companies and institutions treat marginal, unpopular, but 100% lawful people on the political fringe. The “no electronic transaction” scenario has already happened to many of them. If crypto currency did not exist some of these people would probably starve. Sure it’s easy to say your politics is repugnant, so sorry, too bad. Well these bans are lifetime bans so those people are screwed even if their politics change. Now we are at the point where if you want to buy a gun it’s, so sorry, too bad. If the people of the gun don’t take a stand, they will lose their right to buy guns and ammo without an anti-gun bill being passed. They simply won’t have the option. This is bigger problem than guns it will effect EVERYTHING. We need anti-discrimination legislation NOW.

        For folks who want to learn more Lauren Southern did a video warning of this problem 4 months ago called “The Imminent Digital Exile”

        • I’m also a fan of Lauren Southern as well. She is the modern-day Cassandra on YouTube, the difference is millions of people do hear her message. I hope it’s not to late to fix our problems.

  13. CitiBank has the contract for the Military travel cards. We are forced to used them when we go TDY, etc. Many of our service men and woman are consumers of AR-15s and associated “high capacity” magazines. Also, many of those same service men and women are younger than 21 years of age. Citibank should be boycotted by the US armed forces not give exclusive rights to the travel dollars.

  14. Sold the Citi Stock I could this AM. Will sell the rest soon. I’m done doing business with Citi. Chart looks like stock is about to go down anyhow and this is probably the reason for their recent insider selling. I am glad to see them openly declare their enemy of America status, however. It’s always better to know than to not know.

  15. This is my shitlist thus far. Those without a reason / comment are the original list started by someone else, I’m just adding to it. I need to sort if alphabetically so I don’t duplicate companies.

    — OneFamily (Blacklisted infowars)
    — Alibaba (Blacklisted infowars)
    — Citiebank (Punishing gun owners, stores, and trampling rights)
    –Honey (Blacklisted infowars)
    –Classpass (Blacklisted infowars)
    –Acer (Blacklisted infowars)
    –Moen (Blacklisted infowars)
    –Nike (Blacklisted infowars)
    — Kroger (owns Fred Meyer stores) (Removed gun magazines form store shelves.)
    –Wal-mart (stopped selling to under 21)
    — Fred Meyer (stopped sellling to under 21)
    –Dick’s Sporting Goods (stopped selling Ars)
    — Facebook (Anti-gun, anti-freespeech, liberal cesspool)
    — Google (Anti-gun, anti-freespeech, liberal cesspool, private arm of the fed gang.)
    — Twitter (Anti-gun, anti-freespeech, liberal cesspool)
    – LifeLock
    — Reddit (Nuked all gun and drug related sub reddits)
    – Hertz
    – Avis
    – Budget
    – TrueCar
    – North American and Allied Van Lines
    – Delta Airlines
    – United Airlines
    – MetLife
    – SimpliSafe
    – Paramount Rx
    – Republic Bank
    – First National Bank of Omaha
    – Enterprise Holdings (Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental)
    – Best Western
    – Wyndham Hotels

  16. This bank has the freedom to discriminate against anyone they choose. That’s Libertarian logic. Soon most of the gun business will be out of business.

    You’ll still be able to buy an accessory assuming the banks don’t also refuse service to the Firearms accessory business as well. They can spend the next 400 years legally discriminating a legal business. Just like the discriminated against black people for 400 years.

    Amazing how Banks support the ponography industry. But that’s libertarian logic.

    • Oh believe me when I say I wish we could go back to private property being actual private property and business owners being able to refuse service and employment to anyone for any reason. Then two gays decided to sue a bakery owner, ever since then, property rights and who can refuse service and for what, has been pick and choose. It seems that that leftist businesses seem to get to discriminate while conservative businesses tend to get sued.

      Either bring back property rights for everyone, or dispose of them and force predatory corporations to recognize all rights. No more of this good me but not for thee, double standard shit.

      Yes, I hold libertarian views, live and let live, but that only goes so far when other people refuse to let you live. Maybe its time conservatives start controlling others, and forcing them to live the way we demand.

      • The White Libertarians did support the gays suing the Christian bakers. But White Libertarians also support racial discrimination in business and hiring.

        Libertarian logic.

  17. Under the policy, we will require new retail sector clients or partners to adhere to these current best practices: (1) they don’t sell firearms to someone who hasn’t passed a background check

    Hey, Citibank, I think you’d find that businesses in the firearms industry comply with the federal law relevant to their business already. Which you might know if you knew anything about this issue, and weren’t just virtue signaling instead.

