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This is a live feed from They’re reporting that two deputies were wounded in an earlier shootout with a person in a cabin in the Big Bear area in San Bernardino County who’s believed to be ex-cop and fugitive murder suspect Christopher Dorner. They report that a 40-man SWAT team is being assembled for an assault on the cabin. [h/t Daniel Silverman]

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    • Yup and Dorners body will probably be recovered with a Bushmaster, Uzi, Mac 10 and Tec 9 all with 100 round “clips.”

      ETA: I forgot the AR-15 mounted missle launcher

    • If it is or it isn’t, it will be mentioned. The POTUS will say this guy went crazy because he owned guns and that assault weapons need to be banned. This guy went nuts because he had an assault weapons.

        • Are you sure its Xbox and not Playstation? Remember the rumors that the original PS3’s were somehow able to control nukes?

        • @Brian – the AC130 takes a 12 kill streak. Unless you get lucky with a care package. That still takes 4, and I count Obama at 3. I guess he could still get one if he had Hardline equipped, but I somehow doubt he does.


      • I watched the live feed for a few minutes and they are literally pointing guns at kids in the back seat of cars. Even if they are doing it unintentionally thats just reckless.

    • The police do not have have probably cause to suspect that Dorner is in every single car that drives by … and they certainly do not have probably cause to be pointing guns at children in the back seats of cars.

      This is immoral and criminal. I sure hope the San Bernardino County prosecutor charges each officer with assault for every instance that they point their gun at a citizen.

      • Look up the definition of probable cause, reasonable articulable suspicion, and the Terry v. Ohio decision…then sue your law school for a terrible education.

  1. And now they’ve restricted the airspace over and around the cabin. That way there’ll be no witnesses when they execute him.

    [I know, I know, the tac teams don’t want their position and preps given away if Dorner’s watching TV news.]

  2. I wouldn’t be half surprised to see Dorner and Holmes in an episode of the running man in a couple months

    Vicarious by Tool should be a nice musical accompaniment for this unfolding drama

  3. I watched the live feed for a while, and was disturbed to see the police pointing their rifles at people in the checkpoints.

    • Hoping to see a backyard BBQ get bogged down by SWAT cuz the family cat matches Dorners description?

      lol I kid of course

  4. I’m sure the Vegas odds-makers have been quietly taking bets on the outcome of this all along — wish I could wager $100 on “captured alive” just to get that 500:1 payout on the off chance the SWAT team accidentally arrests him instead of shooting him.

  5. Why are they going to risk additional lives taking this guy down? Either isolate and wait him out or just fall back and hit the cabin with an AT4 or two…

  6. This dude is definitely done. They know he’s in the cabin, and they’ve got a cordon around it. He’s either going to be arrested, or dead, within hours.

    • They were talking to a older man on the TV broadcast a few minutes ago, whose son lives in the area. The older man said he had lived in that area for 30+ years, and they asked him if he was familiar with that specific cabin, and if so, who owns it, and are there likely people there. His answer was yes, he is familiar with it, and as far as he knows, it was purchased several years ago by a college professor from “back east” who bought it as a retirement home, and nobody currently lives there.

      • ok, as usual initial reports are all over the place… I’ve heard “he had 2 hostages, 1 got away and called 911″… also heard “he got away in a stolen car after wounding 2 officers, 1 flown out by chopper”

        yay for wild unsubstantiated stories

      • The reports I’ve heard are fairly clear. The “tied up hostages” were in a house that he’s apparently been holed up in for at least a day or two, possibly as many as 3 or 4, but not the cabin he is currently in. One of those hostages may have escaped and called police. Whether that was before or after he left the house they were in is unclear.

        The police have said nothing officially either way about hostages in the current cabin.

      • To clarify that answer, this is from a story at

        Deputies initially responded to a stolen vehicle report at 12:22 p.m. in the 1200 block of Club View Drive, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. Two women, identified as a mother and daughter, had been tied up in the home since Thursday, sources told NBC4.

