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“Deputies say a 51-year-old man broke into the home where a 24-year-old man and his wife were sleeping.  The owner called 911, then armed himself with a pistol while waiting for deputies to arrive.” So far so good. But the intruder, a new renter in the Chehalis, WA neighborhood, was determined. reports that, “At one point, the suspect charged down a hallway toward the homeowner, who fired a shot, hitting the suspect. The two men then became  involved in struggle until the suspect was able to break free. The homeowner held the suspect at gunpoint until deputies arrived.” It was, of all people, a former cop who imparted the most wisdom about the incident:  “‘I think it proves the point that we need guns,’ he said. ‘I am always armed. Everybody involved in the scenario last night was part of our neighborhood watch program with the exception of the guy laying in Harborview with a bullet in him.’”

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  1. Thats why we need so called high cap mags when using none .357 or .44 mag ammo you may need to shoot him 15 times to stop him!!!!

  2. Whoa. This story is totally upside down. First of all, old guys are not supposed to break into the homes of young guys. That’s just, like, stoopid. And potentially fatal, even if the young guy doesn’t have a gun. Young guys are supposed to break into the homes of old guys or gals, and then they get popped. Second, nobody shot the dog, so these people obviously have no understanding of proper police procedure.

    Give up your guns, America, because you totally s^ck at self defense. 🙂

  3. brady household, 51 year old man breaks in & kills 24 year old man & his wife. sarah? (thats the price we must pay for living in a decent society). Preaching to the choir again…& 1 troll, BOO…. got one of em, Randy

    • Oh?

      He was probably airlifted to Harborview (it’s in Seattle, and is probably the best trauma room in the region). Whaddya wanna bet the perp doesn’t have health insurance, which means the cost of treatment (including the airlift) is going to be on the taxpayers.


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