  18. Everyone here should send an email to the board expressing your displeasure about this. They won’t change of all they hear is the anti’s. It’s time we made our voice heard.

  19. Basically all gun companies have to go the Walmart way or can’t use Citi for their legitimate, lawful business. All gun sellers are required to complete a background check, but I think they are saying it has to pass, if NICs delays it then you would have to deny rather than proceeding. Selling rifles to 18-20 year olds is the law of the land, and selling mags of all sizes is similarly lawful.

    In the current system, NICs checks should be instant anyway, either you are on the blacklist or not. An NFA approval should be similarly instant, as it seems the point was to prevent already prohibited people from purchasing, not to make a general assessment of the moral character, thoughts, and intentions of a potential buyer. Basically, shall issue.

    Even the whole FFL discretion (and liability) seems ripe for discrimination, what if an FFL doesn’t like if the customer is wearing a sports team logo for a team they don’t like, or has weird hair or tattoos, should they deny the sale at their discretion, even if the NICs check comes back clean?

  20. I wonder if this violates fiduciary duty that the CEO of a publically traded company is expected to exercise, specifically the duty of loyalty.

    Delaware Supreme Court explained in Guth v. Loft, 5 A.2d 503, 510 (Del. 1939): “Corporate officers and directors are not permitted to use their position of trust and confidence to further their private interests. . . .”
    – pulled from Cornell Law’s explanation of fiduciary duty

    • …that’s an interesting idea.

      Start hitting these virtue-signalling twunts with shareholder lawsuits for violating fiduciary duties- both the corporation, and them personally- and this stops being a low-cost activity.

  21. Just looked to see if my HOME DEPOT CREDIT CARD is operated by CITI; it is. Guess which 26% interest rate card I am cutting up? FYI, I alway paid off the balance and never left more than $5 on it, because 25.99% is theft, pure and simple. If you are going to be a thief, you can’t be anti-gun!

  22. There are two ways I haven’t seen mentioned to make your voice heard.

    #1 is their annual meeting is April 24, 2018 in Chicago and the proxy voting material came out this week. If you own any stock you can voice your displeasure directly either in person or by voting against the current board. You can also contact ETF’s, mutual funds, retirement funds, etc. that might own the stock on your behalf and point out Citi is failing in their fiduciary duty by giving away business based on the board’s political opinion, and if the fund you contact fails to call Citi out on this they are violating their fiduciary duty as well.

    #2 Let their business partners and corporate customers know about your dissatisfaction with Citi. My example here is Costco. I’m planing to write Costco a letter saying that your business partners reflect on you and while I will not be immediately dropping my Costco membership my Costco Citi Visa card is another matter. They need to tell their partner to stick to banking and stay out of politics.

    • I’ll be doing the same. This isn’t even the first massive strike against Citi Costco card for me. I lost my wallet a while ago and it took me ***4 hours*** to get in touch with Citi customer service to cancel my card. I was on hold for the entire time I waited in line and got my replacement driver license at the MVD. Citi had no menu option for lost / stolen credit cards. Unbelievable.

    • The CEO of Costco is very pro-gun control. At some point, you will have to make a decision to go with the devil you know or buy everything locally, but hell, even the local businesses in Florida are beginning to make political statements about gun control by posting No Carry signage. Even though the signs don’t have the force of law, they make me look elsewhere.

      • Thanks to wal-marts recent stupidity, I prefer to do more shopping locally on the square. Businesses should stay out of politics, just don’t even comment on anything, even if asked, and you will be 100% neutral

  23. Glad I don’t have any accounts or business with Shittybank as I don’t patronize Communist’s,up to and including Ben & Effing Jerrys.

  24. When they come for my friends, they will have a green dot illuminated on their foreheads, and we can laugh about it later while urinating on the bodies.

    When they come for you, Citiputz, I will be too busy reloading.

  25. Hey, does everyone remember when Citibank, under this same CEO, paid over $7 BILLION to settle the lawsuit for misleading investors?
    Or what about the $140 million they paid in fines after getting caught helping launder drug money for Mexican government officials, again, under this same CEO.
    Or what about when they got caught in the FIFA bribery and corruption scandal? Wait, same guy there too.
    Or how about when their traders fixed the FOREX market? Again, same CEO.
    I think you see the trend.
    I cut all ties with these scumbags long ago.
    Citibank is peddling dirty money and they have been every since Mike Corbat became CEO. We shouldn’t be doing business with them in the first place. Citibgroup in general, and Corbat in particular, has proven over and over again to have no moral standing and no ethical guidelines. Citi and CEO Corbat have been caught flagrantly lying to their customers, cheating the markets, and helping to launder money for some of the worst or the worst criminal elements and oppressive governments around the world.
    They are FAR beneath us.

