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“The Connecticut state medical examiner revealed that the suspect in the shooting deaths of 26 people at an elementary school used the most powerful weapon at his disposal,” reveals. “The .223 Bushmaster rifle, once thought to be recovered in the suspect’s car, was the main weapon in the fatal shootings. All the victims died as a result of gunshot wounds from the rifle, and all the students were in the first grade. Chief Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver II said during a news conference [click here to view] that all victims appeared to have multiple wounds, and the majority of them were likely not shot at close range. ‘This type of weapon, the bullets were designed in such a fashion that the energy is deposited in the tissue, and so the bullet stays in,’ Carver said. ‘This is a very devastating set of injuries.'” The revelation makes a new Assault Weapons Ban—perhaps by Executive Order—look increasingly likely.

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  1. And the story changes again, this flip flopping is making a lot of things seemed planned out for political agenda. I pray the government had no hand in this but I wouldn’t put it past some of them.

    • The proof in the pudding would be the surveillance video from the school, but do you actually think that will be released?

      • I doubt it, I thought the 5.56/.223 had problems with over penetration of thin bodied people in Somalia. Now they are saying its staying in the body?

        • Well there’s a huge difference between ball and hp or frangible rounds. Remember the boys in Somalia and elsewhere are limited to ball rounds.

          Most civilian defense rounds actually fragment in soft targets and penetrate less than JHP pistol rounds.

        • There’s a huge difference between fmj (used by the military) and frangible or hp rounds.

          Most modern defense rounds will penetrate less than a jhp pistol round.

        • 55 grain rounds will do that at any distance…

          A very sad day for America.

          Then again, if I had to blame any group of people I’d blame Hollywood. Expendables 2 being a prime example. Even though they portrait the good guys….

        • The ammo being used in Somalia was the armor piercing round. Read the book “Blackhawk Down” it goes into great detail of the failures of the 5.56 that was designed to penetrate the body armor of 1st world soldiers against barely dressed and undernourished somali’s.

  2. As I said elsewhere, I wonder if the earlier reports of the .223 being found in his car were simply (yet another) example of a media outlet making an error, or a misstatement from the police, and then every other outlet feeding off of it. “If CNN said it, it must be true, so let’s run with it.”

    I’m sure some Alex Jones types will at some point try to advance the theory that the initial story was correct, and it’s now being changed to push an agenda, but as I recently went in for a checkup and had my tinfoil hat adjusted, I’m not going to buy into that.

  3. Whelp, 3 major news covered shootings all taking place with AR-15. These “weapons of war” (their words) will be the focus of gun control proponents. Most don’t want or care to go after pop’s revolver, but these scary black rifles are going to be gone.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see an AWB forced through, perhaps even one with no grandfathering (good thing I like 6-shooters).

    • i sure love my Arsenal AK, what a shame. Shot her the other day for the first time in about a month, what a pleasure it was. She’s all buisness no bullshit, probably the most trusty rifle i’ve ever shot, and the feds want to take her away from me.

      • Arent they great? Cadillacs of AKs. SGL21 for 600.00 back in 2009 is gonna make me wish had bought a couple crates of them when the latest Obama tax kicks in.

      • +1 Arsenal AKs are sexy.

        Maybe I’ll paint mine pink, say it belongs to my daughter, and people will understand that I consider my rifle a tool with which I could use to defend her life with.

  4. Expect this type of carbine and its magazines and even possibly ammo to be regulated immediately. Obama has his head from the election win and has a blank check on this one. And he will let no tragedy go unused, per Rahm Emanuel.

  5. It couldn’t have been an “Assualt Rifle” because the state has an Assualt Weapon’s Ban.

    • Even curiouser, is why this lady had these firearms, was she an avid shooter, a prepper, or what? AR15s, Glocks and SIGs are not common choices for a woman to purchase. Was she a straw buyer? Or is the media incorrect on the mother owning these as well?

        • Whats interesting is the media knew within minutes that a Glock, SIG and Bushmaster were involved, before they even knew the name of the alleged shooter.

      • Mass media reports have called her a ‘survivalist’ and worried about the economy. She really busts up the survivalist popular stereotype. Her ex-husband is an ex- GE Executive. I don’t think he and his wife brought a good son to life.

        • How many meds were the parents on? Was the mother using any Prozac while pregnant? Was this nutty kid using Ritalin?

