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Press release:

KERES DYNAMICS launches a brand new adjustable trigger for the SIG SAUER P320 platform.

Coeur d’Alene, ID (December 6th, 2018) – ​​Keres DynamicsTM LLC has just launched three exciting new product lines including a unique flat-face trigger design, ergonomic extended magazine release, and an enticing new adjustable trigger for the P320 with both take-up and over-travel adjustability.

Keres Dynamics’ PRO ACTION, PRO ADJUST, and PRO EXTEND patent pending product lines are the first of their kind for the P320 series handguns. The Keres ​PRO ACTION​ flat face trigger features a prominent center rib and forward set geometry for ultra-fast indexing, superior finger-to-trigger engagement, and a near vertical break giving ultimate feel (even with gloved hands) and up to 25% reduction in pull force for crisp action.

The Keres Dynamics ​PRO ADJUST​ flat face, adjustable trigger offers all the benefits of the PRO ACTION, plus a pair of set screws allowing for both take-up and over-travel adjustability, making it the first commercially available P320 trigger of its kind. As long-time Glock shooters, our goal was to develop a trigger that actually makes the P320 a valid platform for performance upgrades.

Last but not least, the patent pending ​PRO EXTEND​ magazine release for the P320 series features an oversized thumbpad and extended length to allow the user to access the release while limiting the need to adjust their grip. The ergonomic contours in the thumbpad follow the lines of the frame, blending seamlessly with the factory frame module (compatible with all but the xSeries).

All products can be purchased in black or silver variants. For more information and to view the full product line, visit ​​ or email [email protected].

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  1. Optimists, they are.

    Always encouraging to see someone decide they can make money in the face of business destruction. The trigger enhancements might run afoul of future laws making any modification of stock firearm fire controls illegal. Good on Keres Dynamics!

  2. The 320 has a pretty good stock trigger to begin with. I could be wrong but it seems fine to me.

  3. Seems to me, and I could be wrong here, but triggers, like women and scotch whiskey are matters of individual taste.

  4. Plastic gunz when recycled do no’t make as nice a pair of handcuffs as a melted down steel gunn does.

  5. I understand the after market parts gimmick and liability attorneys, but it would be nice if every firearms manufacture had a “Custom Shop”. Force the purchasers liable and not the manufacture. Then one could then get a great factory trigger, DUH!!!!!

  6. The mag release is not going to work well. Factory mag release already releasing mags all the time just from rubbing while carrying.

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