BREAKING: Active Shooter on Delta State (MS) University Campus


This won’t be good for the campus carry movement: “A professor is dead and an active shooter is allegedly loose on the Delta State campus near Jobe Hall.” Or will it? Delta State University, as you might expect, is a designated gun-free zone. Which means that the shooter gave that policy about the same weight that Martin O’Malley gives Americans’ Second Amendment rights. Depending on the circumstnaces – about which it’s too early to know much – campus carry likely wouldn’t have done much to prevent the killer from shooting the un-named professor. With him still running free, though, having law-abiding, legally armed students on site just might save someone else. But it seems we’ll never know, will we?


  1. avatar GS650G says:

    Prayers to those affected by this incident…..

    1. avatar jake from detroit says:

      Which should have been the entirety of the early report on what’s happening there. Bloody shirt waiving is apparently one of those hypocritical things that is above criticism.

      1. avatar Model 31 says:

        True enough. No need to mention the GFZ. That is where these shootings always happen.

        1. avatar Accur81 says:

          I’ll mention the abject failure of “Gun Free Zones” whenever I get the opportunity.

        2. avatar Model 31 says:

          I was aiming for slight sarcasm…may have missed the mark.

  2. avatar IllinoisShooter says:

    Isnt an “Active shooter” just that… Active. The story at the link reads like a Prof is dead and the CORONER is already involved. Sounds like simple murder, vs an active shooter running around a building or campus popping multiple targets.

    Is anything on a college considered an “active shooter” now?

    1. avatar Bob102 says:

      You are probably correct. The news media, police, and other government agencies are playing this up like the guy is still walking through the college shooting people, and the shooter is probably already at home watching it on TV. They are talking about multiple swat teams, helicopters, and news reporters scouring every inch of the college looking for the best camera angle. I am also sure the Progressives are already planning an all-night-vigil, a massive funeral with Jesse Jackson and Obama in attendance, calls for attacks against lawful gun owners, a Bloomberg sponsored media blitz, and the usual. I bet Obama is already clearing his schedule, and he probably has Air Force One engines revving up as I write this. Can we say “Reichstag fire”?

  3. avatar Roy says:

    It PROVEs that students NEED conceal carry on campus because campus police cant protect them.

    1. avatar IllinoisShooter says:

      Or maybe a professor… seeing how he is the only one noted to be shot and dead?

  4. avatar Chip Bennett says:

    Tagging for follow. No commentary. I have a 48-hour rule. I wish all journalists would follow it.

    1. avatar Craig says:

      I think 8 hours is more realistic of a delay. News hasn’t been delayed by two full days since before the advent of the telegraph.

      1. avatar Chip Bennett says:

        Oh, true. But it still takes two days for the “facts” to stop being “fluid”, and start to become concrete. There’s almost always no sense in trying to analyze these situations in the heat of the “breaking” news. Today’s “journalists” are more interested in getting a scoop than verifying the accuracy of their reports.

      2. avatar Sian says:

        The media has proven time and time again that they need at LEAST 48 hours to get even the basic facts straight. Until then, they can just report that a thing happened and the details are still unconfirmed.

  5. avatar racer88 says:

    I find the term “active shooter” rather peculiar. As opposed to??? An “inactive shooter?”

    If you see a person running, do you call them an “active runner?” It seems rather redundant, eh?


    An “active breather.”

    1. avatar Stinkeye says:

      I guess the other option is a passive shooter, just lazily popping off rounds in a casual, random manner.

    2. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      Perhaps, but such a person is still the shooter, even after they’ve killed themselves, had their firearm jam, run out of ammunition, or fled the scene.

      In any of those cases, while still being the shooter, they’re no longer active. We need terminology to differentiate those statesvif activity.

      Sometimes, a student spree shooter will kill his first victims elsewhere, perhaps his family back at home, before heading to school to continue the spree. In that case, he would be the shooter even before he’s fired a shot on campus, at which point he’d become an active shooter.

      1. avatar racer88 says:

        Well, if we’re going to be pedantic, then “shooter” is not accurate in any case of MURDER. “Active” or not, the perp is a “murderer.” I’m a “shooter” (sometimes active), but I’m not a murderer.