      • It does not matter why she had these weapons as long as she bought them legally.
        I do not ask fellow shooters why they have firearms.
        Sure we talk about firearm selection choices and any modifications we have made (diff. barrels, grips, etc..) as well as favorite ways to clean and maintain those firearms.

      • You have no idea what you’re talking about, do you? Glock and Sig Sauer are manufacturers, plenty of women buy and shoot firearms produced by both of these companies amongst several others.

        Please enlighten me as to what you think a “common choice” for a woman to purchase is.

    • It may have been purchased before ’93 and thereby grandfathered in. Just a guess though.

      Or, it may not be one of the bushmasters listed, and therefore could be legal as long as it didn’t have a flash supp.

  6. Good point, Mr. Goodwin.
    Probably won’t matter to those determined to have their ban, but good point.

    Good luck with the “no-grandfathering” idea. Anybody stepping up voluntarily to turn their’s in ? Anyone ? Bueller ? Bueller ?…

    • The easiest thing is to reclassify them as Class 3, making ownership without govt permission a felony.

      • I thought you told me you had a G19, a sweet SCAR17 and M1A, a…..uhh…oh, yyaaaahhh, you lost those on a wayward fishing trip, my condolences. My M1A, Glock 22, S&W627 8shot revolver, and others were lost to that bastard Davey Jones (not the Monkeys late lead Davy) in a similar fashion.
        That undersea locker is bulging, I tell you.

    • If uncle sam wants my evil black rifles he is going to have to come and take them from me. I imagine a lot of sheeple will willingly turn over their arms but not me and not many others like myself.

  7. How did the ar get back in the car? Initial reports claimed it was found outside.
    And to Mr. Glenn. After fast and furious, The blatant Benghazi coverup, and now Clinton’s fainting spell, what makes you think BO would not build the craved gun confiscation laws on the tragedy in Connecticut even if a few facts need tweeking?

    No one saw him carrying an ar towards a school where he had an altercation the day before? This does not compute.

  8. “‘This type of weapon, the bullets were designed in such a fashion that the energy is deposited in the tissue, and so the bullet stays in,’”

    I try to keep my conspiracy radar dialed very low, but it’s pinging on this quote. Has anyone else EVER heard this said about the AR-15 5.56/.223 platform?

    • Sure. I was told the same by my TIs in basic training back in 1967. The whole point of the little bullet is that it will tumble as soon as it hits and dump all its energy without exiting. The instructors called it the “ballistic wounding effect.” The bigger .30 cals blow right through.

    • Sadly, it’s likely the ME is right, and highly unlikely that anyone will contradict the ME because there will be no independent autopsies. At short ranges and high velocities even FMJ ammo from a 5.56mm will yaw and break at the cannelure, resulting in fragmentation.

      I kept trying to come up with reasons this was not valid based on what I know, but it fits with everything I have heard/read about wound ballistics from a 5.56mm. Inside of 75m it has enough energy to yaw and fragment, period. The lack of effectiveness described from Iraq and Black Hawk Down is at longer ranges.


    • The 5.56/.223 round is about the most devastating round from up close to about 250 yards. It comes as no surprise that the U.S. military prefers this round. It fragments immediately, and the wounds are mostly all beyond recovery even with medical intervention.

      Be that as it may, it is still a deranged individual that chooses to unleash this power amongst his/her own people. That has nothing to do with the rifle or the round, and if I am wrong, please tell me…

    • I’ve shot many coyotes with the AR-15 5.56/.223 round, and I use FMJ rounds for one reason, to limit the amount of hide damage on exit. They blow through, at close range, and at long range, leaving a considerably smaller hole on exit than HP or frangibles. Also, didn’t the first reports say he ‘shot’ his way into the school, through a locked door? That’s no frangible and likely would have hurt himself if he shot HP’s at close range into a door lock, as they would come apart immediately. Maybe a bonded bullet would do such a number on the door and still cause massive tissue damage, but what ‘mom’ goes out and buys case lots of that type of ammo? Actually, nobody does. If you are an avid shooter like me, and take your kids out plinking a lot, then you know what it’s like to hand your kid a full clip and then start the $ count, “.50, 1.00, 1.50, 2.00, 2.50,” and that’s just a five rounder in less than 30sec. I purchase in bulk only FMJ for the ‘bad-day’ party at the end of our government’s demise, but I only keep a light stock of the soft-point and HP rounds, and don’t buy the bonded stuff or frangibles, it’s just too expensive. Just doesn’t all add up in my mind. But, HP pistola ammo, in 9mm or 40sw, with muzzle velocities from 1200-1400ft/s, will do the tissue damage and stay in the body, and pistolas have much quicker/wider swing radius than a rifle, allowing for quicker rapid fire and followup shots. Sad, but true. Just my $.02, I could be wrong.

