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Game changer (courtesy

The phrase “game changer” is as hackneyed as “he always gives it 110 percent.” It’s hard to imagine what kind of new gun could qualify as a revolutionary—rather than evolutionary—firearm. Even the trigger-challenged Chiappa Firearms Rhino had historical precedent. But hey, Arsenal imports some wonderful pieces, from the SLR-106FR (with a U.S. made double stage fire control group) to the New Jersey-compliant SAM7R. Arsenal’s PR peeps tease with “After two years of collaboration, hard work, and fine-tuning, the next and the most advanced member of the new [Bulgarian] SAM family of firearms, a real GAME CHANGER, is almost here.” Note: Nick’s endlessly annoyed by gunmakers selling minor variants as new guns. Stand by for an apoplectic fit.

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  1. Which is more unlikely: a really “new” AK, a really “new” AR or a really new joke from Carlos Mencia?

  2. I wonder if its the new AK-12? That would be awesome that US citizens can buy it before the Russian army gets theirs.

  3. I agree with Nick unless shoot some thing better conventional ammo does. Does in way makes other guns absolute when come out it well hardly be game changer. After all there has been any thing from family of guns has been all ready try or done been suprising game changer.

  4. Well if its truly a “game changer”, I’m sure that the boys at Red Jacket must be involved, and therefore it will be some hacked 6 barrel AK bullpup, hand cranked internally suppressed, “IT’S A CANNON” pos.

  5. It’ll be a fully semi-automatic assault rifle, that has a 100 round magazine clip, it has the shoulder thing that goes up, and shoots a .50 bmg cartridge necked down to a sewing needle. Velocity is reported to be 90,000 fps.
    It’s the worlds first safe gun since the needle is so hot during travel, wounds are cauterized instantly, therefore no real injury occurs.
    If you point it up at a 42.635 degree angle, you can actually shoot yourself in the back.
    I know, a friend told me that his brothers chiropractor actually heard about the rumor!

  6. You can’t really do much more to a Milled receiver other than tacticool them out, I suppose. I personally doubt it is an AK-12 or AK107 variant, considering that is a Russian development on stamped rceivers and the SAMs are Bulgarian on milled receivers.

    • I have been waiting for a type one hand phaser since the sixties! Just imagine Trayvon Martin getting charged with assault, battery and attempted murder because Zimmerman stunned him.

      • Sorry, I’m afraid a Type 1 hand phaser would be prohibited as they have, as you must be aware, an intentional overload setting that turns them into a small thermonuclear device.

  7. A game changer would be nothing short of a “Mass Effect” gun, so if that’s what they’re cooking up, great!

    Mills its own sand grain-sized ammo from a metal block;
    Uses mass-reducing fields to vastly increase velocity;
    Uses magnetic fields to launch the bullets;
    Ammo modifications: wanna freeze your targets solid? Done. Put bigger holes in them? Sure. Set them on fire? Yes!
    Performance limited only by heat sink capacity, and whenever the ammo block runs out (not for a while)

    • You mean like a particle-beam gun?

      Pretty sure that’s not the case. Is THAT the case for it, speaking of?

      • William, typical weapons in the Mass Effect games aren’t particle-beam weapons (they do exist, but are rare), but are more like modern weapons that use mass accelerators instead of chemicals, and lots of other doodads.

        Come to think of it, that case would be quite nice for a particle-beam weapon or any other space gun…

    • I’d take 1000 Avengers, 2000 Mattocks, 500 Revenants, and 10 Mantis Snipers.

      Love me some Mass Effect.

  8. I hate football.

    If it was a baseball field in the marketing I’d guess a louisville slugger furniture AK, which could be awesome.

  9. I’m hoping for a milled AK variant that has a hinged receiver cover like a Krink that is rigid enough for an aperture type rear site like an AN-94. That would be my ideal dream AK. Maybe it takes STANAG mags, lots of folks would like that.

    There is no need whatsoever for a balanced recoil system like in an AEK for a semi-automatic rifle, as it is not designed to balance the recoil impulse from the firing of the cartridge (which is very minimal with AK-74 style muzzle brakes), but rather to negate the impulse generated by the rapid cycling of the somewhat heavy bolt carrier during automatic firing.

    That said Arsenal makes and sells good stuff. Every product of theirs that I have ever handled was very well made. So even if it isn’t a “revolutionary game-changer” I’m sure it will be well built.

    • This.

      They refer specifically to the SAM family and the latest release in the SAM line was the SAM-7 Pistol with a milled, hinged receiver and a peep sight.

      I do not think it will take NATO mags, but I do think it will be in 5.56mm and 7.62mm. K-var has had arsenal 5.56 mags available throughout the crisis.

      I’m expecting a folding stock as well, as they offer ACE style folders on their military and LE SAM rifles.

      • I changed my mind. I still think the new rifle will fit my previous description. I changed my mind about the ideal rifle for Arsenal to bring to market.

        A completely USA made SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova). Any price tag under $2000 and I’d max out my credit limit buying as many as I can fit in my safe, and if I still wasn’t completely broke I’d purchase more SVDs and a second safe. Please, Please, Please, Please, Pretty Please bring us a Dragunov!!

    • Now that you mention it, with that tagline it probably is a caliber changing rifle designed for three gun.

  10. Personally, I’ve never given more than 102%. Proud of it, too.

    This is no “game-changer” unless it’s a rail gun….

  11. “Stand by for an apoplectic fit.”

    thanks for the heads up. adding popcorn and beer to my preppers list….

  12. The clue is who they maybe collaborating with, granted even though Arsenal is Bulgarian, some of the rifles they sale are Russian.. The Israeli’s have the Ace Galil, the USA has no known Galil Manufacturing..;)……….please…A Bulgarian -Russian-Israeli Galil…

  13. Bulgarian AK? My monopoly money is 5.56 taking STANAG magazines. Its been done, but factory rifles in the US that have it are a rarity.

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