  26. Does anyone else see whats going on here? When enough companies and Banks stop doing business with Gun manufactures, retailers, distributors, Ammo, ect. There’ll be no need for a firearms ban, You won’t be able to buy anything because on one will sell it.
    ergo a De facto ban on everything.
    It’s not enough to black list anti gun businesses, you think they care about a few “gun nuts” more then their virtue signaling; NO!

    • Guns (and thereby, ammo) are a commodity unto themselves. Gun and ammo manufacturers are essentially printing money. F Citicunz, and all those like them. Don’t let them buy Gun and Ammo Manufacturers, and if they do, don’t buy those products from them.



    • Same here. Did some shopping around, Alliant Cashback Visa Signature has 2.5% back with a $59 fee, which is a better deal if you spend $11,800. First year is free and 3% back. Rates don’t matter since I pay the balance in full monthly. Love it when I can satisfy my principles and benefit financially. Same happened when I flipped from Metlife to Liberty Mutual. Ditching my Costco Citi card too without replacement, and I’ll lose about $30 a year on gas, but $1200 more on the Alliant will make up for it.

  27. I am pretty sure Citibank, along with Bank of America, happily participated in Operation Chokepoint a few years ago so they don’t have too many accounts with firearms related businesses.

    Is anyone really surprised? Citibank and social media services like YouTube and Facebook are all part of the same effort to change societal norms regarding firearms and firearm ownership. Like I said on the now deleted YouTube thread (and in other threads); they want people to view the private ownership of firearms by law abiding citizens in the same light as Latin street gangs, sexual deviants, and ISIS. The communists and their supporters hate us for our ideology, they hate us because we haven’t fallen in line with the Party, they hate us because we are not part of the urban culture, and they hate us because they cannot control us.

    The People’s Democratic Party (big government and big business) is well aware that changing the law and seizing guns will be a bloodbath but they can change society in the same way MADD changing how we view driving under the influence and in the same way we perceive tobacco use today.

    Before long health insurance policies will charge extra for gun owners, renter’s insurance policies won’t be offered to gun owners, home owner’s insurance policies won’t cover firearms and will charge extra if they aren’t stored in a safe (with home inspections). You won’t be able to buy guns but in a few stores across the country with high taxes and credit card fees. They will price people out of firearms ownership and make those who can afford it into social pariahs.

    The only way to avoid this is to separate from the Union (or burn the divided house to the ground).

    • If the SCOTUS rules that the right to keep and bear firearms in the home and in public is protected by the 2nd Amendment with strict scrutiny and Incorporation, all of these actions become illegal discrimination.

      If this happens and the baker loses the gay wedding cake case that is currently before the SCOTUS, no guns signs at any place of public accommodation would also be illegal.

      These two things would do more to secure the right to keep and bear arms than anything else.

      I think the baker is going to win, thought.

      • I certainly do not want to hope that the baker has to sacrifice his Constitutional protections and religious liberties in order to secure my right to carry a firearm into a building and do business with companies that would happily see be shipped off to a camp for not participating in their group think.

        Additionally, I do not want to pin my hopes on the whims of the Supream Court. The court could easily decide not to hear any of these cases just like they have avoided May Issues and Assault Weapon Ban cases previously. Or, worse, risk having the court side with businesses and state agencies because the justices are unable to separate their personally held beliefs and regardless of dubious legal and ethical issues so that they can ‘do the right thing’ for the nation. After all, this same court that has upheld the National Firearms Act in the past.

        The biggest problem with the Supream Court is that you are relying on the government to decide whether the government should have more power and authority. That is about on par with letting a crack addict decide when he has hit the pipe enough even though there are still rocks on the table.

        • I do hope and believe that the baker will win because he is a sole proprietor and freedom of religion is an enumerated right (and public accommodation laws are not).

          If the Supreme Court doesn’t rule as I stated (or doesn’t take the cases), The only other way is a hot war. Legislation won’t happen because politicians are much, much worse than Supreme Court justices and we won’t win in the court of public opinion.

          Protecting Constitional rights from Government overreach is the pervue of the SCOTUS.