  9. Looking more and more like no laws may been broken, so it gives fuel to the anti argument that existng laws are not enough.

    • Good point, and the mock conservatives will readily sacrifice the black guns to ostensibly protect their Chiefs 38 specials and duck guns.

      After all, the founding fathers never contemplated AR15s so we should only be allowed muskets if you really interpret the 2nd amendment.

      • +1 After all, the founding fathers never contemplated the internet either… so it must be exempt from the First Amendment. (DA)

  10. It was fun while it lasted gentlemen and women. I love my DPMS Oracle. 308. Great hunting gun. They unfortunately will be shut down up here in MN due to the incoming “Assault” weapons ban. A lot of jobs will be lost across the country due to it.

    • Hi Joe,
      I know Nick is a bit busy, but here is what I found:
      Now answers at yahoo is hardly a credible source, but this person gives sources.

      Since the 1934 they enacted that nasty tax stamp thing and basically drove the cost of owning anything with a giggle switch out of reach for the vast majority of us.
      In 1995 there were roughly 240,000 registered fully automatic firearms in the US. Half of those were owned by Police etc.

      Now to the important parts.
      Case #1
      On September 15th, 1988, a 13-year veteran of the Dayton, Ohio police department, Patrolman Roger Waller, then 32, used his fully automatic MAC-11 .380 caliber submachine gun to kill a police informant, 52-year-old Lawrence Hileman. Patrolman Waller pleaded guilty in 1990, and he and an accomplice were sentenced to 18 years in prison. The 1986 ‘ban’ on sales of new machine guns does not apply to purchases by law enforcement or government agencies.

      The other homicide, possibly involving a legally owned machine gun, occurred on September 14, 1992, also in Ohio

      Now if we talk about illegally converted firearms there have been a few other instances, although rare. The North Holly Wood bank robbery is one that sticks out. Beyond that data post 1995 is sketchy at best.
      Suffice to say that automatic weapons are not used often in crimes. I would go even as far to say that it is almost like finding gold in a river, it is extremely rare.

      All that being said long guns in general, which means shotguns, bolt action rifles, lever action rifles, etc are used in less than 7% of crime committed with a gun. An even smaller percentage are carried out with the above pictured evil black rifle.

      • I believe you may be off on the last point – Handguns make up 70% of gun crimes, so it stands to reason longguns make up the other 30. IIRC shotguns are far more popular among the element than rifles.

  11. That’s really what’s best, shut down the only market that is actually stimulating the economy. While your at it put in an order to shut down doctors and ban tobacco and alcohol too. Wait would that render the batf more useless than it already is?

  12. “looking more and more like no laws were broken” really Jim? This reject broke a helluva lot of laws. It’s time for the ‘antis’ to start asking at what age can kids and teachers be allowed to defend themselves rather than getting under the teachers desk, granted these were just children but why don’t we at least allow law abiding teachers and parent volunteers to remain armed on school property?

    • Already have!! Now I got to stock up on brass, bullets and dies for the calibers I don’t shoot!! And powders. Gonna need a bigger reloading shop!!!

  13. Yesterday, we heard that the shooter used two 9mm handguns. Now it is an AR15? I think yesterday’s cops knew what gun(s) they found and the difference in body wounds from a 9mm and .223 ammo. A friend of mine said he watched on TV as the cops pulled an AR15 out the mother’s car. What about the shells that get kicked out after firing a semi-auto gun? They had to be allover the floor!!! Those police, state troopers, and others are not idiots not to recognize the difference between ammo shells on the floors. How could the cops have missed an AR15 in the school and not communicated and shown it to the top cops? There is something very wrong here about the facts the American people are being told.

    How politically convenient that this new AR15 claim ties in with Obama’s recent and previous calls to ban ‘assault weapons’ (sarcasm off).

    • Yeah, this story keeps morphing. This latest change is quite suspicious. As you said, how could the responders on the scene been so off? How could they think they found the rifle in the car if it was actually used? If it was in the car how did it end up there if it was used? I can’t believe that anyone would confuse 5.56 and 9mm casings. This just makes no sense.