        The women reported that a man matching Dorner’s description stole their white 2005 RAM pickup.

        Investigators are attempting to confirm whether the homeowners were held hostage, according to Cindy Bachman, spokeswoman with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. The cabin is near a command center that was set up to coordinate the multi-agency search.

        • (assuming the reporting is accurate) He spent how much of his manifesto chest thumping about how police procedures and tactics would be easily defeated? All I’m seeing is thug-like behavior. Killed 2 kids in LA, now he’s taking people hostage and putting them in harms way? What an a-hole

        • The cabin is near a command center that was set up to coordinate the multi-agency search.

          I want to emphasize this line. Apparently the house where he was holed up since Thursday was “just a few houses away” from the Big Bear Lake command center for the search teams looking for him. How many is a few? Dunno, but I’ll be interested to see that in the AAR.

      • That was at a previous location, where he restrained the homeowners and stole the truck used to reach his current location.

    • That’s a shame. It hasn’t hit live TV yet, although they may be keeping it quiet. They talked to the mayor of Big Bear Lake about five minutes ago and asked him for a status update on them. He declined to share any information.

      As I was typing this, they just said again that they two cops were airlifted, but no further information.

      Edit to add: Within a minute of hitting Post on the above, they are now are reporting that “multiple sources” are confirming that one of the officers has died.

  7. Very unfortunate. No one should’ve been killed over what was essentially a labor dispute.

    I also find it frightening that hyper-violent men like Dorner could be out patrolling our streets with guns and a badge.

    And it’s scary that some of the “good guys” were shooting up innocent people the other day. The whole situation is one giant case of WTF?

  8. One has to think Dorner might have been playing w/the cops in a twisted sense of humor. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least to learn he’s booby trapped his hideout ‘ala Holmes did w/his apartment.

    I’m also of the opinion that this event will yet again be used as an excuse/justification for AWB ban.

  9. Dorner with kill the hostage(s) with a “stolen” San Bernardino County SWAT firearm, then he will burn the cabin down with a “stolen” incendiary grenade. That is the story we will be told.

  10. There is currently a reporter talking on the live TV feed who says he’s standing about 30 feet from the house where Dorner was holed up with the two hostages (one of whom reportedly escaped and callled 911), the house where the white pickup came from. He says he can look straight down to the parking lot where law enforcement have been holding their update press conferences for the past several days, and he estimates that that parking lot is “a football field and a half” from where he’s standing.

    • BWAHAHAHA! That same reporter just spoke to a guy who lives three houses from the house where Dorner was holed up.

      He asked him, “How do you feel emotionally about knowing that this guy was just a few houses away from you for the past few days?”

      The response, “I’m not worried about him. I’m more scared of the cops than I am of him, honestly. He’s not going after regular folks, he’s going after cops.”

      Reporter: “Well, he killed another sheriff’s deputy today.”

      Response: “Yeah, he’s going after cops.”

      Then he went on, unbidden, to say, “Did you read the manifesto? Have you been following this?” Reporter responds “Yes.” “Well, it’s interesting to me that in his manifesto that this guy identifies with and praises Obama, Feinstein, and the other gun-grabbers.”

      Reporter responds, lamely, “Well, yes, I’m sure many people have lots of questions about all of this.”


  11. So one the worst and ruthless gangs in the US (Name: “Law Enforcement”) is all hyped up and vengeful because someone targeted one their own, so they go around pointing guns at the citizenry, violating their rights, and even shooting some of them.

    Like I said above: SCREW THE THUGS.

    It would certainly be something if some armed neighbors confronted the thugs at the checkpoint.

    And now, according to radio feed, the LEG(Law Enforcement Gang) have deployed a “burner” and have a fire. Screw these people. If they fall “in the line of duty” who cares..

  12. Show how crappy CA Law Enforcement is this man kills two then kills a LAPD cop and wounds two. looses the cops for almost a week. Then wounds two more. And is unharmed when CA cops cant get there crap together. Time to hire men not liberal idiots to be cops. But the scum mayors dont want that.