  6. avatar bearclawed says:

    Stupid words;
    – active shooter
    – mass shooting (don’t pretend like this won’t be added to that list)
    – common sense
    – responsible
    – moms (when it pertains to groups)

    1. avatar Gman says:

      “Gun” Crime, Murder, Violence
      Common Sense (+1)

  7. avatar gsnyder says:

    The gun-free zone protects the criminal. In a criminal event there is no opposing force available to stop further violence. The common sense action is to not provide a clear advantage to a criminal. Gun-free areas guarantee to the criminal they will be able to succeed.

  8. avatar GS650G says:

    I bet there are a few active shooters right now in Chicago and other big cities.

  9. avatar Ralph says:

    A professor shot and nobody else? This seems like a targeted killing (revenge, jealousy, who knows why) — an assassination — rather than an “active shooter” incident. We’ll know for sure about the time when we know the truth about the Waco biker killings.

    In the meantime, attention, crazy assh0les: If a professor gives you a poor grade, it is not an excuse for you to shoot the professor or a theater-full of strangers. Instead, check yourself into a mental health facility. If you really must kill someone, I suggest that it should be yourself.

    1. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

      From what the police are telling the public at this point, this killing appears to be the second corner in a love triangle.

      1. avatar Psyguy says:

        That is what I read as well. Apparently he killed his girlfriend first and then went and killed the professor.

        The obvious solution here is to make cheating and extramarital affairs illegal.

  10. avatar Forrest says:

    The GFSZ Act has left the Fighting Okra huddled under their desks in fear.

    Knowing the school, that’s not too hard to imagine. It’s a teaching college and just about the most liberal in the state. It’s a school where hippies outnumber hunters at least 2 to 1.

    Two weeks ago there was another “active shooter” at another college in the state that didn’t even involve someone with a gun…

    I see these incidents mobilizing students to arm themselves, not hide themselves.

    1. avatar SAS 2008 says:

      Gun free school zone act does not apply to universities or colleges.

      18 U.S. Code § 921 (a)(26) The term “school” means a school which provides elementary or secondary education, as determined under State law.

  11. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    “With him still running free, though, having law-abiding, legally armed students on site just might save someone else. But it seems we’ll never know, will we?”

    We will if some unauthorised campus carrier takes him down.

    Authorised or not, that’d demonstrate the value of campus carry to anyone willing to see.

    Quod erat demonstrandum.

  12. avatar Garrison Hall says:

    Gun free zones on college campuses aren’t always what the appear to be. Schools with criminal justice programs often have judges, prosecutors, and LEOs as teachers, all of whom regularly come to campus armed. At the campus where I taught for many years there was also a tacit understanding that faculty might have a need to come to campus armed. Basically, what happened is that the presence of armed faculty members was quietly ignored by the admin who, of course, knew full well who was carrying. My department chair regularly carried a Glock 19 when she was on campus while another colleague, after being threatened by a gang, also came to school armed. All of this was handled very discretely. Nobody who carried called attention to the fact that they were armed and everyone was careful to insure that those facts never rose to the level of a visible challenge to official policy. But, hey, this was Texas.

  13. avatar Anon in CT says:

    Sounds like a love triangle thing, which can happen anywhere. Specifically targeted at one person, not a mass casulty attack like Viginia Tech, Sandy Hook or Columbine.

  14. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Yep love triangle(maybe) from Fox. No traction here except “crazy people shouldn’t have guns” and maybe it’s all the fault of the NRA…

  15. avatar Del says:

    Legislation to identify Democrat voters as mentally ill will prevent gun violence by “universal background checks”.

    Three less votes for Hillary.

    Is gun control about DemoRat voter attrition through gun violence and incarceration?

  16. avatar Nigil Quid says:

    What’s with the bloody shirt waving, almost completely absent of any facts regarding the incident? The link is great and all, but let’s not be like the other folks who can’t let a tragedy go to waste. Some A-hole murdered a professor while at work, and I’d rather focus on that human garbage being caught than whine about how the lack of campus carry isn’t helping the situation.

  17. avatar Libertarian says:

    Enhanced permit holders can carry there.

  18. avatar Ken Chambers says:

    I realize you have an agenda but you should check your facts before you write.

    Delta State is not a gun free zone. In fact, Mississippi doesn’t allow campuses to ban guns for people with concealed carry permits.

    This site specifically lists Delta State as one of the “Schools in Mississippi Where Concealed Guns on Campus are Permitted by Law.”

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