    • you are right on all points. It seems that every one forgot how he obtained the guns in the first place. He killed his Mother and stole her guns. We have to go back to where we hold the Individual accountable for his or her actions, an not blame every thing else. Second, we have to listen to Thomas Jefferson, one of his quotes, “the strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. My cousin forwarded me a subject, HOW DID JEFFERSON KNOW? I believe every one should read it. Quotes like “the democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those would not”. This last quote is my favorite, “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. Most of my life I thought that the Federal Reserve was a Government Bank, but its a private bank.

  14. I wonder if they’ll start banning types of ammunition now. It sounds like hollow points were used in the shooting.

    • Anything is possible with politicians. In my state they want us to use HP ammo (which I prefer) and not solid nose which can over-penetrate the target and hit an unintended innocent person behind the target.

  15. I am 15 and for the first time in my life I fear I may never have the right to own an “assault weapon.”

    • Josh, At 15 you have a lot to learn. The first of which is that there is no such thing as an assault weapon

    • you should be very afraid.

      i couldnt imagine being a dumb young kid in this day of age (i mean that endearingly btw).

      hyper inflation, expansion of government/police state, potential larger war, climate change, collapse of human industrial civilization due to peak energy. great future we have! 😉

  16. Looks like it’s time for me to suck it up and put $1100+ on the credit card for a CA-compliant M&P 15 PS from Bud’s. At this point I have doubts that my “start with two stripped lowers and buy more components each month” plan will get me across the finish line before a ban kicks in and/or every available component (lower, upper, parts kits, etc.) is sold out indefinitely.

    This is going to be fun to explain to the spousal unit…

    • AG, what if you spend the bucks and there’s no grandfather clause? Think of explaining that one to the spousal unit.

      • Then I suck it up and deal with it — but I think that is extraordinarily unlikely to happen. It’s an emotional time right now, but unless this has a bigger impact on public opinion than could reasonably be expected, a plurality of voters are still opposed to stringent gun control.

        Besides, I’m still regretting not picking up any items before the LAST California AWB. At this point I’m only having trouble choosing between getting one fully built M&P15 vs 2 stripped lowers and one M&P15 complete lower.

    • Broke down at lunch and dropped $725 for a Mossberg 65014. While there (1 hour), 6 other modern rifles exited the store. The man behind me drove 75 miles to get the rifle I was buying and 5 other citizens were behind him at the rifle counter. All of this during lunch hour in a town of 20,000. And like AlphaGeek says, ” This is going to be fun to explain to the spousal unit…”.

  17. Uncle Obama wants You! to join his Youth Core to confiscate weapons of war from domestic terrorists and make America safe. Youth Core jobs provide good pay, full benefits, and an equal opportunity for career advancement.

    • I remember seeing an article about the Obama Youth Corps a couple of years ago. It sounded a lot like a community service group. Then again, the Hitler Jugend started out as a summer camp. You know what they say about the road to Hell…

  18. This is the tragedy the left has been wet dreaming about. We blame the driver who kills with a car, but not the douchbag who pulls the trigger. All that is left is the house by house searches!

  19. How did the ar get back in the car? Initial reports claimed it was found outside.
    And to Mr. Glenn. After fast and furious, The blatant Benghazi coverup, and now Clinton’s fainting spell, what makes you think BO would not build the craved gun confiscation on the tragedy in Connecticut? No one saw him carrying an ar towards a school where he had an altercation the day before? This does not compute.

  20. We must fight not give up. Did he have a none CT complaint AR with a bayonet lug? Have standard higher than 10rd mags and so on. Fight not give up.

    • Although CT has the AWB (no folding stocks, bayonet lugs or removable flash suppressors), there’s no mag cap limit. Yet.

  21. I’m in the process of building my first AR, if it doesn’t get built because of this, I’m going to be pissed.

    On a completely different note, none of the reporting is consistent. I don’t know what to believe so I’m not believing any of the reports other than some sick person went after kids in grade school.

    • Word to Obama, no more criminal safe zones. If you really want the madness to slow down/stop the criminal safe zones must end. That means a Federal law, NO MORE POSTING. The shooter was mentally ill, but not so Ill he wanted take a bullet. If you want to grandstand fine, if you want to help, think about it, Randy

  22. Anyone else catch the Examiner’s statement. He seems to imply
    that the rifle(in addition to the rounds) is made to cause bullet
    tumble. Bullets aside the AR platform does not aid in bullet
    tumble. They haven’t since the twist rate was increased in the
    60s. Any ballistics examiner would know this. I’m sure this was
    just a slip of the tongue and not done purposely to create more
    animosity against a black rifle. *cough, cough*
    I’ll leave the examiner’s view of “close range” alone for now.

