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I was on the fence about keeping my B&T TP9, mainly due to the cost of the proprietary suppressor. Using the new Tech Smith MFG Tailhook adapter (which we announced here) and angled fore grip doesn’t address the suppressor issue it does completely transform the pistol into a much more useful weapon.

Tech Smith takes a B&T stock, cuts the end off and attaches a 3D printed plastic adapter that allows for the attachment of the excellent Tailhook pistol stabilizing brace. I initially had some doubts about the stability and strength of a 3D printed part that can see a fair amount of lateral stress. Whatever concerns I had quickly disappeared after installing the adapter and trying to break it. I hit it, tried to twist it and pulled on it from every angle. After 300 rounds down range my opinion only improved.  The thing is just plain solid. The adapter works with the B&T TP9, MP9, GHM9, KH9 and P26.

The brace adapter setup uses factory B&T mounting hardware which allows the adapter to be folded to the right. When folded the adapter does not lock however the adapter stays put due to friction. I prefer this setup over a locking mechanism because deploying the adapter is very fast.

The pistol can still be fired with the adapter folded which is a plus. Installing the adapter is a breeze, slide the adapter into the slot, screw in the hardware and adapter screw and you are done. When folded the adapter protrudes about an inch, its not a big deal but it is worth pointing out. If you want one for your Swiss heater click here.

Tech Smith MFG also sells a 3D printed angled fore grip for the TP9. I was never a fan of the factory installed rail that ships with the TP9. The angled fore grip is a huge improvement. It provides a much more natural grip which results in faster operation and increased accuracy. Installation is easy, simply unscrew the current rail and screw in the angled fore grip. You will have to unhook the spring that partially obstructs the nut towards the front of the TP9, which is easily done with a dental pic or something else small and pointy. Order your grip here.

Tech Smith MFG makes an excellent product and at $190.95 the tailhook adapter is priced fairly considering they use B&T hardware. The angled fore grip sells for $45.99.

The Tech Smith Tailhook adapter and angled fore grip transforms a gun that’s awkward to shoot (in its non-SBR configuration) into a comfortable and accurate PDW type of weapon. A keeper for sure, who knows I might end up getting that suppressor after all..

Jeremy will be doing a video review of the Tech Smith Tailhook adapter soon, probably, maybe.

Star Rating (out of 5)

Quality * * * *
Tech Smith uses a modified B&T wire stock and hardware with a Gearhead works Tailhook adapter which are both top shelf parts. The 3D printed mount is strong and secure. The angled fore grip is also well made and sturdy.

Value * * *
At $190 the Tailhook adapter isn’t cheap but anything B&T comes at a cost. The angled fore grip at $45.99 is also fair value, considering it completely transforms the TP9.

Ergonomics * * * *
Shooting the TP9 with the tailhook adapter and angled fore grip are comfortable. The grip angle provides a natural grip and the tailhook adapter increase stability and controllability.

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  1. “I was on the fence about keeping my B&T TP9 manly due to the cost of the proprietary suppressor.”

    Should that read “mainly due to the cost”, or does the B&T TP9 impact the user’s testosterone levels somehow? 😉

      • The problem is that to the barrel rotates to unlock. In this design the suppressor would add a lot of weight and not allow for it to rotate. The suppressor is mounted to a housing that says stationary while the barrel rotates.

  2. I would have thought that the foregrip would make this either an SBR or an AOW. Can someone explain why that’s not the case? Is it only vertical foregrip that would cause this? I thought I had a decent grasp of what makes a firearm an NFA item…

    • Theoretically an AFG should make a pistol into an AOW, on account of its attachment making a firearm not “designed to be used with one hand”. But in practice (because AFGs didn’t really exist at the time) the rule about what constitutes a foregrip is limited to vertical forepenises, and doesn’t even include built in foregrips as on (for example) the FN P90 (PS90). The law as written (constitutionality, or lack thereof, notwithstanding) should logically ban AFGs on handguns just like VFGs (as both make them a HANDSgun,) but because the process for making that change happen might result in the public learning about the hot mess that is the NFA (and GCA) no gun grabber wants to do so.

      • For some time now I have found it amusing that AFGs and handstops are not covered by this.

        Of course you could still run into an ignorant LEO and end up out some money explaining to a court.

    • A regular pistol accessorized like this I appreciate very much though. I am probably going to machine and 3d print a folding “arm brace’ for my 5.7.

  3. This post must be intelligent.

    It is moving around on its own.

    Posted yesterday and moved to post itself after the Obama post.

    Definitely sentient.

  4. OK, here’s my question/concern about this particular device and similar “blade” stabilizers –

    SB Tactical has a letter from BATFE basically stating that an owner of their stabilizing brace can shoulder the firearm provided they make no modifications to said device. (don’t permanently remove the strap, don’t put a pad on the end of the brace).

    To the best of my knowledge, that letter was SPECIFIC to SB Tactical and anyone that licenses the device from them.

    That letter would not cover the Tailhook or Blade type stabilizers. Correct?

  5. The ATFE has Posted a Final 7-page letter that is the final Word, stating that no-ARM Brace May be shouldered Legally, with-out an SBR Tax Stamp, Final Answer ! You may rest the brace on your Cheek, I would recommend a bag full of silicone for any thing above a 9 mm bullet.


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