    • Live chopper shot now, black smoke billowing up. It didn’t look like the right location. Before I was done typing that, they cut the feed and the reporter said that they were told to get off the shot.

      I’m not putting on my tinfoil hat, because it really didn’t look like the right place. I think the chopper camera guy messed up.

  13. Dorner was simply acting out the Life Story that he had been conditioned to believe. Was he a psyco?
    Would he have become a Natural Born Killer in different circumstances?

    • Tear gas projectiles burn at appox 6-800 degrees, no one, except the ATF, has ever disputed that they are incendiary devices

    • Do you know if the black smoke being shown on live TV has anything whatsoever to do with this? They’re saying it’s “near” the cabin, but the camera shots from 4 hours ago of the cabin he’s in show ankle-deep (or deeper) snow on the ground, while the shot being shown now with the smoke has zero visible snow. It did not all melt off within the last four hours.

      • Correction, snow is visible now with new camera angle, and they’re saying that the cabin that he’s holed up in is on fire.

        It’s interesting because the cabin that’s on fire looks nothing like the cabin they’ve been showing all day, but maybe that’s camera angle, as well.

        • Different cabin several miles lower that the original cabin due to the running gun battle that led Dorner to crash the stolen vechicle. BTW there is police radio chatter from a chopper that spotted a surressed “assualt rifle” in the back seat of said stolen car

  14. The station my wife is watching had a PO say that they’d launched explosive grenades ito the cabin–and that they are very hot. And the place is engulfed in flame. Gee, who woulda thunk? And now they are saying that they are not really sure that Dorner is in there after all….Huh?? My wife just said: “They haveno clue as to what’s going on.” Or they are not teling us.

  15. It’s worth considering the amount of time, risk, and LEO resources involved on tracking down and apprehending this one man when talking about attempts to disarm a city/state/country.

    • That tweet was from 2 hrs ago; I think their ideas have changed since then.

      CBS had a live shot about 10 minutes ago from standing with the cops, looking at the billowing smoke, from not more than a couple hundred feet away. That guy said that when the tear gas was fired, after it went in, but before the fire started, he heard a single gunshot from inside the cabin. Again, that’s only one report from one reporter, so we’ll see where that goes.

      ABC seems to have the clearest chopper cam image, but CBS appears to have someone on the ground at the cabin itself, so I’m bouncing around.

      • Him committing suicide doesnt make sense when he could take out a few more cops.

        And the fire would have been started pretty much as soon as the tear gas was fired in.

        20 – 30 mins ago CBS also reported that police fear he could have gone to a horse corral and escaped that way.

        • If he wasn’t smart enough to not murder the daughter of a policeman, he was probably dumb enough to off himself. Personaly, I hope he only wounded himself and burned to death, slowly.

  16. Isnt it funny how in cases such as Castlerock v Gonzalez, the courts have ruled that the police have no responsibility to protect people. If your family was threatened, do you expect the police to provide them with 24×7 protection? So why do these cop famalies get 24×7 protection?

    • They are probably shooting back in response to the ammo cooking off. After the incident with the Tacoma would anyone be surprised.

      Anyone know how the older woman that was shot in the truck is doing?

  17. They must think they got him, because NBC just announced that law enforcement has reopened the full length of Highway 38 to residents only.

    One of the chopper cameras shows that at least one vehicle has moved in close to the burning building now. I see a couple cars worth of flashing lights.

  18. Looks like the police are simply going to play Judge Jury and Executioner here.

    There is absolutely ZERO intent of even TRYING to bring him in alive.

    I guarantee that this fire was intentionally started by police with the sole purpose of executing him by flame.

    The People’s Republik of Kalifornya – wecome to your police state.

  19. Ok, so complete noob here when it comes to tactics, but isn’t a 40-man team kinda overkill? I mean the cabin can’t be that big so at most you’re probablt gonna send in 2-3 teams of maybe 6, so what to do rest of the guys do? Stand around posing for the cameras looking badass?


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