    However, given the initial reports and this administration’s
    predilection for firearms scandals (i.e. Fast and Furious)
    should any of us in any way be trusting of the MSM or that
    the official statements on what was used didn’t change?
    Just saying.

  23. I am not usually a user of tin products but I am seriously considering going and getting a few boxes at this point. Too many things are contradicting and the timing is just too…coincidental.

  24. Kids died and people are like oh god were r f*#ked!!! Really I don’t think your the ones fucked…I think the families who lost their kids are!!! I could give two sh*ts about my AR right now!!!

    • I agree. And if I felt that losing my AR would *guarantee* that shit like this would NEVER happen again, I’d give it up w/ no argument. (but you’d have to convince me first)

    • yeah that’s rational there. while i think it’s horrible what happened, we all know that giving up AR’s will not bring them back and will not prevent future killings. kids die and are killed ALL over the world under HORRIBLE circumstances yet these white/suburban kids arethat much more important?
      the only thing it will accomplish is that it will ensure that your kids/grandkids will never be able to own any for protection or sport

  25. I don’t for a minute believe barry or any one else in the g set this massacre up just to justify an AWB. However, I believe that barry and crew won’t hesitate to use this as an excuse to bend us over.

    As I said during the election, if barry was given a second term the rest of the country will feel California’s pain. I’ve lived with it for over 20 years. At least I have a selection of revolvers and shotguns, maybe they will be skipped.

  26. You have a withdrawn, emotionally unstable, socially isolated, sometimes catatonic son living in your house about whom you are very worried.
    You have a rifle and handguns in your house which are unsecured and you take your son to target practice and are proud of your use of guns and his.
    Are you out of your mind?
    This woman and her son had legal guns, education, training and none of that prevented the son from taking those guns and killing not only the mother but little children and teachers.
    It would be a terrible irony if only the mother were killed. But it is a horrific tragedy that those guns were used the way they were.
    No amount of gun control short of removing all guns from our population will prevent these kinds of incidents. No amount of mental health counseling or education will prevent some people from ignorant, arrogant handling of guns.

      • She has already paid the ultimate price, and given she was dealing with a difficult child with very different brain wiring from a neurotypical human, we probably should ease back on the judgment just a tad. Taking her son shooting might have been one of the few ways she could really connect with him.

        At worst, she may be suspected of failing to properly secure her firearms. It’s the son who was the mass murderer.

        • Actually she’s maybe not even guilty of that. Could’ve been locked in a gun safe. How many of us as teenagers, found 😉 the car keys and took the family car for awhile?

    • There are some repulsive and embarrassing things being posted on gun boards right now. None of which will gain us any allies and might even lose us a few friends.

  27. You! Yes, you there! Do you STILL have faith in your government? Do you believe they are looking out for your best interests? Your children’s future? Is twisted political agenda affecting your life in a negative way? I am young, yet I fear for not only my future, but my childrens’ future. Media sensationalism, political backtracking, facebook, yada yada yada, this is not the USA I envisioned not so long ago…yet this is nothing new. Forgive the rant. Carry on…open your eyes and open your mouth, this sh*t CANNOT be allowed to go on much longer…

    • Lives were lost…children that is and people r worried about their ARs…I could give a f*ck about mine right now!! The people who got f*cked r the parents of the children who died!!! No wonder we gun people get the reputation we have!!!

      • Yes, without a doubt, losing a firearm is NOTHING compared to losing a loved one. Especially a child. No intent to downplay this. Let the people have the facts…just saying it sounds fishy to have it be a pistol one minute and a rifle the next…

      • Its tragic but those of us who are more skeptical of the government are called crazy for the notion of supporting the idea that the Gov’t will use a tragedy as an excuse for firearms confiscation or regulation….Well guess effing what? The President himself on the DAY of the shooting began to lay the groundwork for just that. If Obama does not use an EO to ban the sale of “Assault Weapons” then he is going to push HARD on congress for a new AWB. The ironic thing is the state where this whole this happened already had an AWB.