  28. “As an avid outdoorsman and responsible gun owner, ”
    if he is as he says he is then he is totally clueless about the current gun laws.

    i’ll be cutting up my citibank cards and mailing them to him

  29. In states where it is legal to sell firearms to those under 21, not selling firearms to customers that are under 21 may run afoul of state public accommodation and age discrimination laws.

    May the lawsuits proceed.

  30. Quite coincidentally I just cashed an auction check at a Citibank in Chicago(Devon & California). No I don’t usually do business with them. Had an account 30 years ago. Good to know about these SJW azzwhole’s…😟😖😩

  31. Refusing service to young adults is illegal in many localities. Citibank is suborning people breaking the law and could be found guilty of the same.

  32. Shittybank already lost my business years ago. My entire extended family has been boycotting Shittybank since 1994, because of the way they treated my wife (fiancé then) when she closed her account (because she was moving to another state to marry me). We have a large extended family, and every piece of mail we’ve received from Shittybank in the past 24 years gets torn up and thrown in the garbage! They thought they could mistreat my wife because she’s Hispanic, perhaps (charging an OUTRAGEOUS fee to close her savings account and give her a check, unless she was willing to walk through the streets with a suitcase full of cash), but they’ve lost a lot of business from her entire extended family (American citizens) over 24 years, and my children too now.
    Now we have one more reason to continue our boycott of Shittybank.

  33. Not that they care, but I just closed my account of more than 10 years. Goodbye Citibank, there are plenty of better places to do business.

  34. I have a Citibank credit card. I will cancel my account and tell them why. Please consider doing the same if you are a Citibank customer. Thank you.

  35. Small potatoes, but I closed my two Citibank card accounts today. I did let them know exactly why I was closing them. Neither tried to retain my business.

  36. Question for POTG:
    The wife has four Citi credit card accounts. Would it “hurt” Citi more to keep the accounts open, but only use the cards say once (each card) every 3-6 months for really low amount charge (like getting a single slice of pizza for $2) or to cancel the accounts outright?

    • Any time you use a credit card, the store you’re buying from pays a fee to the credit card merchant. Typically 3% or slightly less (larger volume stores get better rates). Considering this, it would be worse for Citibank if you did not use the cards at all. If you are not going to use the cards, you might as well cancel them because that at least offers you the opportunity to tell them why you are cancelling.

      But make sure you get any points or cash back that you are entitled to before you cancel! That may mean you need to wait until your next billing cycle before you cancel.

  37. Time to look into canceling the Citi Costco card. There are other cash-back cards. I’ll go back to the old way of doing business at Costco.

    I will not support those who do not support me.

  38. That CEO sure looks like a smug SOB. I will bet he has a couple of guards with “high capacity” magazines guarding his fortress. Guess that is ok when they are used to protect him and his family.

  39. I fail to see how Citibanks new policy is not discriminatory. They are actively and maliciously discriminating against a class of citizens who believe in the constitution and Invoking a right. . I would venture to call them communists or at least not acting in Americans best interest. .

  40. they say they are going to have due diligence conversations with gun companies they due business with. does this mean they do not even understand what the businesses they are financing even do. just an example of another corporation having a bs reaction to an unfortunate incident. another good reason not to due business with them!!

  41. $45 billion US taxpayer dollars bailed Citi out a few years ago. I’m betting Citi gladly processes transactions for marijuana dealers, in states where it is “legal”. Note, every one of those transactions involves the sale of a product that is illegal under Federal laws.

    • Nope, it is all cash and carry due to the federal “illegality” of pot businesses. No CC are used anywhere within the industry due to that, something about “interstate commerce”.

  42. Citibank you do not make law. Best practices for who you I hope you get sued. I will never bank with shitty bank ever and I hope every law abiding gun owner follows suit.

  43. Not only is Citibank off the tracks just go to their blog and post an objection to their policy. You will find that they remove every comment objecting to their bullshit policy and only leave up comments praising their decisions. Phony bastards!

    • Good luck hiding all the accounts they are losing and are going to lose, from their future disclosures and filings. Those wont just get deleted…

  44. Just cancelled 2 accounts. I cant quit the costco one yet but I made sure they know I intend to.

    The customer service rep indicated that he and others are overwhelmed by the responses they are receiving. At least that’s what he told me and I doubt he should have. It seemed to come from a genuinely concerned and defeated moment.

    We are getting their attention!!! Keep it up!!!

  45. You claim to be a responsible gun owner, yet you are willing to use your company’s clout to deny 2nd amendment rights to citizens. That is st best moral cowardice and st worst collusion bordering on the Constitutional definition of treason. You are NOT a responsible gun owner, nor are you a friend to any American.

    • By the way, perhaps it is a good idea to reach out to Costco or other affiliated partners. If they are getting caught up in the impact of citi’s policy changes, they should be putting pressure on citi to make this go away.

  46. I called and cancelled my Home Depot card today. Took about a minute. The agent was friendly and helpful. I could tell from the tone of her voice, that I was not the first. My shredder made a very happy sound as it ground the card to bits.

    I have one other Citi issued card. I just donated to NRA and GOA with it. I’ll pay those off now and cancel it too.

  47. Citi should concentrate on banking laws that were not being followed instead of
    gun control.

    It is CLEAR to me that Citi should police their own house.

  48. My Dad worked over 30 yrs. for Citibank and its progenitors. That whirring sound you hear is him spinning in his grave.

  49. Do not close your accounts with these credit card companies! It frees up credit for them and may hurt your credit score.

    I know it seems like it makes more of a statement and certainly feels better, but I think I have a better way than closing your account. And, if you do not express your reason for doing so, it probable will mean nothing to them. Even if you do tell the operator, it may not go any further than them. It may hurt your credit score, though. If your total outstanding debt balance exceeds 30% of your new available credit (total of all card credit limits) it will negatively impact your score. Also, if it is your oldest card, it will drop off your credit history after ten years shortening your history and hurting your score at that time.

    I instead sent a message via the billing site calling for CEO Mike Corbat’s removal and a reversal of the policy. I sent the retailers of those cards a message explaining the same, hoping for pressure from that direction also. I will be resending the message every week and doing some research so I can send it further and further up the chain at Citibank. Here is what I sent; feel free to copy and paste:

    “Due to the ridiculous new policies of Citibank regarding firearms, I and many other gun owners (that may not take the time to inform you), will no longer be using Citibank Credit Cards until Mike Corbat is removed as CEO and the policy is reversed. I will be contacting Sears, Shell and other retailers that I hold cards with to inform them of my reasons also.”

  50. To tell 18 to 20 year old fathers of children that they cannot purchase a gun to legally protect their children is despicable. Since most gun crime is committed in Chicago by blacks, why not have Citibank prohibit the sale of guns to blacks? Simple, its discrimination. Do is preventing 18-20 year olds. Mike, I’m dumping Citibank and all businesses that use Citibank. Go pack sand idiot.

  51. I have a Visa card through these guys with a 10,000.00 usd limit and 0.00 balance was going to use this card to go on vacation to Disney world in Orlando. Now with Florida’s new gun laws and citi titi bank new gun policy it seems we are going to six flags in Texas and using our other credit card to take this vacation. Thier loss and just like dicks sporting have now lost my business. Regards

  52. Citibank doesn’t make US Policy (well maybe during the BANK BAILOUTS), it’s only a Citibank Commercial Policy! Looks to be a FRAUD UPON the PUBLIC by portraying their Policy as a U.S. POLICY!

  53. Just called and cancelled the account I have had with them since 2006. The operator rattled off a prepared statement and didn’t try to argue. I suspect I am not the 1st cancellation he has had over this issue.

    • They did that to me too. I just said mixing politics with business is just stupid and I don’t do business with stupid companies.

  54. When you cancel your account make sure you tell them why and don’t just say something generic like you don’t need the account any more.

  55. Just closed my account this morning after having it for 10+ years. I love how these snowflake liberals are opening up all kinds of opportunities for conservative business. Sad in this country you have to go look at a companies stances on issues before doing business with them. In the future I will though.

  56. Some U.S. banks are backed with FOREIGN currency. Citibank is the consumer division of financial services multinational CITIGROUP! Foreigners are playing a large role in disarming Americans. The U.S. has only one third of Citi’s banks. The wealthy nation of MEXICO has double. RUSSIA, PAKISTAN, INDIA, POLAND and UNITED ARAB EMIRATES have the bulk of the banks. I withdrew my money from Citibank, cut up my Citigold card, and put my money in a Credit Union. Click on the link and copy the following information from Wiki, because it will probably be deleted.

  57. Closed my account today, and told them why. I’m NOT a member of the NRA, NOR am I a Gun owner. BUT I will NOT support a bank that uses it’s economic power to dictate economic or legal policy on ANYTHING.


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