        I feared a day like this was coming, where we reach the tipping point of sheeple willing to settle for perceived safety in exchange for surrendering their arms. I hope I am wrong, I hope we don’t see another AWB, I hope instead our politicians focus on addressing the mentally defective like the shooter. The sad fact is no law outside of total firearms confiscation could have stopped this kid.

      • Geez, so lets say that a new AWB with no grandfather clause kicks in and MILLIONS of people turn in the black guns. first of all we know that someone intent on murder would be able to get what they want if they really tried but, for the sake of argument lets say that psycho’s were successfully prevented access to black guns.
        Now what’s to prevent some crazy from shooting up a school with a Mini-14?!? Well, since we already banned black rifles NOW we have to ban semi-auto rifles! Next they will go after semi-auto pistols.
        With each step you lose the ability to go back. Do you see the “ratcheting” effect? Look at what happened to england as an example, the gun owners went along with every ban in the interest of public safety and with each step, some were thinking “I don’t NEED a handgun so I can get behind that”. Now they’ve gone so far that they don’t have a prayer of a chance of going back to before.

      • its not that were worried about losing ARs, its that were worried about getting punished for something that one f–k tard did.

        that is utter bullshit and you know it

  28. I work in a private school. I’ve already brought up the subject of an armed guard at our front door. We need an armed guard with a metal detector challenging everyone that wants access to every school in this country.

    We expect more security at a pro football game than we do at our kids’s schools. This MUST change.

    Instead of asking what guns need to be banned, we need to ask why schools across america are relying on a main office secretary armed with only a door buzzer to keep our kids safe.

    Blaming the gun fixes nothing.

    • You might actually get a private school to pay for armed guards, putting armed LEO’s or private security at all public schools is a cost no one is willing to fund at the moment, despite all the school shootings. It is much easier to blame the gun, that costs nothing.

      • Not sure about elementary schools, but every high school in my area has a cop on duty (“school resource officer”).

  29. The truth is that every Kindergarten needs a 50 cal pill box in front of it to protect it from gun nuts. Nice.

    • Actually…jobs for vets…make a new federal agency, hire only vets and then have 2 or 3 armed vets as security at every school…double whammy, more employment, more security!

      • …and then spree killers will target kids walking to school, so we’ll put them on an armored school bus, but then spree killers will target kids waiting at the armored school bus stop, so then we’ll turn the armored school bus stop into a bunker, and then spree killers will target kids walking from their homes to the bunker/armored bus stop…you see where I’m going with this?

        • Yep. The psychopaths will target the weakest and most vulnerable. I for one don’t want to make my family the weakest and most vulnerable. Which is why I don’t send my kids to public school.

  30. Defenseless children were robbed of their fundamental inalienable rights; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those rights which transcend all others, including the right to bear “assault weapons & hand guns.” They also transcend the entertainment industry’s “subliminal & overt” promotion of their use. The needs of the majority must, at long last, outweigh the trivial wants of a tiny minority. A federal ban on all “assault weapons & hand guns,” including their promotion through entertainment, is a national nightmare that our policy makers in DC need to come together on. This voter encourages others to petition our elected representatives.

  31. MikeCC oozed…

    “…Those rights which transcend all others, including the right to bear “assault weapons & hand guns.”

    Pure tripe

    Mike CC prefers that women give in tothe whims of her attacker/rapist rather than having the ability to explain to the authorities how that bullet hole came to be in her attacker’s chest.

  32. I can see by some of the posts here that there are, indeed, people who will voluntarily give up their guns as soon as OB says to do it. Why not just give it to someone with balls first.

  33. Funny thing is, my first AR15 was a Bushmaster M4 just like that in the picture.

    No, it was not an “Assault Rifle”. Why they keep calling them that, I can never understand.

    Maybe they should also start arming teachers and faculty with these so called “Assault Rifles”. ..

  34. In 2011 5 deaths in nys were caused by criminals with rifles that’s 5 based on the numbers shouldn’t they be looking at texting and driving. I live in nys and our governor is insane if he puts more restrictions on me and my rifles I’m taking my 40 k / year tax payments elsewhere . The house is going up for sale and my family and I are out of here Tenesee sounds great to me.

  35. So, where are the retractions to this story now that MSNBC has admittied that NO ASSAULT RIFLE was EVER used in Newtown. It remained in his trunk. That means this “Medical Examiner” BS story was fed, and the Bullet casings story was fed. 4 pistols. All this seemed to be was a huge stretch of a story to ban these weapons.

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